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11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

Since there seems to be an app for everything, musicians too can benefit from the digitization of music. They can take advantage of the best android & ios apps for musicians to make their music production easier than manually.

Users are also checking out for the latest apps suitable to improve their music and musical needs.

Music is one of the widest stretched industries across the world. There is a myriad of preferences yet they agree in basic components such as quality and rhythm.

The widened spectrum makes it a difficult topic to approach because of the complex varieties. We have as many needs as there are varieties too.

Everyone loves to listen to music. However, musicians are tasked with setting the trends and providing quality music for consumption. This music should also be trendy and constantly updated.

The demand for music is now more than a regular musician can handle working alone. Luckily, there are digital solutions just like everything else.

Best Apps For Musicians: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

DJ Studio 5 allows you to the auto mix, remix, scratch, loop, and pitch audio files with ease. It comes with a myriad of features freely accessible to the user.

Most importantly, this app does not allow ads so you will have a swift and smooth experience using. You will not be distracted by pop-ups at any time while using this app.

To impress amateur users, Studio 5 does not need registration. It is free and ready to use. Both newbies and experts can enjoy and gain experience from this DJ instrument.

Most amazing is that you are allowed to upload your mixes to the sound cloud for reviews and ratings. This is the reason the app is highly rated.

Dj Studio5 for mixing music free edition!

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2. The Metronome

The Metronome app is a common name for almost every musician who is keen on digital music. It helps users to slow down and learn the basics by practicing with a metronome.

You will be finding many apps going by the same name on the Play store. However, the Metronome by Soundbrenner is highly rated and recommended by other respected musicians.

Best Apps For Musicians

This app has a simple minimalist design and cannot scare anyone away. There are no complications to warrant any shyness of use.

It features a solution to synchronizing multiple phones together and practice with friends remotely. This makes it highly rated and one of the most popular apps for music today.

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3. FL Studio Mobile

This app is most appropriate for musicians who like to settle down and soak in memories. It works best when you settle down alone or in a studio and commit your ideas to memory.

FL STUDIO MOBILE | In-App Tutorial

It also allows you to record right away before it escapes your mind as this happens to most musicians alike.

This is one of the biggest names on the Play Store, as it uses audio workstations (DAWs). It is among the few high-quality music apps available on Android.

It is simply a mobile adaptation of the popular and highly respected desktop version. It, therefore, works like the real desktop FL studio (such as allowing you to record multi-track songs).

You will be exposed to everything from synths to drum machines and a mixer.

This is an important tool for musicians on the go as it provides the same standards of resources just like they were in the studio.

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4. Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

Songster is an app, that serious musicians should adopt if they want to achieve notation. Guitarists are the biggest beneficiaries of this app, in particular.

There is a continuous stream of online tabs to show how to play all the favorite songs and other features to manipulate the songs.

11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

Although Guitar Pro has always been the biggest option, Songsterr has proven more organized and hence useful for orderly guitarists.

For example, it has a more organized library and design than its closest rival, Guitar pro.

It allows you to play the tables in real-time and adjust the playback speed to maintain your preferred speed. You can also view a variety of instruments in the mix.

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5. Sound Cloud

It is no longer hard to reach a wide global audience with your music with Internet connectivity anymore. Sound Cloud makes it possible to popularize your music and exposes to countless regions across the planet.

11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

All you need to do is upload to Spotify and Apple Music using Tunecore or CD Baby. It offers you an abundance of choices to use your music.

It is best viewed as a social network for artists, which allows them to interlink with fans. This feature provides an endless trend of opportunities.

Interacting with others via comments even on sections of a track yields unlimited options for growth in the industry.

It also integrates well with other social networks hence, easy to access the public domain to get a response from fans.

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6. gStrings Tuner

Isn’t the guitar one of the first melodic instruments that come to our minds when we talk about music? Want to create a romantic environment for the love of your life?

What is better than lighting a few candles, setting the mood, and well, come on, musicians woo them off by playing a melody on your guitar.

gStrings Tuner will come in handy for not only romantic proposals but will also act as a guide for those who are looking for a tuner app that would help them measure the sound pitch of their instruments and in turn tune their melodies. 

11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

Initially, the app was made for tuning and measuring the intensity of the sound pitch of guitars. But now, the app is available for almost every musical instrument out there. Let it be violin, wind instruments, piano bass, viola, or any other instruments that may interest you. 

For a musician, if the instruments are their home, then their voice is their warmth and comfort. What more could a musician ask for if they get the best of both worlds? Along with the tuning of several instruments, gStrings is also capable of tuning one’s voice. 

Along with custom tunings, user-defined temperaments and orchestra tunings are also available, which indeed provides the musician with various options to explore and multiple melodies to create.

The app is available for free, but nothing comes for free in this world. Along with the app, be ready to come across advertisements.

Do not worry, based on the reviews; it has been concluded that the ads are not as annoying or intrusive as it sounds. If you are still bothered by the ads, one could easily opt for buying the app for just $3.99. 

Enjoy using the most popular apps for musicians and get into the world of music. Create, play, and tune your melodies. 

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7. Musyc

In today’s life, where touch screens have conquered more than half of the world, why should music be the one to stay behind. Introducing Musyc, an app where one single touch of your finger would turn into memorable and unique tunes.

11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

Doesn’t it sound exciting? You touch, and the app will make sure that you hear music. Download the app to experience the exciting journey of creating music by drawing shapes, making figures or just touching the screen of your devices. 

The audio track mixer will allow you to mix pitches, lengths pan or even let you mute the part that is not needed.

Use this musical app to experience the visualization of the music produced by your touch. Explore the mystical journey of the sound of music, create your rhythms and play with the sounds.

It is to be noted that the app is not supported by iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch three and iPod touch 4.

The app is available in 10 different languages across the world, which help diverse musicians create their music and showcase their talents. As they say, music has no language. The app indeed respects the saying after all music is all about emotions and feelings. 

Music is felt the best when shared with your loved ones. The family sharing feature of the app allows you to share the app with six family members. 

The app is not only for professional use, but it also helps one relax and relieve stress. The simple interface allows the users to enjoy the serenity music brings, in the middle of the night.

With the sounds dancing on the screen, one will never get bored by the fun and exciting app. It is not every day that one gets to see the music made by them. 

The app includes 88 instruments to play. The innovative app will bring the creativity and melody out of the musicians and would bless the world with fantastic music.

The app is free to download and at the same time a paid version, Musuy Pro is available with more imaginative features. 

The users will be able to export the video recording of their music to Facebook, Vimeo and more apps.

Audio record, motion record or change the skin into black and white or standard view. The app is one of the best apps for musicians.

Download on Apple App Store

8. Perfect Ear – Music Theory, Ear & Rhythm Training

Perfect ear has taken upon itself to ear train all the musicians out there. By practice, the app will make you a confident musician who can identify the notes, chords, scales and rhythms just by listening to a melody.

11 Of The Best Apps For Musicians to Record and Tune

Ear training is essential in the world of music. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, ear training will always be necessary for musicians. 

The app provides rhythm training exercises where one would be able to identify rhythm durations while a melody is being played. The customizable ear training feature allows the user to create their rhythm and ear training exercises along with their invented chords and scales. 

The sight-reading trainer feature teaches the users to read music sheets, regardless of the difficulty level. 

The app also acts as notes and pitch trainer. What is music without the perfect pitch, right? 

The music theory articles and note theories enhance the knowledge of the musicians and make them implement the gained knowledge in making their music. The perfect ear training app is free to download and is one of the best passes for musicians.

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9. Dropbox: Cloud Storage To Save Your Hard Work

While creating music is the most hard-working work for musicians as lots of effort and creativity are needed to produce a single rhythm, we can not ignore the fact that musicians have uncountable vital files stored in their devices.

Even a single missing file can turn into a musician’s worst nightmare. Dropbox is here to make sure that all the files are securely stored in external storage, reducing the risk of deletion of the files in case of the formatting of their devices.

Moreover, Dropbox enables users to upload and export their files to the cloud without any hassle. 

The app acts as a backup as the files uploaded will automatically be synced with the cloud, permitting the users to access them from any device. 

A large file can be sent to a person not having a Dropbox account just by copying and pasting the link.

Audios, videos, recordings, photos, and many more are automatically uploaded to the cloud from the photo gallery of the device. 

Large demo files can be easily shared with the producers or studio members, and self-made music can be sent to colleagues to get reviews and opinions.

Now with the introduction of Dropbox, musicians will not have to go through the quick panic attacks experienced when a file goes missing. You create music, and the app will make sure that no hard work and effort disappear. Try using one of the best apps for musicians.

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10. Setlist Helper and Song Book

Performance is the powerhouse of the cell of a musician. Without an audience, the art of music cannot be glorified. In the same way without performance, the hard work of the musicians can go into vain after all music is all about communicating emotions.

Without being able to perform the songs, a musician can never achieve success. With great performances comes an even greater list of lyrics to handle.

Setlist Helper for Android overview

Setlist Helper is here to make things simpler for the musicians by neatly organizing the songs and lyrics according to their needs and eliminating the hassle of maintaining a lyrics book. The app is divided into three versions.

The free version consists of an in-app Pdf viewer to display the lyrics. 

While practicing, it is always convenient to sing along with the recorded version to judge the live singing of the performer. Dropbox lets the mP3 files to the songs while performing or practicing.  Dropbox also allows the import of various files and documents consisting of lyrics. 

Well, isn’t it easier to have the lyrics in front of you while you sing? Dropbox allows the user to search for a given song while the mp3 file plays in the background. 

The setlist version is suitable for musicians who are only concerned with the setlist and not the lyrics.

Along with the features provided by the free version, the setlist version offers all the details regarding the setlist used in previous performances, sharing the setlist via multiple platforms, providing the song details of the songs on the setlist and all of these will be available without any interruption from the ads. Try out one of the best apps for musicians.

Additionally, the setlist and lyrics version will let be a handful for those who want to manage their lyrics on the app.

Not only will they be able to sort the chosen songs according to the filter, but will also be able to enjoy the feature of auto-scrolling of the lyrics. 

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Wrapping up

This concludes our list of best apps for musicians. We hope we were able to help you all make music conveniently. We are always looking for your suggestions in the comment box. Let us know which app came in handy for you.

Always remember your music will not only make you happy but may also provide relaxation and joy to several other music lovers. Keep on creating music, we will always be there, helping you.