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11 Of The Fastest Electric Scooter in 2019 To Zip Around The Town


Christmas is around the corner, and a fastest electric scooter in 2019 as a gift won’t be a bad idea for a nephew or funky niece or your big brother to ease his transportation to work, and it will definitely save him a couple of bucks too.

If you are keen on reducing your carbon footprint on the planet but want to enjoy a ride that is fun, comfortable, convenient and fast, then the electric scooter is it.

fastest electric scooter
Go Eco-Friendly with these powerful electric scooters

This little gadget is fun, looks fun and the speed on wheels is dope, well at least for you. The innovations in batteries and the electric motor combination couldn’t be better put together than in an electric scooter.

Zipping through the city streets without care for traffic and the wind blowing through your hair is the thrill of being on one. These fast electric scooter bring out the child in you.

Whether you are riding it standing or sitting, the feel is the same. They are easier to ride than a car or a motorized skateboard. Asides that, they can be parked anywhere, and driven anywhere allowing you to maneuver around pedestrians with ease, and they are a lot cheaper than buying a car. If you can steer, you will love an electric scooter.

Here is the List of Top 13 Fastest Electric Scooter To Buy in 2019

1. NANROBOT LS7 11Inches Pneumatic 

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 3600W

Speed: 52 Mph

Mileage: 56 miles

Battery capacity: 60 Volts with a 35 Ampere Lithium batteries

Charge Time: 5 hours

We can’t mention electric scooter and fast in one sentence without the NANBOBOT LS7.

This is the faster two-wheeler electric scooter for 2019, no doubt. And if fast is your thing, embrace yourself as this scooter will give you the ride of your life and have you tearing up because of the excitement.

The scooter has a total power of 3600W produced by tow individual high-speed motor producing an equal power of 1800W each giving the rider lighting speed of over 50 miles per hour with enough power to glide through any terrain and height.

The NANROBOT LS7 has equally powerful 60 volts, 35 Amp lithium batteries that charges for 5 hours and with the full charge can take you a distance of 56 miles.

Except you are riding non-stop the whole day, the NANROBOT LS7 will take you through the day and back home without another charge.

At a weight of about 94 lbs. this scooter can comfortably carry 330 lbs. without affecting the speed or mechanics. This dual-engine machine also comes with a dual suspension – front and rear to handle all terrains without stress.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the NANROBOT LS7 11Inches Pneumatic.


  • It comes with an emergency brake system that stops the scooter faster than some cars
  • For a scooter with this entire feature, the NANROBOT LS7 is feather light
  • The best and fastest electric scooter for any speed lover without a doubt
  • It folds easily without any problems and it is IP6 waterproof
  • It comes with a USB port for charging your mobile devices on the go.


  • Unlike other electric scooters, you can’t carry the LS7 for long on your hand.
  • The price is eye-popping expensive.
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2. The QIEWA Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 800 Watt

Speed: 55 kph

Mileage: 100 kilometer

Battery capacity: 48 Volts with 26 Ampere Lithium Battery

Charge time: very fast

This fast electric scooter is from the Taiwanese company Qiewa and has excellent build from high strength aluminum metal with features that will never make you miss your car.

At a weight of 60 lbs., the Qiewa is capable of carrying a weight of 550 lbs without compromise and ever better maintaining its speed and agility.

The 800 Watts motor, 26Ampere, and 48 volts battery powers the Qiewa electric scooter to an amazing speed of 55 kph effortlessly.

The scooter also comes with a dual shock absorber guaranteeing that all potholes feel like smooth surface. The IP6 waterproof feature and the 10-inch pneumatic tire ensure that your journey is smooth under the rain except you might get wet.

Some features that make the electric scooter road worthy are the dual brake system (front and rear of the tires), LED lightings (head and tail lights), a sidelight, a horn, an alarm system, and a keyless remote start system.

Furthermore, the Qiewa electric scooter provides the option of adding a removable seat for a more comfortable ride.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The QIEWA Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter.


  • It takes 25 seconds to fold the scooter
  • It is sturdy, durable, and very beautiful design
  • It comes with a USB port to charge your mobile devices
  • It has both front and back disc brakes and shock absorbers
  • It comes with a strong aluminum steel chassis
  • Qiewa is built for speed and has excellent features to match


  • It is expensive
  • The stated speed might differ when purchase but you should get almost 40 mph on this electric scooter.
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3. The NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 2000 Watts

Speed: 40 mph

Mileage: 50 miles ranges

Battery capacity: 52 Volts with 26-ampere lithium ion battery

Charge time: 3 hours

Another super duper product from NanRobot, the D5+ is fast, and if you are up for exhilarating speed, nothing beats this fast electric scooter for adults.

The 52 volts 26-ampere battery is powered by two individual brushless electric motors of 1000 watts each to propel you to a heart-wrenching speed of 40 mph effortlessly.

With a super fast charge of just 3 hours and a 50 miles range, the battery on the NanRobot will drive you throughout the day without stop.

The double motor makes the NanRobot D5+ capable of riding dirt road or any terrain easily. The 10-inch huge pneumatic tires with front and rear suspension provide an extra safety feel on this scooter.

Additional features are the dual brake system with emergency brakes stopping you just in time; no questions asked. The D5+ comes with front, rear, and side LED lights for night riders with an eardrum-bursting alarm system to ensure your scooter is safe away from you.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the The The NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter.


  • At a weight of 70lbs. the D5+ can comfortably carry a 330 lbs
  • Its compact fold allows for easy storage and space consumption
  • It is a great electric scooter on and off road
  • It has a very fast charging time
  • It has a hand brake too


  • It is very heavy to carry along
  • It is very expensive
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4. The E-Drift UH –ES295.2.0 Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 2000 Watts

Speed: 30 mph

Battery capacity: 60 volts, 20 or 30-ampere battery

Mileage: 40 miles

Charge time: 5-6 hours


We couldn’t talk about best electric scooter without mentioning the godfather of American bikes, Harley Davidson. So if you are in the market for speed, stability, and finesse, the E-Drift UH- ES295.2.0 is your best bet.

The E-drift fat tire 2000 watts power with comes with a 20 or 30-ampere option battery with a 60 volts motor to power the scooter to smooth speed of 30 mph. at 150 lbs, the E-drift fat tire can carry up to 350 lbs.

with the rider being very comfortable on short or long rides. This electric scooter has an easy control system and flows with your body’s natural movement making the ride a smoother one synonymous with the Harley Davidson.

The fat tire comes with a rugged braking system with dual hand-operated hydraulics for an even smoother stop every time. The E-Drift fat tire laid-back design allows for a comfortable ride with a shock absorber system that soaks up even bump ensuring that the ride is flawless and effortless.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The E-Drift UH –ES295.2.0 Electric Scooter.


  • You have a battery choice of 20 amperes or 30 ampere
  • The fat tire gives it a unique and comfortable feel
  • A smooth and natural scooter for first times
  • Easy to ride without too much coaching
  • The excellent shock absorption system
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Good traction on tires


  • It is expensive
  • It is very bulky
  • Some customers think the tire could be fatter
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 5. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter:- Fastest Electric Scooter With Seat

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 500 watts

Speed: 18 mph

Mileage: 10 miles

Battery capacity 36 volts – three 12volts sealed lead acid batteries

Battery duration: 12 hours

A great gift for your child for their first personal mobile ride, the 500W and 36 volts power powers the scooter just enough to get you to your destination without injuries and definitely following all road rules and regulations.

The Razor EcoSmart scooter is chain driven with a high torque come to 16-inch pneumatic tires with cushioned seat for a comfortable ride every time.

At a weight of 67 lbs. the Razor electric scooter can seat a body weight of 220 lbs. most of the electric scooter’s parts are made from recyclable materials like the bamboo deck.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter.


  • A great scooter for teenagers and the elderly
  • It comes with a hand grip-twist acceleration control and brakes
  • It comes with a removable rear carriage rack
  • It has a steady speed which makes it a great electric scooter for the elderly
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty with all assembly tools and battery in a full pack
  • Great commuter scooter for fast electric scooter for adults


  • The speed is not for thrill seekers or sports
  • The mileage is too short
  • The battery charge time is too long
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6. The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 250 Watts

Speed: 15 mph

Mileage: 15 miles

Battery capacity: 36 Volts with 6.6-ampere lithium battery

Charge time: 3.25 hours

For commuters looking to move around the city with ease, then the Glion Electric scooter for adults is the best for you.

The 6.6 lithium battery is a large cell of 18650, and a 30 Sony nmc makes this scooter the biggest one on the market with excellent speed rate for going through the day.

The 250 watts is extremely quiet, and even though the scooter doesn’t cost much it has an excellent feature that makes it stand out as one of the fastest.

At a top speed of 15 mph, the Glion Dolly can travel over hundreds of miles and packs well in a suitcase to ease the weight on the hands. The Glion Dolly offers smooth mobility with the brakes located in the motor.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter.


  • It is well-built and durable
  • Possess great features for a scooter of this price
  • Comes with a roller case that allows you to drag it along when folded
  • The battery pack charges fast and last longer
  • It has zero maintenance and great for easy commuting around the city
  • It can carry a weight of 225 lbs.


  • Some feel the speed is too slow
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7. The Ford OJO Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 500 Watts

Speed: 20 mph

Mileage: 25 miles

Battery capacity: 110 volts, single lithium battery


This electric scooter is a combination of the ideas of two tech giants – Ford, and OJO and it’s a glimpse of what the future can be for humans and transportation.

Designed with the rider in mind, the Ford OJO is powered by a 500Watts hub motors with 110 volts, single lithium battery to propel the scooter at speeds of 20 mph, and up to 25 miles.

The OJO is a powerful name in the world of the electric scooter, but with Ford, they have taken electric scooters up a notch. The 65 lbs machine has an onboard charger that allows you to charge your scooter from a regular wall socket at home or at the office.

Other features on this scooter are the full aluminum chassis which is waterproof, a front, and rear suspension disc brakes with head, back, and side lights for night riders.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Ford OJO Electric Scooter.


  • It comes with a horn to get pedestrian out the way
  • A USB port for charging your device on the go
  • Two waterproof speakers to listen to music
  • It is environmentally friendly and a free fun ride every time
  • It comes in a beautiful hot orange color


  • It is very pricey for the common rider
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8. The UberScoot Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 1600 Watts

Speed: 30 mph

Mileage: 12 miles with the stock set up

Battery capacity: 4 x 12 volts lithium battery

The UberScoot electric scooter is the most powerfully built scooter for carrying people and baggage and we must say it’s a fast electric scooter for adults.

The 1600 watts motor combines with the 48 volts charge from the battery to produce a smooth sailing speed of up to 30 mph o any terrain and slope height.

From a distance, the chubby tires look like those of a dirt bike at a whopping 12 inches in diameter. Specifically designed for weight and long distance, the UberScoot is not your average electric scooter.

It comes with an economode button that allows you conserve charge and cover the extra distance with front and rear lights for people that ride at night.

With an upgrade in the battery capacity, the UberScoot have recorded speeds of up to 4o mph without ant fear of falling or slipping. Listed as one of the fastest electric scooters in 2019, these machines sure lives up to its name and design for the price it is going for.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The UberScoot Electric Scooter.


  • It comes with adjustable seating for extra comfort and convenience
  • It is lightweight with great speed that can be amped with a battery upgrade
  • A powerful piece of machinery to carry weighty things
  • It comes with 12 inches pneumatic tires for even weight distribution
  • Removable and adjustable seat
  • As with other scooters, it is equipped with front and back brakes and lights
  • It comes with a two-speed mode namely the turbo and economode.


  • It is expensive.
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9. Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 250 watts

Speed: 15.5 mph


Mileage: 12miles

Battery capacity: 36 volts

Charge time: 4 hours

The GXL is the ultimate design in commuting scooter with a portable and durable design and frame to gently guide you through the streets to your destination and can hold a weight of up to 220 lbs.

the 250 watts and 36-volt battery provide enough power to carry the scooter to a top speed of over 15 mph and 12 miles with a fully charged battery.

The 8.5-inch pneumatic tires come with a front and rear braking system with an excellent shock absorber to make even the most obvious of bumps feel smooth.

It also comes with two gear choices, LED lights for night driving, a speedometer to keep speeds in check and an easy fold and storage system when not in use.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter.


  • Portable design and easy to carry everywhere
  • The simple, sleek and adorable shape and look
  • Great for students and workers
  • Easy to fold and keep away
  • Enhanced motor and battery for good speed and distance
  • Safe and secure leg rest
  • Battery indicator signal to tell you when to charge it


  • Consumers doubt the durability
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10. NanRobot D4 Electric Scooter

fastest electric scooter
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Power: 2000 watts

Speed: 40 mph

Mileage: 45 miles

Battery capacity:  52 volts with a 23 Ampere lithium battery

Charge time: 3 hours tops

The NanRobot D4+ is not really different from its cousins but for speed it trumps them.

The machine comes with 2 independent motors located on each side of the scooter with 52 volts and 23-ampere battery to move you effortlessly through the street up to speeds of 40 mph and with 10 inches pneumatic tires, you are guaranteed of a smooth and safe ride to and from your destination.

With a charge of 3 hours, the D4 covers a distance of 45 miles enough to get you through the day with worry about your battery draining.

Terrain types or steep slopes are nothing for the D4 as it will scale through any terrain with its tire, great shock absorbers, and excellent brake system at the rear and front to keep you safe. Riding on the D4 is like skating – effortless and natural. It just flows with the rider.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of NanRobot D4 Electric Scooter.


  • Premium quality brake pads for instant stops
  • 10 inches pneumatic tires built for cruising or sports on any terrain and great traction on smooth surfaces
  • Folding and unfolding of the scooter in a matter of seconds
  • Twist and grip acceleration handle increases the convenience of this scooters and safety system
  • Excellent shock absorption system for a smooth ride every time
  • Fastest battery charge time
  • Long battery life that can take you throughout the day without another charge needed
  • Can carry a weight of 330 lbs
  • It has a USB charging port for your mobile devices


  • It is expensive
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Precaution when riding a scooter

Although riding an electric scooter doesn’t require a license, it will help to know that there are set speed limits in different states and the rules for riding one are to ALWAYS have a helmet on your head.

Factors that can hinder the performance level of an electric scooter?

The electric scooter built for a certain weight range and style, some are like motorbikes while others are just a few inches above the ground. Some factors that can hinder the performance of your scooter are:

Overloading: each design and brand of electric scooter come with the average weight that t cam carry and whether you weigh lower or not, it is paramount to avoid exceeding the manufacturer stated weight else you damage the scooter and hinder it from performing to its peak.

Tires not gauged: as with all things mobile, under pressure tire means that the battery and motor of the scooter are working harder to move your weight along. This singular act damages the tires reduces the longevity of the battery and destroys the motor in the process. If you feel the scooter working forcefully, check the gauge of your tires.

Avoid riding a steep or slope: even though some electric scooter is built for slopes, their durability is extensive when ridden on a smooth and straight plain. Slope and hill place too much pressure in the mechanics of the scooter depreciating the lifespan over time.

Rough riding: a scooter is a mobile transport mode and just like a car, rough riding with killing it faster than anything else, if you like rough, takes to a profession ad choice the one designed for such circumstances.

Improper storage: the lithium battery of the scooter is not made to seat in hot areas, ensure that your scooter is kept in a well-aerated place away from the sun or excessive rain too.

Why are Electric Scooters a Favorite mode of Transportation?

The demographic for electric scooters range from kids, teenagers, young adults, careers people, extreme fun people and elderly that feel you at heart and from the businessman riding down in his suit to the Japanese teenager thinking he/she can control the world on it, the electric scooters is not yesterday’s invention.

In fact, the story of how the electric scooter came to be is a pinpoint story from it made in Germany, to the Taiwanese man that developed the electric scooter to aid him from walking, to the Japanese businessman that added to the old designed scooter and so forth.

However, whether the history adds up or not, scooters have come a very long way; from the days of lovebirds enjoying a romantic time driving through the streets of Italy in movies, to the latest innovation that is super light allowing kids to perform daredevil flips and stunts and the young man that wants to get the work with getting held in traffic, scooters are everything you want.

How Fast Do Scooters Go?

Even though you might be tempted to ride at the speed of light, you can’t beat the set speed that the manufacturer has set it to.

The speed limit of the electric scooter depends on the design and the manufacturer but it also depends on who is riding on it.

The speed limit on the electric scooter for kids is limited and stays in the range of 15 to 18 mph to reduce the risk of injuries during a fall or slip.

The speed limits in most states are 20 mph or 32 kph but these machines can reach speeds of 55 mph or 90kph and require the rider have a helmet on for preventive measures during a fall.

Electric scooters are designed for transportation and even though the thrill is intoxicating, they are a real danger if mishandled.

The impaired among us are also catered for with their own kind of scooter with a much lesser speed limit.

However, some people with the technical and mechanical know-how of how to motorize and electricity relate can modify the speed limits on their electric scooter by modifying the size of the electric motor but to be clear, modifying means you are not liable to the warranty set by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide for the Fastest Electric Scooter in the world in 2019

The cost:-

Scooters are pretty pricey and if you are planning to go into scooter collecting or having fun with them, there are some things to know before you begin and a good electric scooter is hard to find. So what are the factors that determine the cost of the fun machine?

The cheaper the electric scooter the higher the likelihood that it won’t have the speed that makes people enjoys a ride on the scooter. A scooter costs anything from a couple of hundred bucks to over a thousand dollar for one. Things that determine the price are:

The manufacturers:-

the original and most common scooter in town is made by the Razor brand. It has remained affordable due to its heavy lead batteries but with technology modifying and jazzing things up, the electric scooter has gotten some wow makeover too.

Different model, different price range and some names like Honda, Triumph, TN’G, Vespa, Suzuki, and Yamaha among others are the more expensive one while brands like Razor, Maxtra, and Hollywood Electrics are less costly but will provide the rider with an excellent scooter experience.

Extra features:-

the more accessory you want on your scooter, the more money you will pay for it. So our advice; choose wisely before you go spending the extra cash for pimping your scooter that is not important.

The engine:-

the motor and battery of the scooter gives the scooter its mobility, unlike the old model where you do the work of rolling the scooter forward by adding a paddling effect while on the go.

The model and design of the battery will determine part of the overall cost of the scooter. The horsepower, speed, acceleration, and sound are determined by the engine. The purpose of the scooter also plays a part in the type of engine you want in your scooter.

A fun and work scooter is different from a stunt and sports scooter. Furthermore, for easy movement and ease of ride, light and more modern engine are better.

The terrain:-

scooters are not ridden on the smooth surface alone, having one that remains effective on a dirt road. An electric scooter that maintains its integrity on a dirt road means its durable, stronger, has a higher capacity engine and motor with good speed.

The cruise and comfort:-

the pleasure of being on a scooter is incomparable; it’s smooth, calm and so comfortable. Whether you are cruising or flying down the street, the comfort and cruise style matters in an electric scooter.

The style:-

are two types; the cruiser scooter and the sporting scooters. The cruiser scooters are built with comfort and ease in minds while the sporting electric scooters have the ability to perform some really good tricks and mostly loved by teenagers.

The battery:-

the motor and the battery make the engine of the electric scooter. The model and make of the battery determines the entire functionality of the scooter such as how fast the scooters charges, the range, and other modalities. Cruiser scooters are more expensive because of their batteries which can last long without charge and still maintains its capacity and power.

The following are some considerations to keep in mind when scooter shopping asides from these, the intent of the scooter should be the top priority to choose a scooter. Other factors are your body weight (you won’t enjoy a fast ride if you are on the heavy side) and the traction on the tires. If you live in a wet region, a tire with good traction will reduce your chances of falling or having a slip-up.

Scooters have been easing the way we transport ourselves, and the electric scooter is another means to miss the traffic and get to work and school faster. Whatever your choice and budget, there’s an electric scooter for you.



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