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7 Of The Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022 – Reviewed

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best scooter for 8 year old in 2022. 🤴

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT your average “Buyer’s guide.”

We bought the 17 Scooter For 8-Year-Old and tested all these products based on ease of use, durability, small or large wheels, and scooter design.

And finally, we came to 7 of the best for our readers. 😎

So without further ado, Let’s dive right in. 🎭

Although the eight-year-old child is still in its formative years, this is also the time when they begin to start on some things that a non-infant should do. This includes using a wheeled scooter tool around the house or neighborhood.

However, since they are still young and delicate, it is important only to buy them the ideal recommended scooters that they would most likely be able to push and maneuver easily.

Now, there are quite a several reasons why a scooter is not a bad idea for your eight-year-old. Importantly, such provisions have been proven to help the developing child- both physically and in their mental capacity formation.

For instance, riding about on the scooter is a way of exercise for the child, and scooter ride routines can be pivotal for helping the child develop strong bones and lower body muscles. Asides from this, riding all by themselves is a way of building physical agility and confidence in the child.

Analysts and child health experts say that scooter riding for the eight-year-olds helps open their incline to creativity, everyday exploring, and apt learning tendencies.

This means that early exposure of the kid to an activity like scootering also implies exposure of the child to important qualities and skills that he/she would find useful later in life. With all of these listed advantages and more, the next thing to focus on is finding the best scooter that suits the individual child well.

Note that as useful as every scooter model seems, there are the most appropriate ones, which should be your preferred option when shopping.

Best Scooter For 8 Year Old – Our Top Picks👌

1. Razor A3 Scooter Clear

best scooter for 8 year old
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The Razor A3 scooter is one of the top members on the list of best suitable scooter wheels for kids. It has an attractive design, and the main scooter frames are made of high-quality, long-lasting aircraft-grade aluminum.

The manufacturer’s ingenious easy-to-use idea of the scooter is one of the qualities that makes this model the first choice on the market.

According to the framework appearance, we can say that this product was carefully designed to fit well for use by almost all types of kids within the eighth to ten years age bracket.

The scooter is built to have an ABEC-5 high-speed bearing, implemented by 125mm large urethane wheels. Also, the front and back wheels are remarkably fitted to withstand any possible tedious use.

best scooter for 8 year old
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The front wheel- which acts as the moving propeller, is directly embedded with a high-function shock-absorbing suspension element. This shock-absorbing feature makes the many effects of the rides and stops going easy on the rider.

Other features of the Razor A3, are the rear fender brakes, foldable handlebars- which facilitate easy transport of the scooter from place to place, and the very good wheelie bar.


  • The 125mm large urethane wheels facilitate a smooth ride- irrespective of how rough the ride path may be.
  • The foldable handlebar and stem allow for easy storage of the scooter
  • The attached shock absorber serves as some important precautionary/safety measures.
  • The lightweight nature and flexibility of the scooter allow for easy riding.


  • The brakes have an increased tendency to wear off easily
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2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

best scooter for 8 year old
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The Fuzion Z300 Scooter complete is another product that has made good and ideal scootering possible for kids.

Fuzion has maintained a name for quality products, and the Z300 scooter model confirms this tendency. According to the company, this release has been designed from a collaboration of many expert suggestions and inputs.

Consequently, it is a sort of improvement over previous scooter models of the company, providing improved features like better wheelie grip, and smoother scooter rides, amongst others.

best scooter for 8 year old
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Each Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is approximately 23 × 22 inches in diameter, with a handlebar made of Chromoly steel- the same 22 inches in length.

The wide frontal deck and the entire scooter frame are made of refined aluminum. The wide deck has a measurement of about 4.5 inches, allowing sufficient handgrip and control area for the rider.

Note that both of the product’s wheels are made of polyurethane material, each of which has a dimension of 110mm.

Considering its 9 ABEC scale rating, the scooter can produce the highest speed type in a scooter, making it perfectly fit in our best scooter for 8 year old list.


  • The product is well superb in design and is fit for use by kids that are just growing up.
  • The handlebars are comfortable to the touch and have an extended length that aids in easy riding routines.
  • Great noiseless braking and control system, made up of triad nylon and steel brakes.
  • The Fuzion Z300 Pro scooter remains valid even after the child is well past eight years old.


  • It is relatively more expensive than some other scooter options in its category.
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3. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter

best scooter for 8 year old
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This Razor™ electric scooter is stylishly designed to improve the operation methods of kickstart-operated scooters.

Now, if you’re looking for the best gift for that eight-year-old, you may want to add this item to the list of potential gifts you’re considering.

best scooter for 8 year old
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With this model, riding becomes easier, and the child can have real fun and an avenue for improved reasoning and physical balance.

The powering motor for this electric scooter is a chain-driven electric motor that keeps the scooter moving for as long as it is underuse. Your eight-year-old can run simple errands with this one, as the motor scooter has a remarkable mileage per hour capacity of 15 miles.

Other follow features on the Razor Pocket Mod scooter are an under-seat storage compartment, inbuilt rechargeable batteries that run for up to 10 hours after a full charge, removable kickstand, amongst others. The maximum weight support of the scooter is placed at about 150 pounds.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter that earned it a spot in our list of Best Scooter For 8 Year Old to get in 2022.


  • The machine is a great product, providing you with some real value for money.
  • Its parts and components are easy to assemble and use; hence there is almost no need for a specialist guide before you can put the scooter to use.
  • Great for providing fun
  • A scooter can run for up to a distance of 10 kilometers after a full charge.
  • The Razor electric scooter is designed to carry a high durability tendency, allowing users to enjoy its use for a long period.


  • The scooter is very heavy, weighing over 60 pounds on average. This means it cannot be easily carried (unless driven), from one place to another.
  • The fact that the scooter uses a battery provision means that it would only be used when the battery has a charge.
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4. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter Complete

best scooter for 8 year old
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This scooter has earned itself a place in the heart of enthusiasts because of its simple yet fascinating design and work features. The scooter facilitates fun, speed, and great style, with a high durability incline.

This is because the scooter parts have been made with the best materials, which ensure that they’re not easy to break, wear or tear.

Your eight-year-old kid would hold onto this one like glue because it has been designed to release all the fun associated with this activity.

Unlike many other scooter models made out of aluminum or steel framed materials, the Madd Gear VX7 is carefully crafted out of alloy material.

The implication of this is an extensively remarkably great strength and durability trait. The wheels are a 100mm structure with an alloy core and a urethane rebound.

The adopted brakes are a blitz composed of a 100mm structure. Note that the Madd Gear VX7 scooter is 9 ABEC speed-rated, thus guaranteeing an optimum scooter speed capacity.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter Complete that earned it a spot in our list of Best Scooter For 8 Year Old to get in 2022.


  • Due to the building patterns, the scooter ranks amongst the best options for the child who is just starting to use the machine.
  • The use of alloy material in its build is considered substantial merit over the scooter built with aluminum or steel.
  • They are professionally designed, making it fit all categories of users- whether kids or adults, amateurs or experts.
  • The scooter structure is easily moddable and carried around from place to place.
  • The scooter footpad space is massive to provide enough space for the user’s foot.


  • The durability of the grip tape is not particularly impressive, as it shows tendencies to wear off before long.
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5. Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

7 Of The Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022 - Reviewed
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Do not confuse this product with the Razor E100, as the Razor core E100 is an ingenious improvement to the former. This model is one of the best scooters because it has features only found on a few other scooter models in its category.

All that is needed to get the scooter moving is to ignite at the scooter’s kick start, after which you keep things going using the provided throttle function.

A caliber brake function attaches directly to the front wheel- used for effecting stops to the scooter motion.

7 Of The Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022 - Reviewed
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All of the user control on the motion is passed down basically to the scooter wheels via the connecting cables.

The Razor power core E100 is the perfect scooter provision for your growing kids because it was specifically designed only for that category of users. With a full battery charge, this machine can reach an estimated one hour of active use at a speed of about 11 mph.

There is a retractable kickstand by the lower side of the scooter body, which allows the user to stand the scooter upright- when it isn’t underused. The reasonable foot space is one of the vintage qualities of the product since it enables the user to place feet well and balance on the machine.

However, it is not likely to support so much weight, and only lightweight persons should ideally make use of it- if its durability is to be sustained.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Razor Power Core E100 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022.


  • The Razor Power core E100 comes with an attractive compact design that would readily attract a newcomer.
  • The electric powering motor of the scooter machine is designed to work without a chain operating roadmap. This feature enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine and its powering components.
  • Users of this scooter enjoy an almost total non-maintenance need. This is so because most of the maintenance requiring components on the regular scooter has been reduced and replaced by more efficient parts, which makes it put in our best scooter for 8 year old list.
  • A scooter can travel at about 18km/hr and is controlled by two 12v rechargeable batteries.
  • The product comes with several features that facilitate convenience and overall user comfort.


  • The scooter foot space may be considered comparatively fragile, and only kids with weights within a specific range can be allowed to make use of the machine.
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Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Ride Video
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6. Mongoose Expo Kids Scooter 12” Wheels

7 Of The Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022 - Reviewed
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The Mongoose Expo kids scooter shows remarkable features, which has made it qualify as one of the best scooter products for kids. The frontal wheel bar resembles the BMX bike-style hand brakes, made with caliber alloy.

One notable feature of this top-notch scooter is its 12-inch air-filled wheels- which adds to its tendency to perform like a bicycle. Many analysts and users have commended this addition to a scooter of its category, which consequently confirms the Mongoose™ company’s expertise of many years.

This scooter is particularly useful for pulling stunt tricks on a scooter because of the type of brake rotors and axle pegs on the machine.

Asides from this, this scooter model might have become a buyer’s frequent choice because it can carry a relatively reasonable amount of weight.

According to manufacturer instructions, the scooter would hold up to 220 pounds at a time. Lastly, this is one of the most fashionable scooter bikes of recent times, with only a few other competitors to match it.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Mongoose Expo Kids Scooter 12” Wheels that earned it a spot in our list of Best Scooter For 8 Year Old to get in 2022.


  • The scooter features are designed to facilitate the user’s performance of various stunt tricks.
  • The air-filled wheels give the needed motion to the scooter when you need to move.
  • One of the most fashionable scooters; gives users real value for their monies.
  • The scooter comes with a wide foot space that ensures user balance and added stability when in use.
  • This scooter is suited for more terrains because of its type of wheels and other rugged design inputs.


  • Wheels may need refilling now and then or may be prone to becoming punctured with constant use.
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7. Micro Sprite Kick Scooter

best scooter for 8 year old
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Currently- as far as the best scooter for 8-year-olds is concerned, this Micro Sprite Kick Scooter comes on top of the market. The product offers a lot of scootering service quality; all brought to you at a considerably reasonable price.

It comes with an adjustable neck bar, that can be stretched to a maximum height of 34 inches above the scooter’s lower deck. This makes the scooter suitable for a wider range of persons compared to other products with a definite non-adjustable neck.

All the product’s parts have been made with high-quality materials, guaranteeing users, on average, long-term use of the scooter. The Sprite is suitable for stunt tricks and has a high fun-providing tendency.

Upon purchase, the scooter comes coupled, saving intending users the time that could have been used to assemble the parts together.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Micro Sprite Kick Scooter that earned it a spot in our list of Best Scooter For 8 Year Old in 2022.


  • The product is worth every dime spent on its purchase. It is a good investment for your money.
  • The extendable neck allows the scooter to be usable by multiple users at different times.
  • A two-way retractable kickstand keeps the scooter standing upright- even if it wasn’t used for a long while.
  • Wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane, which facilitates smooth rides.
  • The scooter is lightweight and can be easily transported.


  • The scooter footpad space is not so enormous and may not be ideal for some kids.
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Best Scooter For 8 Year Old: What To Consider

Now, although all scooters may have a fundamentally similar structure and operation framework, there are different types and categories, each of which has peculiar distinguishing features.

Before settling down to invest in a scooter for your eight-year-old, it is important to note the types of scooters and then decide which one best suits the child.

This can be a little challenging for the shopper who knows little or nothing about scooters and their tendencies, hence the need for a guide.

The big question would be, “How do I know which scooter is best for my kid?” Although finding the best kick-start scooter for a child is more tasking than for an adult, several procedures could still be adopted for this.

Some of the things to readily consider when buying a scooter for a kid include the following:

  • How many wheeled scooters are best? Should it be a three-wheeled or a two-wheeled product?

Before making suggestions and recommendations on what scooter type to buy in this category, it is important first to know what each of the two classes looks like.

A two-wheeled scooter product as the name implies, has only two wheels and functions by these two wheels. This means there would be one front wheel and another rear wheel- to make two. These types of scooters are equally as popular as the three-wheeled scooters.

On the other hand, a three-wheeled scooter has three wheels, which are used for the scooter movement. Usually, the distribution of the wheels in this category can be subdivided into two thus: Firstly, the scooter may have only one frontal wheel and two rear wheels. The alternative arrangement is the presence of two frontal wheels and only one rear wheel.

Based on what factors should you then make a choice?

According to scooter design, two-wheeled products are meant for kids that have been able to master their balance and have had some scootering skills or incline already.

With these categories of children, it wouldn’t be any issues maneuvering their way around the place- on the two-wheeled products. Hence, we can almost say that two-wheel scooters are meant for the non-preliminary scootering child.

A child who hasn’t mastered balance, focus, and some little dexterity may not do well with the two-wheeled scooters. If you start that with them, they may injure themselves and probably get discouraged.

However, the three-wheeled scooters are just the best option for preliminary scootering and for kids that have not learned to input balance to the activity.

They may start with the three-wheel scooters because it helps adjust their balance to fit into what is required for every scootering movement.

As soon as they’ve learned the controls and know how to stay focused on the scooter, you may introduce them to using the two-wheeled scooters.

Note that balance on the scooter does not always require some serious prior use or practice. Some kids used the two-wheeled scooter for their first time scootering, and they did just fine.

If you’re not certain what divides your kid falls, you may try them on a borrowed scooter and decide on what option suits them.

  • Should the scooter have large wheels or small wheels?

The decision should be made after considering the child’s body side. Usually, small-wheeled scooters are lighter and easier to push, while large-wheeled scooters are heavier and a little more difficult to push.

If the child has a smaller body size, it is ideal to get them a small-wheeled scooter and a large-wheeled scooter if the child has a larger body size.

Depending on the child’s body development tendencies, you can always change the scooter for a more appropriate one as time goes on.

Essential safety precautions that should be implemented when using the scooter

Since movement is involved when using the scooter, it is important to protect the child from bodily harm that may arise from the activity.

Effecting and ensuring adequate safety precautions during scootering cannot be overemphasized. This is very important for children who are just learning and haven’t mastered the activity.

The following are some of the proven safety precautions that would help protect your child when they go scootering:

  • Make them wear safety helmets suitable for this activity

This is one of the most basic and important safety precautions to adopt when using a scooter.

Injuries to the head could turn out very serious, hence the need to not take undue chances. Scooter helmets are important because they protect the child from head injury when they fall.

More times than not, children had fallen off their scooters- probably when they were still learning or even when they’d become reasonably used to the activity. Additionally, when using helmets, ensure they are well-fitted on the child’s head.

An oversized helmet is almost no good since it can easily come off, if there is a fall.

  • Children should not be allowed to ride on main or busy roads

Just like the vehicles on the road, the scooter is also an innovation with wheels, and really, the child may want to believe this- for all he cares. However, you must understand that the risks of leaving the child to scooter riding on a busy road are extremely high.

This is not advisable, and scooter riding for children at such a tender age must be restricted to places within the very neighborhood- where there are almost zero chances of road/car accidents.

📗 FAQs on Best Scooter For 8 Year Old

Below are a few queries on Best Scooter For 8 Year Old that everyone is expecting to answer and I did include the same for my readers.

Which Razor scooter is best for 8 year old?

1.Razor A3 Scooter Clear 2.Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter 3.Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter

What age is appropriate for a scooter?

Generally, any child who can walk with a steady gait will be able to ride a kick scooter. That means they can start from 2 to 3 years old.

What is a stunt scooter?

Stunt scooter is a specific term for a type of scooter that has essentially been designed for use in the skate parks, or for freestyle stunt tricks.

Are Bigger wheels better on a scooter?

The better the tyre's contact with the ground, the more control the rider will have while riding the scooter.


When the child comes of age and has learned to ride the scooter well, his/her riding skills would be helpful- as they can easily visit their friends or quickly run some errands for you at the nearby street.

Overall, the benefit of learning is theirs, as the attached fun to scooter riding is huge.