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5 Of The Best Earphones Under 500 $ in 2019 With Awesome Sound


Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Earphones Under 500 $ to buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

Since their invention in the early 20th century, the earphone has proven itself to be a very good device when it comes to accurate and detailed sound production, the most attracting thing about them is the versatility of their application, that is, they can be used in a wide variety of field.

However, the most outstanding application of these earphones can be highly linked to music related functions. They are mainly used to enhance and produce quality sounds and improve audio performance.

Over the years, everyone has always wanted to derive the best and every detail from the music they listen to through all possible method. With the invention of earphones, this aim has been overwhelmingly achieved.

Now, the need for high-definition sound production as compared to the first generation of earphones has led to the evolution of earphone, since with great power comes great responsibility as the earphone has proven itself to be capable in detailed and defined sound production, the earphone industry has met some changes in their build-up and design over the years.

Here is The List Of Best Earphones Under 500 $ in 2019

1. SHURE SE535-V-J Sound Isolating Earphone

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The SHURESE535 triple high definition headphones over the years of its production have proved itself to be a reliable headphone when it comes excellent sound/audio performance.

The SHURE SE535 Headphone which is the predecessor to the SHURE SE530, with its sublime features and design has proved over the years to be one of the headphones that have all it takes to be at the top of the lists of the best earphones under 500 $ in 2019.


Audio:- The most outstanding feature which is sought after when it comes to categorizing or selecting headphones is mainly based on the quality and excellence of their sound production/output.

The Shure SE535 triple high-definition headphone is designed in such a way that each earphone on the headphone has two woofers and a tweeter for a full range of audio output.

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With these design, they possess the ability of audio-balancing enabling equity in sound production from these headphones. Also, another striking feature of the SHURE SE535 triple high-definition headphone is the end to end clarity in audio output.

The bass has an excellent design which affects the quality of output. It is designed perfectly making it extend into the sub bass. The bass of this headphone maintains its performance and status independent of the change in volume level. The pair of woofers on both sides of the earphone help to ensure that this effect is achieved.

In addition, the Shure SE535 is designed to stream across all genres/kinds of music without altering its performance. This is based on the exquisite design of the headphone which makes it compatible with all types of music and sound level, this helps to ensure that utmost satisfaction is derived from the utilization of this headphone.

This makes it a versatile headphone for quality and high-end Sound production. Another thing to put in mind is the ability to isolate sound,  therefore preventing local action of surrounding sounds and this helps to entrance the detail and clarity in Sound production.

Design:- Now, even though the quality of sound production is one important thing to look out for whenever you want to purchase an earphone under this category, it is also important to consider the design of the earphone.

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The design of the earphone helps to complement the sound production from this earphone. The Shure SE535 earphones have an acute design and high resilience.

This triple high-definition earphone is structured excellently which gives it the ability to be placed in the lower region of the ear, in such a way that you won’t even notice their presence when doing other things as compared to a conventional earphone.

The Shure SE535 earphone is beautifully designed which makes it compatible and fit with all ear types. Also, another striking feature that makes the Shure SE535 special is the detachable cable design of this earphone.

This means that the cables can be detached from the earphones themselves and also flexible which allows for fine tuning of the cable and can be twisted any way since the position of the cable is not fixed in the earphone.

Another thing to be noted is the mild foam coating on the ear tip, making it comfortable and does not inconvenience the ears in any way which is an essential fact to be taken into account.

This is because no matter how good looking an earphone may appear it should not in any way inconvenient the user’s ear since this is the point of attachment of the earphone to the body.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The SHURE SE535-V-J Sound Isolating Earphone.


  • High end and quality sound production
  • Possess the ability to play all genres of music excellently
  • Sound isolating ability
  • Exquisitely fit for sound balancing
  • Resilient and defined bass design
  • Universally fitted to almost all ears


  • They do not have a spare cable
  • They show the flaws in recordings with poor quality

Final Verdict:-

The Shure SE535 triple high-definition earphone has proven itself to be one of the best earphones that can suit your taste due to its beautiful and excellent features.

Talking about the design, it is finely and aesthetically designed to complement the beauty and quality sound production from this earphone to ensure full satisfaction from these earphones, although it may appear expensive it is worth the price.

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2. AKG N40 customizable high-resolution in-ear earphones

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Talking about earphones with sublime sound production, the AKG N40 in-ear earphone stands out to have all the requirements to be considered one of the noted figures in these categories of high-end audio producers. Talking about high-end sound output it is one earphone that cannot be left out of the list.


The AKG N40 has an excellent ability when it comes to quality and detailed sound production, even with the capability to detect and play even the lowest of note in such an attractive way bringing out this sound in a way that is pleasing and mild to the ear.

This leads to an excellent and renouncing balance in audio performance. Another thing about these earphones is the fact that they are independent of the quality of recorded sound, as long as the source device is perfectly compatible with the earphone, you are good to go.

Sound Filter:- There is a popular saying that one man’s food is another man’s poison, that is, based on human nature of individual preferences, which tend to be the fact backing up personal choices when it comes to liking things.

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So, when it comes to choice of sound types, the AKG N40 in-ear earphone has a three sound filter for individual tuning, which means you can switch between sound levels that match or suit your taste.

The three sound filters are the bass, treble and the neutral in-play filter, giving you an option to choose your most desired sound level.

Durability:- The AKG N40 is build up is made of plastic, though this sounds frail and might get damaged easily, this beautiful earphone should not be judged by its appearance. These feeble-looking earphones are designed in such a way that gives it the ability to stand the test of time.

With the smooth rubber coating of its cable, there is a little or no chance of the cable being tangled or trapped by something. Also, ensure that they don’t get damaged easily, the AKG N40 has a carrying case which helps to safeguard the earphone from breaking or getting damaged.

Pair of Detachable Cables:- Another exciting feature of the AKG N40 high-resolution in-ear earphones is the presence of a pair of detachable cables. This simply means that the cables can be removed from the earphones and are so flexible which allows for turning off the cable and can be twisted anyway without snapping since the position of the cable is not fixed in the earphone.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The AKG N40 customizable high-resolution in-ear earphones.


  • Defined and detailed sound production
  • Detachable cables which allow for easy movement of the earphones
  • It has a carrying case which helps to prevent it from getting damaged
  • Excellent cable design
  • Longer life span


  • The sound filters do not really have an effect on sound production

Final Verdict:-

The AKG N40 is an exciting, beautiful, nice piece, it stands one of the best earphones that produces precise and relaxing sounds. The fact that it is independent of the sound quality makes it a wonderful earphone, as it streams across all category of sound quality delivering a sublime performance in balanced sound output.

As opposed to other earphones in its category which are dependent on the source sound for active and effective performance which makes it to fit in our best earphones under 500 $ 2019 list. Although they are expensive they are worth the monetary value placed on them.

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3. Klipsch X20i In-Ear Headphones

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Talking about one of the most brilliantly designed in-ear headphones of the Klipsch series, the Klipsch x20i has made it to the top of the list of the best among the best of the Klipsch headphone series.

With its high-frequency production which has superb accuracy, powered by a 2-way dual armature design, highly resilient and strong KG-926T woofer coupled to a high-resolution KG-125B superb tweeter, helps to achieve an extraordinary production of sounds and also we should not forget the warmth and clarity of the bass. This makes the Klipsch a very good headphone manufactured by Klipsch.

Sound quality:- The Klipsch x20i has a strong balanced 926T woofer coupled with a balanced KG-125B superb tweeter which allows for beautiful sound production without distorting the sound produced in any way.

The balance in the woofers and super tweeter helps to ensure effective production of precise and beautiful sounds.

Also, another noteworthy feature is the high-frequency output designed in such a way to play sound in their original and exact form, no matter the years of the source audio, is this not interesting? You can play your old songs in their original form without any alteration in the sound output as long as you have the Klipsch in-ear headphone.

In addition, they possess another exciting feature which is the KG-2625 a compass two-way hybrid driver leading to the production of detailed, punchy sound.

This also affects the tonal accuracy as it helps to perfect it and give the audio output a better resolution. The Klipsch x20i also has a high acoustic performance and brings out a sound in their most realistic form that makes you feel relaxed.

Design:- The Klipsch in-ear earphones are designed beautifully and attractively designed to match with the surroundings.

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This earphone has a metallic and rubber exterior, where a pair of drivers are nicely placed in it. The design of the ear tip allows for a fitted placement on the ear.

They also have the ability to disallow appreciable amount of surrounding noise to a reasonable extent, although, not as effective as compared to other earphones but this blockage helps to reduce the minimum amount of distortion that could arise from surrounding noise or sound.

The earphones are made of silicone ear tips and the cable attached to his earphone are semi-detachable, which means, they can be detached to a reasonable length, this is coupled with a transparent design of the cable which helps to the finely braided wires of the earphones.

The earphone has a remote control which serves a multi-functional purpose including changing volume level, playback and call management.

Durability:- The stainless steel design of the Klipsch X20i makes it a worthy earphone when talking about durability, as this helps to prevent the inner part of the earphones from getting damaged easily.

It has a carrying case which does not only adds to its beauty but also helps to further prevent the earphone from getting damaged.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Klipsch X20i In-Ear Headphones.


  • Quality sound production
  • Beautiful and clear bass output
  • Detailed and balanced sound performance


  • Cable only allows for partial removal

Final Verdict:-

The sound quality and performance of the Klipsch X20i in-ear headphone are one of a kind and also their clever design should also be put to mind especially the stainless steel coating which helps to increase the protection of the headphone.

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4. MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation 

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The MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITORS are comfortable to use, producing a very deep bass and it segregates noise through lucidity and dynamic drivers.

The MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITORS are quite handy and convenient for those who are probably going to be using it with either their phones or tablet for easy access to their favorite music.

It has an in-built microphone on its cable which makes switching between music or taking call stress-free. A whole lot of people choose MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITORS from a dozen of earphones because of its accessibility and its really nice design.

So if you are trying to get something that is not really conspicuous, then this is probably the best earphone you would want to get. Its sound quality is quite topnotch for an earphone of that price and it durability makes it a perfect choice.


Comfort:- The MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITOR is highly suitable for your ears, you can always continue listening to music, watch your favourite movies or sport without you have any form of disturbance or discomfort in your ears, It is regarded as the best option for travelers because they can have it on for a long period of time.

Its properties make it a suitable choice for pro-gamers, instrumentalists, music producers, newscasters, speakers because of its comfort.

Durability:- As we all know, almost everyone always desires a product that can last longer and have a longer life span because this helps in preventing additional expenses that might be incurred when a part or the whole products has to be repaired or replaced.

So the MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITORS come with an excellent design that makes it durable and reliable. This makes it an earphone that you would want to consider when soughing after earphone you want for yourself.

It is detachable:- The MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITOR is a detachable earphone, meaning it can easily be detached for a replacement which makes it easier to maintain.

It saves you from spending excessively on earphones that won’t last you for a long period of time. It is probably the best you can get for less than $500. It also doesn’t tangle and doesn’t make any perceptible sound (these are sounds heard from the microphone when there is a contact)

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation.


  • It is detachable
  • It is highly durable
  • It is affordable
  • it is easier to move with


  • It is frail and can get damaged easily
  • Its tips are sometimes at small sizes

Final Verdict:-

The MEE AUDIO M6 PRO MONITOR is a fantastic product designed to give you the best sound quality you can ever imagine, It is a fine handy and reliable product which makes it easier to move it from one place to another.

It also has the ability to isolate unwanted or disturbing sounds (noise). Because of its comfortability, you can enjoy listening to music, watching your favorite sport or movies without having any form of disturbance in your ears

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5. Westone W30 

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For a majority of people seeking to have a better headphone that can serve well for a long period of time and can be purchased for a few bucks then Westone W30 True-Fit Triple–Driver in-ear headphone is the perfect product to get.

It provides you with a triple–driver design for a very commendable sound, the headphone comprises of separate bass and mid to high-quality Sound. This is a product of high quality.

The Westone W30 was produced for listening of hardcore, ska, electronica, alternative, R&B, Country and punk, transporting amazing reproduction of mastered/recorded music in a global-fit headphone for serious audiophile.

This product was designed by lovers of music and musicians, their aim for the production of this product to make you get the best of the music you love, life and be entertained irrespective of what you listen to.


Noise Isolating:- One of the most annoying thing that can ever happen while production in Music is when you are under production and you hear the noise it makes one drop interest but with Westone W30 Triple driver true fit earphone noise is not a barrier because it totally separates the noise from the music.

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Balanced armature driver: The compactness of most of Westone’s armature drivers are quite efficient and serve their function judiciously. These drivers are more capable than conventional drivers.

The sonic details in this earphones are being monitored to so feel how well this frequency affects the human ear. A detailed community of drivers is being used in the production of their products in order to provide the best quality you can get.

Replaceable Cables:- These earphones come with an extra pair of cable to serve as a backup in case of damage, or loss of the original cables.

Westone’s cable is technologically built with ultra low resistance, high flex and bifurcated wire that is tested to withstand pulls and tugs without it causing any damage to the credibility of the earphones. This earphone is so well crafted that it passes music frequency at an excited rate, making the user enjoy the music at super high quality.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Westone W30.


  • They produce detailed sound
  • Their cables are detachable
  • They have excellent treble performance and fast response


  • They are overly expensive

Final Verdict:-

Overall, this is an expensive earphone that gives you a good payback for your money. The sound quality of this accessory is a quite top notch as it has dedicated drivers which boost the sound experience which makes it to perfectly fit in our best earphones under 500 $ 2019 list.

The fact that it also comes as detachable earphone saves everyone the stress of entanglement, which is the beginning of the end for most earphones.

An extra cord is also added in case of loss of damage to the original earphone. Overall, this is an exclusive earphone that can give an overall personalized music experience.

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Key Features To Look Out For When Purchasing an Earphone

Getting a good earphone for yourself, it is important to know that there are key features to consider, although, you can tell from their price it has been revealed that earphone abilities are not mainly determined by its price.

So, here you will have a detailed explanation on what to consider or the basic requirements for selecting the best earphones under $500 of your choice.

Audio/Sound Performance

This is an important feature to consider when buying an earphone since the main reason for buying them is to enhance sound/audio output.

However, opinions differ talking about the best audio output and is dependent on individual preferences, there are noted features that need to be put in place for excellent sound performance.

Sound Balancing

sound balance is a very important thing to look out for when purchasing an earphone. The function of the balance is to ensure uniform distribution of sound across all sound level or spectrum.

This enables you to achieve the exact result of the functionality of the earphone as related to the source audio i.e. it plays the sound in its original form and style.


Now, this is also a key feature to consider for the best earphones. This helps in making sure that the real contents/details of the audio are clearly heard and this achieved through end-end sound production which helps to achieve this purpose.

Detailed Sound Production

Detailed audio performance is one thing that should not be left out in this context. A  detailed sound output helps to make sure that all level of sounds from the source audio is played and heard by the users. This is as a result of the careful analysis of each level of sound even the little sound that constitutes the source audio.


Another important thing is the structure pattern of this earphones, since this is the part that explains and elaborates more on durability, flexibility, cable type, strength and resilience under harsh conditions as all these are important to make sure that the vibes of the audio performance is maintained because the design helps to complement the audio performance of the earphones.


This simply means the effect of the earphones to the ears after a long time of usage whether it hurts the ear or not.

This is an important thing to take note of, as the utmost satisfaction from any only be derived from the level of comfort to the ear, no matter the excellent sound they produce or the beautiful design they possess.


With everything that has been explained in this context, it is vividly clear that the importance cannot be overemphasized. Although they might look expensive they have all the required features that enable them to function as a good tool when it comes to quality sound production and also have an excellent design.

Also, this features helps to portray the clear picture of the improvement in earphone production over recent years.


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