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Best Apps for Toddlers For Fun Playing and Learning


If you’re looking for a user-friendly Best Apps for Toddlers that will help you educate you in a playful and fun way, This post is completely for you.

Mentally helpful apps for toddlers are available on Android and iOS if you care for digital educational facilities.

They have come in an era with unlimited opportunities in digital media so it would only be wise to take advantage of the apps for your baby. These apps will help them learn and focus on exploration and open-ended play.

Best Apps for Toddlers
Kids playing games on the iPad

It is not enough that you secured the best apps for toddlers; you should also commit to playing along with them. You should also find high-quality programs related to safe growth of the children.

These are part of the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated guidelines on screen use among toddlers.

You should also find out how much time is enough and appropriate for your baby to spend on the screen. We are all familiar with the hazards of too much exposure to the virtual world and its addictive characteristics.

Best Apps for Toddlers
Are Children Addicted to Mobile Devices?

There is a range of games and roles the play according to different needs, preferences, and personalities.

Whether your child is eager to learn, needs help with homework, or needs to improve their concentration and focus, there is an abundance of games that can help. Here are some of the safest games for your toddlers;

Here is the List of Best Apps for Toddlers

1. Fun Playing & Learning – Kids Educational Games

f you’re looking for a user-friendly education learning app that will help you educate you in a playful and fun way, Playing & Learning – Education Games is the right way to go!

Boost your brains and let them enjoy hours of adventurous games, awesome music and all kinds of adorable and cute animals for Best Apps for Toddlers.


Early age is a crucial time in a person’s life. You can’t read and are in the process of developing your basic skills.

Help them learn with the best educational app, explore together, harness their curiosity and channel it into a love of learning.

Best Apps for Toddlers

This educational app for all has carefully designed features that are appropriate for all, offering thoughtfully planned learning experiences.

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2. Endless Reader

Endless reader focuses on the fundamentals of the alphabet and the simplest words.

It comes with exciting animations to help introduce new words often considered complex or not easily explainable.

The advanced stages and difficulty levels allow parents to unlock more words by subscribing to use in-app purchases.

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3. Writing Wizard

Writing Wizard will help your children learn colors and counting but it is most focused on training them on how to write.

Best Apps for Toddlers

Using this app will ensure they write more accurately in both small and large forms. It also comes with a replay mode and reports to allow the parents to monitor the progress. These educative features aid parental assistance and the effectiveness of guidance.

Best Apps for Toddlers

It allows parents to create user profiles and custom words for a better educative experience.

The latest version comes with advanced features such as accented letters and diverse language options (French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish).

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4. Pepi Bath 2

This is an excitement app, which comes with colorful and funny animations to impress the kids.

It is based on personal hygiene using animated characters with bathroom activities.

The enhanced graphics, basic interface, and pressure-free gameplay, there is an abundance of activity to engage the kids.

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5. Dr. Panda Bath Time

Best Apps for Toddlers

Dr. Panda Bath time is also an educative app on good hygiene and cleaning habits.

It will relieve the parents the pressure of convincing the kids about the role and importance of hygiene because they learn it in a playful way.

It has vibrant animations to keep them giggling away as they help Dr. Panda and friends clean up.

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6. Metamorphabet

Best Apps for Toddlers

This app is capable of delighting children of all ages thanks to its impressive user interface accompanied by irresistible play-music and organic animated transitions.

This app is filled with a wide vocabulary as well as surreal imagery to inspire a sense of wonder and boost creative thinking.

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7. Farm 123 StoryToys Jr

This is an attractive 3D designed pop-up digital book with a myriad of mini-games. It also comes with several difficulty levels for the advancement of the children’s learning.

Farm 123 is designed to help reinforce counting activity. Most importantly, it supports several languages and can be used around the world easily.

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8. The Going to Bed Book

The Going to Bed Book app is based on Sandra Boynton’s successful work and comes with a similar look and feel.

However, it is more exciting because it features animations based on the latest technologies.

For example, some of the features include narration and a gentle soundtrack making it the appropriate companion for bedtime stories.

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9. Happy Valley Friends

Best Apps for Toddlers

This app gives kids a chance to learn about basic shapes, letters, numbers, and time.

They meet new friends and are exposed to at least 18 educational material as well as 6 mini-games in a friendly environment.

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10. Domi Domi Listen and Guess

Domi Dom Listen and Guest is designed for improvement of listening skills. It comes with 80 high-quality sounds and pictures across 6 categories.

The app is available in 7 languages hence; widely used across the globe.

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11. BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr

Best Apps for Toddlers

BrainPOP contains a massive amount of educational material and is designed to guide kids all the way up to the age of grade 12.

There is a combination of games and videos on a variety of subjects ranging from social studies, math science, art, and history.

The full version requires a subscription and a fee but there is plenty of free content to enjoy and utilize prior to pay.

This game is especially useful to children up to grade 3

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12. Comomola Fireflies

This is sweet app with beautiful animations to make bedtime a soothing time for kids. This means the parents will be having an easier time taking their babies to bed.

The music helps to calm nervous tots using relaxing imagery and quiet interactivity.

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