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29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

So, if you are a coder looking for the best Visual Studio Code themes, then you are at the right place. Today, we will see that and a lot more in this article.

How good is Visual Studio Code?

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is one of the best slates to write codes. It has an array of extensions, an intuitive UI, and much more to quench any developer’s appetite for coding.

Another thing Microsoft always does with most of its products is cross-platform support, and Visual Studio Code is no exception.

You can use this application on Windows, macOS, and Linux, so you will rest assured that no matter which machine you are working on, you can enjoy coding in Microsoft’s Masterpiece (how’s that for a pun).

Best Visual Studio Code Themes 👌👌

Visual Studio Code is known for its themes, as it has tons of good ones. However, in this article, we will find the great ones; obviously, there can’t be hundreds of greats.

So, without wasting any time, let us jump right into it.

1. Ariake Dark – Best vscode themes 2022

Want a gorgeous slate to write to code that will also put less strain, go for Ariake Dark (Download Here).

As the name suggests, Ariake Dark has a dark mode that will make aesthetics better, but the Dark background will be easy for your eyes to handle, and if you have an AMOLED screen, it will turn the pixels off. As a result, saving your battery.

Best Visual Studio Code Themes

An aspect of dark themes that not many like is that sometimes it makes content less readable. However, Ariake Dark is programmed to highlight texts and increase the contrast of texts at this moment, making them perfectly readable.

Another pro tip, if you are using this theme, try to go for Fira Code text, as it will add a bit of oomph to your presentation.

2. Rose’ Pine – Best dark theme for vscode

Rose’ Pine (Download Here) is the way to go if you are after elegancy. It is again one of those instances where adding a bit of black in the Background changes the whole aesthetics.

It is a simple theme with a dark background; some pastel colors for texts and pinks are the dominant ones.

Best Visual Studio Code Themes 1

Because of pastel colors, it retains the contrast in any regular light theme. It has two additional themes,  Rosé Pine Dawn and Rosé Pine Moon, to add some panache to your Visual Studio Code editor. Rose’s Pine is a mix of elegance and practicality in one.

3. Celestial

If you are an OG user of Visual Studio Code, you may be familiar with Horizon (which will be discussed later); it is one of the most loved themes and has served for years.

The only caveat with Horizon is that it has a not-so-dark background. That’s when Celestial (Download Here) comes into play; it is a much darker and aesthetically pleasing version of Horizon.

Best Visual Studio Code Themes 2

Like any other dark theme on our list, readability in Celestial is perfect. The texts are colorful, and reading them won’t be an issue. However, you must remember that it is darker than all the other themes we discussed. 

This darkness has its upside as well as downsides. The upside is that it will save your battery even more; the downside is that some of you might find the darkness a bit jarring to your mind. So, pick accordingly.

4. Horizon

Horizon (Download Here) is probably one of the market’s most popular and best Visual Studio Code themes. It answers those who think Celestial is a bit too dark. Horizon is not as dark as Celestrial, but it is still elegant.

It is warm, colorful, have enough contrast, and has a lot of things to customize. It has all the bells and whistles of Celestial and is quite similar in every regard except the background color.

If you are looking for an elegant theme without sacrificing the fun bit, Horizon is the way to go.

5. In Bed By 7 PM

In Bed By 7 PM (Download Here), apart from having a weird name, is one of the market’s best Visual Studio Code Themes. It is one of the best in the business because of its aesthetics and readability.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Since the theme is dark, one of the things they have made sure of is to increase the contrast ratio. All the text is visible and separated from the background.

Another self-explanatory by the name is that the theme is designed to help your sleep cycle. According to science, the blue emitted by your computer can disturb your sleep cycle. So, if you are concerned about that, you can always get this theme, apply it, and sleep like a baby!

6. One Dark Pro

One of the best Visual Studio Code themes, arguably, One Dark Pro (Download Here), is a perfect blend of sophistication and practicality. If you don’t believe just search how many active users it has, the number is probably more than a million.

Its popularity alone didn’t make it to the list; some awesome features, coupled with gorgeous aesthetics, are on top of some useful shortcuts and features. So, without any doubt, it is the one to get if you don’t have any particular preferences.

7. Material Theme

Material Theme was a hit from the moment it was released. It amps up the idea of minimalism, and let’s be honest; a developer is not looking for a piece of art while selecting their Visual Studio theme. 

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

It uses Google’s material design and adds other features to set the Standard of Modern UXs. It is flexible, elegant, practical, and one of the best Visual Studio Code Themes for someone demanding perfection.

And it also has the number back this up; almost 2.5 million people have downloaded and used this theme, so that’s that.

8. Night Owl

Night Owl is a minimalist theme; it doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles but what it has is neat and perfect. The developers focused on accessibility making a productivity tool more than a good-looking slate.

The contrast level here is adequate, and the colors will not overwhelm you. So, calling it one of the best Visual Studio Code Themes for colorblind and someone who ought to work late at night won’t be a big problem.

Night Owl is a simple, neat, and intuitive theme for the masses.

9. Andromeda

Andromeda is for the crowd who wants to combine art with Computer Science. It has one of the best UI with vibrant colors, dark background, etc. It has other customization options, including Italian texts, various fonts, etc. 

Best Visual Studio Code Themes 5

However, you need to keep one thing in mind before downloading this theme, do not download it if you are a minimalist person; it is not for you.

The vivid color and high saturation can be overwhelming, and the wide range of colors can sometimes make the theme sacrifice contrast.

But, if you are going for this theme, make sure to either go for Operator Mono or Catograph Mono. These are the best fonts for this theme.

10. Tokyo Night

You may have heard about the glories and stories of the beauty of Tokyo Night. So, what if I say there’s a theme inspired by Tokyo Night that looks nothing short of delightful? Tokyo Night is one theme you can install on your Visual Studio Code to make it look magnificent.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

However, a big caveat here; it doesn’t have the best contrast ratio. So, because of this, it won’t be very readable. This reason alone makes it not the best but one of the best Visual Studio Code Themes.

But don’t write it off because of this one drawback; there are some workarounds. The primary one is, disabling semantic system syntax. This can regain some of those lost contrast. 

Another side of this story; the low contrast can allow the editor to create a less-distracting slate. So, I don’t think you should just reject this theme because of this; try it and then make your decision.

11. Cobalt 2 – Best vscode themes for python

I’m pretty sure that Visual studio code theme enthusiasts are familiar with Cobalt 2; it is one of the most liked themes with over 3 lakh monthly users.

Making everything dark makes coding more exciting, but wasting more time in visual settings is not so exciting and will more likely be loved by Ariake dark users. 

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Since the theme is dark, it has color palettes and a lot of designs to make reading fluid. It has everything in the right place for you to select this dark theme. 

12. Ayu 

If you are familiar with NIght Owl, and Material theme, you will undoubtedly like Ayu, a minimalist theme with warm colors. The theme does not do fancy jazz so keep in mind before downloading Ayu, is that it is not for extravagant people. 

Working smart is better than working hard, and that’s what Ayu is all about. The variable knick-knack themes make Ayu, a minimalist, neat slate for coders, and a simple visual studio code is worth the time.

It is a clean and intuitive theme without bells and whistles and looks elegant. Sometimes, you need this when you are working late at night.

13. Monokai Pro

Monokai Pro is undoubtedly a rated professional visual studio code theme with no bad critics that comes fully packed with colors. Millions of users can give detailed reports on the color quality and quantity. 

Monokai developers focus on making the best color scheme theme backed up by a productivity tool. It is for color lovers who love many colors to play with while coding. Monokai Pro is colorful, but you won’t get overwhelmed with colors. So, it is clean and bright and perfect to code on.

14. Bear

Bear is not an exuberant theme with tons of features or frills for thrills. However, it is a clean, intuitive, simple theme for the masses. 

Why am I saying this for the masses? It is because Visual Studio Code is for professional developers who don’t want elegance but practicality. Bear with its highlight, syntax, and some simple essential features that enter our list easily.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Bear is not lacking anything in particular, but depending on the kind of user, you either love it or not.

So, it is not polarizing. However, the simple and monotonous UI can be a bit boring. But if you are a professional, you may not care about it, but for anyone other than that, try looking at some other options.

15. Firefly Pro

The night is darkest just before dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”, this quote by Harvey Dent from Batman may not incite fear in you but tells the uncanny nature of the night.

And the night is dark. Firefly Pro embraces the darkness by using black and grey in the background.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Aesthetics are not the only thing darkness brings but are also practical. So, stick with me on this one. One of the things we coders ought to do is to work at night; that’s the harsh reality.

Because of this darkness, the blue light coming out of the monitor will be low. Therefore, eye strain will be less.

16. Slime Theme

Darkness is practical as a lot of darkness can imbue a sense of pessimism in your heart. So, Slime Theme is not as dark as Firefly Pro, but it is still not bright to cause trouble during the night.

Remember to change color intensity and saturation to make the codes readable. After doing that, you can enjoy this greyish-blue theme and get the best of both worlds; you are not taking strain on your eyes or having to code on a charcoal slate that absorbs light and sometimes exudes pessimism.

17. City Lights

City Lights is one of the bluest themes on our list. It is one of the best Visual Studio Code themes for someone who loves Blue.

It is a simple but elegant theme with not an essence of blue but completely blue. Predominantly, dark blue is what the blue of City Lights looks like. 

As the name City Lights suggests, the lights of the City inspire the theme. Lights look way more luminous during the night, so this is where the dark blue-greyish background comes from.

Pro Tip: Use the City Lights icon package for the best result. 

18. Quit Light

Quit Light is one of the best themes derived from the Espresso text editor. Quit Light is probably one of the best light themes for Visual Studio.

However, you need to make sure that using it can cause a bit of strain on your eyes. This is quite explanatory as dark themes put less strain on your eyes as it emits fewer blue lights.

However, there is one trick that allows you to put less strain on your eyes without having to use the dark theme. Try to use any theme with yellow text.

This theme supports many languages, such as C++, Python, HTML, Javascript, and more. 

So, Quit Light is a perfect theme if you want to change but if you are looking for something to work on at night, then Quit Light is not what you should try.

19. Github Theme

Best Visual Studio Code Themes 10

You may know what GitHub is. It is a platform that many developers use to host their software. However, with GitHub Theme you can use a simple UI that’s light but elegant. It doesn’t have any frills but can keep you motivated if you plan to upload your work on it.

This theme is just like GitHub, and if you love GitHub, you will at least like GitHub.

20. Brackets Light Pro

Brackets Light Pro is derived from Adobe Bracket Code Editor and is one of the best Visual Code Studio Themes. It is one of the gorgeous themes and looks like a piece of art.

Brackets Light Pro is clean, intuitive, and something that seems like Picasso designed it. Unlike any other theme, the color scheme is light, but it has a bit of fruity essence.

However, you need to ensure that you are twinning the font to make it more readable. If you want our suggestion on this, try using Fantasque Sans Mono, which is perfectly readable and looks good.

21. Noctis – Best icon theme for vscode

Noctis is one of the best Visual Studio Code Themes, not because it is gorgeous. Noctis is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but the mere fact that it has both light and dark themes makes it a perfect UI, as you don’t need two themes, as Noctis is the one to go.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Noctis has all the things you need. The dark theme is dark enough not to strain your eyes but not as dark to make them look dull. The light theme is a perfect blend of color and simplicity.

22. Nord

Nord, which means True North is what this bluish theme is inspired by. Since the North Pole is covered by snow and the snow looks a bit blue, being blue is what the Nord theme takes pride in.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

It is one of the few themes that can be pragmatic for both day and night. Unlike Noctis’s theme, Nord doesn’t have two themes, light and dark, for both day and night. It has just one theme, blue, neither dark nor light, enough for both times of the day.

One thing you need to make sure of is that the contrast ratio of Nord is not very high. So, before adapting it, use it for a while and check if it is readable.

23. Atom One Light

Atom One Light is a light version of One Dark Pro. It is light but has all the frills of One Dark Pro, as it is readable, sophisticated, etc, but the major thing is that it looks light.

Atom One Light is derived from Atom, but it is one of the best Visual Studio Code themes. Talking about one of its greatest strength, readability, texts in Atom One Light is colorful, and all the colors have a fruity hue.

And since the background is white, the contrast ratio is high. Therefore, Atom One Light is the greatest light theme in the world.

24. Panda Theme

The panda theme is inspired by the two-color look of a Panda’s shell. It is one of the simplest of not the simplest UI for you. One of its advantages is that since the developers are not trying to make it look pretty by adding a ton of colors, the contrast ratio of this theme is arguably the highest.

It is perfect for working day and night. So, if you don’t want your theme to have frills, try downloading and installing this theme on your Visual Code Editor.

25. SynthWave’84

SynthWave’84 is one of the best Visual Studio Code Themes. It is dark and has an uncanny nature to it. It is inspired by Synthwave and has that retro look to it.

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

Talking about the color pallet,  it can be a bit polarizing. You can either love it or hate it. The purple is very rich, unlike any other blue in this article.

However, this can be a bit good thing as well. Because you can use the color of your screen as a flex, and since it is dark, it is good for your eyes.

26. GruveBox

GruveBox is inspired by wolves, jellybeans, and solar. It is one of the best Visual Studio Code themes for a specific niche. If you are looking for a customizable theme, Groovebox is for you; if you are looking for something that looks colorful, it is for you.

So, before downloading it, visit the site, check some screenshots, and conclude something.

27. Remedy

The Remedy is a dark theme but has orange as the accent color. It has different shades of orange, so, depending on the need, the developers have set the hue. 

29 Best Visual Studio Code Themes To Suit Your Preferences

It is not like everything here is orange; the background is charcoal grey, and the text has multiple colors. It has nice readability and is a perfect theme for someone looking for sophistication.

28. Aurora X

Arguably one of the nicest looking themes, Aurora X, has a clean black slate and all the text colors are punchy, increasing the contrast ratio, hence, making it more readable.

29. Glass UI

Glass UI is a light theme and one of the polarizing ones. It has bright colors on the white background, making the theme eye-searingly bright. 

However, you should not write it off yet. Try installing it on your editor and see if you like the look of it, and then decide.


What is the Best Theme for VS Code?

There are various VS code Themes that you can go for, such as One Dark Pro, GitHub Theme, Night Owl, Shades of Purple, and others.

If you want to change the look and feel of your Visual Studio Code to make it look aesthetic on your coding setup, then you can go for these themes. 

What is the Best Dark Theme for VS Code?

Coding is best in dark themes and reduces the strain on your eyes. If you are looking for the best dark themes for VS code, you can consider going for One Dark Pro, FireFly Pro, Andromeda, Night Owl, etc. 

Which Visual Studio Theme is best for your eyes?

If you are looking for a VS Code theme that is comfortable on your eyes, then use a dark theme.

We recommend you go for Noctis Lux, which has eight dark and three light color themes. You can choose the theme based on your environment and have less eye strain. 

What Theme do I need to make VS Code Transparent?

You don’t need a theme to make VS code transparent. You can use keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease transparency on VS Code.

You can press Ctrl + Alt + Z to increase transparency and Ctrl + Alt + C to decrease transparency. 

How Do I Make VS Code Look More Aesthetic?

Well, there are certain customizations that you can do to make VS Code look more Aesthetic and elegant. You can use themes, fonts, extensions, and such to change the look of Visual Studio Code as per your preference.

Themes do 90% of the work in customizing the VS code, and the rest depends on the extension and fonts you use. If you want to customize VS code completely, get a good theme. 

What Is The Most Popular VS Code Theme?

Ayu is one of the most popular VS code themes. It has a dark mode, light mode, and Mirage mode.

It is simple and aesthetic, and coders prefer it for prolonged hours of coding. This is one of the top-rated themes that you can get for VS Code. 

These were some of the best Visual Studio Code themes. Hopefully, you will be able to pick the best one for you.