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11 Stores Like House of CB for Trendy Clothing on a Budget

Young people who love to wear something classy and expensive are fond of House of CB. House of CB is the perfect destination for those willing to pay more to get the best.

House of CB is considered a creative and designer brand famous for making clothes for every figure. People who search for party wear that can give a bad vibe consider House of CB as their one-stop shop.

House of CB is a large basket of products in the market. They have built quite a good position for them in the market.

The fabrics used by House of CB to make their clothes are of high quality, so their clothes cost a bit more than the other brands.

Their target customers are wealthy in the market; a man with reasonable earnings cannot afford their clothes. So for people who do not want to spend more on clothes, some brands offer good quality clothes at an affordable price.

This article will discuss similar stores like House of CB, which are also considered good performers in the fashion industry. These stores have the resources and ability to compete with the House of CB.

Stores Like House of CB – Get the Celebrity Look for Less

1. Hot Miami Styles – Stores like house of CB but cheaper

Hot Miami Styles is an online fashion retailer focused on trendy and unique styles. Tally Levy founded the company in the year 2005.

Since their incorporation, they have been trying to offer the best products to gain customers’ trust.

Best Stores Like House of CB

Once a company has managed to win customers’ trust, it will become easy for them to survive in the competitive market. They don’t have any physical stores; since starting, they have been operating through the online platform.

Companies that handle online business seem to incur fewer expenses and can promote their products before many customers.

Some more features of this company are as follows:-

1. They offer various products in the marketplace. They sell their products in various categories: women’s, men’s, boutiques, retail shoes, lingerie, sunglasses, hats, fashion accessories, and swimwear.

2. They claim that the style and look they offer in the market are unique, and no other brand can match it because they offer these products at an affordable price. Other brands charge a lot for similar products. 

3. They have hired experts to design their clothes. These experts have been working in this field for years. Thus, they have become fashion professionals. Customers also trust their expertise and believe they can offer some best quality clothes in the market.

4. They have always kept customer satisfaction as their priority. They offer the best after-sale customer service in the business. They always love to take feedback from the customers so that they can identify their flaws and work on them as soon as possible.

5. They have a section named ‘Just In’ on the website, where customers can find new clothing lines offered by the brand. They also have a section where discounted products are sold.

6. They ship their products to different areas across the United States.

7. They also have a return policy for some customers who have faced genuine issues with the product.

Hot Miami Styles is not a big name in the fashion industry, but they have remained in business because of its unique and trendy styles. Since their incorporation, they have competed with stores like House of CB.

2. PrettyLittleThing – online stores like house of cb

PrettyLittleThing is considered to be a fashion retailer based in the United Kingdom. Boohoo Group is the owner of PrettyLittleThings. Two brothers Umar Kamani and Adam Kamani founded the company in 2012.

The headquarters of the company is situated in Manchester, United Kingdom. They managed to open other departments in London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

Best Stores Like House of CB 1

When the company started, it used to sell only accessories, but it gradually they expanded, and now they are offering various products worldwide. With their business strategies, they have managed to achieve a lot of milestones in the fashion industry.

They consider young people as their target customers. Their designs are meant for customers between the ages of 18 and 35.

Some more features of this brand are as follows:-

1. The company operates in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, France, the Middle East, and North Africa. All these countries have their respective offices that are responsible for controlling the business in that particular area.

2. In all these years of service, the company has collaborated with some celebrities who are admired in the whole world. These celebrities are Michelle Keegan, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and Jessie J. They have used the products of PrettyLittleThings in public.

3. They offer a wide range of items from different categories, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, home products, beauty products, and many more. Everything they offer is of good quality.

4. The company participates in many charity campaigns to give back to society. They help many students in their education. Despite this, they also participate in other campaigns through which they can help society.

5. They deliver their products to some selected countries in the world.

6. They also have a return and refund policy for customers who haven’t received the right product.

PrettyLittleThings is a subsidiary company of Boohoo Group and performs well in the fashion market. They are considered to be good competition for stores like House of CB.

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3. Missguided

Missguided is a multi-channel retailer based in the United Kingdom. They started their business by selling clothes in the market.  Their clothes are meant for young people between 16 and 35.

Nitin Passi incorporated the company in the year 2009. Nitin Passi was responsible for handling the operations and management of the business when it got incorporated.

The first headquarters of Missguided was situated in Salford, Great Manchester, but later, in 2015, they moved to Trafford Park. Initially, they started their business by selling women’s clothes; only later, they include men’s clothes in their collection under a brand named Mennace.

One can find Mennace clothes on the official website of Missguided. Since their launch, they have achieved a lot of milestones that motivated them to expand their business to the USA, Australia, France, and Germany.

Some more features of this brand are as follows:-

1. Like every company, Missguided also aims to empower women globally so they can be confident of what they wear and who they want to be. This mission has motivated many in their lives.

2. Missguided always tries to bring the best for its customers. All the designers they have hired are trained to design something unique and gives a feeling of empowerment.

All their products are priced at a minimal price so that every woman can buy them in this way; the company promotes women’s empowerment.

3. They have always maintained their product’s quality and never compromised it for more profit. They have considered customers as their priority since their incorporation. 

4. They have different delivery options for different orders based on their prices. If a customer wants an early delivery, he/she has to pay more for that service. They also have a huge delivery network.

5. They have a policy for their customers who are dissatisfied with the product, and under that policy, they can return their products.

Yes, we can say that Missguided is a small company in the fashion industry, but it has all the resources to compete with stores like House of CB.

4. For Love & Lemons

For love & Lemons started as a lemonade stand back in 1996 but later became a contemporary clothing company.

They hold a good position in the fashion market. Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall founded the company in the year 2011. The company’s headquarters is situated in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Some more features of this company are as follows:

1. They have a women-led management team responsible for handling all the business operations. All these women are creative and innovative in their work. They aim to make their brand huge in the coming future.

2. They offer a wide range of products, including tops, dresses, bottoms, knitwear, swimwear, lingerie, and accessories. All these products are of premium quality.

3. Every product they sell has affordable pricing. Females earning less can also afford their products.

4. They have hired sustainable designers in their design team. They are responsible for developing new and creative ideas to help achieve the company’s sustainable goals.

5. They have an excellent shipping network and cover almost all areas across the United States. They had also started shipping Internationally.

6. They also have a return and refund policy for their customers.

They must grow a lot more to compete with stores like House of CB.

5. Showpo

Showpo is considered to be a fashion retailer based in Australia. They do their business online and don’t have any physical stores for their products. All their products are designed and created for young women.

11 Stores Like House of CB for Trendy Clothing on a Budget

They design their clothes with modern designs as the target customers are young women. Jane Lu is the maker of this company. She registered this company alone to fulfill her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion market.

The headquarters of Showpo is situated in Sydney, Australia. All the operations of this company are managed and controlled from the headquarters. The company got registered in 2010 with the name Show Pony, but later they changed it to ShowPo.

Let’s discuss some features of Showpo as a company:-

1. Showpo is an Australian startup that has experienced a lot of growth in recent years. Their way of handling the fashion business proved successful.

2. The key factor that helped their growth is their promotion technique. They executed social media marketing to promote their products on a global level. This gave them an advantage over other brands that compete.

3. They offer different products through their official website. Some products are apparel, dresses, tops, shoes, and many more. Their website is the perfect shopping destination for young women.

4. They have started shipping services internationally but will charge more to the customer when they ship a product outside of Australia.

5. Dissatisfied customers can return their products and demand a refund from the company.

Showpo has been in the market for so long that they are now considered a competition for stores like House of CB.

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6. Akira

Akira is a fashion retailer operating in America. The first store of Akira opened in 2002 in Chicago, United States. Gordon Liao, Eric Hsueh, Sarah Hughes, and Erikka Wang are the ones who founded Akira back in 2002.

Akira is Erikka spelled backward; the founders fixed this name for this brand within 10 minutes. This brand has always represented Chicago in fashion with its styles and designs.

They want to bring the limelight towards Chicago in terms of fashion because, in the USA, people consider the west and east coasts as the fashion hubs of the United States.

Let us discuss some more features of this brand:-

1. Since their incorporation, they have expanded and opened 32 stores. It is not a big number compared to other fashion brands, but it seems like a great achievement as a startup company.

2. They offer products from other brands, such as Adidas, Champion, and many more. They sell some products under their brand also. They have a lot of choices in their stores which their customers always admire.

3. They have a proper delivery process for orders placed online through their official website.

4. Those customers who have complaints regarding defective products can return their products and demand a refund for the same under the company’s policies.

Being a small brand, it has always been difficult for Akira to compete with big stores like House of CB in the market.

7. Revolve

Two young tech co-workers Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas, started Revolve in 2002. They knew nothing about the fashion world, but their management and marketing skills took the company to greater heights.

11 Stores Like House of CB for Trendy Clothing on a Budget

Now Revolve is considered one of the fastest-growing e-commerce clothing companies in the world. Despite the pandemic, they are headed for sales of $600 million this year which is a huge achievement for them as a clothing brand. Revolve as a brand has some more features.

Let us discuss some of them:-

1. Revolve is one of the fashion retailers who knew that social media marketing was the key to promoting their products. Since the beginning, their main source of promotion has been social media. This idea has given them some promising results in the past.

2. They have also collaborated with about 3500 fashion influencers to promote their products on their official accounts. They spend a lot on this.

3. They have hired around 1000 employees trained to interact with customers and know their needs.

4. They also sell other brands on their website along with their products. 

5. They also promote sustainable clothes on their website. They support the campaign under which companies plan to save the environment using eco-friendly fabrics in their clothes.

Revolve is a big brand that got listed on the stock market recently. They have the ability and resources to compete with stores like House of CB.

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8. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is considered as a clothing retail chain store based in America. The company’s headquarters is situated in San Francisco, California. Daniel Lawrence founded the company in the year 1975.

11 Stores Like House of CB for Trendy Clothing on a Budget

Since starting the business, they have aimed to expand their operations globally. Their goal is to achieve the top position in the fashion market. The first store of Charlotte Russe opened in San Diego, California.

All their products are mainly designed for young people who are always in search of something that can make them look more fashionable than others, Charlotte Russe keeps this thought in mind when they design their products.

There are more features of this brand; let’s discuss some of them:-

1. They are one of those brands that have introduced a new tab for customers of plus sizes on their website. Usually, these customers find it difficult to find clothes of their size, but brands like Charlotte Russe take away their difficulty.

2. They always aim to make their website user-friendly so that customers who are not tech-savvy can also use the website to buy products of their choice.

3. They have expanded their business to more countries and are now available in more than 100 locations worldwide.

4. They claim to offer free delivery for orders above $100. This applies to all customers.

Charlotte Russe is an old brand and has earned the customer’s trust in the market and is capable of competing with stores like House of CB.

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9. Bebe

Bebe is considered a retail fashion brand is carrying out its operations in the United States. Bebe started its operations in the year 1976.

The company was started by Manny Mashouf, who migrated from Iran to America.


In the early 1970s, Manny Mashouf managed to open a Bebe store in San Francisco, California. Across the United States, they have a massive network that helps them promote their products to many target customers.

They usually target young women in the market to increase their sales.

Some other features of Bebe are listed below:-

1. Bebe has a lot of stores operating in different locations, but back in 2017, they announced that they were shutting all of their stores and would continue their business through their official website.

2. They have collaborated with many big celebrities to advertise their products. They spend a lot advertising their products as they always endorse big celebrities as ambassadors.

3. Bebe is known for its designs and creativity with the clothes they offer. Women in the market get attracted to their brands because they find something unique about them.

Bebe was a big name in the past, but now they are finding it difficult to survive in the market with stores like House of CB as competition.

10. Windsor

Windsor started back in 1937. Since then, their one goal is to make women feel beautiful with their wide range of collections.

They have always considered the requirements of women in the market and designed their products according to their requirements. This is why they have managed to grow over all these years.

Some more features of Windsor are as follows:-

  • The company, from the beginning, has been managed and owned by the generations of the  Zekaria family.
  • They have a total of 200 physical stores worldwide where they offer some creative and designer clothes.
  • They deliver their products to different places and charge as per the distance.
  • Customers can return their products if they are defective or of bad quality.

Windsor has come a long way and has been present in this market for so many years that they know how to do business in the fashion industry. They are considered as competition for stores like House of CB.

📚FAQ on stores like house of CB list

What is comparable to the House of CB?

Similar websites to the House of CB include Fashion Nova, Amazon, Meshki, Hot Miami Styles, Pretty Little Thing, In The Style, Naked Wardrobe, Oh Polly, etc.

Who is the House of CB manufacturer?

Conna Walker founded the House of CB without significant training in fashion. It was in 2014, the label managed to become the favorite overnight.

Does House of CB have an app?

The House of CBOJI app will provide access to several HouseofCB emojis and stickers. The application is supported in most messaging apps allowing copy and pasting emojis. The app is also integrated with the QWERTY keyboard.

Is House of CB a luxury brand?

The House of CB is a British Luxury Womenswear label.

Is Cbstyles the same as House of CB?

No, they are not the same. So, be careful while you are shopping.

What does CB stand for in House of CB?

CB stands for Celeb Boutique in the brand name the House of CB.

Who designs the House of CB clothes?

Conna Walker founded the brand in 2010. She is a British designer and takes care of the design. There is a large segment of women following the brand.

Conclusion on the stores like house of CB list

The competition in the fashion industry is never-ending because every year, new brands enter this industry. In this industry, the ones who offer the best products at affordable prices are the ones who will perform well.

So to become a top brand in this industry, a company should always be consistent with its quality and never degrade it. A company also has to take care of the customer’s requirements to gain their brand’s trust.

Stores like House of CB know this and work accordingly, which is why they can stay on the top in all these years.