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11 Of The Best Car Designing Apps and Software

Nowadays, technology is associated with everything we see around us. No matter if it is a pen or a computer, no development is possible without technology. Have you considered the history of the formation of vehicles? Initially, the wheels were invented.

Then, the non-motor vehicles arrived. Later, with many modifications throughout the decades, the car was developed. Initially, the car was considered to be a luxurious item.

Only rich or wealthy people were able to afford those vehicles. But later, with technology and innovation, the prices of cars were minimized, and many affordable cars entered the market.

Nowadays, people with average incomes also keep the potential to own a car. Many new models and affordable models of vehicles have entered the market of many countries of the world.

People have become more specific in choosing the designs of the cars which they want to buy or own. Earlier, technology was limited to the internal features of the vehicles.

But in the current century, a lot of investment is made on improving the designs and looks of cars. The design has become a whole new parameter of judging the quality of a vehicle.

However, have you ever thought about the modes of creation of those car designs? What platforms are used to prepare the rough or initial plan of a car or any other vehicle? There are many apps and software available in the market through which you can build car designs.

You can also modify any existing model on a particular platform. So, what are those apps? Can they be used by any ordinary individual or only by a professional? We will know more about them in the upcoming article. 

Car design software or apps help you to imagine the vehicle and feel it visually. CAD programming is the main component used in car designing. The design is wholly aided by a computer, and you can design or alter any structure through your PC.

CAD software enhances the user’s efficiency level. Through it, you can easily document your design project. If you are thinking that using this software may be much difficult, then you are wrong.

Creating a design with a pen and paper will be more complicated than the particular software. With proper initial training, you can rely on CAD software for car or vehicle designing purposes.

Through the specific platform, you can give any type of design to your model with exceptional detailing. You can design every structure of the vehicle effectively.

Moreover, you can see your plan or design from any angle you want to. You can tilt, rotate, or perform any type of movement with the layout to verify every part properly.

A bunch of structuring programming software or car design apps are available in the market through which you can easily create designs for new vehicles or modify the plans of existing ones.

So let us learn about some of those best apps available in the market, which can help us create useful and beautiful car designs.

Best Car Designing Apps and Software: Our Pick 

1. Adobe Photoshop

We start the list of car designing apps with Adobe Photoshop. Almost every guy owning a PC must have heard about the particular software or app.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular apps available in the designing market. Many users consider it as the best and the most reliable designing app among all other available apps on the store. 

As the name suggests, the product is developed and owned by the Adobe Company. The app is compatible with both types of devices- Android and iOS.

Generally, you must have seen the use of Adobe Photoshop in-field photography or in studios for editing pictures. But experts can use a particular platform to create car designs also. 

Photoshop Tutorial: Car Tuning (CC 2023 Tutorial) (IMAGES INCLUDED!)

The platform provides you with various manuals and instructions. These things can help you learn each and every tool and its usage on the app. The manuals prove to be much beneficial for beginners.

 Moreover, they are written in simple languages, which will be easy to understand. For using or getting access to exclusive features of Adobe Photoshop, you can avail of its paid membership scheme.

Powerful 3D altering is one of the primary tools provided by the app. Moreover, the app is full of many pictures investigating apparatuses. You can perform your work effectively here. 

Furthermore, you can also alter or share designs with others. You can work on multiple points of the design and put every kind of modification or structural change to them. You can also work on the unfocused part of the models. 

The app provides you with several tools for design altering. You can also highlight specific areas of your design. 

Adobe Photoshop is a bunch of tools and features which can help you better with your plans. It can also be downloaded in the form of software on your PC.

Click here to download the app from Playstore.

Click here to download the app from Apple Store.

Click here to download the software version on your PC.

2. Blender 

We include Blender (Download Here) as the next item on our list. It is a 3D programming software founded in the year 1994. Its popularity is quite high among car designing software users.

First Steps - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals

Polygon network is one of the essential tools provided by the particular software. Also, the addition of highlights of your design is possible here. The software, being open-source, provides a lot of help to its users in highlighting and detail designing of the models.

 Both professionals and beginners can take advantage of a particular platform. It provides excellent cloud storage through which you can share your work with your clients or colleagues. The list of features doesn’t end here. 

Painting and 3D demonstration are other key highlights of Blender software. Apart from those prominent tools, there are many different add-ons that can help you create better and perfect designs.

 If you are using Blender, then don’t forget to take advantage of VFX while creating your designs. Importing crude films, tracking, and movement of veil zones are possible with the VFX tool provided by the software. 

You can also create perfect textures, animation, graphics, and other types of visuals through the particular software. The software can help you create the most beautiful motion graphics in the market.

So, we can say that the software possesses a lot of features and tools which enhance its popularity.

3. 3DS MAX

3DS MAX (Download Here) is the next item on our list of car designing apps. It is also quite popular in its segment. A lot of users prefer 3DS MAX software for their design work.

The users are glad about the fact that the particular software is an efficient product of Autodesk. Autodesk is a known platform among vehicle or car experts.

Modeling car 3DS Max tutorial Part -1

The software was launched in the year 1996. If you have Windows or the above versions, then the software can work correctly with your Operating System. 

The plug-in feature of the platform is quite flexible in nature. As the name suggests, the software primarily focuses on creating one of the best 3D designs in the market. This particular platform provides you with enough tools to design your 3D model and put life into it. 

Productive altering and Visual criticism are some of the significant features of the 3DS MAX platform. You can ease the process of formation of your designs with the help of duplicate glue capacities available on the particular software.

Are you worried about learning the usage of the app? Then, don’t worry because you can find the 3DS MAX tutorial app on the Playstore of your Android device. 

The app provides you with every type of help that you need to learn each tool and feature of 3DS MAX software. The instructions are easy to be understood. 

3DS MAX software has broken all the records in its segment in creating detailed designs and shape displays. The proven performance of the software increases its acceptability among the new users.

 If you want to create an incredible and beautiful vehicle body, then you can always prefer to work on this platform. This software will help you create efficient vehicle structures by investing the perfect amount of time. 

Moreover, the software comes with different membership packages in the market. You can choose any package according to your convenience.

Click here to download the software on your PC.

Click here to download the tutorial app from Playstore.

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4. AutoCAD Revit LT Suite

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite (Download Here) is the next car designing software that we have included on our list. It is one of the most preferred platforms for vehicle designing by amateurs. It increases the path of planning your required design for the vehicles. 

You can import geometry as an AutoCAD project from the PDF. If you want more features with “Settings,” then you can always choose this software. The platform provides numerous redo options for the same. 

The monthly subscription model of AutoCAD Revit LT Suite is quite affordable. You just have to pay $45 per month to get access to this innovative platform.

However, if you want discounts or want to spend lower than the previous amount per month, then you can choose yearly packages. 

Its annual package is more affordable as compared to the monthly one. Many planners and professionals prefer this software for their work.

 AutoCAD Revit LT Suite is one of the most trustworthy car designing software platforms available in the market. No matter where you are, you can always alter or modify your models or designs on the software.

 The software is beneficial in working for any specialized vehicle structure or body part. It is definitely a great asset to your design work. So, all of the above features make the software popular among its users and other car companies.

At the time of our research on Best Car Designing Apps and Software, we found a video about “Old Cars VS New Cars” which is worth watching. 🤴

Old Cars VS New Cars


5. Alias – Autodesk 

Next, we consider Alias – Autodesk software (Download Here) in our list of car designing apps. Most of the experts consider it as the best software or vehicle designing platform in its domain. In fact, it works best for professionals. With the help of Autodesk, the alias name is structured.

 The stable release of the following software took place in the year 2019. It is a type of CAID software. It was formerly called Alias StudioTools. 

The app is top-rated in most of the automobile and other manufacturing industries. If you are familiar with any vehicle production company, then you must have surely heard about the particular software.

 The platform is beneficial for car ventures. The software supports every type of 2D and 3D design. 

You will be glad to know that the most renowned car brand, Aston Martin, used the following software to design its car models. You can use every type of feature on this software, such as drawing, surveying, creating shapes, altering, etc. 

Alias Basics: My Alias Workflow

Moreover, you can also include helix surfaces in your sketches. VR helps with the up-gradation of configuration audits. Due to all of those improved technical tools and features, the Alias – Autodesk software positions itself in major industries. 

Many individuals connected to the vehicle designing world or freelancers also take advantage of the following software for their work. If you ever wish to make your career in vehicle designing, then don’t forget to go through this platform.

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6. Sketchbook

We continue our list of car designing software with Sketchbook (Download Here). The name is very fancy, isn’t it? Sketchbook has managed to create a large pool of customers for its platform.

It is quite popular among many professionals. Are you in need of paint along with vector apparatuses? Then, Sketchbook Designer is the desired platform for you. 

You can use every type of apparatuses here. You can get high Settings options on a particular platform, which are balanced. Sizing of strokes or changing them is possible here. It is a great advantage for professionals. 

If you want to create a preliminary idea or rough design, then you can always prefer Sketchbook Pro for the same. You can create detailed structures and beautiful designs on the following platform. 

Through this platform, you can use different types of brushes and pencils for designing your vehicle. You will be amazed to know that the platform is equipped with more than 100 different types of brushes. You can use those to give any desired look to your vehicle sketch.

As the name suggests, the platform puts a lot of emphasis on sketching and drawing the structures of vehicles. This software is suitable for any type of car design. You can also get the Sketchbook app on Playstore.

Click here to download the app from Playstore.

Click here to download the app for your PC. 

7. Google Sketchup

How can we forget Google while discussing software and apps related to technology and designing? The next software on our list of car designing apps and software is Google Sketchup (Download Here).

From the name itself, we can deduce that the particular platform is an innovation from the lab of Google. Google Sketchup is very popular among beginners and freelancers.

 It is a free designing app. If you want to focus only on the 3D car or vehicle plans, then you can always prefer Google Sketchup for your work.

Highlighting straightforward devices is one of the prominent features of the particular software. You can work on every part of the vehicle structure for designing in 3D mode. Amateurs find the following platform very useful for them. 

Modeling an Automobile in SketchUp

Paperless is another essential feature of the particular application. Through it, you can share pictures or sketches with other people.

Moreover, you can collaborate with people on social networking platforms to draw or sketch together online. This feature makes the platform popular among freelancers and youngsters. 

The software platform is successful in helping individuals create beautiful animations. The layer manager is one of the essential features of Google Sketchup. 

8. Drawberry

The next car designing software or app on our list is Drawberry (Download Here). The name of the following software is quite fascinating. Drawberry is one of the most popular car designing platforms in the market. Users love the app more because of its user interface. 

The software is easy to use. It has got a fancy and beautiful UI. The software is equipped with plenty of Settings features.

If you are concerned with the highlights of your designs, then you can always choose this platform. It has excellent highlighting tools and features. 

The software specializes in vector drawings. You can get access to a particular platform without any cost. Entangled and straightforward plans can be made on Drawberry quickly and simultaneously.

Palettes consist of apparatuses for easy access by the users. The platform is equipped with numerous features. You need to choose the right tools to reach the desired plan. 

It is one of those rare applications where you will find many innovative features for free. So, if you want to start learning professional car or vehicle designing, then you can always rely on this platform. This software will surely prove its worth to you.

9. LightWave

The next item that we include in our designing apps list is LightWave (Download Here). It is one of the best software available for amateurs in the market.

It is specially programmed for the initial planning of cars or vehicles. The platform is equipped with many demonstrating devices. 

Those devices are strange and vigorous. They also have smooth subdivisions. If you are interested in a layer-based or nodal framework, then LightWave is the correct application for you. 

The particular is easy to use and has a great UI. The platform provides excellent control over the movements and channels of your sketches or designs.

 Instancing highlights is one of the significant features of a particular application. You can choose, scale, or edit any type of surface on your design structure. The specific software focuses on the flexibility to design any model or car body.

 It has an augmented reality camera too. The volumetric motor is another unique feature of LightWave. So, the platform is equipped with different but useful features for any vehicle designer.

10. CATIA V6

We end our list of car designing applications by including CATIA V6 (Download Here) in our catalog. This particular software is one of the most popular vehicle designing applications in the market.

Best Car Designing Apps and Software

If you are in need of dominant display and vehicle configuration surfacing features, then you can always rely on this app. Here, you can rebuild surfaces. You can make new models too.

 With its advanced features, you can perform excellent structuring of your vehicle designs. CATIA V6 provides enough tools for analyzing your plans. The tools also help you find certain design mistakes in your sketches. 

3D Experience Stage is one of the most prominent features of the particular platform. It has another feature called “Design anytime-anywhere.” 

Like most apps, you can form your sketches or designs freely from any location at any point in time.

 On this platform, you can create useful plans, demonstrate your designs, etc. Overall, it is a helpful app for vehicle designers. 


There are many professionals who are in regular need of car or vehicle designing apps for their work. Apart from them, there are many freelancers or amateurs who love this kind of work.

However, different types of individuals will need different types of software or applications according to their needs. The above list consists of some of the best car designing applications available in the market.

Most of them are quite popular among large firms or manufacturing industries. You can use any software or app according to your requirement.