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11 Best Slader Alternatives For Homework Help and Answers

Are you searching for sites that are similar to Slader? Are you interested in finding out which software offers the most features? Then you’ve arrived at the correct place.

We’ve covered all of the prospective Slader alternatives. This guide may help you locate the perfect application. For more information, please look at our list of the most acceptable Slader alternatives.

Before we go over the Slader alternatives, it’s essential to understand what Slader is and how it works. We can see that you are getting eager, so let’s get started on tackling your assignment challenge.

What is Slader?💁

In 2009, Kyle Gerrity and Scott Kolb developed the concept for Slader. Thousands of textbooks and answer sheets are available on this platform, a website, and a mobile app.

Students get unrestricted access to the company for help with their schoolwork. The instructors respond with a solution when the student submits their question. Educators often describe how they came to their conclusions and solved the challenge.

In 2012, Slader focused on technology subjects such as maths and physics. In 2015, the website was updated to include themes connected to the humanities.

In 2018, this platform introduced a flashcard quiz system that allows students to test themselves and their friends on the site.

As modern technologies and educational innovations advance, studies become more complex and complicated. As a result, children of all ages require assistance with their homework. 

It is one such service that allows students to develop in a few disciplines and assists them in completing assignments and projects; nevertheless, Slader is insufficient because students learn various subjects and require support.

As a result, we’ll inform you about a few more sites like Slader that can assist you in providing your pupils with the guidance and resources they require.

A list of the most excellent Slader alternatives has been compiled. Keep reading to learn how to evaluate websites and select the one that best meets your requirements!

Best Slader Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Chegg

Chegg is an online learning platform and mobile app providing students with various services. It offers textbooks, course materials, study guides, homework help, and tutoring services.

Since its beginning, the company has grown well in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Chegg is a less expensive alternative to Slader. It is a web-based learning service and mobile app that offers students several advantages.

Both new and old textbooks are available for purchase and rental. They also offer subscription-based homework, maths, and writing services.

Best Slader AlternativesChegg covers arithmetic, history, economics, computer programming, and mathematics courses. Selling services to students and giving homework support are two of the company’s most well-known benefits.

Tutors and students can both use the site. You can get step-by-step instructions and answers to over 22,000 issues if you need assistance with a particular subject.

According to the reviews, students and professors can communicate online via audio and video chat and a virtual whiteboard.

The Q&A choice, on the other side, will connect you with a subject matter expert who will respond to your issue in less than 30 minutes.

To acquire this solution, you must snap a photograph (or screenshot) of your homework and upload it to the platform.

Chegg Tutors is a company that offers students of all ages internet tutoring. Students have the option of selecting their tutor based on their profile. Students can take online classes using their mobile devices.

You may also rent hard copies and books through Chegg. Returning leased books on time is your responsibility. You may be charged an extra fee or the total price of the book if you do not return the book on time.


Chegg has a monthly fee of $14.99. Chegg Study Pack costs $19.95 per month, while Chegg Maths Solver and Chegg Writing cost $9.95.

Before purchasing a package, you may alternatively join up for a free 4-week trial.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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2. Mathway

Mathway is among the great calculator applications available, and it can solve virtually any arithmetic problem. You can immediately solve even the most complex math equations with Mathway.

It is the most excellent algebra calculator software and solves various math problems, including fundamental arithmetic, calculus, mathematics, geometry, chemistry, and more advanced calculus problems.

Best Slader Alternatives 1

Users can enter arithmetic equations and quickly view their results; a membership also gives them step-by-step guidance on how to solve problems.

After choosing a subject (for example, geometry, pre-algebra, or chemistry), a list with associated symbols and actions (for example, an integrated symbol for algebra) is displayed. The user can tap or pick to complete the equation.

Users can also explore charts and graphing functions in real-time, navigate multiple drop-down options, and search through an extensive dictionary.

This Mathway calculator, which has assisted hundreds of millions of consumers in answering billions of arithmetic problems, can solve practically any mathematical issue you can think of.

Math issues can be intimidating, especially those requiring in-depth examination, so Mathway is handy. This program provides a perfectly functioning calculator to solve practically any mathematical problem.

The app has a fantastic vocabulary section. The vocabulary section contains around 300 mathematical terms, concepts, and ideas, allowing you to search for similar principles and concepts.

Math Homework Due?


Its premium edition is available for $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year. Although the premium version does not include a free trial, you can use the free version with some basic capabilities.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha uses a blend of techniques and high-level knowledge to answer your questions.

It will make things easier, most likely because you already use Slader to find the types of information Wolfram Alpha specializes in.

On Wolfram Alpha, doing the math is a breeze. Enter the information to be calculated, and you’ll receive the results and step-by-step directions.

As a result, Wolfram Alpha is a fantastic resource for math students and experts.

Best Slader Alternatives 2

This platform comprises four topics: Mathematics, Technology and Science, Society and Culture, and Daily Life, each with subheadings. When you select a subtopic, a list of search samples will appear.

Wolfram Alpha is accessible as an online and mobile app for Android, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Windows tablets and phones.

The Pro is a premium package, an enhanced version of Wolfram Alpha.

How to Calculate Mortgages with Wolfram|Alpha

The Wolfram Alpha search tool is unusual in that, while you won’t locate it all and search for it, you can find many things quickly.

It is particularly good at answering mathematical and scientific questions and replies based on established data.

If you need a mathematics solution for class, want to know how much a specific car costs, or want to know what a movie’s rating is, Wolfram Alpha can supply that data and new info that may be of value to anyone.


Wolfram Alpha Basic is free, whereas Wolfram Alpha Pro costs $5.49 per month or $65.88 per year, and Wolfram Alpha Pro Premium costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

4. Socratic Math & Homework Help

Socratic Math & Homework Help is an app that analyses a snapshot of a question or a difficulty in various areas and provides answers, explanations, and resources to study more.

The Socratic algorithm has been released open-source, allowing anyone to utilize it outside the app.

It can provide students with assignment answers with no effort on their behalf. Users can choose whether to utilize the software to assist them in understanding a challenging idea, double-checking their work, or finishing their schoolwork without worrying about it.

Best Slader Alternatives 3

On Socratic, you can find educational materials. It goes into more detail than copying a friend’s work and providing step-by-step instructions. As a result, this platform is a valuable tool for learning and comprehending.

Socratic Math & Homework Help uses artificial intelligence to search for answers (AI). Users of this app must be 13 or older, even though it is aimed at kids aged nine and higher.

It may be downloaded for free, and there are no in-app purchases. It’s maybe compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Socratic may be a more economical option for Slader or a tutor for kids who struggle with math and related topics because it explains homework issues with sources.

Socratic - now with Math!

Parents could use the app to assist their children with their academic work. Parents frequently have difficulty assisting their children with math tasks as mathematics emerges from thinking and resolving issues.

Parents can be guided through sample issues demonstrating how pupils should solve and complete arithmetic issues using the Socratic app, showing how to assist their children in overcoming challenges.


It’s entirely free to use.

Download the App from Google Play Store

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5. Photomath

Photomath is now the most popular math software globally, with over 270 million downloads. They aim to guide people through becoming proficient in arithmetic one step at a time, and they think everyone can master math.

Ensure that the math problem is confined within the rectangular scanning region by focusing the camera on it. Within seconds of scanning, the app provides a step-by-step answer.

Students can use the hand gesture recognition tool to write their issues on a piece of paper, and if they are neatly written when scanned, the software will instantly solve them.

Best Slader Alternatives 4

You can also use the calculator to enter problems manually. Kids can pinch and drag the rectangle with their fingertips to resize the scanning area. Users can also amend issues and share them through web connections.

It’s a straightforward program that shows how to solve arithmetic problems. A FAQ section answers common questions and invites users to contribute their own.

The software supports a variety of arithmetic issues kinds, but it does not support a variety of other types of problems.

Even though the free version is quite beneficial, the subscription model offers more extensive explanations of the answers, is cheaper, and may greatly help struggling children.


The monthly membership plan for Photomath Plus costs $4.99 for a yearly plan and $9.99 monthly for a monthly schedule. You can use the free version if you don’t want to pay for the paid version.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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6. SparkNotes

Whether you’ve chosen to move away from Slader or other similar apps, SparkNotes is an excellent option. Sometimes you don’t understand what your lecturers say, and the textbooks are difficult to understand.

SparkNotes can help you when you’re having trouble with something. They can support you with reading comprehension, test preparation, and paper writing.

Best Slader Alternatives 5

On the SparkNotes app, students can access a range of study materials. Their summaries are accompanied by literature that may or may not be appropriate for young readers, but teenagers can discuss the topics raised in the stories.

The purpose of this app is to assist you in comprehending complex school topics. Each guide provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and critical analysis.

There are about 500 guides on Shakespeare and English literature and hundreds more on history, arithmetic, biology, and other subjects.

The program comes preloaded with 50 literary works, including poetry, Shakespearean dramas, and popular high school novels.

Children can also read all titles in the site’s library when connected to Wi-Fi and download these to their devices to access them offline.

A plot description, author background, a character roster, and analysis are all included in the books. Every chapter will have thorough chapter summaries, interpretations of crucial phrases, and study problems for children to read.


It costs $.99 per month or $4.99 per year to subscribe. A one-month free trial is offered as well.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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7. Lumen Learning

Lumen Learning is another excellent Slader alternative, but its course materials are less expensive and focused on boosting learning through open educational resources (OER).

Students get access to various interactive learning resources, homework assignments, and personalized feedback to study more effectively and become more active participants in learning.

Best Slader Alternatives 6

Their goal is to discover areas for development and strengthen the learning process by applying learning science ideas and analyzing learning data.

On the internet, students can select from a choice of programs. Courses include business, economics, social and natural sciences, and transition studies.

This Slader alternative also offers courses in American culture and politics and a variety of languages.


Standard implementation costs $25 per student per term, and the Success Accelerator costs $33/per student per term.

8. MyScript Calculator 2

If you recall learning arithmetic with a pencil and paper, you’ll appreciate this software, which allows you to write mathematical expressions intuitively and receive instant results.

MyScript Calculator is a free app accessible on the App Store. It’s great for quick calculations and can even help pupils figure out how to solve more challenging situations.

Best Slader Alternatives 7

This app allows you to use your cellphone as a calculator. It would be simpler to write the formula yourself; the result would be visible immediately.

The program can then be customized by changing gestures or adding new features. Drag and drop can be used to reuse previous results.

It is necessary to write numbers in a very natural way without using a keyboard. The program identifies your handwriting and allows you to type math formulas on the screen, which the app solves instantaneously.

It will give you the answer briefly by instantly translating scribbled numbers and symbols into something straightforward.

In addition to adding, subtracting, multiplying, and splitting, the tool allows you to enter in, cos, and tan and the angle’s degree.

You can solve exceedingly complex expressions with the app. You may also save and retrieve results at any moment and export and reuse past computations.


For Android and iOS, it costs a similar fee subscription – $2.99

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

9. Shmoop

Shmoop is likely amongst the most brilliant Slader alternatives you should explore if you require free study materials.

Shmoop provides a wealth of free resources, including in-depth analyses, questions, and infographics on various topics, including poetry, art, Shakespeare, economics, biography, music, US history, civics, and what came before.

Best Slader Alternatives 8

This app provides free and paid services to teachers, including quizzes, essay problems, and standard-based learning guides. This website contains information and guides to help teachers rekindle their enthusiasm for learning.

Shmoop’s humor, unique approach, and ability to explain complex concepts are beloved by many teachers, parents, and students. The home page isn’t particularly enticing at first glance.

As soon as you start exploring the site, you’ll see how user-friendly it is and how much content it contains. The video lessons show you how to use it and use it in the classroom.

Shmoop Heartbeat Introduction & Product Demo

It has a diverse collection of materials and multimedia content. The teacher can select a subject and obtain assignments, quizzes, current events, debates, and essay difficulties pertinent to that subject. Shmoop is a simple learning tool to integrate into the classroom.

Shmoop is a fun approach for students to study for exams. There are numerous teacher tools, videos, and photographs on the website.


It costs a Monthly fee: of $14.99 and $14.99 for the entire year

10. Course Hero

Study guides, old assignments, papers, class notes, previous test papers, homework issues, textbook solutions, and class notes are available on Course Hero, a website similar to Slader.

It also allows you to create study groups to share files and discuss ideas.

It’s just an online community where you may share previously completed schoolwork and explore other students’ work from your school and worldwide.

When students take classes from a professor, they can study stuff they would not have learned otherwise.

Best Slader Alternatives 9

A tutor will respond to your question, and you will receive an email response within 15 minutes. You can utilize this as a resource when you have problems with a challenging topic.

Students can use Course Hero to form study groups and share documents. You can get online tutoring, among other things, and locate resources.

Course Hero is an audience platform for teaching and learning that allows you to publish content, be a tutor, and interact with students, all while saving time and money.

With Premium, you’ll have immediate access to all resources, but you’ll only be able to study a few.

Course Hero can help you pay for your college education when needed. There are five different sorts of scholarship programs right now. If you meet the conditions, applying for the Scholarships is simple.


Monthly fee: $39.95 for three monthly subscriptions, $59.85 and Annually, $119.40

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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11. Study.com

Study.com is yet another one of the best Slader alternatives. Students can enroll in various courses through this platform and receive credits applied to multiple schools and universities.

They generally provide video-based classes and text- and study-based resources.

Study.com provides a comprehensive online curriculum accessed from smartphones and desktop PCs. Students can take courses and complete examinations at their own pace during subscription time.

Best Slader Alternatives 10

Basic, Premium, and college acceleration are the three plans available. This platform is appropriate for kids in various schools, but homeschoolers have their page. These three plans are available to you regardless of the school you attend.

Homeschoolers should consider the paid subscription because it allows them to take all courses and online tests and keep track of activities, which the basic plan doesn’t.

Homeschoolers can also create a family account by linking a free parent account to a paying student account. This enables parents to monitor and plan for their children’s growth.

The course material is given through videos, most of which are under 10 minutes long. The video lesson usually includes an interactive test with five numerous questions and a script to print.

Study.com may be an excellent choice for much of your curriculum, especially if you are in grades 6-12, but you may want to supplement some of the courses with other content and teaching activities.


$39.99 monthly for the basic plan and $59.99 for the Premium.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store


What can I use now that Slader is gone? 

Slader and Quizlet have partnered to make Quizlet your one-stop shop for all your learning requirements.

Starting on June 17, 2021, all Slader premium content, including the Q&A library and expert textbook solutions, will only be accessible as Quizlet expert solutions on Quizlet.com.

You can also look at options like Chegg, Mathway, Photomath, Lumen Learning, etc.  

What is Slader now? 

Quizlet, known for its study aids and flashcards, has purchased Slader, an educational technology platform that provides in-depth explanations of textbook ideas and practice problems.

Millions of high school and college students frequently use the forum for more detailed advice. 

Do you have to pay for Slader now? 

Slader was acquired by Quizlet, which then took its place, and now provides many of the same features in addition to excellent educational content.

Quizlet offers a free version with limited features and a Quizlet Plus upgrade of roughly $48 annually.

The best features, such as Quizlet Learn, are only available in the subscription edition, eliminating advertisements and enabling offline study. Unfortunately, a month-to-month option is not available. 

Is Slader on the app store? 

Slader is no longer available on the App Store as Quizlet has replaced it. The Quizlet app is available for download from the App Store.

It is the best flashcards software for learning and studying. You can easily make your flashcards or select from various pre-made ones. 

What app has all the answers to the textbooks? 

Socratic is useful. This learning software, powered by Google AI, aids in helping you comprehend your college and high school coursework.

To learn the concepts, ask Socratic a question, and the app will identify the best online resources for you. Other fantastic learning tools include Chegg, Mathway, Quizlet, Photomath, SparkNotes, and more. 

Where can I find textbook answers? 

Solution Manuals, Quizlet, Chegg Study, OneClass, Course Hero etc. are some of the most preferred and trusted sources to find textbook answers easily.  

Does Chegg Study give you answers? 

Whether it is a test question or homework, Chegg enables students to discover a teacher who can answer their questions and deliver free Chegg answers instantaneously.

These exams are provided to students to help them become better at the subject matter and to improve their problem-solving abilities. 

How do I get solution manuals for textbooks for free? 

Some of the most reputable websites where you may gain free access to textbook solution manuals include Chegg Study, Solution Manuals, Slader, Course Hero, OneClass, etc. 

Why do textbooks only have odd answers? 

Most publishers usually include additional questions in the textbook, some of which (the problems with odd numbers) were meant for students, and others (the problems with even numbers) were meant for teachers to utilize on exams.

Because of this, the answers to problems with odd numbers are typically only found in the back of textbooks. 

Are there other websites like Slader?

Yes, other websites offer answers to homework and textbook issues besides Slader. Some popular ones are Chegg, Course Hero, StudySoup, Crazy for Study, and SparkNotes.

Is Slader no longer a thing?

Slader is still an active website that solves textbook problems and homework questions.

What apps are like Slader?

Numerous apps offer answers to homework and textbook issues, similar to Slader. Some popular ones are Chegg Study, Photomath, Brainly, Course Hero, and Socratic.

Wrapping Up the slader alternatives list

We’ve covered all pertinent apps and websites that work similarly to Slader. The Slader alternatives discussed in this post are excellent and have a sizable user base.

They provide the most effective method for resolving your issue and assisting you with your homework or tasks. As previously said, these websites have proven to help many kids and continue to give assistance and resources to students.