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17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Micro ATX Case to buy in 2022? 🤔

You can easily Find out in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay, let’s find out. 👓👓

Whether you are looking to build a new game or seeking the perfect tower, it is paramount for a game developer or people that work with personal computers to choose the right ATX case.

This singular task can be daunting, with hundreds of options lined out for you in the market. While we understand the fear that so many customers face choosing a micro ATX, especially with abundant choices on the market, we have tried to bring the best for you.

However, for whatever reason you decide to want to buy a micro ATX, we have gotten a list of what are the best choices on the market and a short but straightforward guide on how to choose the best micro ATX case in 2022 for your specific needs.

Why do gamers and developers need a micro ATX case? They are efficient, versatile, and probably the most affordable way to develop your game or build a PC without breaking the bank.

It is also a way to create a balance between all the units that make up the entire system. Below is our pick of the best Micro ATX cases for now until technology and innovation bring something new to the computer scene.

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Best Micro ATX Case – Our Top Picks 👌

1. Thermaltake Level 20VT 

Best Micro ATX Case
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If you have been following Thermaltake products, you will notice that, whether simple or complicated, the designs are outrageously good-looking and appealing even to those that have seen and built PC with various cases.

The Level 20 VT offers great support for builders inside the micro ATX footprint. With the bar raised in this design, the ultra-modern sleek design has four tempered glass panels on all sides of the box, creating a one-of-a-kind design that will keep you wowed and happy as you use your PC always.


1. Obviously, the construction stands out. Still, the Thermaltake Level 20 VT has a flat motherboard tray to starch all your cables away for a neat and appealing look and increases the ventilation system.

2. Although the micro ATX comes with a 200mm cooling fan,  to keep the looks and performance top-notch, the Thermaltake Level 20 VT can comfortably support nine extra fans and four radiator cooling systems for a liquid cooling system.

3. Aside from the 200mm fan that comes with the design, you can fit five 140mm fans – 2 in front, one at the back, and two on top and if you are building a liquid cooling configuration, then this case will support 280mm, 240mm, 140mm, and 120mm radiators comfortably with any compromise on storage

4. Has six drive bays – three 3.5 inches and three 2.5 inches and CPU coolers of 185mm high and a PSU of 200mm long or graphics card of 350mm in length

5. The Thermaltake Level 20 VT, like other products in this series, is LCS certified as a true tech gadget you can rely on.

6. The Level 20 VT has two chambers – the upper chamber consists of the PCI-E and motherboard components, and the lower chamber consists of the PSU and drives bays.


  • It has an excellent dust removal filter system sited at the front, bottom, and back to protect your hardware from dirt and debris
  • The front, top and side panels are made of dustproof, scratchproof 4mm thick tempered glass panel super clean, allowing you to see the internal workings of your PC
  • The chassis is among some of the best on the market; very quiet and sturdy
  • Several tests show that the product works exceptionally well with the liquid cooling design ensuring that performance is always at the peak
  • The case is appealing, well-designed, and affordable
  • Large spaces and storage areas with large windows for airflow and cooling of the unit
  • Excellent cable management system allowing all work cables to be kept out of sight after a build


  • Some users complain it’s too large with dimensions of 13.7 by 13 by 17 inches and weighs 19 pounds.
Final Verdict:-

The performance, space, and extreme silent features on this micro ATX put it on the list. The design has room for every build and even extra. Strong, durable, and tempered glass build to ensure that your build always looks neat and without any trouble.

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2. BZXT H400i Black and White Best Micro ATX Case

Best Micro ATX Case
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There are a lot of features to love about the NZTX H400i because it is built so fine that you don’t have to worry about functionality, style, design, looks, and craftsmanship.

The NZTX micro ATX is satisfaction guaranteed that it fits into this fast-paced world we live in, and with PC technology released daily, the NZTX H400i is one of the most compatible pieces of equipment on the market.

Contrary to some negative reviews that Micro ATX are the last devices you would look for when seeking other boards, the NZTX H400i is an exceptional piece of engineering that every gamer or developer will love.


1. The NZTX H400i comes in four beautiful steel construction built with a tempered glass side panel with a built-in cooling fan, plenty of storage space, and RGB lighting controllers.

2. The NZTX H400i comes with its unique smart features such as the HUE+, GRID+, and V3 digital controller for exceptional performance

3. The NZTX H400i has an impressive performance capacity with multiple GPU support and 5 fans and three radiators for unequivocal excellence in delivering

4. The NZTX H400i has an elegant design that endears to developers and gamers using the device

5. The NZTX H4001 comes with seven slots giving you enough slots to run cables, and with the Velcro strap and routing channel at the backside, you can be sure that your build will be smooth and neat with all cables tucked away neatly.


  • It has four 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches drive bays.
  • It comes with customized lighting narrowed down to addressable RGB LED strips.
  • Easy to install without any need for pressing too many buttons with the controlled CAM software and pre-installed cable management system
  • Super smooth and silent system for improved, optimized gaming comfort
  • It comes with a water cooling system for AIO and customized loop configurations
  • It comes with three AER F120mm fans for improved airflow
  • Compatible with other motherboards like the Micro ATX and mini ITX, ATX, and EATX up to 272mm in size
  • The product dimension is 230 by 516 by 494 mm and weighs 12.27 kilograms


  • The silent feature becomes noisy when all the fans are on.
Final Review:-

The NZTX H400i is a lovely Micro ATX that is gorgeous, and with the storage space and cable management, you will have a beautiful build every time.

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3. Corsair Crystal 280X CC-9011135 – Best value micro ATX case

Best Micro ATX Case
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The Corsair crystal is the most unique and practical micro ATX case on the market. Although small, the Corsair crystal is a very efficient technology with a modern design for PC lovers.


1. With a beautiful design, the Corsair crystal has an appealing appearance with three panels of tempered glass and a whole list of features to deliver excellent and superior performance during each build.

2. Has an excellent and massive cooling system with enough room for six 120mm fans or three 240mm radiator cooling systems distributed at the top, bottom, and front of the micro ATX case

3. The Corsair crystal might be small, but it has a ton of storage space. It has flexible storage of two 3.5 inches and three 2.5 inches drives, 30cm long graphics cards, and a full-size PSU without compromising on the storage capacity of the case

4. The 280X 32 RGB LED is controlled by the Corsair iCUE software, making it easy to install and sync all your components.


  • Compatible with premium micro ATX or mini ITX cases
  • It comes with a dual-chamber design to store all your computer components, so ensure a tidy desk at all times, like the cables into the backside of the case
  • It comes with a full dust filtration system to prevent dust from entering the case
  • It has a direct and specified airflow path that cools the system and prevents heat from damaging other case components.
  • It has two elegant colored LED fans in the front
  • Silent, affordable, and great value for money
  • Easy to use and spacious with the numerous storage spaces
  • The product dimension is 15.67 by 10.87 by 13.82 inches and weighs in at almost 16 pounds


  • Some people still think it is too pricey
Final Review:-

The Corsair Crystal 280X has everything you need for a creative build that anyone will love. The case has it all – PSU is not showing, all cables are easy to manage, great cooling system, dust filters, and tempered glass allow you to see the insides of the case.

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4. Silverstone Aluminum FT03S Micro ATX Case

Best Micro ATX Case
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This is on our list for one of the best functional and high-performance micro ATX pick that exudes sophistication. The design, cooling system, compatibility, and build make this one of the best micro ATX cases in 2022 for builders and gamers.


  • The FT03S is a new design compared to the regular design in the market in other cases. If you are looking to build a distinct yet functionally and high-performance system, the Silverstone FT03S is the one for you.
  • The FT03S is made with a lightweight metal of pure silver aluminum that is rust-proof and scratch-proof. The shape and design of fortress 3 allow you to install your motherboard in any position.
  • This arrangement also allows you to insert your graphics card and CPU tower coolers to reduce heat produced in the system from affecting other parts of the unit.


  • It has a 5-drive bay of 3 3.5 swappable drives and 2.5 inches and a 12.7mm slot-loading optical drive on the upper part of the case.
  • Has cooling fan slots for 3 120mm space or two 80mm spots or a 92mm spot
  • It comes with four 13.77 by 6.77 inches expansion card
  • It has a removable fan filter on the left side of the chassis for a flawless dust extraction system that is also easy to clean.
  • Product dimension is 15 by 14 by 25 inches, 2.5 mm thick anodized aluminum body weighing 19 pounds.
  • Compatible with micro ATX and mini ITX
  • It supports a graphics card of any length with all ports controlled and exhausts vents seated at the top of the chassis.
  • The I/O panel consists of 2 USB ports, one audio, and a mic


  • It is heavy to transport after building
  • The cooling system tends to work against one another
  • It doesn’t have enough storage space
  • It doesn’t come with an expansion slot.
Final Verdict:-

Although the Silverstone FT03S is a huge case, it is great for lasting builds and delivers superb performance and durability.

The arrangement and simple items like cable management and PCU might not be what you expect, but this micro ATX case is worth every cent spent.

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5. InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass

Best Micro ATX Case
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InWin is known for its unique, modern, and innovative designs that deliver performance, size, and ease of installation. The artistic approach has endeared many users, especially gamers and builders, to go for this brand of micro ATX case for their projects.

Other reasons this product is used are the ease of adding technology during a build, functionality, safety, easy learning curve, quality of material sued in the constructions, and size.


1. The build material and design of the InWin 301 are particularly unique. It is built from high-grade steel material for strength and weight. Although small, the InWin 301 is durable and spacious for full-size components like graphics cards 330mm in length and a full ATX PSU.

2. This case also has enough space to install five cooling fans and even water cooling options to prevent overheating of the computer system

3. The case has a combination of tempered glass and steel material for a strong and durable build but also for appeal and a pleasant building experience

4. The InWin 301 micro ATX has a simple and clear-cut design with a stunning I/O front panel lit with LED lights making you play games in the dark

5. The storage options, in this case, are not like many other cases – it is smaller, consisting of single 3.5 inches and two 2.5 inches drives.


  • It is affordable
  • The 1.2mm steel case makes this micro ATX shockproof, stable, and durable enough to protect all your PC components but also keeps you safe in the process.
  • The tempered glass side panel allows users to see the interiors making it an appealing and beautiful piece of the case.
  • It has five 120mm cooling fan slots or two 240mm radiators in the front and a 120mm radiator system at the back and bottom part to divert heat accumulating in the system
  • It is compatible with other motherboards like mini ITX, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and Asrock.
  • The product dimension is 14.6 by 7.4 by 14.3 inches and weighs about 15 pounds
  • It comes with 4 expansion slots and 2 USB and 3 HD audio points


  • The cable management system needs more arrangement to fine-tune the design
Final Verdict:-

If you are looking for a beautiful case that will house your computer components for the perfect build without any stress or difficulty. The cable management system could do with some organization; other than that, the InWin 301 is the perfect case for all computer builders or gamers.

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6. Nanoxia Rexgear 1 Red Micro ATX Computer Case

Best Micro ATX Case
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Whether you are choosing red, yellow, green, white, black, or orange, you can’t beat the attractive look of the Rexgear 1 micro ATX case. The ease of installation, storage, features, look, and just a full package of all you need in a case.


  • Rexgear 1 is built with durable and strong plastic material to reduce shortness, vibration, and noise. It also allows for easy transportation and easy installation.
  • It has large storage space to accommodate a 345mm long graphics card or a complete PSU. Space also includes a position for cable management and expansion cards.
  • The Nanoxia has a well-ventilated system with excellent air circulatory features powered by two large 20cm fans. The fans are a 240mm or 280mm radiator/ six 120 or 140mm fans


  • The front panel includes slots for 2 USB 3.0 and a single HD audio and mic. Also in front is two fan control buttons for all six fans.
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • It is affordable
  • The cable management system is beyond imagination – well designed
  • It comes with an extensive storage space of three 3.5 inches and two 2.5mm
  • The product dimension is 16.45 by 11.02 by 16.2 inches and weighs almost 19 pounds
  • Compatible with ATX and ITX motherboard
  • It comes with a removable horizontal tray for the motherboard; this reduces the heat and stress generated by the CPU on the entire unit.


  •  Too many features to battle with
Final Verdict:-

The Nanoxia Rexgear 1 is a beautiful case with an eye-catching geometric design you will fall in love with immediately. The Nanoxia has everything, and more you need in a case. Choose your colors and run with them.

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7. Thermaltake Core X2 – Best micro atx gaming case

Best Micro ATX Case
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With a bang 2 chamber construction, seven drive bays, and 6 expansion slots, the Thermaltake is undoubted the best micro ATX case in 2022 on the market. After being awarded the LCS certification as the best tech gear on the market, this cube case has more features than you need to build your computer.


  • With the options for air or liquid cooling, the Thermaltake cube core micro ATX will ensure that your system stays cool no matter the duration of work you have or how long it stays on.
  • Due to the unparallel cooling capacity, the core X2 has plenty of storage space to house all your computer components safely and securely with an excellent cable management system.
  • The case is a cube case with dimensions 18.3 by 12.6 by 21.3 inches that can comfortably house a micro ATX motherboard of 9.6 by 9.6 inches or a mini ITX motherboard of 6.7 by 6.7 inches.
  • The side panels are perforated or with large windows for unbeatable airflow performance.
  • It has an internal drive bay of 3 by 5.25 inches and an external drive bay of one 3.5 inches and four 2.5 inches with a 3by 2.5 inches HDD tray with 5 expansion slots. The regular PS2 power supply powers all this.


  • It comes with a large intake fan in the front and a smaller one at the back
  • The CPU cooling height is 230mm with a PSU length of 220mm
  • It has a front panel with two 3.0 USB tubes, a headphone, and a microphone port
  • Lots of fan options – three 120mm in the front or six 120mm in the top, or one 120mm in the back
  • The product has a three years warranty


  •  Too expensive for some
Final Verdict:-

One will expect a well-thought-out plan, and engineering will break the bank with the price running into a couple of hundreds, but this is not the case. The engineering, in this case, is simply marvelous and will be a great addition to the build.

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8. Cooler Master MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 MasterBox

Best Micro ATX Case
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If you are looking for a micro ATX that is attractive and appealing, high performance with the ability to be customized, then look no further than MasterBox Lite with a sleek dark glass panel and colors for an impressive appeal.


1. With a body of plastic and glass, the Master Box 3.1 has a dimension of 17.63 by 7.5 by 15 inches and weighs almost 9 pounds is the perfect case for your first build.

2. The side mirror looks like tempered glass, which is amazing but gives room for concerns.

3. To keep the system cool and functional, it comes with a pre-installed fan in the rear but none in the front. It can support two 120mm fans in the front and a 120mm fan behind for optimum cooling.

If you decide to go for liquid cooling, it supports liquid cooling support of 240mm in front and 120mm behind, CPU cooler of 158mm, and PSU of 160mm.


  • Compatible with micro ATX and a mini ITX motherboard
  • Has 4 expansion slot
  • Has 2 HDD 3.5 inches and a 2.5 inches SSD drive bays
  • Lightweight and easy to install with trim colors you can personalize
  • The space in front allows the user to install 2 120mm cooling fans


  • The dust filter is not very efficient, especially for the mirror portion. It tends to attract dirt which needs constant cleaning.
  • The cable management routing is very poor and could do with some improvement.
  • Needs extra storage space for a computer component
Final Verdict:-

Despite all the cons, Master Box is doing excellently well in producing high-performance micro ATX cases that are durable with an easy learning curve.

The case could do with some minor changes to take it up a notch, but overall, it is a product worth buying and has excellent performance too.

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9. Thermaltake Versa H17 – Best small micro atx case

Best Micro ATX Case
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Thermaltake Versa H17 Micro ATX is a beginner’s or entry-level PC builder case. The simple, sleek, lightweight aluminum build with beautiful cable management has all the features to make your build just as well as the next.


1. An elegant and simple design of brushed aluminum panels high enough to support the motherboard system of a height of 155mm with a double expansion VGA slot of 350mm long. The front doesn’t have a fan but will comfortably support two 3.5 and 2.5 inches drive bays simultaneously

2. It is also AIO liquid cooling compatible – the case has the space to accommodate a 280mm radiator system to increase and improve the cooling system of the computer unit

3. Has an excellent ventilation system with one 120mm fan at the back and will support three other 120mm or two 140mm cooling units for efficient airflow.


  • Compatible with micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards
  • A great bargain and price for starters
  • Good value for money
  • Simple yet durable design
  • Solid and quiet design with a pre-installed 120mm cooling fan
  • An excellent cable system with routing holes and gaps to hide all cables after the build


  • The airflow is not very good but provides just enough air circulation to keep the unit cool.
  • It could do with some design improvement
Final Verdict:-

Thermaltake Versa H17 may be very simple and dull looking, it is great value for money, and with the different features, you will not regret your first computer built with this case.

The chassis will stand tall with others, be rest assured that this micro ATX is a decent quality case for your first build any day.

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10. MasterBox Q300L – Best cube micro atx case

Best Micro ATX Case
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This is another quality product from the MasterBox series to give you different options depending on your build. The price also falls at a range that will attract any PC builders or game developers with its size, modularity, thermal performance, installation, and functionality.

Overall the design of the Cooler MasterBox Q300L is an exceptional design with all the features that will make you want to keep building for a long.


  • Whether you are building a game or looking to change your old PC case, the Cooler MasterBox Q300L has everything you want to build in one spot.
  • It a 15 by 9 by 15 inches in dimension and weighs a pound but comes with 6 120mm cooling fans or two radiators of 120mm or a single 240mm liquid cooling system.
  • Even though space is tight, the Q300L can comfortably accommodate a 360mm long graphics card.
  • The lack of abundant storage space allows for only 3 drive bays – 3.5 inches and two 2.5 inches but overall a good product.


  • Compatible with micro ATX and a mini ITX motherboard
  • Super lightweight due to construction material of steel and plastic
  • Very affordable and durable
  • Excellent cable management for a small footprint like the Q300L
  • It comes with two 3.0 USB and audio I/O ports
  • A beautiful transparent panel by the side to show off your build
  • An excellent dust filter system


  • Needs more storage
  • The plastic side makes it look too cheap
Final Verdict:-

We love this micro ATX case – for the price, design, performance, and functionality. Even though there isn’t plenty of room to do all you need, the case allows you to work and keep all cables neat and secure but also ensures you have what is needed to run your build.

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11. Rosewill FBM-01 – Best micro atx pc case

best micro atx case under 50
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Known to be the smallest micro ATX case on the market, this sleek and elegant design from Rosewill has a competitive edge over the top names in the market with excellent functionality and performance second to know.


  • The compact make and construction with a glossy bezel finish make this the perfect accessory to sit anywhere in your home with great application and enough storage space to accommodate all your computer or gaming components.
  • Small as it is, the FBM-01 comes with 4 expansion slots and 4 drive bays – two internal and two external of 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches, respectively.
  • It has a convenient input and output port with two 2.0 USB ports and an audio in/out port at the front for easy access to connecting with other devices or your gamepad.
  • Rosewill FBM-01 has an excellent ventilation system with a pre-installed 120mm fan in front and an 80mm fan at the back to remove heat and ensure performance peak always.


  • Durable gaming tower ideal for Intel and AMD systems
  • The stylish design sits this case on your office desk comfortably
  • No annoying LED blinking lights
  • Compatible with micro ATX motherboard
  • It looks decent and functions well too
  • The cooling fans are quiet to allow for a silent and quiet atmosphere when using the system.
  • The dual fan in the case provides the optimum cooling performance to ensure that the unit stays up to par and always


  • Lacks luster in build quality
  • The USB ports are poorly designed
  • Due to storage space, cable management is poor
Final Verdict:-

The simple design of this micro ATX makes it one of those cases that will compete with the finest on the market. Although there is no cable management system, in this case, it still gives room to secure the entire necessary component for a build.

With the ventilation system, price, and size, the Rosewill FBM-01 is nothing fancy but will ensure you have your entire component in one spot conveniently.

12. AeroCool Cylon RGB Micro ATX mid-Tower Case

17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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If you are searching for a sleek and sexy RGB micro ATX with a beautiful color stripe running down the front panel, then the Cylon might be your choice. Aside from the design and construction, the AeroCool Cylon is the perfect choice that balances style and performance with incredible speed and versatility.


1. The AeroCool construction has a beautiful designer with a strip of RCG LED light in the front panel, while the sides are acrylic panels that come in either black or white color.

2. The RGB lights display over 13 light modes to add to the already cool nature of the design. This color can be customized from six unique color flows to show your style and personality.

3. To add to the super coolness of the RGB lights, the AeroCool micro ATX comes with 7 expansion slots and 4 drive bays – two 3.5 inches HDD and two 2.5 inches SDD with one 3.0 USB port, two 2.0 USB ports, one HD audio, and microphone, and an SD card reader

4. To keep the performance top-notch, it comes with VGA fan coolers, and the dual chamber design allows for proper ventilation and airflow to keep the system cool. Furthermore, the case also supports a liquid cooling system with a 240mm radiator in the front panel and a 155mm CPU cooler on the inside

5. It comes with a removable PSU dust filtration system for easy cleaning; to prevent dust and debris from damaging any components in your computer

6. Support extra cooling fans of 120mm at the top and another 120mm in the back with two 120mm VGA fans.

7. It also supports a liquid cooling system of 240mm radiator with a power supply of up to 180mm PSU


  • Supports card readers and SD cards
  • It has a lot of storage space for motherboards, hard drives, and other components.
  • The glass panel is very strong and scratch-proof.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of parts, especially the dust filter
  • The products have excellent customer service in case you discover any problem with the product during delivery or before the warranty expires


  • Lack of adequate storage space means cable management is poor
  • The SSD and memory card slot are hidden; you have to read the manual or have a pro help you out with the location
Final Verdict:-

While some argue that the RGB light is a distraction, this micro ATX case is a decent make that delivers on all the properties of a good cause.

Furthermore, with the price and other features, the only problem you might find in this case is the lack of adequate cable management systems, but if you are an organized person, you should get that sorted out.

13. Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_BK Evolv Case – Best looking micro atx case

best micro atx case under 100
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The Evolv Micro ATX is an upgraded version from the first product made by the manufacturers. This case combines 3mm anodized aluminum material with two-sided tempered glass panels. It supports a liquid water cooling system to deliver an amazing product that will wow you and your friends.


1. The body construction on the Phanteks is adorable and appealing to the eyes, but the satin black aluminum panel looks cheap, and the tempered glass panels at the side of the frame are held in place by magnets which make it susceptible to breakage if not handles well

2. It has great compatibility with various components with I/O options of two 3.0 USB ports, one audio, one mic port, an RGB LED control, and air and liquid cooling setup spot.

3. It comes with a 140mm cooling fan and a 26mm cable management space, and more at the rear end of the case. The case also supports the RGB motherboard and other related products for the case.

4. The liquid water cooling system uses a 280mm radiator at the top and 360mm in the front for efficient ventilation and airflow for peak performance always

5. It has an excellent storage capacity of 4 drive bays – two 3.5 inches and two 2.5 inches drive bays and 4 expansion slots


  • It comes in three colors – satin black, galaxy silver, anthracite grey
  • Excellent storage and cable management
  • Magnetic glass hinges for easy access to fix or repair any time
  • Works great with air and liquid cooling system
  • Removable dust filters prevent dust from damaging the component in the system.
  • The product dimension is 15.7 by 9.1 by 17.8 inches
  • Compatible with Micro ATX, Mini ITX motherboard
  • It comes with two SSD brackets and one pump bracket


  • It is heavy
  • It is expensive for some people
  • It doesn’t come with an optical drive bay
  • There is the risk of the magnet wearing off and the glass panels falling off and breaking, exposing the interior lining of your system.
Final Verdict:-

Aside from the price, the Phanteks PH-ES314ETG_AG EVOLV has an attractive and functional property that makes it an exceptional choice.

14. Fractal Design Node 804 Micro ATX Cube Case

17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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The Node 804 micro ATX was built for performance, configurability, and functionality in this new design packed with features PC builders will love.

The dual chamber of the design allows the motherboard and other cooler components to be separated from the hotter elements in the system for an efficient workflow of air and increased performance.


1. With a high aerated dual-chamber system, the body is of the brushed aluminum front panel with a side window to show off your build in style.

2. It comes with hard drive mounting systems of eight 3.5 inches HDD and four 2.5 inches SDD with additional space in the front for a slot in ODD and optical drive and two 2.5 inches drives

3. The Fractal design comes with two pre-installed fans but has space for seven more fans to improve ventilation, especially if the system stays on for hours.

4. With the extra cooling fan spot, the Fractal micro ATX has a CPU cooler of a height of 160mm and a PSU of 260mm deep. It also has space for 320mm long graphics cards, and a 290mm graphics card can be installed in the unit.


  • It is compatible with micro ATX and a mini ITX motherboard
  • It has a one-sided transparent window that allows you to see the interior of the case and a Velcro strap for cable management after a build
  • The product dimension is 370 by 468 by 412 mm and weighs in at almost 8 kg
  • It comes with a fan controller and five expansions for several GPU setup
  • A well-built removable dust filter to ensure interiors parts are clean and dust-free
  • It is available in only one color – black
  • Can accommodate up to 10 storage drives at once


  • It looks big in appearance and fits well under the desk
  • It is not cheap
Final Verdict:-

If you are looking to build a small but powerful performance machine with more storage than you need extra table space, the Fractal micro ATX is the case for you. The 10 hard drives might look much, but for game developers, this is another way to improve your talent and let your imagination fly wild.

15. Thermaltake Coe V21 SPCC Micro ATX

17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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This is the newest baby to the Thermaltake core V series, and the core V21 takes the micro ATX case to the next level.


  • The Core V21 is the ultimate storage manager and can be divided into two halves or chambers to ensure that the system stays cool always for peak performance. The lower chamber comprises the drive bays, while the upper deck ensures that the system stays cool.
  • The large 200mm fan 0ffer a cooling system like no other system on the market
  • Has 3 hidden HDD trays of 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches with another there 2.5 HDD rack for excess storage space
  • The input/output properties are two 3.0 USB ports and one audio
  • In addition to the above, it can accommodate 11 extra fans besides the 200mm pre-installed fan. 350mm length graphics cards, five radiators for unbelievable performance
  • The CPU cooler is 185mm and has a PSU of 200mm long


  • Compatible with mini ITX, micro ATX, and ATX motherboard
  • With 5 radiators and 11 fans, you will never bother about overheating or damaging your motherboard or other components
  • Users can create a dual system with unlimited stackable and flexible thermal solutions for improved performance
  • The motherboard can be fixed horizontally or vertically for presentation
  • It comes with a pre-installed 200mm fan in the front for a cooling system compatible with DIY/AIO
  • Tool-less features, no thumbscrew
  • It can accommodate various overclocking components to boost performance when you need it


  • It is a bit noisy
  • No duct filter is available
  • The build quality needs more improvement
Final Verdict:-

Despite the little features that will make it better, it still delivers on performance, cooling, functionality, and durability.

Furthermore, the storage capacity allows extra room to increase or expand your views and ideas on a build.

16. Deep Silence 4 Mini Tower Micro ATX Compact Case

17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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Another Nanoxia product on the list, but if it is a solid mini-tower, a silent build, and performance, versatility, and durability, then the Nanoxia deep silence is right up your alley.


1. The sound dampening material is dense with thick metal that helps absorbs the noise and vibration from the cooling fan and other working components of the system. Furthermore, the rubber bases and insulator drive doors also help contain the noise from the unit.

2. For extra storage space, users can simply remove 2 of the 3 HDD cages to make room for the 395mm graphics card. It is also compatible with other micro ATX motherboards with plenty of storage space and great cable management.

3. It comes with a 120mm pre-installed fan with a high-quality rifle bearing that also sucks in the air to add to the deep silence exuded by the case. The top panel air cover can be removed to increase airflow and ventilation.

4. The system is kept clean by a dust filter situated in the front fan allows for easy removal and cleaning of the system when required with ease

5. In addition to the pre-installed fan, you can add an extra 120mm radiator for increased ventilation in the system


  • The case is fitted with six 3.5 inches, and 2.5 inches drive bays
  • It can be as quiet as you want by adjusting the setup mechanism from the installation time
  • Looks attractive and is built to last – great for home or offices
  • You never need to get another case with the expansion rate
  • It is very versatile, durable, and sturdy
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Two dust filter systems – one in the front and the bottom


  • A bit weighty but okay for some people
  • It has no SSD bracket
Final Verdict:-

So if you truly want silence and versatility, then there is no better micro ATX than the Nanoxia Deep Silence 4, and if the performance doesn’t appeal to you; the storage, ease of use, and cable management will draw you in o use this case to build your next PC.

17. Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Case

17 Of The Best Micro ATX Case To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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The Obsidian 350D micro ATX Personal computer case exudes high performance, durability, and style. Although the case looks small, it has an excellent storage system and plenty of room for liquid cooling and other property you will love.

Below are some of the features of the Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Case that earned it a spot in our list of best airflow micro atx case.


1. The name Obsidian 350D was designed for fast, neat, and toolless access and drive installation. With plenty of features to love, it is apparent that this case will deliver in not only looks but in performance and efficiency

2. Obsidian has gone the extra mile with the 350D to build a case with enough room to house a full-length liquid CPU cooler, dual radiator, five PCIs slots, and 2 hard drives and with excess storage to get all your components in their right place

3. Furthermore, this build-up gives you enough room for excellent cable management in and out of the case.

4. The cable is easily tucked away at the back of the case on the tray where the cables can lie comfortably and innovative routing points for cable system with all holes covered with rubber close all holes for a neat after build

5. The cooling options of the Obsidian 350D are magnificent – with a 140mm intake fan, a 120mm exhaust fan, and extra slots to install 5 fans or to mounted 240mm radiators for liquid cooling to ensure peak performance of the unit always

6. Has a total of six drive bays – two 2.5 inches, two 3.5 inches, and two 5.25 inches with a 2.5 inches modular SSD cage

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Corsair Obsidian 350D Micro ATX Case that earned it a spot in our list of best micro-atx case


  • The 350D is a small put-together device and will fit comfortably on a home computer desk or at the office without taking up too much time.
  • The front panel consists of 3.0 USB connectors and easy-to-use audio points too.
  • High quality and excellent craftsmanship can be seen in the design of this case which you will note in the unboxing of the case.
  • Very roomy and chambers for all components needed to build
  • The good ventilation system and airflow keep the system cool even after a long working period
  • The product dimension is 17 by 8 by 17 inches weighing a little over 13 pounds and has a maximum GOU length of 15 inches and CPU cooler length of 160mm
  • Compatible with micro ATX motherboard
  • Cable management is extraordinaire on the Obsidian 350D


  • Limited HDD space
  • A very heavy case for a micro ATX
Final Verdict:-

Aside from the weight and lack of HDD space, the Corsair Obsidian 350D is your best bet for a build if you want space, excellent expansion, performance, functionality, and appeal. It also comes with a 2 years warranty giving you ample time to enjoy your build and case.

Best Micro ATX Case: What To Consider 

With many Micro ATXs on the market, we have brought what we consider the best after testing. However, the build and purpose should dictate the type of case, brand, and choice of case.

Remember that failing to adhere to certain important factors in picking the right case will be detrimental to your build. You might also lack the space to insert the motherboard or other components that aid the smooth running of the system.

Size:- the size matters in the build you are going for. So your first line of action should be – will this micro ATX support and contain all the components of my build? Is there enough support and a spot for my graphics cards? Is there space for the cooling system of choice, etc?

These should all be considered, or you might have a case you won’t use.

The Cooling systems:- this can’t be avoided; the heat generated from computer components can be overlooked. The only way to ensure your system stays functional is through a constant and effective cooling process.

Some cases come with 120mm, 140mm, or larger pre-install cooling fans but also have space for an additional cooling fan. Considering your finished build, find one with good cooler support, radiators, and extra fans.

GPU Clearance:– every unit needs a graphics card to function at some point. Whether using the case for the regular computer function or building a game, how much graphics space is paramount.

Cheaper versions are good but might be limited on GPU storage space to fit the graphic length. So choose wisely.

Drive Bays:- most drive bays only have the 3.5 and 2.5 inches in them, although most cases shy away from including these parts; some still provide one 5.25 inches drive bay. So depending on what you need the space for, check if the case comes with a 5.25 inches drive bay.

Budget:- the Micro ATX cases listed here range from under 100 dollars to more than 100 dollars. However, your build should determine the price of the case. It will not make sense to use a cheap case to build a 500 dollars PC.

We are not saying you can’t, but a good balance of quality and cost should be attained in all you do.

The Performance:- Micro ATXs are very popular, especially among gamers and developers of computer programs. So it is natural to look for one with superb performance and loaded with amazing tech options when making a choice.

Remember, though, that the more tech option it has, the more cooling option you need to balance the interior and deliver top performance always.

The Design: from tempered glass to a steel frame, plastic, or a mix of materials, micro ATXs come in different designs to suit your build.

If you want to see inside your build, tempered glass will do just fine. They come in all shapes – cube, slim and sleek, custom build, etc.

Have this in mind, and you can be sure of getting the right case for your next project.

So this is our list of the best micro ATX cases to use for a gaming PC or otherwise. There could be more as the market is flooded with them, but above are some of the best now.

FAQs on Best Micro ATX Case

Below are a couple of queries everyone expects to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What are good Micro-ATX cases?

The top picks for Micro-ATX cases include Lian Li 205M, Thermaltake Level 20 VT, Phanteks EVOLV mATX, Thermaltake S100, etc.

What is the best Micro ATX case for airflow?

Good airflow can help achieve quality performance even with a not-so-powerful PC. The Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh RGB case is among the best because of its stacked features. However, there are plenty of options.

Is a Micro-ATX build worth it?

A micro-ATX motherboard is the best bet if you want to build a budget-friendly gaming PC. This is because no other component apart from the processor, graphics card, and memory will impact the in-game performance.

Are Micro-ATX boards good?

Micro-ATX motherboards efficiently save space and are less expensive than full-sized ATX boards. However, the smaller boards come with fewer PCle slots and even one in specific models.

Can microATX fit mid-tower?

Yes, it is possible. The mounting holes are the same on the mATX board and ATX board. The numbers are less because of the board size.

Can an ATX case fit a micro ATX?

microATX was designed for backward compatibility with ATX. The microATX mounting points are a subset of the full-sized ATX boards. Therefore, the microATX motherboards can be used in full-sized ATX cases.

What is the coldest PC case?

Some cool cases for temperature control are Lian Li Lancool II Mesh, Fractal Design Meshify, Corsair 400D Airflow, Lian Li O11 Air Mini, Phanteks Eclipse P360A, etc.

What case has the best Airflow?

The best Airflow PC cases are Lian Li Lancool II Mesh, Phanteks P300A, Phanteks P500A Digital, SSUPD Meshlicious, Fractal Design Torrent, etc.

Are NZXT cases good for Airflow?

The NZXT standard H510 has a solid front panel with small side air vents. The latest one puts the airflow front and center for building a high-performance PC with powerful components.

Is Micro-ATX OK for gaming?

Micro-ATK can be an excellent fit for the budget-gamers. Gamers with a small CPU cabinet no so high requirements can integrate this well.


We have helped you narrow down your choices, and hopefully, you can be at ease when choosing one. Whether you want the world to see you flash your lights as you work or looking for something more quiet and smooth on the hand, there is something for everyone who loves to build a PC.

If your best micro ATX isn’t here, please let us know which and why; we would love to hear from you now. We gladly await any suggestions or other comments or products we might have missed; please leave a comment in the comment section.

With over 15 years of experience as a tech author, Syed Balal Rumy is a seasoned expert in the field. He has authored numerous books and articles on a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Syed ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to readers has earned him a reputation as a go-to author for tech enthusiasts.