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7 Best Monitors For Sim Racing To Speed Up Your Game

If you are a professional gamer, you would know the importance of having good monitors. You want a monitor that offers you crisp images and quick responses. This way, you know that the racing performance is not affected.  

The same can be said about sim racing. It is considered a popular form of gaming on the PC. Racing on responsive monitors that provide you with stunning images is crucial. However, they need to be affordable and should have mounting features.  

This aspect is vital for setting up the multi-monitor display in your home or gaming room. Today, we will discuss some of the best monitors for sim racing. It can be challenging to choose a monitor when you have so many models in the market to choose from.  

The monitors come in every price point and size suitable for your requirements. Gaming units have several shapes and come in many different sizes for you to choose from. That is because the makers provide consumers with a barrage of options.  

In a sense, you have a large monitor of 45″, then there is a medium size of 35″, and so on. You can even find monitors around the 20″ category, which might not suit gaming. You see, gaming needs an immersive experience.  

It would help to have monitors that could absorb you into the game. Hence, we recommend that you opt for curved monitors. As we have said, we have done our best to include monitors that come in different shapes & sizes.  

This way, you won’t feel left out. From our research, we found that it is a very competitive industry. What is ruling the market today is gone tomorrow. It is that competitive. Most of the makers produce spectacular products that are infused with sublime specifications in them.  

Depending on the kind of monitor you choose for your sim racing will positively impact your racing.

Some of you might consider using virtual reality or VR, and in this case, we do not have to implicate how crucial using a top-notch monitor is for your gaming performance.  

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The Best Monitors For sim racing – Buying guide 

Below are vital pointers you need to know when choosing the best monitors for sim racing.  


The first thing to know would be the size of the monitor. You want to use a monitor to help you interact well and provide an immersive experience. Hence, we recommend you opt for a large 35″ -40″ monitor.  


The monitor’s resolution is the second aspect you would want to consider. Based on the resolution, the quality of the pictures would be. You want stunning image quality. You may wish to make use of a Full HD and QHD.  

Refresh rate:-

The refresh rate of the monitor is another thing that you would want to take into consideration. The model must come with 75Hz or higher when you want stunning gameplay. You can select a maximum of 144Hz for an opulent gaming session.  


The connectivity of the monitors is another aspect that you would want to note. Its connectivity features ensure you can connect with several external devices.

They could be PCs, laptops, PS4, Xbox, or smartphones. It should come with DVI-D ports, Display ports, HDMI ports & USB-C cables.  

Monitor stands and mounts:-

Since we are talking about sim racing, you will need a 3-monitor setup. If so, you may want to have the monitor stands embedded. They come in different sizes, so you should select a stand with the right height. 

Price of the monitor:-

The best monitors for sim racing come within the price range of more than $300. When you are willing to spend more, you can select a unit priced above $500.

It also depends on the monitor size you plan on getting for yourself. We encourage you to go for the 45″ if possible, as it can immensely enhance your gaming capabilities.  

Best Monitors For Sim Racing – Our Top Pick👌

Below are some of the best monitors for sim racing. Our research team has done their best in choosing them for you. We have read many reviews, viewed several product descriptions, and reviewed many users’ feedback before compiling the model list.  

We have gone a step further and offered you a buying guide. You can also find the FAQs and our top recommendations at the end of the review.

With that, you can decide on the monitor you intend to buy for your gaming session.  

1. Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ

For avid sim racers, the Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ stands out as a top choice for the “Best Monitor for Sim Racing” title.

With its massive 49-inch curved screen, 144Hz refresh rate, dual full HD resolution, and HDR, this monitor offers immersive and detailed visuals.

7 Best Monitors For Sim Racing To Speed Up Your Game
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Additionally, its Eye Care technology reduces eye strain during extended gaming sessions. The Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ also supports FreeSync technology, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering for a smooth gaming experience.

Overall, the Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ offers speed, size, detail, and comfort that take sim racing to the next level. Don’t settle for less – get the Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ today!


  • Large 49-inch curved screen for the immersive gaming experience
  • 144Hz refresh rate provides smooth and lag-free gameplay
  • Dual full HD resolution and HDR offer detailed and vibrant visuals
  • Eye Care technology reduces eye strain during long gaming sessions
  • FreeSync technology eliminates screen tearing and stuttering


  • The size and curvature of the screen may not be ideal for all users or gaming setups.
  • The high resolution and refresh rate may require a powerful computer to run smoothly.
  • The monitor may be expensive for some budgets.
  • Some users may prefer a different brand or model based on personal preferences and needs.
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2. SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90

The SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor is our first unit on the list. The South Korean company has made waves in almost all electronic market segments.  

They have subdued the customers, who are loyal to the brand. That is because of the abundant features that come with their products.

One of the flagship models in the monitor segment would easily be this 49″ CHG90 curved unit.  

Best Monitors For Sim Racing
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As we said in the review, curved monitors can always give you an immersive experience. You can enjoy what you do and see. It could be the best monitor for sim racing, gaming, and entertainment.  

Perhaps, users have commended this unit because of that. Not to mention, several professionals swear by this model. Keeping in mind, it comes primarily; there is no requirement for you to use the 3-setup monitors.  

The monitor is ultra-wide, providing you with spectacular images. This will be your ideal option if you are a gamer who often gets fatigued and fed up with those motion blur. The refresh rate is 144Hz, meaning that you get amazing videos.  

Likewise, response time is very quick at 1 ms. There are also control features and intense color accuracy. You will be delighted that it comes embedded with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. 

Besides, the monitor can be mounted on the stand if you want. They have provided you with an ergonomic stand to make things very simple. We would not suggest mounting it on a wall, but you can do that if you want, as it is VESA-compatible.  

It is priced at less than $1101. The price point makes it one of the most expensive monitors on our list.

But it comes seasoned with outstanding features like a curved monitor, control features for color accuracy, and quicker refresh rate and response that are too hard to resist.  


  • The unit is an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor. 
  • The mode has Quantum Dot technology that delivers a billion shades of accurate color. 
  • It has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) to improvise dark and bright areas. 
  • It comes infused with AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology. 
  • The 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) provides no motion blur. 
  • 27 or 32-inch monitor for sim racing


  • It was costly and priced under $1150. 

The SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor is an expensive model. It is an ultra-wide 49-inch monitor, having Quantum Dot technology that delivers a billion shades of accurate color. Also, you can find that it has High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.  

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3. Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved Monitor 

The Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved 34″ UltraWide QHD Monitor is next on our list. Acer has cemented its name in the electronic market. They have manufactured several incredible products for users and have a large fan following throughout the globe.  

The Predator Gaming X34 has abundant features, offering stunning performance and style. It comes with a 21:9 aspect ratio. This model is a 34″ monitor infused with QHD and has a 1900R curved widescreen IPS display. 

Best Monitors For Sim Racing 1
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It has the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to ensure the screen does not tear. This feature provides clear images and, more importantly, immersive viewing. With a refresh rate of 100Hz, you can be assured of pristine pictures.  

 The response time is 4ms, meaning you can get stunning picture quality. It also comes with Acer VisionCare technology, allowing you to view images with exceptional clarity. It has many connectivity options: USB 3.0, a display, and HDMI.  

It has a zero-frame design, unlike what you can find in traditional monitors. The frames are not thick and slim in design, not taking up the screen space. Now, you can get edge-to-edge viewing capability.  

It comes with the ColorPlus technology with a 100% sRGB gamut. Combining this with the 6-axis color adjustment & IPS technology, the pictures are immaculate for sim racing.  

The curved monitor is ideal for immersive viewing, movies, and gaming. The unit has a 21:9 aspect ratio and two 7W speakers for providing eloquent audio. With the blue light filter, you know that the pictures offered to you are fantastic.  

It is priced at less than $800. The price point is quite reasonable, unlike what we saw in the Samsung model. Yes, that was a massive 49″ monitor, unlike here, which is a 34″ monitor. However, as you read, the unit has a wide range of rare specifications.  


  • This model has a curved widescreen IPS display. 
  • The unit comes with NVIDIA G SYNC technology. 
  • It has a refresh rate of 100Hz, offering an intense picture.  
  • It comes with a massive array of ports for compatibility.  
  • The package has a display port, HDMI, and USB cables. 


  • Lack of a manual to access the VESA 100×100 mount on the back. 

Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved 34″ UltraWide QHD Monitor is a better product than the earlier Acer XB270HU as their build quality, and features feel excellent.

The plastic on the body is much more robust, and the backlight bleed is lesser. The button combination and the audio quality are terrific on this unit.  

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4. LG 34GL750-B 34 Inch Ultragear Curved Monitor

LG 34GL750-B 34 Inch Ultragear Curved IPS G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor is a stunning model from the manufacturer. You cannot have a list of monitors with LG.

Let us read to find out.  

This model has a 34″ monitor that is ultra-wide 21: 9 infused with Full HD and an IPS display. It is also G-Sync compatible. The model has a massive 144 Hertz refresh rate and 1 ms motion blur reduction. 

Best Monitors For Sim Racing 2
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You can be assured of clear images most suitable for gaming & entertainment purposes. Besides, you would be glad to know it is also HDR10 compatible. With the Adaptive-Sync technology, you can view breathtaking pictures from the unit. 

The monitor also has a borderless design that helps you watch the images on the complete design of the model. You can do so when you want to use the stand because it has a height-adjustable stand.  

It comes with a 1-year warranty on the labor & parts. Whether you decide to use this model for gaming or entertainment, it won’t disappoint you. It can also work as your home theatre if you want; that is a win-win situation for all of you.  

It is priced at less than $450. As you can see, the price point is extremely cheap and affordable. It comes pretty much less than our recommended price range of $500. This model is a steal if you ask us.  


  • The unit is quite sleek and compact.  
  • The monitor has a borderless design. 
  • It comes with the anticipated 144 Hertz refresh rate & 1ms motion blur reduction. 
  • It has the G Sync compatible feature.  
  • The product has a height-adjustable stand. 


  • Users have complained about screen tears.  

The LG 34GL750-B 34 Inch Ultragear Curved IPS G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor is ideal for gaming & entertainment.

Users have noticed a massive difference when viewing the games on the HDR and 114Hz, 1ms motion blur reduction, and adaptive sync technology. 

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5. AOC CU34G2X 34″ – Budget sim racing monitor

AOC CU34G2X 34″ Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor is from a top-rated manufacturer in America. The producer manufactures stupendous products for affordable rates.

The unit provides you with a fantastic immersive experience. Users can make use of the 3-monitor setup using this unit. It provides clear pictures similar to real life when you look at them.  

7 Best Monitors For Sim Racing To Speed Up Your Game
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Besides, it is VESA compatible and has a bezel-less monitor. This model is a 34″ monitor that is ultra-wide frameless, not have external components. Users have felt that the size is just right for sim gaming because of the QHD resolution.  

Admittedly, the price point is ideal for having a 3-monitor setup. It comes with a 100mm VESA mount. The mounting enables you to have the proper setup. It has a decent refresh rate of 144Hz, offering you the kind of images you would need for gaming.  

It also has VRR adaptive sync technology that reduces the image tearing that can occur frequently. With a low response time, you can now seamlessly track the movement on the screen. It makes use of the VA panel technology ideal for curved monitors.  

There are 2 Display ports & HDMI ports. It is significant for setting up three monitors. Now, consumers can connect with the devices effortlessly. Not to mention, you can find that there are several USB ports for external devices. 

Finally, you may consider this AOC product because of the 3-year warranty. This feature is crucial for any product. Only a manufacturer who trusts their product gives this kind of warranty on it.  

It is priced at less than $460. The price point is quite affordable. It comes under our recommended price point of $500. The features, too, are quite decent.

You have a high-performance monitor with a solid construction, a high-resolution screen, and abundant image quality features.  


  • The unit is robust and has exceptional construction.  
  • The model is an ultrawide, high-resolution screen. 
  • It comes with a smooth image quality feature.  
  • It is most suitable for setting multi-monitor configurations. 
  • The monitor comes with several connectivity ports. 


  • The monitor has a wider bezel than other units.  

The AOC CU34G2X 34″ Curved Frameless Immersive Gaming Monitor unit has an excellent build with an ultrawide, high-resolution display.

It has a clear image quality feature and an ideal setting for multi-monitor configuration. 

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6. Asus TUF Gaming VG35VQ 35″ Curved HDR Monitor

The Asus TUF Gaming VG35VQ 35″ Curved HDR Monitor is part of the ROG brand. The ROG is part of Asus and specializes in the production & development of products used in the gaming segment.  

You can find their laptops, keyboards, and mice sold. They are doing pretty well and are almost found on most top 5 products in their segments.

That means they have got it right. The same applies to the TUF Gaming VG35VQ 35″ Curved HDR Monitor. 

Best Monitors For Sim Racing 4
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This model is a 35″ curved monitor with the acclaimed 1800R feature. It also has a 21: 9 aspect ratio. You can be sure that the image delivered is genuinely remarkable. The response time and refresh rate are also mind-blowing at 1ms & 100Hz. 

This HDR gaming monitor also comes with adaptive sync offering you a top-notch gaming experience. The Elmb technology on the best monitors for sim racing gives you motion blur reduction. 

It gives you incredible opulent pictures that are free from tears. They also come embedded with the eye care technology from Asus. Now, you can play games for prolonged hours without being concerned about your eyes.  

The unit also comes with an ergonomic stand having height adjustment features. It comes with the swivel setup too. The monitor has the GameVisual & GAME plus functions to help you improve the control and performance of the colors in the unit.  

The monitor has several connectivity ports like the DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI (V2.0) x2, and USB 3.0 x2. A notable feature in this unit would be the shadow boost that improves the details of the images in the dark areas and the quality of the monitor.  

The Asus warranty may not be the best in the industry. They have provided you with the plan to cover the bright and dead pixels for 3-years. It depends on how many pixels do not work.

It is priced at less than $480. The price point is entirely acceptable and within $500. You would be amazed at this unit as it has marvelous features, including 1ms & 100Hz, Elmb technology, and the vibrant eye care technology from Asus. 


  • The model has a large-curved monitor. 
  • The unit’s response time and refresh rate are also mind-blowing at 1ms & 100Hz. 
  • It has adaptive sync that provides stunning image quality.  
  • It comes with the GameVisual & GAME plus functions. 
  • There are several connectivity ports for compatibility with external devices.  


  • Users have an issue with the documentation. 

Asus TUF Gaming VG35VQ 35″ Curved HDR Monitor is an exceptional model. You may want to consider the monitor when looking for a 3-unit setup. There is ample monitor space and tremendous performance, with splendid power.  

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7. BenQ EX3501R – Best ps5 sim racing monitor

The BenQ EX3501R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor is an outstanding unit from BenQ. The maker is known for producing abundant monitors.

This model has stupendous specifications that make it an attractive option for viewers. This model has a 35″ screen. There is a panoramic monitor that has an immersive ultra-wide curved unit.  

7 Best Monitors For Sim Racing To Speed Up Your Game
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It has a 1800R curvature and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. The unit has ultra-slim bezels, meaning you can view the entire monitor without going for a loss. You do not have to worry about your eyes when you are concerned about your eyes.  

That is because it comes infused with eye care for extended play. It also comes with brightness intelligence and a proprietary sensor.

This feature lets you get used to the screen brightness and temperature in the room you plan to use.  

The unit has zero flicker and low blue light, decreasing your eyes’ strain and blurred vision. You do not become fatigued seamlessly. It comes with several ergonomic features, including tilt & height adjustability.  

The refresh rate of 100Hz provides you with breathtaking images on the unit. You can find the AMD-free sync that reduces the tear that happens on the monitor. You can see that the monitor also has HDR technology that removes broken frames.  

Does the monitor come with any flaws at all? The monitor has only a single connectivity feature in USB type C. Though it is sufficient to connect, they could have provided more ports.  

It is priced at less than $960. Yes, the price point is quite steep, almost under $1000. But is the unit worth your money? We can say a resounding yes.

You might consider using it for your sim racing with unique features like 1800R curvature and 21: 9 aspect ratio.  


  • The model has immersive ultra-wide curves. 
  • The unit has a 1800R curvature and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. 
  • It has an ultra-slim bezel providing a good view of the entire model.  
  • It also has tilt & height adjustability features. 
  • The product comes with HDR technology. 


  • The model has a USB-C connectivity option. 

The BenQ EX3501R Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor is second to none model. It has amazing features like immersive ultra-wide curved, 1800R curvature and 21: 9 aspect ratio, and ultra-slim bezels. 

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8. ViewSonic VX3418-2KPC Curved Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic VX3418-2KPC 34 Inch UltraWide WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor is a product from the makers of ViewSonic. They are quite popular all over the world, especially in America. This model is a 34″ WQHD IPS monitor. 

It comes with a 1500R curved design for eloquent images. You can find the 2K resolution. It is one of the best monitors for sim racing.

The model comes with high performance and immense speed, which most gamers require.  

It comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz that can offer you amazing images. You also have the AMD FreeSync premium technology. The stuttering and the tearing of the monitor are immensely reduced.  

This feature is quite helpful for fast-paced action pictures. Viewers will be happy to know it comes with an ultrafast 1ms (MPRT) response time. It can offer you extraordinary screen performance.  

We felt that is the most suitable for 3-monitor setups. The 3-side borderless design offers you maximum viewing ability. There are also connectivity options in the form of an HDMI port & DisplayPort. 

You can now connect to the PC, smartphone, and console. The mounting capability of the monitor is smooth and does not take very long to set up. It has features like swivel, height adjustments, pivot, and VESA compatibility. 

The unit has flicker-free technology and a blue light filter that allows you to view images without causing strain on your eyes. It is priced at less than $450.

The price point of the monitor is suitable as it comes to less than the prescribed amount of $500. It comes with a 3-year coverage and access to the American customer service team in the US. 


  • The unit is a WQHD IPS monitor. 
  • The model has a 1500R curved design for eloquent images. 
  • It comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz. 
  • It has AMD FreeSync premium technology. 
  • There is the ultrafast 1ms (MPRT) response time. 


  • A user pointed out that it comes with backlight bleeding. 

It has features including a WQHD IPS monitor, the 1500R curved design for eloquent images, and a refresh rate of 144Hz. 

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What monitor should I get for sim racing?

The MSI Optix MAG301RF, Philips 241E1SCA, and AOC CU34G2X are good monitors suitable for Sim Racing.

Is a 27-inch monitor good for sim racing?

Yes, 27-inch monitors are sufficient. However, opting for a monitor with at least 32 inches is recommended for an improved experience.

How far should sim racing monitors be?

If you’re using a triple-monitor setup, you set the monitors between 50 cm to 55 cm apart regardless of the distance between you and the setup.

How many Hz is a racing sim?

For Sim Racing, you must opt for a monitor with a high resolution, a 120Hz or higher refresh rate, and a low response time.

Is 60hz good for racing gaming?

No, it’s not enough. It would be best to opt for a 75hz/120hz/144hz display monitor.

Is 32 inches good for sim racing?

Yes, a 32-inch monitor is good for Sim Racing. But you can opt for a larger one if you want a more immersive experience.

Do you need a high refresh rate for racing games?

Yes, it would be best if you had a monitor with a high refresh rate for the best experience.

Why is a field of view important in sim racing?

It is essential for accuracy and depth perception. FOV in Sim Racing is crucial to help in speed judgment since there are no G-forces.

Is flat or curved monitor better for sim racing?

The choice between using a flat or curved monitor for sim racing is subjective and depends on personal preference. Each monitor type has advantages and disadvantages.

Flat monitors have a traditional design and offer consistent viewing angles without the distortion that can occur on curved monitors.

Curved monitors provide a more immersive viewing experience that can benefit sim racing. The curve helps with depth perception and reduces eye strain.

Ultimately, whether to use a flat or curved monitor for sim racing depends on personal preference.

Some prefer the traditional look of a flat monitor, while others enjoy the immersive experience of a curved monitor. Trying out both monitor types can help decide which one works best.

Is 24 inches enough for sim racing?

Whether or not a 24-inch monitor is sufficient for sim racing is a matter of personal preference and depends on the specific game being played.

For some users, a 24-inch monitor can provide adequate immersion and visual detail, especially for games with simpler graphics or gameplay. A smaller monitor can also be more budget-friendly and fit better in a smaller gaming setup.

However, some sim racers may prefer a larger monitor to fully immerse themselves in the game and create a more realistic experience. A larger monitor can also offer more detailed and complex graphics, benefiting certain games.

Ultimately, deciding whether a 24-inch monitor is sufficient for sim racing depends on individual preferences and needs. Trying out different monitor sizes can help determine the best size for you.

What monitor is best for F1 game?

The best monitor for F1 game depends on personal preferences and needs. However, some features should be considered when choosing a monitor for playing F1 games:-

High refresh rate:– F1 games require fast and responsive gameplay, so a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or higher can provide a smoother and more immersive experience.

Low input lag:- A monitor with low input lag can reduce the delay between a player’s action and the on-screen response. This is important in racing games like F1 where split-second decisions can make a difference.

Color accuracy and contrast:- F1 games feature vibrant colors and detailed graphics, so a monitor with accurate colors and contrast can enhance the visual experience.

Size and resolution:- A larger monitor with a higher resolution can provide a more immersive and detailed experience. However, it’s important to ensure that your computer can handle the higher demands of a larger monitor and higher resolution.

ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ, Acer Predator X27, and LG 27GL83A-B are great options for playing F1 games.

These monitors offer high refresh rates, low input lag, accurate colors, and high resolutions, which can provide an immersive and responsive experience for playing F1 games.

What size monitor is best for sim racing?

Monitors ranging from 27-32 inches are suitable for sim racing as they balance size and practicality.

They offer a larger screen that can immerse players in the game while being easily incorporated into most gaming setups.

However, some sim racers may prefer even bigger monitors for a more realistic experience. Monitors that range from 34-49 inches provide an even greater level of immersion.

Still, it’s important to ensure the monitor size fits the gaming setup and that the computer can handle it.

Do you need high FPS for sim racing?

High FPS (frames per second) can enhance sim racing but isn’t always required.

It provides smoother and more responsive gameplay, which benefits racing games like sim racing. A higher FPS allows faster response times to game environment changes, such as turns or obstacles.

The ideal FPS for sim racing varies by individual preference and the game. Some sim racers may prefer a higher FPS for increased immersion, while others may be satisfied with a lower FPS.

Achieving a high FPS can be demanding on computer hardware, requiring a powerful processor, graphics card, and sufficient RAM.

If a computer can’t handle a high FPS, the game’s performance may suffer, and it may not be worth sacrificing other aspects of the gaming experience.

In conclusion, high FPS can enhance sim racing, but it isn’t always necessary. The ideal FPS depends on individual preference and the game. A computer capable of handling a higher FPS is necessary for smoother gameplay.

Is sim racing better on PC or console?

Sim racing enthusiasts often ask whether PC or console is better. The answer depends on personal preference and specific needs. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages.

PCs provide greater customization and flexibility in terms of hardware and software. Racers can upgrade their computer components for better performance and use third-party software to enhance the gameplay experience. PC also provides access to various sim racing titles and mods.

Conversely, consoles offer a more streamlined experience with easy-to-use controllers and a simplified setup. Console gaming can also be more affordable without the need for as much investment in hardware and software as PC gaming.

Both PC and console can provide high-quality graphics and performance. However, PCs usually have more powerful hardware and can offer better performance. Consoles have optimized hardware and software that can provide stable performance.

Whether PC or console is better for sim racing depends on personal preference and needs. Those who value customization and flexibility may prefer PC, while those who prefer simplicity and affordability prefer a console.

Both platforms provide high-quality graphics and performance, making it a matter of personal preference.

What should be the size of the monitor?  

The sim racing depends entirely on the monitor size you are using. You can have a large screen or a medium-sized one. By large monitor, we mean those about 40″. Likewise, the medium-sized monitor is around 30″ and above.  

Your setup will depend on the kind of screen that you end up choosing. Users might consider using a triple monitor for sim racing. You will want to have one thing in mind. That is the distance between you and the screen.  

What monitors do professional gamers use for sim racing? 

Professional gamers play to win tournaments. Besides, their livelihood depends on that. During our research, we found that they mostly prefer using large monitors. Otherwise, they use a 3-monitor setup if their budget allows them. 

The SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor and Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved 34″ UltraWide QHD Monitor are the best monitors for sim racing. Though most of our monitors are in the 34″ category, we highly recommend you use a 45″ or above.  

How do you put triple monitors in sim racing effortlessly? 

It does not have to be that difficult in the first place. You need to ensure that the monitors come with adequate connectivity. They should be able to be compatible with each other. Hence, you might want to choose a similar model & size.  

However, the central monitor is crucial. You can choose a sizable middle unit, and the side models can be smaller. Otherwise, you can opt for a similar size range for all the 3 monitors. Ideal brands include Samsung, Acer, LG, BenQ, ViewSonic, and AOC.  

What is the fastest monitor?

Most monitors we reviewed on this list are good enough for sim racing. However, notable units would be the SAMSUNG 49-Inch CHG90 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor and Acer Predator Gaming X34 Pbmiphzx Curved 34″ UltraWide QHD Monitor. 

 You can consider the monitors for your gaming purpose. There are other monitors too from LG, Asus, and BenQ that we would recommend for their high performance. When you are a professional gamer, these units will do you good.  

What is the price range of the best monitors for sim racing?

The best monitors for sim racing do not have to cost you a lot of money. As we said at the beginning of this post, having a 3-monitor setup is entirely a personal choice. A single large monitor is good enough unless you are a professional gamer.  

However, when you are keen to explore the horizons of sim racing, realistic viewing, and pristine images, then the 3-monitor setup is a must. The price point does not have to exceed $500. But you can consider having monitors for $300-$700.  


We have ended our discussion on some of the best monitors you can use today. Besides, these models are also suitable for other purposes as well. They would be helpful when you plan to design a home theatre or gaming room in your basement. 

We hope you benefited from our informative review of the best monitors for sim racing. As we said, it will be a small investment for a better future in your career, hobby, or entertainment endeavors.  

We can assure you that there is something in the article for you. Whether you opt for the 3-monitor setup or a single unit, there are plenty of options. Please make sure that you read the description, pros & cons, along with their price before embarking on your journey.  

Did you like something that you read in the above post? Then please do let us know all about it. We would be more than happy to hear from you. We want to know about your experience using the best monitors for sim racing and other uses.  

We know that you are better equipped to make the right choice.  

Good luck with your sim racing.