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21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record Karaoke

To follow a passion for music, many people are looking for the best karaoke apps. There are mixed apps, providing free services as well as paid services and some let you pick out. Both iOS and Android users can have karaoke apps for their devices.  

Best Karaoke Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

Let’s start the article and keep checking out the best of the best karaoke apps until we find the right one.  

1. Baby karaoke for kids

To start with our first best karaoke apps, we are going to go on with the phrase that youth can be the leaders of tomorrow so this one will be targeting kids. 

Baby Karaoke for Kids is one of the best assets that a parent can add to their gadgets for sharpening their talented kids and helping them make something out of their hobby. The app solely focuses on kids and is designed in such a way.  

Best Karaoke Apps

There is a whole lot of app with an uncountable number of songs in them but not many that kids can also enjoy.

You can never be sure that your kids can are protected from these adult-rated songs but Baby Karaoke for kids is giving you a chance to somewhat keep kids away from inappropriate songs. 

The app is housing a wide collection of not only kid-rated songs but also filmy Bollywood songs and nursery rhymes. A perfect solution for learning as well as having fun. It will guide kids to be better in what they love.  

You won’t be disappointed with the songs and combine education and singing together, you will get one of the best karaoke apps as well as better results from your kids.  

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2. Smule: Sing Karaoke & Record Your Favorite Songs

Smule is one of the known and loved apps in the industry at the present time. If you are an iOS user then no fretting as this popular app is available not for just a single operating system but for iOS as well as android.  

Is this coming to your mind as to why Smule is adored and loved by so many? The answer is that it has a large collection of approx. 10 million songs, a perfect harmony between newly launched and retro songs. No missing out on either of them.  


And if you are worrying about whether you will get songs of your genre or style or even language or not then I’m going to say again that no need to fret as Smule has got you. If you want to increase your horizons then you can also pair up with other sings that are up to for a duo. 

No need to put physical effort or go to a karaoke bar seeking a partner to be paired with, just a few steps will allow you to do it all virtually. To add a cherry to the cake, the app has some editing features to upgrade your recorded singing sessions.  

Using this app, singers can sing karaoke, record them, edit them and last but not least share them with the world. 

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3. Houseparty

Houseparty has come up with fairly new elements, embedded in a karaoke app. Now singers can play songs and have fun with friends online at the same time.

If you are wondering that it is a social site and not a normal karaoke app, then you are right. But its new update that comes with karaoke integration is apt. 

Houseparty Google Play Store 2021

The two-in-one app can be your destination for multi-purposes such as making friends as well as singing karaoke.

By just clicking on the mic option, you can your singing session started. The app is sporting more than 10,000 songs as we speak, but you can stay tuned to them to discover more. 

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4. Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Moving on with the next best karaoke app, Karaoke- Sing Unlimited Songs gives you a glimpse of what beholds in the app. You are getting unlimited tracks at no cost at all. The app is free to use.  

Sing Karaoke with Video - Google Play

You can follow your singing passion and showcase it to the world. The most fascinating thing about Karaoke-Singe Unlimited is its automatically auto-tuning songs with echo and reverbs, thus no tension of putting time after recording. 

The friendly interface does not give hard time in finding the song of genres that you love so this thing is out of the frame. 

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5. iSing – Sing & Record Songs! (Karaoke)

The basics are available in iSing as well, along with some twisted features, so consider iSing as one of the must-visit destinations.

It let you do karaoke, then save them in a recording, after recording it, it also allows sharing them with other singers, fans, and families. 

Best Karaoke Apps 1

The app has a high number of tracks in its collection, however, you may need to go to some extent to use all. To make sure that iSing is still one of the best apps with a large library, it updates its collection every seven days.  

You will get only limited tracks if you are not one of the app’s paid members. Still, there are enough free tracks not to get bored or fed up with the app easily. It let you make your own profile on the app. 

The profiles will be a space holding all your performances and showcasing your talent. These profiles can then be approached by other iSing members. And yes there is no restriction on another person apart from iSing members viewing your profile. 

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6. Voloco

Well moving on we have another free iOS and Android compatible karaoke app among other best karaoke apps and the name is Volocco. To get your hands on Voloco, you can give visit either the google play store or Apple Store.  

Best Karaoke Apps 2

Go ahead and be what you always wanted to be, a star with the help of Voloco. And after you had your fill, you can also store them away by recording them.

And if you want to make your singing skills reach a level up then you can also make it open from critiques to judge. 

And to do so, Volocco is allowing you to share the recorded songs via personal social media accounts. What has most people talking about Voloco is the vocal effects. In sum, it has a total number of 6 effects that a singer can add up to make it the best. 

These 6 vocal effects can add variations to the voice on the basis of genre, tone, styles, as well as personal preferences.  

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7. KaraFun – Karaoke Party

KaraFun is a well-established brand among Youtube karaoke singers but to make it available on a larger scale than before, KaraFun developers decided to launch it on the iOS as well as Android stores.  

There is a long network of tracks on the app awaiting your presence and voice on the app. And you won’t even have trouble recording your performance while you are on the road. Currently, the collection of songs has over 43,000 songs.  

There are not many apps that are providing offline services but KaraFun is one such app that is allowing you to sing to your heart’s content even if you have no internet.  

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8. Star Maker: Sing free Karaoke, Record music videos

Starmaker is a platform that is housing an array of popular songs and has a friendly interface that will give you no hard time in starting recording. 

21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record KaraokeWhat most critics like in Star Maker is that it has a unique feature that most of the apps are missing, the hook feature. The feature gives the power of singing only the part that singers like. It may be the chorus, verse, or even two lines. 

Yes, you are also getting the usual feature voice editing features to make your performance reach perfection.

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9. Wurrly: It’s more than Karaoke

A platform full of thrilling features along with karaoke is a must-to-have on the phone and Wurrly is one such platform, a must-have. 

Apart from basic features, Wurrly karaoke is an app that can be ticked off more as an editing tool than a karaoke app. Users can tweak tempo, keys, and instruments, add audio effects, and do all these things in a few steps, no rocket science is needed.  

And to add a little bit of spice to the karaoke, Wurrly Karaoke is allowing you to perform together with your friends. Now you can share what you loved with your fans and families as the app has a large network of social sites.  

If you have used the app and want something new then go for the paid version as it has locked some exclusive features such as unlimited access, audio, and video filters, and the list goes on.  

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10. Karaoke by Yokeemusic 

Next on the list is easy to use and get hang of the karaoke app, Karaoke By Yokee music, a fairly simple app with no hustle and bustle. As you are seeing a pattern of features in all the best karaoke apps, you can see the same in Karaoke by Yokee music.  

Sing your hearts on karaoke, capture it with the help of the recording feature, and then broadcast it to the world due to the app’s compatibility with social sites. And how can you forget editing features? 

It helps singers to modify their performance by amending audio, autotuning tones, echoing, reverbing, and many more. Want to do something fun with your besties then you can ask them to join the app and sing duets with them.  

And to end my discussion as to why Karaoke by Yokee music must be on the list, I’m going to say that it is absolutely free of cost, no cash is needed for singing, sharpening skills, or having fun with friends and singing duets with them.  

You can start your karaoke sessions by downloading the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.  

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11. SingTrue: Learn to sing in tune, pitch-perfect

Not only known for karaoke features but also as a music institution, SingTrue is a known name for music lovers who just got their music lover or do not have much insight on basic singing points.  

Best Karaoke Apps

There are more than 30 confidence and interactive amping exercises and lessons that can surely make you more confident and skilled.

what I like the most is that it examines the performances and then voices out its opinion on the performance thus putting light on good as well as not-so-good sung parts.  

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12. Magcising: Smart Karaoke for everyone

A very well-established and renowned company Entermedia Co., Ltd can not stop itself from venturing into this field, hence leading to the development of Magcising and the eye-catching feature is its compatibility with its other launched karaoke apps.  

21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record Karaoke

There is nothing out there in music that Magcising Karaoke is not covering, more than 2,00,000 songs can be accessed by singers, and no boundaries on any type of genre, language, and such likes.  

To get started, singers have to just type the song’s name and search it, and to make searching easier, developers insisted on adding filter options in the search bar so you won’t waste your time searching song and get to singing as fast as possible.  

A whole armory of editing tools is present in Magcising Karaoke, you can go for keys, tones, tempos changing features, and adjust them as per your liking. And now you won’t have to worry about backtrack overpowering your voice as you can even add alteration to its volume.  

It is absolutely free to download and is available for both the operating system iOS as well as Android so you can go to either Google Play Store or App store, accordingly. 

Download the App on Google Play Store 

13. Yokara – sing Karaoke

An all-in-one app that has pretty much basic features, works well, and has a large network of social sites, then signed me up. If you are on board with me in this then let’s get to know one such app, Yokara 

Minimal features but simple and easy to get hang to, you can sing karaoke, record them and do all the things that other best karaoke apps on the list are offering. It has quite a lot of tracks in its collection ready to be found by singers.  

The app is a heaven-made match for the crowd who wants to sharpen their aesthetics. It amps up a person singing prowess by gifting them audio tuning tools such as auto-enhanced, pitch correction, optional harmonies, and many more.  

Singers can also change or make differences in their reverb with the Yokara’s features thus polishing a well-sung performance to its highest level.

And who would want to waste such a hearty performance, therefore, Yokara is connecting a set of social sites to share it with friends, families, colleagues, and fans.

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14. Myvoice

When looking for the best karaoke app with only karaoke features in mind then you can never go wrong with My voice, one of the best solutions for those looking specifically a good one.

Along with the usual features of recording songs, playing tracks, lyrics, and such likes, you will be getting something special outta My Voice. If you are artistic as well as creative and have your own creation then you can play along with it via My Voice. 

After loading it up on My voice or using it through a media gallery, it is possible to sing original compositions.  

As we said you can easily have karaoke on trending songs, without much trouble recording them, and sharing them among your social group circle. All these basic features are in the app which works effortlessly and affluently.  

There is no restriction in sharing your performances and showcasing your talents to friends and families, or if you have a large fan following then to your admirers as well. But it does leave android users disheartened as users only find the app available for iOS users.  

We can only hope that developers would make something similar for Android users as not having such a source is a little saddening.  

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15. The Voice – Sing Karaoke

Ever heard of one of the most loved reality competition music shows, The Voice by NBC’s? And if no then how can you miss one such show that showcases talented singers of varied ages, kids as well as adults?  

The Voice after getting a good start in the television field wanted to start their venture in the karaoke apps, henceforth the creation of The Voice. It is fun to use the app as there is a new song every day. 

21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record Karaoke

But not all the tracks are available as some of them will only open after the criteria or games in this scenario will be played. A very smart move to make sure that singers stay tuned with the app. But users can easily open such locked songs by being active players, winning all the levels.  

It has casual features that a karaoke app has such as a large collection of tracks, unending songs, recording features, and easy syncing with social sites. Your friends won’t miss out on your local concerts.  

Singing alone after some times get boring or rather uninteresting as you are doing the same thing with no special element. Therefore, The Voice has arranged a platform that not only has duet features but also lets users harmonize with unknown singers.  

Audi effects are there to amp up your recording to make it a world-class exclusive performance.  

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Download the App on Apple App Store

16. Singplaybox  

If you are tired of downloading the song even if it is for a one-time use then developers made one such app called Singplay box to change the norms in the karaoke apps industry. To get it straight, you can now harmonize with the newly released tracks without the need to download the song.  

There is a lot of options and genres of songs for users in the Singplay box due to its large collection of songs in the library. Users can increase their horizons and sharpen their aesthetics using Singplay.  

There are other basic features of karaoke as well which make the app a complete form of entertainment for the users. It has recording features, that allow you to sing up to your heart’s content.  

In the field of compatibility with other apps and social media sites, users are free to share their voices with their friends, fans, and their loved ones. This one is a must to include in the list of free-of-cost best karaoke apps for android.  

As users are not only downloading the app for free from Google Play Store but they can boost the song tracks at no cost at all.

The app’s intention is to bring a karaoke platform for users who loves singing but without fretting about the money and only focusing on their skills.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

17. Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

A large collection of tracks is available in Singa, leaving no place for boredom so definitely tick this name off. It happens to me all the time, either I do not know the lyrics or forget more than half of it. 

Best Karaoke Apps 7

So to help people like myself who seem to could not get better at remembering lyrics, Singa has provided lyrics with the tracks. There are some customizable features that make the experience worthwhile with Sings such as the song pitch adjusting feature. 

Like any other app, there is a recording facility that allows you to record your voice, and its compatibility with social media sites and other apps makes sharing easier and faster. The app is available for both the operating systems, Android and iOS.  

You can download Singa, a perfect match for those looking for singing karaoke with lots of music available from the Apple Store or Google Store. After checking it out, make up your mind as to whether it is a good option to add to your list or not! 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

18. Singing machine karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke is a one-stop destination app from which users do not have to look for any other app for whatever reasons. Sharing your voice is never easier as it is with Singing Machine Karaoke.  

Stingray Karaoke Singing Machine Mobile Google Play Preview Video 1920x1080

The best thing is that it allows users to have fun alone as well as enjoy other companies of friends by providing the feature to sing duets together. And the app shares quite similar features to We Sing (coming later in the article). 

It allows users to record their songs so that they can be accessible anytime as well as singers can see what they are lacking or can modify their tones.  

Users love Singing Machine Karaoke as they are getting autotune features to make the voice more beautiful and add charms to the already beautifully sung songs.

The most attractive thing about Singing Machine Karaoke is that it assists users to give a power-packed performance of both music and video to their fans and friends.  

And not to forget, you are going to get both videos as well as voice editing effects to make your aesthetics increase a notch.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

19. WeSing – Sing Karaoke & Videoke Recorder

Music is one of the industries that attract a lot of attention or in general, music attracts a large mass of people. so if you are one such person with newly founded music love then We Sing by Tencent Music Entertainment should be a must-visit place in your list. 

21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record Karaoke

The app has more praises for it than critics as there’s so much for users and music lovers to unveil in We Sing.

well, who would not love old upbeat songs as well as new catchy r&b so we sing is trying to provide its users with a perfect balance between retro and trendy songs. And then there is a whole wide collection of new songs to keep singers up to the date.  

Download the App on Google Play Store

20. Karaoke: Sing & Record

Karaoke: Sing & Record is next on our list. Everyone wants to make their name in the world and if that little push can be in the form of Sing Karaoke then who am I or you to stop that from happening right? 

It is one of the greatest platforms that make a big name out of talented singers by giving them a library full of trending karaoke songs.

And we can not overlook that it brights up the screen with lyrics of the tracks to keep the recording going and no-hassle even if dingers forget the lyrics.  

21 Best Karaoke Apps To Sing & Record Karaoke

Oops! Did I forget to tell you that you can have the recording option in Sing Karaoke as any other best karaoke apps? Yes, the recording option is free of course. Recording yourself gives users a chance to see where they stand and what elements are they lacking. 

And it also helps in storing the performance for later uses. The app has a friendly and intuitive interface which makes it more charming. Without spending a fortune, users can get a chance to sharpen their skills and better their tones.  

Apart from these, there are voice and sound effects, that enjoyers can decide whether they want to use it at the time of recording or after whole the track is recorded. As we said, the app is thriving to provide the best time to its customers.  

With trending songs in the libraries, lyrics availability, easy-to-use interface, and voice editing tools, it is best to say that checking this out is compulsory for music lovers. 

Download the App on Google Play Store


And what’s the use of having a karaoke app without editing tools? And our understanding app understands and takes action for it by offering plenty of editing and audio-effective tools. It would give competition to other apps on the list when seeking feature-packed best karaoke apps for iPhone and android.  

And not only does it has karaoke facilities but it also lets users have feedback on their singing abilities by letting them record their singing sessions. In this way, users can tone their audio and methods.  

And to showcase such talent, We Sing is also offering a platform that is compatible with social sites in the form of one of the best karaoke apps, We Sing.

Simply putting out there, if you are among music lovers, who loves retro as well as new music, a large collection of songs, and voice modification and editing tool then We Sing is the right destination to look for.