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17 Of The Best Low MB Games To Play on Your Android Device 

If you are facing storage issues with your phone then this Low MB Games list is for you only. 😎

Best Part?

We collected 17 of the Best Low MB Games of all game categories available on the Google Play Store for our readers.

So without further ado, let’s see the results. 📗

Are you worried that your smartphone games take up a lot of space? Perhaps, you are annoyed with the fact that you cannot play your favorite game on your android device, due to lack of space. 

If that is the case, then you can consider low MB games for your smartphone. You can download these games from Play Store. They fit in all kinds of genres and types. You have shooting games, racing, puzzles, and arcade. 

You will surely find something that you like.

Let us read to find your favorite low MB game for your android device. 

Best Low MB Games To Play: Our Top Pick 👌👌

The best low MB games can be played on android smartphones. The need to have the latest device is not there. Apart from that, most of these games come within the 25 MB category. Some of them might vary slightly, but not much. 

Best low MB arcade games:-

Arcade games always have something unique and special about them. These games come with their own beauty. The whole idea of these games is to move past each of your challengers without hitting them or getting blocked by them. 

They are addictive, which is not surprising to see because players tend to demand more of these games. Hence, we will start our games with arcade games. 

1. Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is a fantastic game where you have to get past your obstacles. In this game, you have to collect disks that let you unlock several characters. Each of the characters comes with its own features.

Sneak Ops - Game Play Trailer

It sounds like a simple game. However, as you move up the ladder, you can find some of the levels quite challenging and exciting to play. The game comes with a retro look that you will appreciate and prefer playing with your family or friends. 

Download on Google Play Store

2. Tank Hero

Tanks Hero, like the name goes, deals with tanks. If you love tanks, then you will like this game. You need to battle with more than 100 levels of tanks in 2 situations. The tanks come in their own size and weaponry. 

The controls, too, are quite easy and straightforward. Players can quickly get used to them. You do not have to struggle when playing them. It is not only free to play, but you can play them when you are offline. 

Download on Google Play Store

Best low MB puzzle games:-

If you love to play puzzle games, then you may want to consider low MB puzzle games. These games do not require too much space and come with exciting and exciting puzzles for you to solve along with your family. 

The games are suitable for kids, adults, and even the elderly. 

3. Mekorama

Mekorama is a very puzzling game, indeed. Players have often found themselves in a maze of puzzles that are in 3D. You may want to note that the puzzles in the 3D format are immaculately designed. 

In this game, you use a robot. Not to mention, you can create dioramas in 3D format. These dioramas can be shared with others based globally. If you have a limited data plan, then you will find Mekorama ideal to play because you can do it offline too. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. Flow Free 

Flow Free is an elegant but straightforward puzzling game. You need to be able to connect dots using similar color objects. The game becomes challenging as you keep moving up. There are more than 2200 puzzles to compete on. 

Low MB Games

It comes in a time trial mode that has to be met. In a sense, you have to finish solving the puzzle before the time ends. The game hardly occupies space, and as you play the game, you will be so occupied that you will not know how time flies. 

Download on Google Play Store

5. 2048

2048 is more of a math puzzle game. You need to combine or add two similar numbers to make a more significant number. What is so puzzling or challenging? Well, as you move up, the speed of the tiles containing the numbers increases, so does the number of tiles that appear on your screen. 

It is addictive, once you get the hang of things. You need to make decisions, split second. The game is quite simple. Not to mention, it does not occupy a lot of space on your smartphone. You can also play the puzzle game offline

Download on Google Play Store

6. Infinity Loop 

Infinity Loop comes with soothing music that makes it fun and exciting to play. Perhaps, you can try it out after a long day at work. The pieces of the puzzle that appear on the screen should be tapped for completing a loop. 

INFINITY LOOP StoreVideo 11 2019 Vertical 01

Once you complete some levels, it gets challenging. As the name goes, there are infinite levels in it for you to play. The need to worry that you will run out of levels is not required. 

Download on Google Play Store

Best low MB racing games:-

The racing games tend to push you through. They provide you with that adrenaline rush that you look for once in a while. When you want to load your favorite racing games, but cannot due to storage problems, then low mg games, to your rescue. 

What is impressive to note is that these games come with magnificent graphics, amazing images, and a punchy storyline. 

6. Space Racing 3D – Star Race

Space Racing 3D – Star Race comes packed with what a true racing fan wants in a game. The 3D images and graphics are acceptable. Of course, you cannot expect them to be on par with EA sports F1 levels, but the comfort level is there. 

Low MB Games

The idea of this game is, you are racing with spaceships on a track. The concept, like all racing games, is to come first. But, you should see to that, you avoid the obstacles on your way as well as pick up power packs to keep you going. 

As a player, you have more than 30 tracks to choose from and different kinds of space ships, to fit your taste. 

There are 3 kinds of racing modes, namely, survival, chase, and career. 

If you are looking for a racing game that comes with all the right ingredients, then it is this one. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is a blend of unconventional racing and runners, who seem to be endless. They seem to keep coming at you. Hence, the name is dead ahead. The whole idea here is to run as if your life depended on it. 

17 Of The Best Low MB Games To Play on Your Android Device 

That is because the storyline is such. You can weave and dodge through the challenges as and when they appear. You can upgrade your weapons. This helps you to trounce the zombies. 

If you want to play a racing game, with a small twist in it, then Dead Ahead is for you. 

Download on Google Play Store

8. Crazy Racer 3D  

Crazy Racer 3D is a car racing game that comes with the right elements in it. There are more than 5 different cars for you to try out; it comes with more than 20 different tracks. Apart from that, there are 3 game modes to try it with. 

Low MB Games

Not to mention, you have plenty of customization to try out. The game is similar to that of Space Racing 3D, where you can beat your competition using the power packs that appear as you race. 

Though Crazy Racer 3D is a simple racing game, with no spills and thrills, the simplicity of the game, tends to speak for itself. 

Download on Google Play Store

9. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is a bike racing game. It comes with more than 10 different superbikes for you to try on. You can also race on various tracks that have their own twists and turns, giving you the thrills and spills. 

Real Bike Racing Video

A noteworthy feature of this low MB game is that you can play it using a VR headset that is compatible. It also comes with excellent graphics, and the size is exceedingly small for the average smartphone. 

Some of you might prefer racing with bikes instead of using cars. Well, then you should check out this game.

Download on Google Play Store

Best low MB shooting/action games:-

Who does not like to play shooting and action games? They are exciting and fun to play because they keep you on your toes at all times. Shooting and action games improve your eye and motor skills. 

People of all ages love to play them. 

11. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper is a fantastic game that comes on low MB. Of course, you expect the shooting game to be on par with Fortnite or other high-powered games.  

It comes with its uniqueness and strength. Users have complimented the developers for coming up with such a brilliant game. Even though it comes with a low MB, the elegance in graphics and weaponry is mind-blowing. 

Low MB Games

You have 6 maps to choose your mission. Apart from that, there are more than 40 challenges to take up. The game can be played as you want. Once you get the feel and hang of it, you will be shooting enemies with ease. 

If you are looking for a less complicated shooting or action game, that requires less MB, then Modern Sniper is your answer. 

Download on Google Play Store

12. Auto Theft Gangsters

Auto Theft Gangsters is similar to the popular game GTA. Who does not recognize the game, GTA? Real-life stories and movies are coming out based on this game. You would be surprised to know that it has been around for more than 20 years, as of now. 

Auto Theft Gangsters

Of course, the game does not come with the same features or adventure as GTA, but it is good enough. It can keep you glued to your smartphone for an extended period. Players are offered a wide range of weaponry and vehicles to choose from. 

If you love to play GTA, but are not able to, due to storage space problems, then your best option is Auto Theft Gangster for your smartphone.

Download on Google Play Store

13. Robot Strike 3D

Robot Strike 3D is no ordinary low MB game. Many players tend to underestimate the power of these low-storage games. Surprisingly, they manage to surprise each one of us. For such a low-storage game, the Robot Strike 3D comes with fantastic graphics and a thrilling story. 

17 Of The Best Low MB Games To Play on Your Android Device 

You control the robot, and decide on the enemy lines you plan to take. There are close to 50 levels that are different from each other. To avoid boredom, you have more than 10 robots from which you can choose and customize. 

Initially, you may feel the heat, but once you are used to the gaming controls, you can breeze past your enemies. There is also a tutorial for you to read and learn. 

Download on Google Play Store

Best low MB strategy games:-

If you are more into strategy games, then we have it for you. Strategy games make you think and are also beneficial for developing critical thinking in kids. 

The game progresses on your thinking ability. As the user, you decide how the game must move ahead. The below games can be downloaded on your android devices, and you can begin to play them. 

14. Magium

Magium, is a game that comes just right with the right amount of flavor. Of course, you cannot expect to get a full-fledged game, while in a low MB. But, the game is good enough for an individual. 

17 Of The Best Low MB Games To Play on Your Android Device 

More importantly, it keeps you occupied for a specified period. The game is based on a story, and how you can make it progress.

The decisions you take after reading each chapter. Those of you who like to read or just less than being called a bookworm will surely enjoy Magium. 

Download on Google Play Store

15. Seedship

Seedship is no ordinary ship. Of course, it is not even a ship. But, what it is, is a fantastic way to keep you occupied from your daily chores. Those of you who love reading science fiction will adore this strategy game. 

17 Of The Best Low MB Games To Play on Your Android Device 

You are in charge of a spaceship in search of a planet where you can reside. On your long and tedious journey, you face obstacles and challenges that make you strategically make decisions. Depending on the choices you take humanity’s future rest. 

An interesting we forget to mention is that the endings depend on the decisions you make at vital times. 

If you love making bold decisions, then Seedship is the right way to do it. 

Download on Google Play Store

Best low MB cricket games:-

If you are into cricket, then worry not because we have some good news for you. The game is similar to baseball. You need to swing the bat and hit the ball. There are cricket games that come with low MB. 

Cricket is popular in some parts of America and quite well known in Canada, thanks to the diverse Asian culture in the country. 

You can download and play them on your current device, without issues. 

16. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket hardly takes any space on your android device. You could call it a similar version of Google’s Doodles. 

Low MB Games

It is fun and simple to play. Not too complicated or challenging to learn. The game comes with cartoon characters who resemble cricket players. 

All you need to is tap the screen for scoring runs. Of course, the timing matters. This is something that you generally get used to with time. If you love cricket but are concerned about the space that it occupies on your device, then Doodle Cricket comes to your rescue. 

Download on Google Play Store

17. Cricket Black

Cricket Black is another excellent game that you can consider having on your smartphone. When you prefer playing the traditional way, then you would love this game. Your reaction when hitting the ball is more important than your actual cricket skills. 

Cricket Black Gameplay

You can score runs based on how far you manage to hit the ball. This comes with some practice. If you play baseball, then you can get the hang of it quickly. It is not the best cricket game, to be honest. 

However, when you want a game to kill time and test your motor skills, then Cricket Black it is. Since it comes with 2MB only, there is nothing to get unhappy about. 

Download on Google Play Store

Why play low MB games?

So, why do you want to play these games? What is so unique or special about them? They are not your regular 3D games like football or baseball, which come with all the bells and whistles. 

Let us read through some of the benefits of playing these games, that we noted during our research. 

Be prepared to get surprised. 

No storage woes when installing low MB games

The first and most apparent reason for playing low MB games is that they come with no storage issues. The 2022 smartphones, both android and iOS models, come with the latest features and components in them, to take up much more than MB games. 

Their processors are compelling; the resolutions are HD or better. Then why not, high powered games. Well, those games take up a lot of space, unlike other games. You can, at the most download, 2-3 games are the most. 

Your latest smartphone can store a few high-powered games, not more. However, with low MB games, several games can be stored, without affecting the storage space or processing speed of your smartphone. 

When you are short of space but want to install a few games in there, for relieving stress, then please refer to the list mentioned above, we have got you covered. 

You can play low MB games, even on old models.

The need to own the latest smartphone with all the latest features embedded in them is not required. You can install them and go ahead and play the games. 

It is as simple as that, unlike 100mb or higher version games, that come with several features and elements in them.

Though there is nothing attractive or unique in them, these games come with their own charm and specialty. 

It is not surprising to note that some games like road rash have been going strong for more than 2 decades now. Such a simple game, but small updates take place once in a while, and it is still in the market. 

That is a feat, which popular 3D games are yet to break. 

You can uninstall the games anytime.

As they are low MB games you won’t feel their presence on your smartphone devices, be it android or iOS. 

However, if at all, you feel you do not want to play them anymore. Maybe you don’t want the sight of them, for the time being, you can delete them from your smartphone.

Perhaps, you are a student and want to prepare for your exams. Maybe you are a concerned parent, worried your kid is spending more time on the device. These things happen. 

They are reasonable and occur in both kids and adults. Then, you can uninstall them. Of course, you can always install them back whenever you want. This is mainly for a heavy gamer. 

Very useful during long travels

Now, these games come in handy when you travel long distances, alone or with your friends. You may not want to keep engaging in constant talk or chat with them. So, when you feel bored, you can play these games offline and enjoy it. 

The need to be always connected on the internet is not required. Of course, only a handful of games require you to use the internet. The others do not need the internet to operate and work. 

When you are into too many games and find every inch of space crucial, then you can get rid of these small MB games, and upload new ones. 

Of course. The cycle repeats, you may get bored with the old game, and then download another low MB game. It is quite reasonable, and many gamers do likewise. You, too, can do the same, whenever you feel like it. 

Remember, you can install the game whenever you again want to. 

Summing up

That was it. I hope you liked our list of low MB games that can be downloaded and played on your android smartphones. The make of your smartphone does not matter as long as it an android. 

It is complicated to point out the best game because they are listed according to their category. It all comes down to your taste and preference. 

So, which is your favorite? Have you already played any of them before on your smartphone? 

Do let us know through the comment section. We would love to hear from you.