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7 Best Book Summary Apps To Get Key Ideas in 15 Min

Even if you are someone who likes to read books, these book summary apps can be helpful to you too. We often read a book and then forget about the main takeaways and points of the book.

It is, in fact, scientifically proven that we tend to forget 80-85% of things that we learned from a book. So these books will be a good revision of your already read book. 

You don’t have to read a book again and again. You can use the summary to refresh your knowledge. Isn’t that great?

A detailed description of each app will discuss its features and pros and cons if any. Read the article, and at the end, you will get the best book summary apps companion for yourself.

Best Book Summary Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Blinkist

It is impossible not to discuss Blinkist regarding the best book summary apps. Why? Because it is one of the most famous and popular book summary apps among readers.

Blinkist is one of the oldest players in the market, and until that day, they have continued to maintain its reputation. Blinkist has several features, and we will state them one by one so you know about the app in more detail. 

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The go-to slogan or quote of Blinkist is Big ideas in 15 mins. The phrase clearly explains as the company aims to encourage people to read and gain knowledge that will generate better and brighter opinions. 

Blinkist contains almost 27 categories. You get all kinds of diversity for reading. You can choose your interested topic to read, and the app has several books under that particular category. E.g. if you are into entrepreneurship, you can select the relevant category and find your favorite books.

The app has a collection of approximately 4,500 non-fiction and best-selling books worldwide. You can say it’s a vast visual library than you can imagine.

Best Book Summary Apps

One of the great features of Blinkist is that you can read and listen to a summary. So whenever you are on your way to a subway or riding in the metro, plug in your earphones and connect to the great ideas worldwide. 

The content of the Blinkist is amazing. Easy to read and understand, the content has almost every crucial point from the book in a summary. 

Wait, The best part is yet to come. Blinkist does not contain a summary of your favorite books but your favorite podcast. You can listen to lengthy podcast summaries here. So it is just a one-stop destination for your quest for knowledge.

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2. Instaread – Insights from Books in Audio & Text

Instaread is said to be one of the best alternatives to Blinkist. The reason is its high quality and captivating content. Instead, provide an extraordinary insight into books in their summary.

The app focuses on the convenience of the user and simple language. You will get a summary chapter-wise with a critical takeaway explicitly stated. The summary focuses on being very systematic and organized. 

Best Book Summary Apps 1

Instaread is a home for more than 1000 fiction and non-fiction book summaries. It has almost all the best-selling and critically acclaimed books. So one thing is for sure you will never run short of content. 

The audio voice is generated by the app and provides an audio summary facility for all the books. So if you want to disconnect from the world a little, you can click on your favorite book, and there you go. 

But you know what the icing on the cake is? It is the originals of Instaread that contain shortcuts and success stories. Instead has articles from various sources and organizations as it collaborates with multiple institutions. If you are into expanding your knowledge, this place is paradise. 

Another feature is you get some insights into cards. That is one feature that makes their app more unique, as you get quotes from the book separately written in such a beautiful manner. 

The app also suggests the titles to read from your preferred genres, so sometimes you can skip the part of searching and deciding which one to read. The content keeps on updating and adding new books and titles.

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3. getAbstract

Like Blinkist, getAbstract is also an old player in the market of book summaries. The company keeps developing features that provide the reader with convenience and class.

The app offers excellent summaries in just 10 minutes. So if you are a person who is always in a hurry, you can choose this as your option.

The app is considered one of the business giants because of its vast choice. It has 18000+ books. Yes, you heard it right. You get to select from almost an ocean of book summaries on the topic of business and personal development books. 

Best Book Summary Apps 2

The app focuses on business more as they want to offer its services to various enterprises. The company aims to sell its services to organizations or companies whose employees can access them. 

But it is not a restriction, though. If you are an individual and these books interest you, you can just buy a subscription and get enrolled to access such excellent book summaries. 

The app provides an audio summary of all the books, and you can create a playlist like the one on Spotify. With this feature, you can Wishlist the text you want to read in the future. 

The app even contains different channels on topics that you can follow to get updates on related books or articles. So you are never behind what is new in the world.

One of the keys to such a large audience of Getabstracts is the well-written content. People love it when they see such well-organized content which highlights the point clearly and schematically.

One of the advantages of this app is its diversity in language selection. Including English, the app has seven languages: German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian. 

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4. StoryShots

As the name suggests, the app provides excellent book summaries in just a few minutes. The content is structured to give you a brief idea, covering all the essential things in a short span.

The app is critically acclaimed by various authors and organizations like Steven Pinker. The app contains almost 800+ bestsellers from different genres. 

The app has a category from which you can select the book you want to read. Be it self-help books or anything related to entrepreneurship. The summaries are excellent in presenting great ideas in summary. 

Free Book Summaries , Audio Books and More - StoryShots App Trailer

The app allows you to read the summary in your free time or choose to listen to the audio, which is equally good and helps you multitask. But if you want a better understanding through visuals, you can even opt to watch a summary through animations.

The app is a top education app in Google, the Guardian, Apple, etc. With additional features, you can have printable infographics and mind maps, just if you like some book and want to have a hard copy. You can get a pdf of the summary and store it permanently. And you even get celebrity recommendations. 

Just like the variety of categories in the app for book summaries, you get a variety of languages to choose from, like Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

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5. Koober

Korber is one of the most highly appreciated educational apps. The app has well-managed and vast content about personal development and business.

If you want to explore different things and learn about everything that’s going around if yes, then this app is for you.

Whether learning about stocks to become a successful leader or reading some remarkable inspiring book, koober is one place for all these searches.

Whenever you feel like you are lacking motivation or need some great ideas, koober can help you through its great TEDx interviews and biographies of many big names worldwide. 

The app never compromises its content and keeps itself updated on recent trends. The app is a door to unlimited access to ideas and learning as a youngster.

The app takes learning, and its impact strength makes it unique from the other book summaries app. The app is designed for people passionate about creating their legacy or starting something new. 

With almost 1200+ book summaries and an audience base of 2 million subscribers, koober reaches millions of people who want to learn something new.

Along with summaries, koober gives you some advice or quotes from famous people in that field, the recent development on the relevant subject, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Koober even has a section called today’s top-ranked content, which is updated daily. Here you can find the latest topic or story trending around the world. You even get an option to listen to a 20 mins summary audio about the same. 

Koober keeps bringing you recommendations from your latest reads so you can find the best source to learn from, and your development process never stops. There are various programs to help you get command over basics.

You can even choose to highlight anything from the summary. You can save articles or materials for later reference too. Now tell me, what could be better than this wholesome development experience?

You can download your favorite article or book summary and read it offline. Koober gives you a great learning experience to provide a boost to your dreams. 

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6. 12 Mins – Audiobooks & Summaries

This app will solve your problems if your work and daily schedule do not provide sufficient time to read your favorite book.

With great unique content, the app keeps updating with recent developments worldwide and provides users with great information. The app is trusted by over 4 million people for its unique quality content and is critically acclaimed by Forbes, CNN, etc. 

12 minutes summarizes non-fiction, personal development, entrepreneurship, or business-related books. Just 12 minutes of reading provides crucial insights and main takeaways from the books, so you don’t have to go through a thick book to expand your knowledge.

7 Best Book Summary Apps To Get Key Ideas in 15 Min

The app is designed to be convenient for the user to save books and even recommends good books based on the previous reading. 

There is no shortage of genres in the apps. There are approx—24 categories to select from. You can read anything of your choice.

The app is a digital library with more than 2400+ books that will help you grow into a more productive human. Depending on your preference, you can either read a book summary or listen to its audio again of good quality.

If you like some book summaries or want to read them later, you can create your playlist and visit it later. These features make your reading journey more convenient. The app understands that competition helps people grow from their comfort zone.

That is why it tracks your reading progress and ranks you with worldwide readers. The app also has a feature to download a book summary to gain knowledge when you are offline, and your growth process never stops. 

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7. Quickreads – Free Book Summaries

Quickreads is a gift to all the voracious readers out there. The app summarizes books that you can read in less than 15 minutes.

The content of the summary is straightforward to understand. The book focuses on covering all the crucial points from a book and presenting it in the best way to the user.

Best Book Summary Apps 4

 If you constantly seek new information or want to read different books out of your field, this app will greatly help. Not just books related to non-fiction, you can find biographies, documentaries, books related to psychology, biology, physics, geography, and many more. There are no walls of limitation in this app. 

You can listen or read as many summaries as you want and expand the horizons of your learning ability. One of the good things about the audio of this app mainly is that it is recorded by humans and is not an AI-generated voice. 

The app provides a summary of books with over 500+ best-selling titles. The new books are added, and the list keeps on expanding. The app gives preference to being organized.

That’s why it has over 20 categories. The summary is absolute to the point and does not miss anything important from the book.

It doesn’t matter where you are; you can keep learning new stuff anywhere. 

The app has excellent summaries of popular books like the seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R.covey, atomic habits by James clear, the art of public speaking by dale Carnegie and many more.

You will never feel bored listening to or reading these excellent and knowledgeable book summaries. You get a vast genre to choose from and different subjects to explore. 

One of the best things about the app is that it is free. So you can learn and gain knowledge without any obstacles.

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Why Book Summary Apps?

Suppose you are someone whose day is filled with tireless, non-stop work. If you are always on the go and don’t have enough time to take a breath of relief? If you find it hard to find time for the things you like? Then these apps could be a granted wish for you.

With changing times where everyone is struggling with time management, it’s doubtful that you will find some time for reading a 300-page book. Or even if you start reading it, you might get bored with non-fiction books. To sort out this problem, book summary apps are a great solution. 

Book summary apps give you a quick and clear book summary in just 15 minutes of reading. They summarise the crucial and valuable points from the book and save a lot of time for readers. If you are traveling in a metro or have a small break, trust us to book summary apps to make your time productive.

Without going through page by page of a thick, intimidating book, you can read all the critical points in just a few minutes and level up your knowledge about a particular subject. And this way, you don’t have to keep stacking up your reading list with new books and procrastinating for later.

Which Book Summary Apps To Go For?

If you type book summary apps, many options will be shown. Nowadays, the market is filled with various book summary apps, and deciding which one is tricky.

Many book summary apps charge money for a subscription, and it is vital to know care about the features of the app you are paying for. Additionally, the main component of a good book summary app is its content.

The content should be easy to understand and organized. To have a good experience with the book summary app, we suggest choosing a reliable and good book summary app so you don’t miss any key points from the book. A good book summary app is the library for many readers with various genres not specified just to one category.

With multiple options in the book, you can have various sources to learn from. It should have some good features that make your reading experience convenient.

These apps charge different amounts for their services, so you must consider which ones are affordable and whether the money is worth the benefit.

So you are left with a choice to explore every app and finally get your ideal book summary app. The process itself sounds time and energy-consuming.

The article relieves you from this hustle; we have a list of the top 7 best book summary apps. While searching, we have kept in mind the apps’ features, the various number of books, the diversity of genres, and the quality of the content.


What is the best app for book summaries? 

Blinkist, Instaread, getAbstract, StoryShots, Koober, etc., are some of the best apps for book summaries of all types of books and make it easy to read and understand summaries.  

Where can I read book summaries for free? 

Instead, Optimize.me, Readingraphics, Bookey, James Clear, etc., are among the most popular websites to check summaries of books in multiple languages and niches.  

Which is better, Blinkist or short form? 

For book summaries, Blinkist and ShortForm are both excellent options. Your requirements and preferences will determine everything.

I prefer Shortform for in-depth summaries that are lengthier. The Blinkist app is recommended for concise summaries. Cards on Instaread make it easier to read. 

What is better than Blinkist? 

StoryShots, getAbstract, Booknotes, InstaRead, Snapreads, etc., are some of the best Blinkist alternatives and make it easy for you to check out summaries of different books across languages and genres.  

Are book summaries worth it? 

Summaries are useful for getting a general understanding of a subject, essay, article, tale, or even book. But it’s not that significant. Without going into much depth, a summary presents the core argument and supporting details.

Summaries will most likely prevail over entire books regarding ideas generated per hour invested. Nobody will ever read a small portion of all books, including a sizable portion of excellent literature. 

Conclusion on best app to summarize books

So above were the book summary apps that can help you learn from the book you never had time to read. Reading is one of the essential parts of human development because it helps us keep learning and make wise choices in life. And you should not miss such an important thing just due to a shortage of time. 

The book summary apps are undoubtedly one of the best in the market. These apps will help you be more productive and gain great insights into the world. With growing technology, you are not bound to pick up one book and read it for 1-2 weeks. You can read different books from different genres.

We hope that the article above helps you decide on the best book summary app you want to go for. You can choose one or two according to your need, but the main point is to keep reading and growing.