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9 Of The Best Calisthenics App For Your Workout


The best calisthenics app can serve to be highly beneficial for both advanced practitioners and beginners in exercising.

These fitness-related applications can best be used for creating ones workout routine, for logging workouts, for finding information on the right way of performing certain movements, for tracking regular macronutrient consumption, and even for getting hold of calisthenics bar settings nearby.

One of the best things about these apps is they do not require the users to bring in a lot of equipment for working out. Going for a simple doorway pull up bar can turn things up for the users.

However, for the ones who are in the lookout of more versatility, pull up stations can be the right option. These stations allow individuals to exercise more.

You even have the option of using a pair of gymnastic rings if you are looking to work out at any time and any location. The majority of the calisthenics applications are the efforts of popular calisthenics athletes found on social media platforms.

Others come from some of the most fantastic communities, such as Reddit, which is a bodyweight fitness group. So, theres nothing for you to wait. You would not lose anything if you simply check these apps out. Maybe, you will like them and find them useful in your regular life.

The calisthenics apps mentioned below are available for free, and a few of them even feature in-app purchases.

Best Calisthenics App: Our Top Picks

1. Madbarz

This calisthenics app will help you adjust your regular workout routines as per your requirements. It gives you the option of choosing targeted muscles like back, abs, and legs and your workout duration to adapt the same to your fitness goals and level.

Best Calisthenics App

This altogether helps you in creating your very own workout. It even comes with video guidance that will help users in perfectly executing their exercises.

Use it for working out at the gym or home while you have the right fitness program by your side. Choose the workouts at Madbarz, and you will notice big changes in your fitness level within a few weeks.

Below are some of the features of The Madbarz Appthat earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • It will help you analyze the progress you are making.
  • There are daily bodyweight workouts to train your body anytime and anywhere.
  • Advanced, intermediate, and beginner exercisers can choose their fitness level.
  • Pick exercises by targeted muscles and duration.
  • Make and save customized workouts.
  • Weekly challenges will get you stronger week-by-week.
  • Top-quality video tutorials are available for all the exercises.
  • Detailed descriptions are also available for all the exercises so that the exercises can be performed correctly without any problem.
  • Intermediate level fitness enthusiasts can take their skills to a completely new level by using Madbarz.
  • The advanced level exercisers are challenged to get stronger and better with special workouts designed by experts or professionals.

The premium version of this app can also be tried out for free but only for 7 days. There is no need for you to go for the premium version for enjoying this calisthenics app.

However, if you at all choose to do so, it will be beneficial for you. This is because the premium version comes with a detailed nutrition chart for muscle gain and weight loss, along with a large number of recipes.

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2. Calisthenics Mastery

Calisthenics Mastery is one app you should go for if you are in the lookout of the ideal calisthenics companion that will help you in tracking your workouts. Besides, the app will also educate you and motivate you if you are a beginner in exercising.

Best Calisthenics App

Even advanced athletes will find this app very useful. It enables you to download and come up with a great plan with just a few clicks.

You can also use it for setting up your very own personal workout plan with routines that can effectively and easily be added to the exercises in your schedule.

Its free version comes loaded with 50 workouts in five varied categories along with complete functionality. Users can discover and make use of the full capacity of this app by way of its free content.

They can even unravel the advanced training, encouraging workout, and easy-to-use workout approaches while continuing with calisthenics.

Below are some of the features of The Calisthenics Mastery App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • There are routines available for grouping your repeats the way you desire.
  • Workout players are available for counting time; showing what follows and for ticking the repeats.
  • The schedule can be used for creating powerful and flexible workout strategies.
  • The log feature will help you see past activities.
  • Then there is a progress percentage for progress.
  • The animation workout icons will help users in executing the workouts.
  • Workout notifications
  • Rest timer
  • Progression levels and exercise descriptions
  • The muscles worked out by different workouts are also listed along with work intensity
  • YouTube exercise videos are available.
  • Ten exercises for all basic moves like squats, push-ups, pull-ups, bridges, and leg raises are available for starting with a bodyweight workout.
  • Users can purchase more workouts in the form of extra content. These include lower leg workouts, human flags, handstand push-ups, neck training, forearm exercises, dips, planks, active stretching, front level, and planche.

The Pro upgrade of this app is not available for free and comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable exercise progression standards
  • Auto progress for increasing repeats automatically post-workout.
  • Motivating, challenging, and fun workout modes for keeping the users on track.
  • Users can make use of an important tool called Tabata for creating intensive interval workouts.
  • Workout routines are created automatically, and the users just need to set the level of difficulty.

Calisthenics Mastery will never let you get bored of exercising by allowing you to switch between workout plans frequently.

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3. Calisthenics Workout Routines

This is yet another effective and useful bodyweight workout software allowing users to get hold of the right workouts and come up with their very own exercise routines.

It also helps the users in tracking their statistics and progress. The app serves every individual the right way, no matter whether they are seasoned veterans or beginners.

9 Of The Best Calisthenics App For Your Workout

You get to make your choice from a huge selection of pre-made exercises, or you can even create your very own exercise. Users will also know the muscles that get activated through the workouts and the level of intensity of strength and cardio in each exercise.

The free version of this app comes loaded with all the basic movements for starting a successful bodyweight exercise routine.

Below are some of the features of The Calisthenics Workout RoutinesApp that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • There are free workouts that can easily be personalized by users.
  • 150+ varied workouts.
  • 75+ predefined exercise routines.
  • 1000+ tailor-made routines
  • Users can create their very own unrestricted custom exercises.
  • There is a timer for tracking workout duration.
  • Users can know about the muscles that are targeted through different workouts.
  • YouTube descriptions and links are available for all the exercises.
  • Workouts can even be saved and used offline.
  • Users can even listen to their favorite songs while working out.
  • They can analyze their progress via different charts, comparisons, and graphs.
  • They can even track their repetitions and time duration for each workout.
  • All data from exercises remain saved.
  • Wonderful graphics for the users to see their progress on different exercises.
  • Calendar for accessing saved data, navigating through days, and seeing the workout routines and movements already practiced.
  • Users have access to a huge amount of general information like the number of calories burned per exercise, the time duration of each workout, average time, and the number of workout cycles.
  • There are even instructions available for practicing different exercises. This information is sorted by target muscle, body region, and equipment required.
  • The body tracker features help users in tracking their weight by adding body measurements.
  • The app also helps users in calculating BMI.

All in all, this is a great calisthenics app for individuals looking to lose body fat at a breakneck pace.

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4. Calisthenics Parks Home of the Bars

Calisthenics is a sport that requires complete body tension, dynamics, coordination, and pure strength. Athletes looking to train effectively need to have a very nice and good quality gym.

They need to find out in detail about locations where they can get hold of the right parallel and pull up bars in their local area. The majority of the outdoor gyms are available in the backyards of huge apartment buildings and even in public parks.

Calisthenics Parks mobile app - Find workout spots worldwide

Calisthenics Parks- Home of the Bars is one of the most popular sports platforms giving athletes extraordinary access to a top-quality exercise spot directory.

This app comes in the form of an ideal complement to some of the most well-known outdoor fitness software like Runtastic Results, Freeletics, Fit Without Equipment, Nike Training Club, Thenx, and Madbarz.

Below are some of the features of The Calisthenics Parks- Home of the BarsApp that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • Discover more than 5000 spots spanning over 100 nations across the world.
  • The app also gives you the chance to promote calisthenics events and add team training.
  • You can even use it for writing messages and starting conversations with others.
  • You can present yourself, your company, team or club.
  • User profiles on the app can be filled with training programs, skills, nutrition, and activities.
  • Users can segment their experiences and show their potential to the other participants.
  • It will offer you great visibility throughout your local region or city by activating the location of your home.
  • Users get the ability to add locations that can be shared with calisthenics communities across the world.
  • Create your account on the app, or you can even sign in through your Facebook Login ID.
  • Get hold of local guides and contacts in varied places.
  • You can use this podium for free or with due registration for getting hold of the best training locations in your local area.
  • The spots submitted are reviewed by editors and even come with images for rating them seriously for workouts.
  • Positions are checked and corrected regularly for making it easy for the users to find spots fast.
  • The calisthenics parks are duly tagged and come with a detailed summary of flooring, manufacturer, and access restrictions.

One thing that makes Calisthenics Parks- Home of the Bars very special and exclusive is that it translates calisthenics parks or spots into varied languages. This allows athletes from different parts of the world to access information on the app.

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5. Were Workout Out Al Kavadlo

The app offers you the chance of working out alongside a fully animated Al while he takes you through 40+ exclusive exercises and more than 90 varied, progressive bodyweight workouts.

For the ones who might not be aware of Al Kavadlo, he is one of the leading calisthenics and bodyweight strength training experts in the world. He has authored several books like Street Workout, Get Strong, Strong Body, Pushing The Limits, and Zen Mind.

We're Working Out! with Al Kavadlo

Coming to the app, users get the flexibility of choosing between one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions. They can even level up their strength and fitness, get more information about calisthenics, and gain flexibility as well.

The app helps you choose workouts that suit your level of fitness. Users can even choose progression challenges for certain exercises.

Below are some of the features of The Were Workout Out Al KavadloApp that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • Fantastic graphs for visualizing logged workouts.
  • Users get to log their exercises by saving the count of sets, time, and weight of all the exercises they do.
  • The timer saves progress automatically.
  • There are full videos available for all the exercises.
  • Users can even switch their workout routines by choosing between starting stretching, molding mobility, and bodyweight fitness.
  • Beautiful statistics can also be used for tracking workout progress.
  • There is a dashboard available for exploring the entire routine tree.
  • Customizable settings on rest timer.
  • Workout logs can be exported as CSV files.
  • No network connection or extra permissions are needed. The videos for exercises are also available offline in the form of MP4 videos.

Use Were Workout Out- Al Kavadlo for bringing about healthy changes in your regular life. This app will help you become motivated, aware, and active. It is easy to use the calisthenics app with exercises presented in a very simple way.

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6. TrainingPal Lite

The TrainingPal Lite app will offer you good help in achieving some of the most in-demand street workout and calisthenics skills like a back lever, front lever, handstand push-ups, straddle planche, handstand, human flag, muscle up, L-sit, one arm chin-up, V-sit and press to handstand.

The app generates readymade exercise schedules and even shows the current exercise and set of the user. It even counts rest time and signals the users about starting and stopping their isometric holds.

The app even helps by keeping a good track of the previous exercises of the users. Exercise enthusiasts can use the app for creating their exercise routines simply by choosing different workout modes.

There are sets of different workouts available for developing strength. You can even find techniques and specific skill details of the different exercises.

Below are some of the features of The TrainingPal Lite App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • Each exercise module comes with several exercises that can be selected as per the fitness level of the user.
  • Users get the flexibility of generating workout schedules ranging from advanced and intermediate to complete beginner.
  • This app is perfectly suitable for cross fit, bodybuilding, and various other conditioning workout disciplines.
  • Users can choose the skills they want to achieve and get going with their training.
  • The app does one of the best jobs in breaking down repetition numbers and sets the users to need to do based on the current potential of the users.
  • The new version of the app comes with features like the added possibility of skipping rest time.
  • Video presentations for workouts.
  • Pictures in the workout description section.

Major issues with the app interface have been fixed in its new version, and it is probably one of the best calisthenics apps that one can use for getting six-packs. Using TrainingPal Lite is like having your very own personal trainer advising you on the moves you should practice.

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7. ThenX

If you want to know some secret methods and techniques that can help you with your bodyweight training, then ThenX is for you.

The instructions and programs available within this app have been designed by expert instructors only after several years of testing and analysis.

Even athletes have contributed to the design of this app that comes with the most simplistic and direct format that will help users excel in their calisthenics ability and fitness. There are programs where users will face different challenges.

However, they will gain the abilities and the skills required for facing these challenges through guided progressions. These can be obtained by almost any individual of any fitness level and age.

Content offered to the users is available in video format to make it easier for them to understand the exercises and techniques as per their pace.

The video formats help users in practicing the workouts in proper form that can easily be repeated and in personalizing their workout experience at the same time.

Below are some of the features of The ThenXApp that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • Users get to choose difficulty levels.
  • Timer is included
  • Workouts and exercises can be understood very easily through videos.

ThenX will help you choose workouts that suit your body fitness requirements, and thus it will work wonders for you in the long run.

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8. Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal will be the right calisthenics app for you if you are looking to lose body weight; get healthy, tone up; start a brand new diet or change your lifestyle habits.

9 Of The Best Calisthenics App For Your Workout

The app allows users to track the food they are consuming with their massive database. The app even tells the users how much food they need to have regularly to stay healthy and fit. Everything is tailored to the objectives and requirements of the users.

Below are some of the features of The MyFitnessPalApp that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • Comes loaded with a huge foot database consisting of more than 6 million food varieties, including global cuisines and items.
  • The barcode scanner helps in scanning barcodes for logging foods. It can recognize more than 4 million barcodes.
  • Then there is a recipe importer for importing nutrition details for recipes users want to cook.
  • Users can create their recipes, meals, and foods and even save their favorite ones.
  • They can even learn the right way of making healthy food choices by going through food insights.
  • The restaurant logging feature helps users in logging menu items offered in their favorite restaurants.

This is one of the best calisthenics apps for people who find it difficult to maintain proper nutrition. It also helps in calculating calories in recipes, meals, and foods.

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9. WorkOut: Fitness from Streets

This app has been specifically designed for meeting the fitness and health requirements of active men and women. The latest version of this app was introduced in August 2016, and it is v3.0.236.

This app is available for free and requires Android 4.0.3 to run. You can use it on your Android device to enhance your fitness and health. This top-quality workout application will help you train your body in a better way.

It is probably one of the best workout apps on Android for building muscles. The success workout plans available on this software and the workout schedule trackers will help you lose a considerable amount of fat, no matter whether you are training at the gym or home.

Below are some of the features of The WorkOut: fitness from streets App that earned it a spot in our list of Best Calisthenics App to download.

  • It perfectly suits individuals who require workout and training routines for fit and healthy living.
  • The app satisfies the demand for a good calisthenics app among active individuals.
  • It offers easy access to maps of street parks and playgrounds nearby, which further helps fitness enthusiasts in planning their workout routines.
  • It even offers the scope of communicating with other street exercise enthusiasts through direct messages.
  • It is malware and virus-free software that can be downloaded very easily.

WorkOut: Fitness from Streets is highly recommended for the fitness of individuals who like to remain active all the time.

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The Bottom Line

The best calisthenics app will help you do some of the best gymnastic workouts for achieving bodily fitness within the shortest time possible. These apps are specifically developed for improving agility, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.