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13 Of The Best Textsheet Alternatives To Try Out

As a student, it is sometimes difficult to find answers to all of your homework or projects under a deadline. Often even burying yourself in books doesn’t answer your questions.

This is where the internet comes to act. You will find many websites that will give you a context to the information you need yet still lack in some areas of expertise.

Textsheet.com came into being for the same. It was a go-to for all the students who needed textbook solutions and more; until 2019 when it shut down due to a DMCA filled by Chegg. 

Though, there are great Textsheet alternatives in business running well. Chegg, as mentioned above, is one of them. There is quite an abundance of websites in the textbook solution market but only some prove to be helpful.

What was Textsheet.com and how it helped students?

Textsheet was a favorite amongst many students. It was their go-to solution for finding answers for their assignments. Moreover, it was used by students as a referral to their projects too.

This website was very popular and solved many questions for free. The guides available on Textsheet were API technology integrated. Textsheet helped millions of students globally in many ways with its outstanding service.

Yet, it is now unavailable. This is why as a student you might want to know about other Textsheet alternatives including some that are better than it.

Best Textsheet Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Slader

Slader is a very popular website among students in the United States. There are step-by-step solutions available for the questions in thousands of books on various subjects.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

They provide solutions with good clarifications so that there is no confusion for the student. The Slader company is improving its quality and service day by day by expanding itself to college students too. 

It has been developed and designed for students from middle school to higher college to get effortless solutions. It also provides the easiest way for you to get answers- all you have to do is scan the barcode of your textbook or just type the title of the same on the search bar of their website.

There is also a green ‘Ask’ button on the category page if you scroll down a bit. You will get relevant answers to the problems in that book. 

To add on top of this, Slader has a mobile app! It is supported on both Android and iOS. It is free of cost to use. But some advertisements are going to show up from time to time on the screen. If you want to remove those ads, you can easily buy a subscription.

Expert-verified solutions are available for middle school students for free, for high school and above at $4, and the college-level students with an $8 premium subscription. 

Download App on Google Play Store

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2. Chegg

This particular website has gained a brand name in the past few years. As written above, it filed a copyright complaint against Textsheet saying that it was copying the answers from them.

Best Textsheet Alternatives 1

So, you can get an idea of how vastly Chegg has placed its roots in the education market. It can be pointed out that the majority of answers students found on Textsheet were actually of Chegg’s. This can surely give you an idea of how Chegg is one of the best Textsheet alternatives.

It features more than 32 million questions and answers on numerous topics and subjects. As a student, you can do a lot of things here including getting help from experts.

Some of the mind-blowing features of Chegg are-

  • Q&A Library: This is where you can browse questions without spending too much time.
  • Live Q&A: If you have a question, click a picture of it and send it to an expert. He/she will help you out within 30 minutes. So amazing!
  • Textbook Solutions: There are step-by-step video instructions available on common math problems along with various other subjects’ solutions.
  • Grammar Checker: If you’re afraid that you are making grammar mistakes in your answers, you can use the grammar checker tool to find the mistakes.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Submitting projects as essays and reports ask for plagiarism-free content. As a student, you must know how simply copying the answers from the internet is not going to give you marks. You need to make your answers. This is where plagiarism tool of Chegg comes in handy. 
  • Practice: You can perfect your skills with the practice questions available on the website.
  • Citation: You can easily get help accurately citing your paper.
  • Flashcards: The most basic trick to remember things- Chegg has over 500 million flashcards that you can get help from. You can also create your flashcards.
  • Buy and Rent Books: There are cheap books available at 90% less cost which you can buy with 21 days of risk-free return. If you can’t afford to buy books, you can also rent them and return them when you’re finished. 
  • Math Solver: You get many math tools to solve math problems. 

But sadly, all of this is not available for free. The Chegg Study Pack costs $19.95 per month including everything above. 

3. Course Hero

Even though this website is not designed like Textsheet, it is still one of the most suited Textsheet alternatives in the market. It even lets you download study material.

Course Hero guarantees that it has over 25 million course-specific study materials for you. The user interface is very clean and the website is organized well enough for you to easily find notes, answers, and courses quickly.

13 Of The Best Textsheet Alternatives To Try Out

Students can easily find resources by typing their school name, book name, literature title, or subject in the search bar. There are filters, of course, questions, and explanations, and study documents, to summarize the results according to your needs.

Course Hero has a 24×7 tutoring help service. You can earn some money by referring this website to your friends. It is however not entirely free to use. Some documents and answers might not be available to read.

But you can certainly gain this feature as Course Hero relies on an “unlocking system”, meaning if you complete some tasks and contribute to the community you can earn unlocks. 

This is how you can earn unlocks:-

  • By uploading 10 study documents or guides, you get 5 unlocks and get 3 questions to ask the tutors of the website.
  • You get 1 unlock on 5 unlocks of your document by other users.
  • When 5 users give your uploaded documents a thumbs up, you earn one unlock.
  • For each friend you refer, you receive 8 tutor questions.
  • You earn free unlocks for reviewing and rating 5 questions or documents.

There is a premium plan which gives you access to a set of tutor questions. The prices vary based on whether you choose to buy a plan which is yearly, quarterly, or monthly. 

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4. Studylib

This site offers a variety of solved homework solutions and assignments. You can download and store the solution documents for free. You can also share the documents and note switch with your friends.

Studylib is a great source for solving questions on different subjects. The site covers many subjects such as social science, mathematics, arts, humanities, technology, science, business, history, miscellaneous, and engineering. This is why it is good for both school and college students. 

The homepage is interactive and has trending documents that make the navigation very efficient. Studylib allows you to add papers and documents to your signed-up account. It is one of the best Textsheet alternatives and to add as a perk- it is completely free! 

5. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a website where the students from school can find notes on the lessons of different guides and courses of school subjects. It has become a popular tool amongst high schoolers.

13 Of The Best Textsheet Alternatives To Try Out

It started in the year of 1999 and was soon acquired by Barnes & Noble in 2001. As an online platform, it offers features to buy books, and test prep services including the SATs for American students. You get aid in cracking other competitive examinations such as GRE and ACT too. This feature makes it one of the best Textsheet alternatives

It has been said to have comprehensive, useful, and accurate guides to contemporary and classic lit. SparkNotes has an app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store which has listings of subjects under maths, science, social studies, and literature. Hence you get a whole package on your mobile phone. 

SparkNotes maintains its quality of service over its domain. There are tons of pop culture references. More than 1 million users engage in the content and solutions present on this platform. There are thorough summaries to develop your learning abilities and knowledge. 

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6. School Solver

School Solver is a “micro tutoring” place for students where they get an online tutor to answer their one question for a price of one dollar.

Instead of getting the same-old answers from other websites or collecting them from textbooks directly, they connect you with real experts to answer your problem. 

This is how it works for you:-

  • Post a question on the website when you are struggling with a problem.
  • Set your price to how much you are willing to pay. You don’t need to pay more than you can afford, it is simply unnecessary. 
  • An expert sees your questions and answers for you with the money you are offering in return. 
  • You are allowed to rate the answer you’ve received.
  • The question and its answer get posted on the School Solver library. So that other students can also look for this question and pay that same expert for revealing that answer. 

This system is set by the site so that tutors can earn a little extra money on the side while letting students gain expert answers. But as you already know this is not free, you have to pay for the same.

This might be an issue sometimes if the question is complex, it could take more time to receive the answer as some tutors might not accept the offered price for that question.

Although if you increase your price, you can get it done sooner. You can even mark your question as ‘urgent’ and pay more. School Solver is cheap. You can offer as little as a dollar and receive professional solutions. 

7. Studyfy

In the academic field, Studyfy has proven itself as one of the Textsheet alternatives being a very reliable option in the online education market.

13 Of The Best Textsheet Alternatives To Try Out

It is a platform where the services range from online tutoring, and essay writing, to editing. Students who feel overwhelmed with loads of assignments and homework to complete, take the help of this website to get it done within the deadline. 

Apart from immediate assistance, Studyfy offers a variety of other services too such as useful writing tips and tricks, academic paper writing guidance, editing tools for papers, etc. Outsourcing your projects to professional writers is very easy here. This is why college students rely on this platform to help them with their emergencies. 

8. CFS- Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study website is amongst the best Textsheet alternatives because of the similarity in the Q&A section like Textsheet. This section’s interface is similar and has millions of answered questions on many topics including mathematics, science, humanities, finance, accounting, computer science, and much more.


When you sign up on their page, you get to ask 50 questions. There is also a textbook section where if you need any guidance with a course in a specific textbook and it is not physically present, you can look it up on CFS.

It removes the hassle of going out to the library to get that book or buying a new one for that matter. There are unlimited textbooks available on Crazy For Study. 

CFS also offers help with writing assignments. All you have to do is pay for the assignment and get it done by the experts of CFS. The writers here are brilliant with adequate knowledge of their respective fields.

You will receive high-quality essays in a given time while paying 50% of the upfront charge of that writer and the rest when you can. You can also ask for revisions on the essay as many times as you require.

The latter amount can be paid after you are satisfied with the work. As a cherry on top, these works are always plagiarism-free and got zero grammar mistakes.

After the initial 50 questions are available to you during sign-up, you have to buy the CFS package for $7 per month. This will give you unlimited access to the entire Q&A library, and textbooks over their website.

9. Skooli

Skooli is one of the other Textsheet alternatives where micro tutoring happens. If as a student you are looking for expert solutions rather than pasted answers, this website will help you out. As a micro tutoring website, Skooli is a little different from School Solver.

13 Of The Best Textsheet Alternatives To Try Out

Here, you pay per minute unlike per question in School Solver. You don’t need any monthly plan signup or an hourly charge for a single question.

Although, if you need a regular and traditional tutor for yourself, you would have to pay for a minimum of 30 to 45 or 60 minutes per session. Some tutors ask for this particular basis of payment and not per minute. 

You pay for what you need- no more. Tutoring on Skooli costs only $0.82 per minute. You get tutors instantly when you need one. Only logging in and searching on the platform is enough for the same. You can even video chat with them! Instant messaging is there for you to connect and learn.

The teaching between you and your tutor takes place in a virtual classroom where you can-

  • Virtually see and converse with your tutor
  • Write and draw on the virtual whiteboard present
  • Share questions and files

You can replay your tutoring session as well after it is finished helping you in case you have forgotten some things. 

10. Math Homework Answers

Math Homework Answers is purely for mathematic problems. It is one of the subject-specific Textsheet alternatives over the internet. The site design and interface are not that top-notch but the service is completely free.

Most of the time maths creates a lot of confusion and doubts. You can visit Math Homework Answers and search for your question. There is no other subject interfering in your search.

It is quite simple. You are required to post a question and others answer for you. If you want to answer other people’s questions, you definitely can. The users of this platform help each other out. If you are a math expert and are free often, visit the “unanswered tab” to find mathematics problems of other users and answer them.

You can even search various math topics with the filter option or browsing of all “hot” questions. Creating an account on this website is free of cost and you can go anonymous as well if you don’t want to reveal your details.

11. Write My Paper Hub

Write My Paper Hub is an internationally known service of academic assignment solutions and one of the best Textsheet alternatives. Students especially from Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK opt for this website because they provide services for urgent writing assignments with overnight orders as well. 

This company has gained a lot of success in the past few years as they have really good educators as tutors. There is a multi-step recruiting system that only allows the ones who are talented and responsible writers to become a part of the Write My Paper Hub team.

There is a constant flow of orders from students which attracts many professionals and authors to join the team. This also gives an assurance of safety when you make payment.

Confidentiality is their key. Your academic writing is not tracked by any third party and the papers that are delivered to you are plagiarism-free, 100% original, and have accurate grammar. There are over 50 major disciplines and many subdisciplines covered on this platform for you. For college students especially, this platform is highly useful. 

Moreover, Write My Paper Hub does not gives you any hidden costs or surprise payments on your order. What is pay is genuinely worth your order and the document you receive.

You can even use an online calculator available here to take out an estimation of the total price you are going to be needing. Extra services could be added later on as well; these services are optional. 

12. Paperhelp

Your queries are solved with good efforts. Paperhelp is one of the good Textsheet alternatives as it provides solutions on various fields with a custom writing portal. It follows a systematic approach and modern outlook for time-saving purposes. As time is highly valuable to students and the creators know it. 

Best Textsheet Alternatives 6

The key solutions are available to college students, scholars, and campus students to benefit from the high-quality answer service of Paperhelp.

You get essays and other writing solutions here. You just have to fill up your details over their website or the app available for both Android and iOS. 

The Verdict

As you can see, there are great Textsheet alternatives out there for you. As a student, deadlines matter a lot no matter whether you are a school-goer or a college student.

To release the burden on your shoulder, these websites are there. You can try put these above-mentioned options and decide for yourself which works best for you. 

If you were a Textsheet user before, you might find most of these options comfortable to use as per the interface and services. You can even go for more than one of these websites for different purposes. Each of them has its value. All of these alternative websites are secure and safely designed for students.