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7 Of The Best Location Sharing Apps To Download Today

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In these modern times, it is quite easy for people to share their locations, no matter where they are. We have the option of using our cell phones and their highly useful first-party solutions for sharing locations.

Nowadays, even social networks are ideal for this purpose. But there is nothing more beneficial and quick than using a location-sharing app. It would be the right way of using location sharing first-party and third-party applications for sharing one’s location. 

These apps will help you in choosing the people you want to share your location with. They will also help you choose settings like for what time you want to share your location and for what purpose.

You even get the option of turning off the feature as and when you like. Several applications provide location-sharing settings and features to their clients. Thus, it is necessary to make the right choice in this category.

Best Location Sharing Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Most of the location-sharing apps come with premium subscriptions, but they do not force the users into getting the premium packs.

Some can even be used for free, but they will not give you access to all their settings and features until you are subscribing to the same.

Some of the best apps you can use for sharing your location and letting your friends and family know where you are at a particular point in time are as follows:

1. My Location: GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations

This application will help you navigate across the world quite easily and without facing any problems. It will make you feel as if you are a local instead of a tourist while traveling.

It offers instant knowledge regarding all nearby destinations and tourist spots. It will also help you come up with plans for your next biking or hiking route.

Best app for saving locations & sharing live location

Above everything else, you can share your location with whoever you want in a matter of seconds. Almost everything is possible with the My Location app.

With the app, you can:-

  • Find, save, and share locations with just two clicks.
  • Import and export GPX/GEOJSON/KML files.
  • Note the type of destination and even add a title or description to it by using the application’s advanced bookmark setting.

This app supports widely used geo formats giving users the option of either exporting their saved locations or importing the file extensions.

The live location feature of the app helps users in sharing and tracking their locations live with their family and friends.

The GPS maps help users in seeing their current GPS locations freely and easily. They can even find what they have in the surroundings like businesses, cafes, and malls.

The GPS map provides the details of longitude and latitude as per the location of the user.

Best Location Sharing Apps

The app can even be used for enabling location tracking to see varied routes taken by the users and even for seeing the saved tracks.

Users can even see the street and the address they are presently at, which means they are never going to get lost when they are traveling.


  • Navigating with this app gets easier.
  • Users can get hold of the quickest routes to different destinations.
  • Perfect application for sharing location.
  • Low subscription price


  • There were some problems noted in the map screen of the app.
  • Requires a lot of adjustments

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2. Glympse – Share GPS location

This is yet another highly efficient location-sharing application available at present. One of the best things about this app is that it provides several customization alternatives.

Best Location Sharing Apps

The users have the option of choosing who all can see their location and for how long.

They can also choose between settings like whether their location would be followed in real-time or there will be shots of the location made every few minutes.

The user interface of this app is quite good-looking, and you can even use it very quickly.

This is a simple, fast, and free way of sharing real-time location by making use of GPS tracking. You can share your location very easily with your co-workers, friends, and family simply by using Glympse.

Some of the most exclusive features of this app include:-

  • easy as there is no sign-up needed
  • safe because it expires automatically
  • use it for sharing locations live
  • it comes with a dynamic map for sharing locations in real-time
  • it is passive and always runs in the background
  • it works almost anywhere provided the users have a data connection and GPS

You can use the app for coordinating special night outs, letting your partner know that you are secure and safe while cycling or running, finding friends at festivals and concerts, sharing charity routes with followers on Twitter and Facebook, and directing roadside personnel quickly during emergencies.


  • Perfect to use
  • Material design in UI
  • Social network integration
  • No installation is required by friends to check out your location


  • UI can be upgraded a bit
  • The menus are overstuffed and thus feel intuitive
  • Battery hog
  • Likely to crash

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3. Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Life 360 is now called Family Locator, and it comes with one of the most fabulous ideas. This app will help its users in building varied circles for sharing their location with partners, friends, relatives, family, and co-workers.

Life360 keeps your family safe and connected

It is an excellent app as it helps you in choosing the people you want to share your location with without having to put in your contacts every time. You also get the option of messaging your circles right from within the application.

The app comes loaded with familiar features such as a timer for the time you want your location to remain shared.

It works as one of the best choices for individuals looking for one location sharing app that gives them the flexibility of sharing their locations with friends and family.

7 Of The Best Location Sharing Apps To Download Today

This application comes in two varieties. There is this free version with features like locations, check-ins, and messaging.

Then there is this premium version with other significant features. However, going for the premium version of this app can be a little expensive.

It will help you remain connected and in perfect sync with the entire family. It even eliminates the use of multiple texts required for coordinating daily life and family events.

It alerts the users when the family members have checked in at specific locations. The GPS sensors even advise when someone is late.

The app makes use of a superior quality GPS location procedure for reporting the whereabouts of the ones who have accepted the invitation to use the app.

It will locate the users and their loved ones on a privately shared map. Settings allow the users to show location quickly and accurately.


  • The app is easy to use
  • Several features
  • Precise tracking of location


  • Unstable
  • Expensive

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4. Find My Friends

This is one of the most excellent location sharing apps available in the market. This is one app that the users can find perfectly suitable for long tours and international journeys as well.

Best Location Sharing Apps

This app is available for Android users and comes loaded with some of the best features. There are two versions available for the app- one is free, and the other one is paid.

It enables its users to share their location quickly. It even helps them in selecting individuals with who they want to share their location. They can also choose the period for which they want the people to see their shared location. 

One of the most exclusive features of this app is that it shows hospitals, police stations, and other points of interest near the users. This can prove to be highly beneficial for individuals using the app while traveling to unknown places.

This user-friendly location sharing app provides extended location history, and this feature seems to be quite cool for foreign trips. Apart from this, the app even offers endless check-in locations and roadside help.

There is support available for phones with simple features. The price of getting this app subscription might be a little expensive, but this is one app that comes in quite handy when used while traveling.


  • The app can be used in a straightforward way
  • The free version of the app comes loaded with many features
  • It does not drain out the phone’s battery as fast as the other location-sharing app.
  • It shows many useful points of interest.
  • Perfect for users indulged in a lot of foreign travels.


  • The design of the app is not good.
  • Premium subscription is expensive
  • Outdated appearance

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5. Pathshare GPS Location Sharing

This is one of the most beautiful location-sharing applications helping users share the routes they are taking in real-time. The app has a specific and simple design. It makes location sharing fun and secure.

With Pathshare, you can create a session with family and friends to show your location for a certain time. You will be in complete control of the time for which you want to share your location and the people you want in your location sharing list.

Pathshare - Realtime Location Sharing

The app stops sharing location automatically when the time defined by the user expires. This is probably one of the best features of the app.

You can use the app when you are going on a night out or in times when you are stuck in traffic.

There will be no need for you to text your partner while driving if you have Pathshare sharing your location, while you are driving back home from work.

7 Of The Best Location Sharing Apps To Download Today

The app will also help you know whether your children are safe at their school. Professionals heading for a meeting can inform partners about the same.

If you are out with your girl gang and you have lost communication, use Pathshare for sharing your location. Snowboarding or skiing in a group can be great fun with the use of this app. It will enable you and your entire group to join on other slopes.

During emergencies, you can use the app to find exact locations.


  • Perthshire is real-time and fast.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • It is safe.
  • Everything is in your control.
  • The app stops automatically.
  • It works on Android, web browsers, and iPhones.


  • The tracking system is not efficient and accurate.

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6. My GPS Location

The app offers users with best available locations depending on geo-location information from currently available providers like Wi-Fi and GPS. There are location sensors like speed, accuracy, and altitude available along with varied formats for displaying coordinates.

7 Of The Best Location Sharing Apps To Download Today

The app, in its map view, allows the users to explore nearby places easily and also see places that they have saved previously. Users also get the option of adding new places.

For moving places on the map, users simply need to make long taps on the place and drag the same to a new position. The app supports both satellite and road maps.

Then there is the Places section where the users can save and even delete and edit their favorite places. This feature comes in handy when the users want to get a clear idea of the distance covered.

Most importantly, the app enables users to share their location from almost anywhere through the preferred messaging application.

The people with whom you want to share your location get GPS coordinates and links to Google Maps with the user’s position on it.

During emergencies, users can even send SMS with their GPS locations. Users also have the option of copying their GPS coordinates to the clipboard and then pasting them on map applications, emails, and chats.


  • Good app with some of the best features.
  • Offers coordinate and altitude as and when required.
  • All the features of the app are worth trying out.
  • Use it for traveling as it shows the right speed.


  • Bit slow and inefficient.

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7. Share Live Location, GPS Tracker Maps & Navigation

The ones who love traveling and exploring new destinations should use the Share Live Location app. This app can prove to be a lifesaver when it comes to handling emergencies while touring other states or countries.

Location Sharing Apps

It works like a map guider. It comes with several features such as live traffic data, share-location in real-time, varied map styles, navigation, weather forecast, route planner, live camera, and location tracker.

With the GPS map direction and navigation, you can get an idea of any location, and you can even share your location in seconds.


  • One perfect app with many features.
  • Versatile and diverse applications are not just apt for sharing location but even for other travel-related issues.


  • Difficult to use the app.
  • Expensive

Download on Google Play Store

8. iSharing

iSharing by iSharingSoft is the highest-rated free location tracking app for both iOS and Android. With millions of users around the world, iSharing allows family members and close friends to share location with each other in a private way, all the while enjoying their additional safety features.

iSharing Lifestyle - GPS location tracker app

iSharing aims to help parents and caregivers reduce their anxiety around the whereabouts of their loved ones with easy tracking and alerts.

If you’re a parent looking to track your kids’ location, so that you can rest easier knowing where your kids are during their time away from home, then check out iSharing, an app that allows parents to track kid’s location without much tech knowledge needed.

Here are all the ways you can enjoy iSharing:-

  • View the real-time location of your friends on the map
  • Receive real-time alerts when friends or family arrive/leave a designated location
  • See 90-day location history of yourself or your friends
  • Send a panic alert to notify family in an emergency situation
  • Send text, voice, or photo messages without having to leave the map
  • Track dangerous events while you’re driving and visualize it with Driving Report

Unique Pros of iSharing:-

1. While traditionally, continuous use of GPS tracking can drain a lot of your battery, the team at iSharing has spent 7 years developing our unique technology that keeps battery usage to a minimum. This means that only 1% of the battery is used from having the app turned on for 24 hours.

2. iSharing offers 90-day location history, which is the longest time period that location history is offered compared to all other competitors.

3. Privacy and consent are at the forefront of iSharing, which means that tracking someone without their knowledge is not possible. This allows iSharing to help families build trust and keep each other safe.

4. iSharing offers a variety of additional features that have the safety of the family in mind. For instance, Driving Report, helps young and new drivers to visualize their driving habits, while Nearby Alert was created in order to prevent missing children. 

5. Unlike some of its competitors, iSharing does not sell users’ location data nor personal information.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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Advantages and Disadvantages of these Apps:-

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using location-sharing apps? Is it worth giving up on privacy only to feel safe and secure? The use of location apps can make your life convenient and easy. These apps will also make it easier for you to get hold of nearby restaurants and other locations.

Nevertheless, many individuals seem to be a bit worried about the results of using such apps- the fact that others and even companies like Google might know their movement.

So, is it wise to give up on one’s privacy only to be social? Let us have a look at the pros and the cons below:

Advantages of Using Location Sharing Apps

Some major advantages of using location-sharing apps include:

1. Location sharing can help emergency responders easily find the users in times of emergency.

Earlier, emergency service providers made use of triangulation for estimating the location of the call. Using these apps is far less time-consuming and more accurate than using the triangulation technique.

2. Location sharing can even help in locating devices when you lose them, unfortunately. The high-end mobile phones available these days can track missing devices by using GPS receivers.

3. Location-sharing apps also offer real-time updates about the current location of the user. These apps help in keeping tabs on kids and other members of the family.

4. The apps are not only for people but these can even be used in cars and other vehicles for tracking their location remotely. They can ask for help automatically during accidents.

5. Social networking apps make use of location sharing to provide information regarding friends in a certain area. This allows the users to locate one another and meet up very easily.

Disadvantages of Using Location Sharing Apps

Some downsides of using these apps are as follows:

1. Using apps means sharing your location with family and friends. But this does not necessarily mean that only your friends and family will see your location. Even stalkers get information about you, and this can be very dangerous.

2. Even companies can reap the best advantages of these apps by using them for sending targeted advertisements.

While this might serve as an effective marketing medium for big and small business organizations, it might be very disturbing for people on holidays and even for busy individuals. However, this is not enough.

Many companies use location sharing for following individuals every time. They even use the sharing apps for building up profiles of user habits that can easily be sold to advertisers.

3. People who use location-sharing apps need to be very careful with their privacy settings. If they fail to do so, they might get stalked very badly.

You are checking in at a certain location and running errands. This might make it easier for the thieves to get clear knowledge of your regular schedule. 

4. If location sharing gets out of control, it might disturb the other apps working on your smart device. Hence, to keep things under control, you should always turn off your location-sharing applications when they are not being used. This will save you from creeps, bullies, and stalkers to a considerable extent. 

FAQs on Best Location Sharing Apps

(Q) What is the live location feature found on several location sharing apps?

This feature allows the users to share their real-time locations for a certain period with the members of a specific group or chat.

The users are in complete control of how long they want to share their live locations. The feature is encrypted from start to finish, which means not a single individual will be able to see your location except the individuals you are sharing it with. 

(Q) What if I do not have an internet connection when sharing my location?

The majority of the location-sharing apps come with an offline cache for waypoints recorded. This means if the users are making use of a 10-minute interval and they do not have an internet connection during that time, the applications will try sending them at a second attempt.

(Q) How to make use of location sharing apps?

Making use of these apps is very simple. You need to download them on your mobile and go through the instructions well. For subscriptions, you will have to pay a certain amount. It will get you to enjoy some added features of the apps.


In this present world, every individual is willing to know the whereabouts of their near and dear ones. The use of the best free location sharing apps not only works while traveling but even during emergencies.

It is a much better idea to use these apps instead of typing messages for sharing your location with family and close friends. These apps eliminate the process of explaining complex locations.

They have proved to be highly beneficial in times when people lose their phones. Location-sharing apps are not just serious tools for avid users but even fun new things to learn about.

Getting an idea of these apps will give you several hours of travel, fun, and excitement. So, go for them now and experience the difference!