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11 Best Laptops For PhD Students – A Hands-On Review

From elementary schools to professional work, digitalization has made studying and working more comfortable and convenient by introducing online lectures, electronic tools, and various technologically advanced gadgets that now allow professionals and children to save time and get done with their work faster.

Gadgets like laptops and Ipads have started substituting pen and paper. Now, without putting a lot of effort and time into writing manually, students can submit their assignments or examinations via email.

This has raised the need for laptops, especially for the world’s youth. Our guide will focus on the best laptops for PhD students.

Why is it necessary for Ph.D. students to look for their laptops wisely?

As we are aware of the growing demand for laptops among students, records suggest that Ph.D. students are more likely to rely on their laptops for writing their thesis or research papers than any other students.

For conducting any research, it is necessary to have a gadget that will secure your documents without any hassle and, at the same time, is easy to carry around.

Research needs a lot of information that is mostly found online. Moreover, different writing applications can make thesis writing more convenient and attractive. 

We are aware of the various choices available in the market that may confuse the students, resulting in them buying laptops with inappropriate features.

The first step to finding the best suitable laptop for you is to determine the purposes the laptop needs to fulfill. Usually, most Ph.D. students multitask. We are here to provide you with a list of the best laptops that will fulfill all your diverse needs.

These laptops will cater to all your needs, from editing videos to documenting data. Moreover, if you are expected to sit in front of the computers for hours, won’t it be better to have laptops with eye saver modes? 🤔

Do Not worry because we understand your profession as students. The list will try to provide you with unique laptops at affordable prices.

Best Laptops For PhD Students – Our Top Pick

We are here to update you on the latest laptops available for Ph.D. students. Considering the price, size, portability, connectivity ports, screen quality, weight, and many more advanced features of various laptops, we believe the list will not disappoint you.

Check out the list of best laptops for PhD students to date and find your laptop ally. 

1. Acer Aspire 5

The 15.6 inches laptop comes with a Windows 10 S operating system and an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor.

The thin bezels are like a cherry on top, providing the students with more expansive screen space and enabling them to have a smooth multitasking journey.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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The laptop features Acer BlueLightShield, which will ensure the safety of the user’s eyes. The laptops are famous for delivering sharp and crisp images and have a battery life of 7.5 hours.

To top all these features, the laptop is also Alexa enabled. The 1920 x 1080) widescreen has an LED-backlit IPS display and a backlit monitor, making it convenient to work at night.

Along with all these fantastic features, the laptop features multiple connectivity ports, which without a doubt, is a must for laptops used by Ph.D. students.

The laptop can become ideal for Ph.D. students whose basic needs depend on the screen quality, multiple tabs opening features, long battery life, and excellent performance. It indeed is one of the best laptops for PhD students.


  • It has a long battery life of approximately 7.5 hours, enabling the student to continue their research at a stretch without needing to worry about charging every few hours. 
  • If our readers need to work at a stretch for nearly 7 hours, we are concerned about their eyes. To prevent the straining of eyes, Acer has incorporated the BlueLightShield feature, which will allow smooth research.
  • The light weighted laptop is easy to carry around and has the best screen quality.
  • The backlit keyboard ensures smooth working, even without any light.
  • The fast speed of the laptop is responsible for smooth navigation from one site to another and does not slow down despite having several tabs opened.
  • Multiple connectivity ports consist of HDMI, USB 3.1 & USB 2.0.
  • The thin, sleek laptop has an aluminum top cover, making it even more convenient to go to college or a cafe. 


  • The keyboard backlight turns off after a few minutes, and a key needs to be pressed to light it up.
  • The temperature may rise just by performing basic tasks like serving the internet or using spreadsheets.
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2. ASUS L203MA-DS04 VivoBook L203MA Laptop

The 11.6 inches screen laptop will come in handy for those students who have to travel to college every day either for research purposes or for attending lectures.

The small screen is designed to make mobility convenient as it is easy to carry and can fit inside a backpack.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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It comes with an Intel Celeron N4000 Processor and has 4 GB of computer memory. The HD laptop has a 63 GB hard disk and 64GB emmC Flash Storage. Window 10 is the operating system that can be easily upgraded to Windows 10 Home.

One of its distinctive features is that it comes with an HD webcam compatible with various social media platforms. The battery life can be extended up to 10 hours, enabling the students to work at a stretch.

If you are looking for a lightweight laptop capable of performing basic tasks like editing papers and serving the internet, this is the one for you.

With all the advanced features, especially the HD webcam, it has been placed on our list of best laptops for PhD students.


  • The HD webcam is compatible with Google classroom, enabling students to attend online lectures or communicate with their guides without going to college.
  • The laptop weighs only 2.2 pounds, making it easier to carry while traveling.
  • It can be stretched 180 degrees, providing the students with enhanced screen flexibility. The students can adjust the position of the screen according to their needs.
  • The laptop offers a micro SD slot, enabling the students to store more data, sources, images, and other required study material to complete their research.
  • One year of Microsoft office 365 is made available to the users for free.
  • Although the screen is small, the quality is not compromised, and the color resolution is also on point.


  • The RAM or 64GB emmC Flash Storage cannot be updated.
  • If your research involves high-quality images or video editing, this laptop may not be able to fulfill the task efficiently. 

3. HP 14″ Touchscreen Home and Business Laptop 

If you are looking for a touchscreen laptop, the HP 14″ Touchscreen Home and Business Laptop are the ones for you.

The 16 inches screen is big enough to provide the students with more expansive space, enabling them to see the text comfortably.

11 Best Laptops For PhD Students – A Hands-On Review
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The HD-quality laptop comes with a smart dual-core and Windows 10 S as its operating system, which can be updated free of cost. It has 8GB DDR4 RAM and a Solid-state drive (SSD) with 128GB storage.

If your research requires photoshop and high-quality video editing, this will be the ideal laptop for you.

Not only is this commendable for its portrayal of crisp, clear, and sharp images, but it also ensures that the system doesn’t lag when multiple tabs are opened. It is one of the best laptops for researchers in 2023.


  • The laptops are lightly weighted compared to their size, hence easy to carry.
  • The inbuilt webcam with a microphone enables the students to discuss their thesis with their guides. 
  • The multiple connectivity ports include a Built-in media reader, which makes transferring images and videos more accessible.
  • Solid-state drive storage along with 8 GB DDR4 RAM ensures the smooth and uninterrupted working of the laptop while multitasking.
  • The wireless connectivity with the AC helps the students concentrate on their research and eliminates the hassle of searching for the AC remote.
  • It doesn’t heat up quickly, even after multitasking.
  • The accuracy of the touch screen is on point, and the response speed is commendable.


  • The screen may freeze in between an auto reboot. But on a positive note, the data gets saved.
  • As mentioned in its description, it may not come with a built-in fingerprint reader.

4. 2021 HP 14 Laptop 

If you are looking for the sole purpose of doing your projects, making notes, or writing and editing your research paper, you have come to the right place.

The 14 inches 1366 x 768 HD laptop comes with the latest 7th Generation AMD A9-9425 Processor and incorporates the edge web browser, enabling you to mark web pages on your screen. The 4 GB system memory laptop has a CPU speed of 3.1GHz.

11 Best Laptops For PhD Students – A Hands-On Review
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It also features three USB ports, allowing the users to connect multiple external devices per their requirements. The sleek silver designed laptop has a Flash Memory Size of 4.

The webcam and inbuilt microphone may attract attention as Ph.D. students always need to converse with guides or professors. Try out one of the best laptop for chemistry phd students and enjoy its features.


  • The installment and the setup of the device are easy to understand.
  • Since it does not have highly advanced features, it is convenient to operate without needing to search for instructions.
  • The battery power can easily last until 7 hours, providing a long, uninterrupted time for the students to utilize.
  • The webcam allows the face to face interaction with professors, guides, or friends who may help them with their research papers.


  • Although the description says it comes with Windows 10, the customer reviews stated that it comes with Windows 10 S.
  • The camera quality is not extraordinary.
  • The laptop is not suitable for photoshop or video editing.

5. HP Stream Laptop 14-ds0110nr

The 14 inches HD touchscreen laptops have a Windows 10 S operating system. The sleek, designed laptop gives an expressive look and is easy to carry.

The 4 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM ensures the fast working of the device and comes with 64 GB eMMC storage.

11 Best Laptops For PhD Students – A Hands-On Review
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The battery life of 8 hours is commendable and an extremely portable design. Let’s finally introduce the much-awaited feature with all these fantastic features.

It indeed has an inbuilt webcam. Considering the price, the facilities offered by the device are pretty commendable. The touch screen works fine, eliminating the hassle of using the keyboard for every minor click.

One of the best features of the laptop is that it automatically denies unauthorized access and keeps off securing the device on its own. If under any circumstances, the device reboots itself; it automatically recovers from the issue.

It also comes with a digital media card reader. Check out one of the best laptops for PhD students of all time.


  • It is easily portable and takes a few minutes the setup.
  • Suitable for students working on spreadsheets or Office applications.
  • It has a free package of inbuilt Office applications for a year, including MS Word, MS Powerpoint, and many more.
  • Moreover, it allows printer connectivity, which makes the life of a Ph.D. student a lot easier as they can print their thesis right from the confinements of their homes. 
  • Along with three USB ports, the laptop also offers an HDMI port. All the ports are systematically constructed on the left side of the device, making it easier to use.


  • It may slow down if multiple tabs are opened.
  • Does not come with a backlit monitor.
  • It is not recommendable for photoshop or graphics-related works that require high proficiency in a few features.

6. Lenovo 15.6″ High-Performance Laptop

The 15.6 inches laptop is pretty light weighted as compared to its size, and its durability is commendable. The device comes with Intel Celeron 4205U Dual-Core Processor and has an HD LED screen.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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The laptop offers an anti-glare display to protect the eyes of the users from harmful lights, making them use the laptop for hours without being worried about their eyes. Some standard features include 4GB DDR4 RAM and 128 GB SSD.

The laptop has a costly look with its matt black texture and negligible bezels. Along with the mentioned features, the laptop comes with an inbuilt webcam located at the top center of the bezel.

Windows 10 is the operating system of the device. Wireless Bluetooth is inbuilt into the Lenovo laptop.

The laptops may not be suitable for gaming, but we are confident that a Ph.D. student will find it useful as it does not fail to perform the required basic needs like working on Microsoft apps and net serving. According to us, this is one of the best laptops for Ph.D. students. 


  • The laptop comes with around 3 USB ports and one 1 HDMI port.
  • It is light weighted and easy to carry around.
  • The laptop is recommended for everyday tasks such as browsing, using MS Word, and more.
  • It has a webcam built inside it.


  • The touchpad may not work correctly.
  • The quality of the display may not be adequate.

7. Jumper EZbook X3 

The 13.3 inches wide laptop comes with Windows 10 Home S as its operating system and features an N3350 Dual-Core Processor. The 8mm thin bezels offer a stylish look to the sleek silver-colored laptop, weighing around 2.7 pounds.

It not only weighs featherlike but also manages to portray high-quality images and videos because of its HD-quality display.

11 Best Laptops For PhD Students – A Hands-On Review
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It also incorporates a micro SD card slot with extensive connectivity ports, allowing the user to expand the storage capacity and download or store more file documents, videos, or images.

The double antenna wifi helps to secure a strong and fast wireless connection with the internet. The 6GB DDR3 ram is responsible for the smooth functioning of video editing apps.

The 64GB EMMC Storage capacity, allows storage of larger files without worrying about clearing space on the laptop.

The average battery life of the Jumper EZbook X3 is around 6 hours. The laptop is known for its ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

According to customer reviews, switching from one website to another is like a breeze, and one need not worry about lagging even if ten tabs are opened simultaneously. This one is undoubtedly one of the best laptops for PhD students. 


  • Full HD screens can portray vivid colors and sharp images with crisp, clear texts.
  • The laptop is slim and light-weighted, easy to be packed inside a backpack.
  • It has a metal top cover that protects from scratches or other damage.
  • Unlike most laptops, this one comes directly with Windows Home rather than Windows S.
  • The most important feature is the smooth connectivity with wifi. Usually, cheaper laptops do not possess the strength to identify all kinds of signals. But the Jumper EZbook X3 accurately catches the weakest signals, helping the user serve the browser without interruptions.
  • Quick processor.
  • It has various connectivity ports, including one mini HDMI port, one 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 USB 3: ports, and many more.
  • Lastly, it arrives with 12 months of warranty.


  • The palm-based keyboard may not work correctly at times.
  • The screen’s contrast is not up to the mark, leading to bleeding of the backlit of the back screen. But most of the time, it is not visible.

8. HP 14 Notebook 7MP80UA

The 14 inches laptop is just the one for you if you are looking for something light weight that can perform basic tasks like surfing and is even capable of running basic games smoothly.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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The laptop comes with Windows S, but it can be upgraded. Be careful; once you upgrade, there is no turning back. So make sure this is what you want for your laptop. The 4 GB RAM is more than enough to handle the activities of a Ph.D. student without any disturbance.

On top of that, it has a battery life of approximately 8 hours, so you can conduct your research for hours without getting disturbed. Well, cheer up, pals; you will have 3 USB ports to connect our external devices.

We understand one may want to buy expensive-looking laptops, but we are all victims of the budget. The silver-colored laptop is not only budget-friendly but will also have a polished aura to it.

The webcam installed in it can be the most useful future a Ph.D. student could ever ask for. This, indeed, is one of the best laptops for PhD students.


  • The laptop is known to have a commendable screen resolution despite not having HD quality as its features. 
  • The color accuracy is on point, considering the price of the laptop.
  • The processor has received praise for its effective performance and high speed; in fact, we were surprised to find out that the HP 14 Notebook 7MP80UA has been chosen over other expensive processors by the customers.
  • The laptop is capable of downloading various programs at a fast pace. 


  • They may send used laptops at times. Users may then face the hassle of communicating with the company to demand an exchange. 
  • It may freeze in between if many tabs or programs are opened simultaneously.

9. DELL Inspiron 5000 Series 5570 Laptop

It is highly unlikely not have DELL as one of the best laptops for PhD students. Even though the said laptops are a little expensive compared to the other laptops on our list, we can guarantee that DELL will never compromise on quality.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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Firstly, the 15.6 inches screen will attract the students searching for a widescreen here; minor details can be monitored. The colossal screen display would provide the students with maximum space, allowing them to multitask conveniently.

The laptop comes with an 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB SSD.

Moreover, considering the laptop has a touch screen facility and LED-backlit display, the price doesn’t seem so high. Some standard features include various connectivity ports, Windows 10 Home, and a card reader.

Users can now enjoy the built-in stereo speakers with MaxxAudio Pro Audio Processing to add to these exciting features. The silver-colored laptop gives an exquisite look to it. Check out one of the best laptops for Ph.D. students of all time.


  • The high speed of the processor can be looked forward to. From getting connected to the internet in seconds to getting started or shut down in seconds, the speed will never taste your patience.
  • Multiple connectivity ports include 2 USB 3. 1, 1 USB 2. 0, 1HDMI, 1 Combo Headphone / Microphone Jack, 1 RJ-45 Video.
  • It features an inbuilt HD Webcam and microphones.
  • The screen size makes the weight relatively light and easy to carry around. 


  • The battery may die down sooner if multiple programs are running simultaneously.
  • The SSG storage is not expandable.

At the time of our research on Best Laptops For PhD Students, we found a video about “Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students,” which is worth watching.

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10. Lenovo IdeaPad 130-15AST – Best laptop for engineering graduate students

The 15.6 wide laptop initially comes with Windows S as its operating system, but it can be easily updated to Windows Home 10 for free.

It features an AMD A9-9425 processor along with 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD storage.

The HD display will let the users experience crisp and clear images. One of the standard features of this laptop is its inbuilt webcam.

With its strong wifi compatibility, users can connect to the internet without facing difficulties.

Best Laptops For PhD Students
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Adding to its features, unlike the recent laptops, the IdeaPad comes with a DVD RW, allowing the users to listen to recorded audio or videos on the laptop, watch movies or even watch documentaries needed for their research.

The laptop offers a wireless Bluetooth facility, allowing the users to transfer data from or to the device without needing to connect to a USB.

So if you are looking for a student laptop, this is the one for you. Whether using spreadsheets, MS Word, or Excel, serving the browser, or scrolling down your social media, the device won’t disappoint you. Try out one of the best laptops for PhD students. 


  • The laptop is highly compatible with Office applications and different browsers. 
  • The laptop is suitable for carrying out, and the charger can also fit inside the pocket. 
  • The competency of the keyboard is commendable, as its big, spacious keys make it convenient to type.
  • Along with 2 USB ports, it also comes with an HDMI port.


  • The quality of the webcam is not suitable for conference meetings.
  • The battery life may not meet the expectations of long-lasting hours.


Do Ph.D. students need laptops?

Students from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds must keep a few things in mind while getting a laptop. Get a genuine Windows laptop with authentic MS office, 6-8GB RAM, 6 to 7 Gen processor, portable size with LED screen, and extremely light.

Which laptop is best for research students?

Top laptops for research students include Apple MacBook Air Gold, Hp Pavilion 14, ASUS VivoBook K15 OLED, ACER Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, etc.

Is MacBook good for Ph.D. students?

Apple MacBook Air 2018 is an excellent choice for postgraduate students. It is faster than previous models and equipped with a Touch ID and a new trackpad.

Which laptop is best for postgraduate students?

The top picks of laptops for postgraduate students are Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Dell XPS 15 OLED.

Do Universities give laptops to Ph.D. students?

Universities never give out laptops. Some students have their machines, while others share a common one. In case high-intensity computing is needed, a workstation is often accessible.

Which laptop is best for MS in the USA?

The best laptops for MS in the USA are MacBook Air M1, Acer Chromebook 314, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft Surface Go 3, Acer Swift 3, Dell G15, Dell XPS 17, MacBook Pro 14-inch, etc.

Which is better, Dell or HP?

You will get a better value with the 2-in-1 HP laptops. The price difference decrease on choosing a higher-resolution screen, faster Intel, and more memory. For example, Spectre x360 offers better services than Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 regarding performance and price.

Wrapping Up the best laptops for phd students discussion

This concludes our list of best laptops for PhD students. Throughout the list, we have tried to prioritize the age group of our readers. It may happen that sometimes people tend to pursue their Ph.D. alongside their jobs.

But most of the time, Ph.D. students are either part-timers or don’t have a job. To cater to the needs of these students, we have tried to choose the best laptops suitable for all the research works at affordable prices. Most of the laptops on our list are below 500 dollars, making it convenient for students to buy. 

We understand the determination one needs to possess to complete one Ph.D. research. We value all the sleepless nights, takeaway dinners, midnight breakdowns, and frustration students experience until their research papers are successfully approved and published.

To lessen your worries to an extent, we have thoroughly searched for laptops that have convenient features for you. Without going for high-tech computers with complex features, our list consists of laptops that are the best at performing basic tasks.

They have everything from smoothly working Microsoft applications to comfortably switching from one website to another. Moreover, few laptops are compatible with video and audio editing for users whose research demands graphical representations.

Additionally, most laptops have an inbuilt webcam and inbuilt microphones. The anti-glare mode will protect all users’ eyes from the harmful lights illuminating the screens. 

We hope we managed to help you all get closer to your ideal laptops. If you wish to know about the detailed features of the laptops, please refer to the corresponding link provided for every laptop.

This guide will give you an overall idea of the features and benefits of the selected laptops. Go through the list, and you may find your laptop ally.

Did we give justice to the top 10 best laptops for PhD students? Let us know who got to be your knight in shining armor and why.

Did you find these laptops affordable and worth your money? Don’t feel disappointed if one of your favorite models wasn’t on our list.

Let us know about them in the comment section below, and we will update the list.

Share your review in the comments and help your fellow Ph.D. mates by guiding them to their ideal laptops. We wish all our readers the best of luck in their future. Happy researching, happy typing!