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Top 5 Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3

There are many RPi situations there. We tried to reach as many Raspberry Pi cases as possible. This is our review of 12 raspberry pi 3 cooling cases to buy in 2021.

Before discussing more detail with the case, let’s outline what a case can do for you:

  • Aesthetics
  • Basic protection
  • Port accessibility
  • Installation options
  • Active / passive cooling

The last one is especially important if you are pushing your Raspberry Pi to the limit by overclocking and/or placing it in a harsh environment.

For this review, we tested each case with Raspberry Pi 1 model B + and Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 models B. If the case includes (or has an option of) a fan, we test whether there is a fan. Now let’s take a closer look at these Cute things.

Here is The List of Best Raspberry Pi 3 Cooling Cases To Buy in 2019

1. Official Raspberry Pi Case 

raspberry pi 3 cooling cases
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raspberry pi 3 cooling cases
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To start the comment, we think we should start with the “official” case of Raspberry Pi. This is a relatively affordable case for $ 13.

It is made of white and raspberry-colored plastic, with a pretty good sense of beauty. Nothing can be “written home”, mind you, but not ugly. It’s easy to assemble by putting raspberry pieces into boxes and bite them together.

For port accessibility, the white top cover will be removed from the frame to show easy access to all internal ports and plugs. There are no options for mounting and no fasteners in this case, although it has 4 small rubber feet on the bottom of the case.

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2. BTech Black Case

Top Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3 of 2018
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JBtek is a pointless case at a cost of only $ 8. It is made of matte black plastic and is held together by 4 screws. As the case progressed, the rounded black appearance was a good touch, especially at such a low cost. However, it does not know how to “wow.”

Port accessibility is limited to external ports. The grill on the side of the chassis is really removable, and you can theoretically pull the ribbon cable out of the side, but that’s not ideal.

If you are thinking of using Raspberry Pi to experiment with cameras, video, or general I / O headers, look for something else. There are no options for installation in this case nor any rubber feet.

3. SB Components Premium Clear case

Top Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3 of 2018
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Premium removal is another entry-level case at a cost of only $ 9. Its material is a clear plastic that can be easily aligned without any fasteners. The aesthetics of the case is simple: you can see everything.

Although it does not include fasteners or rubber feet, it has two (2) screw mounting holes. One of the most distinctive features, in this case, is that it has two small plastic columns on the board’s ACT and PWR LEDs.

These columns transmit the light from the LEDs to the top of the enclosure for easier viewing of what happens to the RPi. This is a good touch for such a low-cost case!

4. OneNineDesign Raspberry Pi Case (Black) 

Top 5 Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3
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OneNineDesign Raspberry pie case is also a low cost, but one of the best price: $ 10. Made from high gloss black plastic, it is easily aligned without any fasteners.

All major internal and external ports are easy to access. All internal ports are labeled, ACT and PWR lights have two small holes to illuminate.

The lid can be easily disassembled but can be fixed with a friction fit. There is a slot for fixing an RPi camera with a 2mm gap between the cover and the housing to snoop the ribbon cable sideways. There are 2 mounting holes on the bottom of the box and 4 rubber feet.

5. Specialty Cases

Top Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3 of 2018
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Although not officially recognized by LEGO, SmartiPi Pro is designed to work smoothly with your latest LEGO project. This case comes with a LEGO-like cover, a LEGO compatible chassis for your RPi camera, and a GoPro-compatible chassis. The kit costs $ 25. (Only $ 20 is not installed by GoPro.)

When the cover is applied to the housing, the GPIO and camera slots can access the internal port. The TFT / Video port is not accessible, but there is a hole in the side of the case to expose the ACT and PWR lamps.

There are 2 screw mounting holes and 4 raised areas on the bottom for stacking multiple units. Unfortunately, they are not as close as the LEGO mount. They are just stacked.

This is a missed opportunity. Fortunately, a 100 mm VESA mount point is attached to the back of the monitor in this case. Cool.

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6. Adafruit VESA case

Top Best Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 3 of 2018


The Adafruit chassis is a VESA-compliant chassis with 75 mm and 100 mm mounting holes. This is an open-air design (lack of side walls) for $ 18.

The case is made of 2 acrylics and 3 plastic brackets with nuts and bolts put together. This case lacks description, but there is a small legend on the bottom acrylic panel showing which hole the raspberry pie is for.

It is relatively easy to figure out how to put it together. When assembled, we have a nice plastic shell with Adafruit floral logos on the top. As shown above, the radiator has enough space if needed.

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