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17 Best Canvas Alternatives Learning Management System

Are you Looking for a new way to present content? Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a great tool for employees during training. Canvas LMS is no exception.

This cloud-based system has different features that help make learning an easy, efficient experience — allowing businesses to get the most out of their training time and money. It also organizes learning pathways for all users, no matter what they need to learn. 

With Canvas, educators have a lot of options for their courses. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can create quizzes, modules, and courses with just a few clicks.

They can then export content into PDFs or PowerPoint Presentations to share and distribute their materials. The open architecture makes it easy to integrate with other software programs. 

Canvas is perfect for blended learning because educators have fast-track access to creating a course. It has seamless navigation, and you can get a quote-based plan once you buy it. Below are some of the best canvas alternatives that deserve your attention.

Best Canvas Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Paradiso LMS – Best Canvas LMS alternatives

The best alternative for the Canvas LMS is Paradiso, which offers 100+ integrations with its learning management system and 360-degree customer support.

Paradiso is a cloud-based learning management system built for the modern online learner. It lets educators create interactive content using gamification, social learning, and virtual classrooms. 

Offline LMS Learning

Its flexible pricing and advanced reporting features make it a cost-effective and seamless solution for all eLearning needs. Paradiso LMS is one of the best canvas alternatives, innovative, and has a powerful learning management system.

It has a highly secure and scalable design to accommodate all types of learning: mobile, social, blended, or anything in between. In addition, Paradiso LMS is multi-tenant. It will also cost less to operate because there are fewer instances of the LMS. 

2. Docebo LMS

Another one on the list of amazing canvas alternatives is the Docebo. Docebo is a powerful Learning Management System. It’s an alternative to the Canvas course builder.

Its ecosystem of modules and flexibility is a perfect fit for different environments such as business, education, and much more. The 14-day free trial is also great for businesses to try it out. 

Docebo provides the perfect e-learning infrastructure to meet all the customer’s needs. With Gamification, E-commerce Classroom, Certification Management, Asynchronous Learning, and more, the users will be satisfied with the convenient services.

Docebo Learning Suite

Docebo LMS is an ideal e-learning platform that integrates with third-party applications like GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Bluejeans. These platforms are great for online conferences and webinars, but they don’t have features for collecting data from participants or training content. 

In Docebo LMS, one can get a seamless integration that will take virtual meetings to new heights. With those services, one can access all the benefits of the web conferencing experience, including a live interactive platform for online learning.

3. Absorb LMS

This Canvas alternative offers an affordable, feature-packed learning management solution that is powerful and easy to use (Visit Here).

Its user-friendly admin interface, scalable technology, customizable branding and integration options, and full-frontal responsive mobile support give universities the tools they need to engage their students and create an optimal learning space.

Best Canvas Alternatives
LMS Features

As a specialized cloud-based LMS, Absorb offers an enterprise-level tool that’s flexible enough to help businesses of all sizes build and manage their branded corporate training.

The Mercury Module add-on allows companies to deliver targeted learning experiences with automated messages and activities to increase engagement and boost performance. 

4. Cornerstone

Learning and development is a complicated process. It requires the right tools to reach specific learning outcomes and an experience that gently guides users through the process. With Cornerstone LMS, one can be assured that their training efforts won’t be wasted on bad user experience. 

The platform boasts a simple and intuitive interface, easily customizable content, and learning resources that can be used in-person and online. Cornerstone LMS has various features that eLearning industry experts have long been waiting for.

A free demo is offered, meaning all customers can try the software and see if it fits their needs. There are price plans for every budget and in-person and online training. 

Cornerstone is a great product for businesses and learners and is one of the best canvas alternatives. Its seamless, scalable design easily lets you set up learning and development programs to serve employees across the globe.

For businesses, it allows you to take advantage of a gamified structure that uses fun incentives to help broaden employee awareness and participation. 

5. Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an educational technology platform that provides professors with everything they need to create a blended or fully online class.

It offers students the tools they need to succeed in their classes and lets educators track student progress and tailor their teaching strategies based on the feedback they get from the students themselves. 

Blackboard: Delivering Personalized Experiences Fueled By Data

Blackboard is a multi-faceted cloud-based software that strives to provide students with the best tools for learning.

While Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Intelligence are both designed for faculty and instructors, Blackboard Connect is made to help connect parents, teachers, admins, and students with important updates like school closings, emergency alerts, and more. 

Blackboard’s integration with SIS makes it easy for teachers to enter grades, get a summary of an entire class’ performance, and view student progress — all without leaving the platform. As a result, teachers can teach more efficiently, and students can always stay on top of their lessons. 

Blackboard Learn’s ecosystem of tools is designed to support the needs of all types of educators. Whether you’re looking for resources to help design and build a new course, integrate the existing content with award-winning LMS solutions, or provide personalized, synchronous training sessions — Blackboard has everything you need.

6. DerbyWare

Another amazing Canvas Alternatives is the DerbyWare LMS. DerbyWare is a top-notch test and qualifications platform that enables anyone to create, publish, and share tests of all types.

Companies can use these digital exams to confirm if their employees meet the minimum educational requirements or have the skills required for a particular role. 

Derbywars allows users to create an unlimited number of tests. There is no time limit when creating a test; as soon as you have a question, you can save the test to continue later.

There’s also no limit to the number of questions one can add, and once done, they can embed that test into the website or social media channel or place it wherever they want via the “Embed” button. 

Over 1 million educators and learners use DerbyWare’s LMS software. The additional features of Derby Ware that stand out are its ease of use, powerful content management system to create and customize lessons, adaptive learning engine for different skill levels, daily lesson design to keep things interesting for students, and one on one attention. 

7. Moodle

Moodle is a course management system, a web application that supports online teaching and learning. Moodle originates from educators’ desire to have more control over the look, feel, and functionality of their courses. 

Moodle provides an easy-to-use platform with individual and group messaging, activity streams, forums, roles & permissions, personalized profiles, and more.

2022 Moodle LMS video

Administrators can set up their systems to include a wide array of different features and functionalities. With its user-friendly interface, tutors from all over the world can connect with students anywhere. 

Moodle gives you the freedom to roll out any dynamic learning program you want, whenever you want. Its multilingual functionality lets you establish an account in different languages to reach the whole audience, and its multicolored user interface can color code users for easy identification.

Moodle is one of the best canvas alternatives that enables one to create any learning program, from multiple-choice tests to quizzes, essays, or live discussions. It’s the perfect platform for schools, teachers, or tutors.

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8. Mindflash

Mindflash is another powerful canvas alternative that empowers users to create and deliver learning globally via the cloud. One can have an immersive, interactive training program that is fully ready to go within three clicks.

Best Canvas Alternatives 1

It is built for various learning management needs, including training new hires. As a learning management platform, businesses can start training programs.

Mindflash helps businesses grow through compliant training that attracts and retains their best talent. With Mindflash’s dynamic online courses, businesses can streamline their compliance training with a touch of a button.

Add new employees to the system instantly; and deliver tailored, interactive learning experiences from anywhere at any time. Mindflash LMS has features that are not found in other LMSs. 

It is a web page that can be embedded into a website and will automatically adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This feature is amazing for e-learning courses where one may use various devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones to teach learners. 

Many features have been added to traditional LMSs – some are necessary while others are just there for show.

But what makes Mindflash’s LMS unique is its interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls, allowing teachers and learners to create more engaging learning experiences with little effort! While Canvas offers many of the same features as Mindflash, its complex interface makes it a less attractive.

It’s also important to know that Mindflash’s online training templates and free storage are excellent for companies running large-scale training programs.

9. Talent LMS

Talent LMS is a blended learning platform for instructors and tutors who want to incorporate gamified e-learning into real-life classroom settings.

As well as offering online course design tools, TalentLMS allows users to create multi-user learning experiences through interactive tutorials and real-time messaging — allowing students to study independently or in groups. 

TalentLMS has been developed to fit the needs of all sizes of companies. Its robust features are flexible enough to work for companies with a simple portfolio of courses or those that develop multiple e-learning programs.

TalentLMS in less than 1'

The intelligent Branded Learning Environment (BLE) lets one manage various assets — course catalogs, drafting, labeling, and the content itself — in one place while keeping management and maintenance costs low. 

TalentLMS’ inbuilt messaging and review panels help courses interact with students. It also comes with several personalization features to help one to assign homework in a proper format.

The automated grading feature will make sure that the students are graded correctly. Talent LMS also offers face-to-face schooling sessions and webinars. 

TalentLMS connects to student analytics to present complete records on students’ progress. These reports can be used as research for a potential class, track students’ progress, and many other reasons.

This benefits them in managing the areas to be repaired, and students who require further advice are also being helped. TalentLMS is not just about providing academic support; it’s also a central hub for all things related to the employees’ development.

10. SkyPrep

SkyPrep LMS is the best way to teach and learn. It’s easy to use, effective, and affordable. This canvas alternative is identified for its excellent client support and is convenient enough to use.

Implementing correctly will save businesses time and effort — not to mention money. With robust functionality and simplicity at its core, the platform has been recognized by industry experts as one of the easiest-to-use LMSs on the market. 

The app’s user-friendly interface means creating training programs and reports is a snap.

SkyPrep: An Introduction

Simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to choose interesting modules, customize the lesson plans with the tools available, and easily adjust activities according to their difficulty level. One can even use the intelligent tracking system to track individual learner progress in real-time. 

SkyPrep helps businesses onboard their staff and comply with legal requirements by creating an online space for training. With our resources, one can save time and money by using a single platform to create unlimited training courses and train the customers on the products.

Identified as the able canvas alternatives, SkyPrep excels at customization. With its white labeling ideas, one can customize their working space to reflect the brand more. One can also market the courses online with the tool’s e-commerce features. 

SkyPrep offers a range of integrations that extend the functionality of the Canvas learning management system and facilitate communication throughout the organization.

SkyPrep’s language feature lets one translate crucial system messages and notifications into other languages to ensure everyone understands what’s happening. One can also get enterprise-grade security, as well as an easy-to-use interface.

11. Schoology LMS

Time is money, and that’s something every teacher and tutor knows. With Schoology’s real-time communication and collaboration tools, instructors can take their projects further than ever before.

Annotating assignments and class material is an intuitive way to increase student participation while decreasing idle time in the classroom. With this tool, one can communicate more effectively with the students and give them the individualized education they deserve. 

Schoology’s tools can help to create and adapt assignments at any time. Schoology is an all-in-one learning management system.

Schoology provides comprehensive training, tracking, and reporting tools for small businesses and their teams. With its gamification tools and SCORM-compliant content library, it bridges the gap between education and the workplace. 

Schoology offers more flexibility than Canvas, including family/guardian access to view students’ grades, including auto-scheduling that can be customized for an infinite number of class periods. The suite also provides a backup for the grades if Canvas suffers an outage.

12. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is the fastest and easiest-to-use learning management system for any company. With over a dozen features, including gamified campaigns, video hosting, and real-time messaging, iSpring can help boost productivity by keeping employees in check. 

iSpring Learn is the fastest LMS to set up and learn — with simple designs and straightforward instructions, it’s perfect for non-techies.

Best Canvas Alternatives 2

iSpring Learn is an online education tool that can help one run customized training sessions for the employees. It provides a wealth of easily accessible content that allows one to create automated learning programs that any automated device can access. 

The content can be easily tailored to the needs of the employees, allowing one to run targeted sessions with real-time control. 

Canvas can be a great LMS. But if you’re looking for customization options, iSpring Learn is better. It’s a platform that lets one build their own SCORM-integrated learning structure while giving them access to various supported setups. It also grants infinite storage area. 

iSpring Learn is designed with a comprehensive self-registration feature that lets one invite students to an LMS account by sending a simple e-mail message.

Its calendar allows it to easily organize workshops, coaching, and conferences — no matter where they are hosted. iSpring Learn comes together with Zoom and Microsoft Teams so that one can have the meetings in just one place on their laptop, smartphone, or conference room screen.

13. Brightspace

Brightspace advances methodical program content during personalized training practices. The platform has been leveraged to create highly effective training experiences for modern workers.

Brightspace is the best face-forward platform for learning. Brightspace is the perfect fit for universities looking to give students a collaborative learning experience with powerful social tools and individualized collaboration.

Brightspace allows users to create powerful and engaging courses with various features. With its ability to let instructors access all of their course material from one place, manage assignments, add content, and automatically generate grade reports, Brightspace lets teachers deliver better online learning experiences. 

Brightspace is a learning management system created to help instructors run lectures and meetings. The platform allows teachers to create assignments, send announcements and grades, and manage student records in real time.

Students benefit from digital portfolios and integrated discussion boards that generate critical thinking and enhance the overall learning experience.

The Brightspace interface is highly customizable. It provides additional tools beyond Canvas, such as a built-in convenience checker, an HTML content editor, a convenience interest organization, and an alliance with Cengage and Pearson ebook publicists. Brightspace’s product is learning management software and is also very accessible.

14. Knowmax

Knowmax’s LMS is a powerful platform that can serve as one of the canvas alternatives. It allows companies to build their training modules and courses, engage employees with gamified features such as leaderboards, and keep track of all employee training in one place — helping companies save time and money. 

Knowmax is a simple DIY tool that can improve employee onboarding and development.

It offers a library of tutorials and practice tests that new workers can use to learn company processes and procedures — saving companies time, money, and other resources.

Knowmax Product Overview | The Next Generation Knowledge Management Platform For Better CX

Knowmax is a tool made for developers to simplify learning. With its library of tutorials, decision strategies, and assessments, new coders can quickly learn programming languages and best practices. Knowmax’s innovative technology allows users to create their digital education.

In just minutes, skilled tradesmen can produce professional-level videos full of vital updates — product information, safety considerations, and more. As a result, they’re much more ready for the workplace or to advance in their field

Knowmax has an excellent customer support team, working behind the scenes to provide customers with a satisfying experience that can be compared to that of a human.

With a revolutionary virtual assistant that combines natural language processing and artificial intelligence with a live agent, Knowmax can deliver on-demand answers to any question a customer might have.

15. Joomla LMS

Like any other Canvas alternatives on the list, Joomla LMS is a global self-rostering and recruitment program, but it runs on Joomla. Joomla is a flexible and highly scalable learning platform that can train staff, sell courses, and teach students.

From the schoolhouse to the boardroom, Joomla brings tutors, students, and course materials into a single online space, making it easy for users to collaborate and learn. Its security features ensure that all users’ data are kept safe. 

JoomlaLMS Learning Management System (LMS) Demonstration

Joomla LMS’s front page has default settings that allow admins to cater the page to their particular needs. It also allows businesses to use SCORM 1.2, 2004, and AICC-compliant course content as well as global and local groups of users.

Joomla is a multi-tier system that enables teachers to teach in more than one tier — something Canvas doesn’t offer.

With Joomla, instructors can easily set up the syllabus and give online feedback to students — something that’s not easy with Canvas. Joomla is also a powerful blogging tool that teachers can use for both in-class and out-of-class assignments.

16. Edmodo LMS

Edmodo LMS has many amazing features, such as chat and voice calls, that help students collaborate more easily and serve as important canvas alternatives. In addition, they can always contact their friends and teachers on the platform — no matter where they are.

As you may have noticed from our past articles about the importance of content marketing, blogs, and social media marketing, it’s vital to keep your audience in mind while writing for the web. 

With Edomos easy-to-use interface and modern features, Edmodo offers something no other social network can: a way to build an online learning community where discussions are connected across users, classrooms, grades, and schools.

Edmodo offers easy and effective communication with all stakeholders in your school — parents, administrators, support staff, and students. Edmodo combines the best of both worlds — it’s a school communication platform and a digital portfolio all in one.

Edmodo is an all-in-one solution for schools, with tools to connect teachers, students, and parents. With the ability to create polls and community networks, educators can get real-time information on what their students are learning — and how they’re doing.


 Is Canvas free to use?

Yes. Canvas is free for every user. The free canvas account is available on the site’s Free-for-Teacher Canvas page. Once you fill out all the relevant details, you can easily use its incredible features for free.

What is the difference between Blackboard and Canvas?

Canvas works on a cloud-based system and provides core LMS solutions for creating hybrid and online courses.

On the other hand, Blackboard is designed mainly for higher education. This academic LMS offers an array of features to fit the requirements of various schools and colleges.

What is the difference between Moodle and Canvas?

The primary difference between Moodle and Canvas lies in their content customization abilities. You can modify the content in Moodle to suit your learning needs. This feature is missing in the Canvas platform.

What is LMS on Canvas?

A web-based LMS (Learning Management System) is useful for teachers and students. You can access and control online learning courses and skill development training programs with LMS on Canvas.

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

Initially, Google Classroom wasn’t a stand-alone LMS. But with frequent updates from Google, Google Classroom is now a cloud-based LMS available on Google Apps for Education.


As Canvas has been able to serve the needs of countless people, there has been a constant need for canvas alternatives. This article presents a set of canvas alternatives that serve a purpose like the canvas.

The above alternatives have been curated to cover all aspects of platforms such as canvas. All these platforms are highly user-friendly and filled with different options that serve individual and organizational needs.