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7 Of The Best Android Puzzle Games for Your Android Phone

With this post, we are going to cover the Top 7 Best Android Puzzle Games for Your Android Phone. Games are one of the best ways to kill boredom.

Better still, they are the best when you wish to unwind from a long day. There many types of android games that you can get from the store.

Some of these games are best suited for the development of a child’s brain. These puzzle word games engage your mind because the outcomes are not obvious. As you play, you relieve stress and calm down.

Best Android Puzzle Games: Our Top Pick 👌

1. SpellUp

This is one of the top word games on the Play store and you could download it free. It is a good word game, for people who love to follow Zodiacs.

SpellUp App Preview

You can lose yourself and relax as you combine the effects and match letters. It helps your mind travel among stars with sections motivated by Zodiac signs.

It also helps you to network with other players as you assist each other to finish different levels. You get a position among your friends on Facebook who plays SpellUp.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Wheel Of Fortune

This is a replica of the actual show wheel of fortune. It has perfect graphics to keep lovers of gaming, on their devices. The tactic is quite simple. To get the puzzles solved, you only spin the wheel. You may win or fail.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play Game Video

To move up the ladder, you have to play daily so that you have a chance of winning the daily rewards. Some of the techniques used to keep users on the game include; Vanna’s Showcase and head-to-head.

These two keep you wanting to solve different modes every day to secure a win.

Download on Google Play Store

3. Wordaholic

As the name suggests, this is a hooker. Another puzzle game that excites you the first time you play. You are supposed to color the board, steal tiles as you find the words. Has a user-friendly interface that contains letters on hexagonal tiles.

Best Android Puzzle Games

They are arranged in a way that makes it seem easy to match the words.

It is not as simple as it seems though but it is fun to play. This is according to the reviews written. It is also available for IPad and iPhone users.

Download on Google Play Store

4. Wordament

You may consider installing Wordament. The online game enables multiple players to compete with other players in the world. To connect letters, you swipe on all directions; vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Wordament Google Play

You earn points depending on how unique the word is and yet correct. This is possible because there is a check on how many times that word appears in the player-base.

For a better view of the options of combinations available, you may rotate the board. What remains the same throughout is letter placement.

You can link this game with your Facebook account to play with more people and see their scores. This game is free to download on the store.

Download on Google Play Store

5. SnapAttack

Developed by the same people who created Wordament, it is a fast-paced game for creating words. It resembles a typical scrabble game with a few renovations.

A player has seven tiles with letters, and in less than three minutes, he or she should rearrange these tiles while placing them on the board within the period allocated.

The bit about point’s re-allocation is more or less the same as that of scrabble. You are supposed to make the most words every turn you play. This will help you gain your way to the top.

Download From Here

6. 4 Pics 1 Word

If there is a game that has gained social traction in recent times, it is 4 pics 1 word. The first time you get into the game, and it feels like you are on some Instagram account, or snap chat. There are good photos to see.

Best Android Puzzle Games

A photo says a thousand words. It is easy to analyze a photo and tell what the keyword on the photo is. There are levels for starters, that are not too complicated to get.

Higher levels get tougher and to most adults, the tougher the game, the more interesting it gets to play.

Download on Google Play Store

7. Words With Friends

It is a popular word game with android users. It has a bunch of fancy modes to make the game cool. There is a version where you play single against an iconic character like William Shakespeare, on the CPU.

New Words With Friends Official Trailer Google

The second version is where you play as a team racing for 750 points. Every member is assigned a board but you exchange in a bid to create more names among your team.

In both versions, there is the aspect of a ‘friend’ player. This application has a cost implication of about $1 if you want to download it.

Download on the Google Play Store

The downside of These Best Games

Games are good for you especially when you want to release tension, for instance before a public speech or even an interview. In addition, it’s a good way to engage and relax your mind after a stressful day.

However, employers would be of a different feeling when it comes to these games. This is because employees can be addicted to these phone games

Another challenge regarding your phone is even the puzzle words games are battery drainers for your smartphone. Also, because some are free, it is not easy to limit the number of ads that pop up mid game which is annoying.