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11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

It’s very safe to say that, there is a mobile application for everything, including for making your life easier on the road. And, the use of mobile phones and tablets has suddenly exploded in the trucking industry in the last couple of years.

The sudden increase in smartphone usage has also been highlighted by the growing number of specific trucker apps. Truck drivers can now easily get the best out of technology thanks to some revolutionary mobile applications.

But do all of them worth your attention and time? Can you just download any app and start enhancing your overall trucking experience? Certainly not!  

And that’s why I am here again to make things easier for you! In this informative review post, I am taking you through some of the best apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store specifically designed for truckers.

Whether you want to check out the route before taking your truck or you simply want to analyze the overall weight of your truck, or you are looking to transform the way you navigate your carrier, there is a specific app for you!

So, let’s start the journey towards a completely different trucking experience by knowing in detail about these apps.  

Best Trucker Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. TruckBook 

TruckBook is my top pick for some very valid reasons. The app allows you to be an important part of the active professional trucker network, and get the best trucking jobs, real-time updates, free truck GPS navigation, and alert on the trucker’s facility.

You can easily find important locations including truck stops, weigh stations, CAT scales, and truck parking – all in one place! TruckBook is continuously evolving as one of the leading tracker tools for various important purposes.

Best Trucker Apps

When you have this app installed on your phone, you will rarely need any other app as a trucker. Get live weather and road traffic conditions for better planning.  

Thanks to an accurate tracking GPS, you can effectively plan multi-day trips without any problem. In addition, there are interactive truck maps featured with thousands of independent rest areas, truck stops, photo stops, and more.

You can even check whether the weigh stations and gas stations on your route are open or closed, as well as can also check out if the parking slots are full, engaged, or completely vacant.

Want something more? The app also enables you to apply for thousands of various top trucker jobs with highest rated companies across the country.

More than 3000 leading trucking companies are registered on the app. You can call them directly, chat with them, and ask for different vacant positions.  

TruckBook - #1 App for Truck Drivers

Features of TruckBook:-

  • One of the largest communities of truckers  
  • Gives you the access to the best trucker jobs in the country 
  • Real-time, accurate navigation exclusively for truckers 
  • Helps you find roadside assistance irrespective of your route 
  • Live weather and road traffic for accurate planning 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5  

2. Trucker’s Digest  

One of the most useful trackers apps specially designed for those who want to get exclusive content dedicated to truck drivers across the country.

Truckers’ Digest is a leading free monthly publication with the noble aim of helping truckers to connect with the most important organizations, and even build strong relationships with other truck drivers.

Best Trucker Apps 1

The publication exclusively interviews thousands of truckers from different parts of America, listens to dear unique stories and different challenges, and provides the much-needed information and resources to improve the overall life on the road.  

The Truckers’ Digest application continuously gathers the latest and most important information from the national trucking industry and helps truckers to stay on top on top of all the news.

To make things even more interesting, the leading publication gives monthly driver appreciation awards not only to truck drivers but to owners, operators, female drivers, as well as student drivers.

Last but definitely not least, the app also gives you the latest information related to hiring and recruitment throughout the country. As far as the information related to the trucking industry is concerned, truckers digest has got you covered, without any doubt! 

Features of Trucker’s Digest:-

  • One of the leading sources of information for truckers 
  • Dedicated to different types of truckers across the country 
  • An exclusive appreciation award for those who go the extra miles 
  • Lessons carefully to the stories and challenges of truckers  
  • All the hiring and recruitment information is available 

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad  

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 and 4.6/5 on Android 

3. Truckbubba – free trucker apps

Dozens of exclusive trucker services are at your fingertips with this app, including truck stops, parking, scales, fuel, repair, add more.

Truckbubba is one of the most useful trucker apps to help truck drivers save some precious time as well as money, so that, they can easily and safely reach their destination without any problem.

The application is basically a combination of multiple Guinea apps, through which you can make your life on the road at least a bit easier if not completely.

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

You can accurately navigate the best route before leaving, check out the nearby way stations, or even find out the most reliable truck stops throughout your route.  

Finding truck spots with Truckbubba is a completely different experience if you compare it with other similar services. It gives you the most important information including the best fuel price, parking facilities, hygienic food, and more with only one click.

Thanks to an innovative speedometer feature, you can ensure throughout your journey that you don’t violate the local speeding rules, and avoid hefty charges.

In short, Truckbubba is one of the most complete apps for truckers who want to improve their overall truck driving experience. 

Best Companion App For North America's Truck Drivers~Truckbubba app

Features of Truckbubba:-

  • Enhance the navigation with night mode 
  • One of the most sophisticated companions for truck drivers 
  • Unlimited and free access to load board whenever and wherever you want 
  • Truck friendly speedometer to ensure you don’t violate speed rules 
  • Helps you find out the best fuel prices on your route 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 50,000+ Downloads  

4. TruckLoads: Trucker apps For Trucker Load Board

Here is another very popular app exclusively designed for truck drivers, to completely transform the overall concept of load boarding. You can finally get your truck loaded faster with the app which has already been providing more than 100,000 loads every day.

Best Trucker Apps 3

With TruckLoads, there are very less chances of you driving your truck empty again. The app helps you search from thousands of full or partial truckloads, and check out all the requirements related to pick up and delivery fright including the equipment, distance, deadhead, and more.

Understandably, you are always worried about the shipments of your clients, and it’s always a smart idea of being 100% sure about your broker.  

And, the app helps you review broken credit scores whenever you want. With the app, you don’t have to worry about Googling brokers and shippers, as you can do it right from the app without being empty-handed.

TruckLoads is your one-stop destination for all the information related to the best freights across the entire country. Want something more from the app? The app also assists you with some extraordinary premium loads at the greatest of rates. 

Free Load Board | Find Truck Freight With Truckloads

Features of TruckLoads:-

  • One of the most appreciated load board applications in the USA 
  • Featured with a very useful “choose search” criteria  
  • Helps you check the broker credit scores instantly  
  • Multiple premium loads are available with exciting prices  
  • Allows you to call brokers and shippers from the app itself  

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 

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5. NEXT Trucking  

NEXT Trucking is taking thanks to work completely different level when it comes to making trucking comfortable and as painless as it can.

It is one of the world’s very first trucker-centric and tech-enabled flight marketplace and makes life easier for truck drivers by making “booking and finding loads” hassle-free.

Whether you are a fleet manager, owner, operator, or even a truck driver, NEXT Trucking can completely transform the way you work.

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

It will simplify everything, streamline your overall work, and will surely increase your earning potential without wasting time. What you can do with NEXT? You have a lot of different stuff to do with the app.  

You can book the loads suitable to your lifestyle and driving references, having complete control of your schedule, and taking out the extra stress. With the app, you can finally reduce empty miles and enhance your workday, that too while staying in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to the available loads, you can successfully shape your work schedule by choosing loads by load type, including drop and hook, round trip, and more.

A very simple, seamless application to effectively book and deliver your loads, NEXT Trucking is here to completely redefine the way you’ve been working as a trucker.  

Features of NEXT Trucker:-

  • Find and book loads based on your preferences 
  • Tracking made simple, hassle-free, and productive 
  • Detailed instructions to effectively complete your loads 
  • Maximize your daily income with smart planning 
  • Allows you to manage your fleet like never before 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.6 / 5 

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6. MacroPoint for Truckers – trucker apps for android

If you’ve been working in partnership as a trucker, MacroPoint is one of the most preferred trucker apps you should definitely have a look at.

The smart app takes communication between partners to a completely different level by accurately predicting arrival, departure, and location to different partners.

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

It has been one of the most reputed as well as trusted and secure apps used by truck drivers for some obvious reasons. With the app, you can enjoy highly accurate, automated communication of in-transit location data to your customers, clients, and partners in real-time. And, the best part is, that the app is free to use.  

You can use it hands-free, ensuring a very safe, secure, and uninterrupted driving experience. How MacroPoint is beneficial for you? The app completely transforms your on-road performance by enhancing the overall focus and reducing those disturbing check calls.

In addition, it gives you real-time notification of upcoming assignments. You can successfully enhance the communication with your customers and clients by giving them real-time data with unreal accuracy.  

Features of MacroPoint for Truckers:-

  • An excellent way of communicating for trackers 
  • Helps you send real-time data to your partners and clients 
  • Improves on-road performance by elevating driving focus 
  • Accurate freight prediction based on various factors 
  • Simple, clean user interface 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

7. CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic 

Exclusively built for truck drivers, here is another app that completely enhances your GPS navigation experience while driving the truck. It helps you meet all the requirements of driving while ensuring safety throughout your journey.

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

You can make your truck driving enjoyable, safe, and productive with this smart app. Thanks to accurate navigation, you can avoid the potential trouble of low bridges and truck-restricted routes. You can completely concentrate on the road thanks to the driver-friendly form a non-distracting guidance throughout.  

Saving money by avoiding fines and reducing fuel usage will become a lot easier than ever with the help of this app. CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic also takes productivity to an altogether different level by helping you deliver on time as well as analyzing the estimated time of arrival with a real-time, accurate traffic map.

The app helps you with 3 different routes whenever you want to travel, so that, you can choose the best one according to your preferences.

No need to rely on mobile signals, as the app is featured multiple automotive-grade offline maps. What more? You can even discover different things around you with the help of millions of preloaded places. 

CoPilot - Built for Drivers

Features of CoPilot GPS Navigation & Traffic:-

  • Helps you be safe and compliant while driving 
  • More than ideal for daily drivers 
  • Allows you to find more adventure while traveling 
  • Safe and secure routing with an enhanced map 
  • Offline maps to take care of things even when you don’t have any signal 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 5,000,000+ Downloads  

8. Highway Weather – apps like trucker path

Weather is one of the biggest factors you have to take care of while planning your route as a trucker. And, if you have tried various trucker apps for weather prediction without much success, here is a very reliable option for you.

Highway weather accurately forecasts for your entire truck trip and makes planning a lot easier. Features like real-time radar, traffic cameras, weather alerts, and plan for rest – all are there in this extraordinarily simple yet effective app.

Highway Weather features (Jan 2020)

Uncertainty related to weather is one of the most common causes of headache for truck drivers, and can surely disrupt your entire trip. Instead of looking for weather forecasts city by city, you can have all the required information in real-time, in an easy-to-access display.  

From comparing forecasts for your entire trip to getting personalized recommendations for the best time to start to viewing live outdoor cameras, and adjusting your departure time, you can do it all with the help of highway weather.

Not sure when you can add the rest stops on longer routes? This app makes it a lot easier by looking into various important factors. The app also makes your driving a lot easier and simpler with automatic updates even when you are on board. 

Features of Highway Weather:-

  • Helps you compare forecasts for the entire trip 
  • Accurate global weather forecasts 
  • Important recommendations based on different route factors 
  • Helps by adding rest stops on long trips 
  • Checks wind and precipitation levels for you 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.2 / 5 

9. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Here is another excellent GPS and a traffic navigation app, specially developed for truckers. With the help of the Waze app, you can save your precious time on every freight, irrespective of the destination, route, and estimated time of arrival.

The app gives you all the necessary information related to routing including traffic, police checking, crashes, and more.  

You can always stay on top of whatever is happening on your estimated route with the help of Waze. Get real-time data right on your smartphone’s screen, and stay on top of your driving!

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

The app completely changes the way you drive your truck! And how? It instantly analyses your route, changes it instantly by checking out various obstructions, and helps you save a lot of time.  

That’s not all! The app makes your fleet driving experience very interesting by offering multiple entertainment options. You can enjoy your favorite music, tune in to the most popular podcasts, and fight the boredom within the app itself.

The app also makes it very easy for you to stay on top of your commitments by checking the accurate estimated time of arrivals and maintaining good relationships with your clients, partners, and customers. 

Features of Waze:-

  • Get the best possible routes taking all factors into consideration 
  • In-app speedometer to help you avoid speed violations 
  • Keep your music and podcasts in your control without changing the app 
  • Check out the nearby gas stations to avoid problems on the way 
  • Get real-time and accurate information about parking 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.0 / 5  and 5/5 on Apple App Store

10. DAT Load Board for Truckers 

Finding freight gets faster and easier with one of the simplest trucker apps – DAT Load Board for Truckers. It is one of the most advanced applications, designed for load boarding not only for carriers but for dispatchers and owner-operators as well.

As a DAT subscriber, you get exclusive access to about 1 million truckloads posted every single business day on the massive DAT network, and, that too, from the palm of your hand.

If you are planning to start a trucking company, or just want to gather some information related to available loads, you can completely rely on this app.  

11 Best Trucker Apps To Ensure That You Arrive Safely

All you have to do is to create an account free of cost, check out the live loads, and get access to exclusive DAT offer rates. If you already have the subscription, you can seamlessly log in with the same credentials and can enjoy access to some of the most extraordinary, and easy-to-use tools.

You don’t have to go through vast pages, as the app shows up to 500 results at a time. You can also sort search results by different filters and preferences.

Check out the important credit scores and broker reviews before deciding to work with them. That’s not all, as the app also helps you check out the current market rates for lanes.  

Features of DAT Load Board for Truckers:-

  • Give your business the much-needed edge with a useful tap for truckers 
  • A lot of freights are available at the best rates 
  • Highly useful, time-saving routing tools 
  • Allows you to adjust according to your preferences 
  • Accurate credit scores and broker reviews 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.0 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 3.4 / 5  

11. Trucker Tools  

“Trucker Tools” is the last, but undeniably not the least on my list of the best trucker apps. You can easily cover various aspects of truck driving with this tiny yet highly effective tool.

You can check out various truck stops, cheapest diesel prices, and other important factors to effectively plan your route.

The app is an accurate, convenient way of finding and booking your premium load, and has been downloaded and trusted by thousands of users with extraordinary satisfaction. Saving your precious hours will become a routine when you finally start using an app like Trucker Tools.  

Keep your truck moving throughout by using the “Loads” icon inside the app. Seamlessly select multiple loads with your favorite brokers, check out the prices, and book without any problem, right from your smartphone.

New Trucker Tools App: Best Free Technology For Truck Drivers

The app also helps you check the rate your broker is ready to pay. Get rid of all your hassles related to loads, and avoid last-minute delays like a pro! No waiting time, and of course no lost opportunities! Productivity at its very best with extraordinary accuracy and transparency. 

Features of Trucker Tools:-

  • More than 17 most sought-out trucker tools in one place  
  • Find, get, and reload loads like a professional 
  • Weigh scales, fuel stops, rest areas, and many other important points 
  • Effective fuel and route optimizer  
  • Fully transparent and accurate load tracking  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads  


What is the best app for truckers?

TruckBook is by some margin best app for truckers to get access to the best jobs for truckers. It also gives accurate and real-time navigation.

What app are the truckers using?

Depending on the purpose, truckers in the United states use various applications like trucker’s digest, TruckBook, and Truckbubba etc.

What is the best free trucker app?

TruckLoads, NEXT Trucking, MacroPoint for Truckers are among the best free tracker apps featured with multiple useful tools to make truck driving simple, easy, as well as affordable.

What is the best trucking GPS app for Android?

Sygic Truck Navigation becomes the number one drug GPS application for Android, and offers an exclusive navigation experience to truckers.

What is the best GPS for truck drivers 2022?

Sygic Truck Navigation is sitting comfortably on the top spot as far as the best GPS application for truck drivers in 2022 is concerned.

What GPS do truckers use?

Trackers use different types of GPS applications like Sygic Turck Navigation, PTV Navigator, Waze, and Copilot GPS etc.

Is there a Google Maps for truckers?

It is more than just possible to use Google Maps for route planning, finding accurate distances, and getting different types of navigation assistances. However, Google Maps doesn’t feature any kind of tracking specific functionality.

Is Waze good for truckers?

Yes, Waze is how very reliable application for truckers specially to get the adjusted estimated time of arrival based on different factors. The application outperforms most of its competitors according to the infographic based on ratings by professional truckers.


That’s all about the best trucker apps easily available to download on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. These apps are going to completely transform the way you’ve been managing your trucking business.

Whether you are a driver, owner, or even a manager, at least a few of these apps are going to make life a lot easier for you.

From tracking your freight to checking out the best possible route, booking, and accepting the loads, these apps have got you covered with some of the most useful features. Try them out and enhance your trucking experience like never before!