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23 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2022

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Offline Shooting Games to play on your android smartphone? 🤔

You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

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The Android smartphone provides the facility to play amazing offline shooting games. Playing games with high-speed internet access is always great fun.

However, what if there is no connection to the internet. Now there are many games available that can be played offline on the smartphones that a user owns. The main feature of these games is that they do not need an active connection to the internet.

This article includes details about various such interesting and popular offline shooting games for android that can be played offline without disturbing the data plan. The games are not only cartoon related but also have certain very thrilling and interesting ones in it. 

These games are not just aimed to kill time, but also helps in coordination, focus, and increase concentration level if played with a controlled time limit. 

Best Offline Shooting Games: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Dead Effect2

Offline Shooting Games

This is a very interesting shooting game that can be played on any Android phone. The original Dead Effect was a competent shooter.

The Dead Effect 2 is the improvised version of the predecessor. This game has improved on every field. There are amazing graphics, high-octane gameplay, and surely a great story that keeps the player absorbed in it.

Dead Effect 2 - Mobile trailer

It also includes many enjoying features. It is a shooting game that is horror-themed and can be played for hours. There are numerous gadgets and weapons available in the game.

The player can play the game for nearly twenty hours as a single-player which keeps the player very excited and fascinated. It is among the best Offline Shooting Games available on Android phones that can be played offline.

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2. Blazing Sniper

In this best Offline Shooting Games list of top searched games, Blazing Sniper is the most lifelike game that can be played on any Android phone. It includes easy controls and high-quality graphics.

The player gets the feeling of a sniper while playing this game. The player is to join special forces to protect the people and the nation from dangerous viruses and attacks.

Offline Shooting Games

The player has to team up with other friends and using their great sniping skills needs to take out the enemies and kill them. The player will have lots of fun playing this and will remind him of the Sniper series.

There are more than fifty shooting task options & endless modes available. There is even the option to choose a weapon of personal liking and kill the enemies.

An individual who likes sniper games, then this shooting game is a very interesting option available with no advertisements. 

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3. Major Mayhem 2

The original Major Mayhem game was the side-scrolled game of shooting where the player had to shoot out everything that was in motion.

The new version- Major Mayhem 2 is formed based on the predecessor but includes various new missions. The player had to gather hundreds of enemies and shoot them to save dozens of the hostages. There are seven unique guns in the game.

Each gun has its style of shooting which makes it interesting for the player to use. The graphics of the game are colorful and the player does not get bored while playing continuously.

It is very relaxing and as it can be played when there is little time to relax. The game just needs to be launched and then started which makes it add in our best Offline Shooting Games list.

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4. N.O.V.A. Legacy

23 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2022

This game comes among the very popular games of Offline Shooting Games that can be played on a smartphone. This new version has a special position among the top offline shooting games that can be downloaded from Play Store.

It even has the facility to start from the exact point where the player last left. The mission of the game is to defeat the forces of the Colonial Administration.

Along with the normal mode of the game, it also introduces a new mode of Deathmatch, where the player can fight with players online worldwide.

This new mode is liked very much by many because it allows the player to understand the views as a third person about the strategies to kill the enemy. The game plan is the same but still does not make the player bore. The size of the game is under forty MB.

OUT NOW – N.O.V.A. Legacy Launch Trailer

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5. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is similar to its original version along with enough options available to combine FPS features that give a unique and interesting experience to the player while playing.

Into the Dead 2 by PikPok Launching on Google Play on 13 October 2017

The game is an endless one with no limits on levels. The player has to fight and survive in a world full of zombies and also save his family. There are options in the weapons to be used. The player has to collect the weapons and upgrade them.

He has to make friends with loyal dogs which will help him in his journey to save the family. There are seven different kinds of endings of the game that affects the result. For anyone who loves endless running and shooting games, this is the best option.

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6. Mad Bullets

Offline Shooting Games

Mad Bullets is a very exciting and hilarious game of Wildest of the Wild-West. It has no boring tutorials or storylines. The player has to jump into fast-paced action & shoot.

It is full of entertaining content and makes the player laugh aloud at the quirky characters & funny style of gameplay. The characters include cowboys to ninjas.

The player has to defeat everyone who comes in the way. This game is preferable for those who like light-hearted exciting and action games.

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7. Modern Combat 5

It is an FPS shooting game of action. It is very similar to the game of Call of Duty. The game includes impressive music, voice performance, and graphics. It supports the HID form of game controllers.

The game is an intensely fast-paced shooting game full of action. The player has to join the single-game campaign. The mission is to save people from the invaders and finish those who disturb the city.

Modern Combat 5 Trailer

There are various favorite characters available and the player gets the chance to be a scout or support fighter or attack the aircraft or even be the paratrooper sniper.

It includes a huge collection of high-powered guns. The player can also go online & play multiple games by making teams with friends to play matches like Squad vs Squad.

He has the facility to communicate with the teammates about the game strategies. There have been nearly one hundred million reviews and can be downloaded for free that makes it add in our best Offline Shooting Games list.

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8. Lone Wolf

It is a very intense game that actually tests the morals of an individual. The game is not suitable for a person below the age of eighteen years.

It provides exciting sniper games and includes a wonderful storyline that keeps on revealing as the game continues. It is very challenging and exciting and keeps the player busy for long hours.

The player in this game gets the feeling of real-life action and makes the player tough as he has to take some really tough decisions that challenge the morals of the player at every stage of the game. This is a downright brutal and serious shooting game among many.

Lonewolf Trailer - Google Play

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9. Kill Shot Bravo

This is an outstanding sniper game that rivals the series of Hitman games. The gun used in the game is liked by most players and also the strategies involved are very exciting.

The player plays the game as the covert assassin who has to penetrate the highly-secured military compounds and bases for killing the targets. There are mountain ranges with the jungle to recon assignments on the Mediterranean islands that the player has to invade using the skilled sniper steps to kill the enemies.

Kill Shot Bravo - Google Play

The game also includes interactive vehicles that are not available in most of phones. This game is among the top sniper games available in Play Store in the best Offline Shooting Games category.

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10. Hitman Sniper

Offline Shooting Games

This game focuses to kill with the sniper rifle. The player has to take out the enemies one after another and finish them. The player cannot shut up or choke any enemy in the game but has to focus to eliminate the enemies using the sniper.

He has to make a shop outside the estate and find ways to bring out the enemies. There is enough time for the player to plan and decide the game strategy. A fan of Hitman game, will actually like this game as it is an ultimate game of assassin.

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11. Cover Fire

23 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2022

It is a very good shooting game that can be played offline available on Android. Cover Fire is suitable for those who like explosive shooting games full of action and explosions.

There are numerous options of diverse characters for the player and a huge collection of deadly weapons that the player can use against enemies.

The game graphics are very interesting. The player has to use a number of soldiers possessing unique skills to win the battle. He has to lead his army skillfully to gain victory & bring about a revolution against evil organizations.

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12. Overkill 3

It is the fast-paced 3rd person game of shooting that guides through the various levels to find the bad guys and kill them. This form of a game with guided levels is known as being on the rails.

Though the game sounds simple and easy, as the player begins the game, the levels go on getting difficult. The higher the level of the game, the harder it becomes to play.

When the player confronts a boss, the actual feeling of action and difficulty can be felt. The boss battles need quick and many reflexes to defeat them but are very interesting and amazing.

Overkill 3 Google Trailer

The graphics of the game are also incredible and provide the player with a great experience of a shooting game on the smartphone. 

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13. Dead Trigger 2

This game is a sequel of the very famous zombie-killing game Dead Trigger. It is about the killing of the hordes of the zombies in different ways who keep on coming. The player can use a plethora of weapons to finish the undead enemies.

Dead Trigger 2 - Trailer

He can also use the flame-throwers to destroy them and even use Gatling gun to blow them up in little tiny pieces. It also has much humor incorporated in it with quirky references that keeps the player entertaining as he slowly moves down the zombie waves.

An individual who likes playing challenging games and loves great graphics, this game is a perfect choice.

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14. Shadow Gun

Offline Shooting Games

The game has gained inspiration from Popular Gears of War. It is a 3rd person shooter game that gives a feeling of comfort.

The game strategy is very solid and the graphics are also stunning. The player has to lay the character of John Slade. He was a bounty hunter. The player has to hunt his target & collect the bounty.

Though sounds simple, it is not an easy game and the player has to kill numerous enemies along the way to win the game. The gameplay is exciting and provides decent material to keep the player busy as well as happy while playing for long hours.

The controls and strategy of the game are solid. This game is perfect for the player who wants to enjoy astounding game strategy & great and colorful graphics.

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15. Unkilled

This game takes the player to a shooting campaign where he can kill a huge number of zombies as much as he wishes using a store full of deadly weapons. The game includes various missions that must be completed to win.

For every mission, the player needs to use a different weapon. So, he must be very careful in choosing the weapons and at the same time keep on upgrading the armory or buying new weapons to make his position strong against the dominant zombies.

The player can either play in campaign mode with many things to do or can even try Skirmish mode in which he has to survive by attacking the undead.

Unkilled 2.0 | Google Play

A person in search of zombie-killing and interesting shooting killer games, then this is the perfect and strongest option available.

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16. Bullet Battle

A player who loves to fight against the whole army, this game is a perfect choice. This game offers various challenges where the player has command on elite forces and leads the resistance to kill the enemies.

23 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2022

The player becomes part of the special force and aims to take out the enemies by using his attacking skills and especial sniper abilities. Various options of guns are available in the game for the player to suit his best capability and help him to shoot without fail.

It gives the player an exclusive 1st person experience of shooting with pronounced touch control so that he does not feel lost. The person loving FPS games that are based on world wars, will surely like this game of shooting.

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17. FZ9 Timeshift

This is again another shooting game that can be played on smartphones. It gives a totally new experience of FPS games on the mobile phone. The game includes challenges that are to be completed by playing in varied game modes.

Offline Shooting Games

It also includes more than thirty storyline missions that test the skills of the player. The player has to team up with Mak who is an American soldier, lost in his mission to destroy completely the organization of the terrorist known as AS.

He has to choose the weapons and finish the enemies using the bullets. The various options of weapons include Glock, Rocket Launcher, M4A1, AK-47 and Machine guns. There is also an extra feature added to this game called as the in-depth upgrade system.

This system helps the player to design his special weapon according to his use and ability and include it in the armory. This game has been reviewed by nearly five million people on the Play Store that make it add in our best Offline Shooting Games list.

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18. Mad Zombies

This is among the top best Offline Shooting Games on zombies. It has been positioned third in terms of action and is very popular and has been viewed by nearly ten million people on the Play Store.

The game world is under the control of zombie fire. The player has to kill the maximum number of zombies. Though this is not that easy as the zombies go on being dangerous and keep on increasing in number every time.

The only aim of the player is to finish the zombies. But the zombies are not stupid. They continuously keep on running, walking, and attacking the player. The player can destroy them by shooting them straight on their heads.

MAD ZOMBIES - Ingame Trailer 2018 | Mobile FPS - Offline Zombie Game

The player needs to use his skills and the best tactics to do all these. There are real-looking graphics included in the game and the player needs to complete nearly two hundred missions.

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19. Counter-Terrorist

23 Of The Best Offline Shooting Games For Android in 2022

It is a three-dimensional 1st person shooting game. IT includes astonishing graphics & the sound effects are very thrilling. When the player starts playing this game, he experiences the feeling that he has entered the world of terrorists.

The player needs to make intensive attacks, save the hostages and have to become the vital counter-terrorist. The game includes more than a hundred thrilling missions to be completed with a huge collection of weapons to be used.

The different styles available in the game are Recon, Heavy, Sniper, Assault, Commander or Support. The game can be downloaded for free.

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20. Gun War

This game gives the player an experience of shooting like the best fighter. While playing the game, the player will undergo 124 missions. All the missions are very difficult and dangerous.

Offline Shooting Games

Anyone mode from the two can be selected by the player and present his skills and abilities. Many terrorists, gangsters and also machines shall try to stop the way.

But the player has to think beforehand how to deal with the zombies that are normally immortal. The game includes detailed and high-quality graphics in three dimensions.

Various weapons and missions are there for the player to fight. The distinct effects of explosions and shooting are amazing. All these together give the game a realistic appearance. The player can decide independently which mode to use.

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21. CyberSphere

It is a futuristic shooting game that comes with dynamic non-stop strategies. The player has to play against a number of enemy units and at the same time protect the base also.

The game is about a world where war is going on for a long time and which has caused huge damage to humanity. The player has to end the war as early as possible. It will take a great amount of effort because there are numerous enemies in the way.

CyberSphere trailer 5.4

The player has to choose a character, move to the front base & kill all the enemies to win the game. There is a huge collection of weapons including the armory along with helper drones and many robots. The game includes many bosses, enemies & endless firefights. 

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22. Elite Killer- SWAT

The Elite Killer- SWAT is the Best Offline Shooting Games of military shooters. The player in the game is the versatile soldier who has undergone excellent training and alone can confront terrorist organizations worldwide.

Offline Shooting Games

The mission of the player is to enter the enemy area and destroy their terrorist base. For this, he must slowly and gradually move in the game, search for the clues which will assist him to get nearer to the organization head.

The greatest advantage of this game is the realistic three-dimensional details and image of the characters. The difficulty level of the game increases as the player moves forward and he has to face nearly hundreds of challenges and cover more than sixteen maps worldwide. The player also has the option to use more than thirty kinds of weapons to fight.

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This article provides a list of the top best Offline Shooting Games that can be played offline on the smartphone without any internet connection. After wide research and considering the reviews of many users, these games have been shortlisted.

They are available with a wide range of options, and then it may be weapons to fight with or characters or even missions to be completed. Any individual who wants to play offline shooting games on Android smartphones and is interested in different kinds of shooting games, then the above-mentioned games are best suited for them.