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15 Most Innovative Healthcare Apps Currently Available 

In recent times the entire healthcare industry and medical industry has been changed. This drastic change credit goes to the mobile development industry, which introduces healthcare apps.

Before the healthcare industry-accepted mobile applications, they ask for the key reason why healthcare apps are essential, but slowly it became a necessity.

A recent analysis shows that the healthcare industry has become one of the top revenue contributors globally. And the significant benefit of having healthcare apps has been seen in this coronavirus pandemic scenario.

In this situation, where people could not go out of their house, they can easily connect with their doctors for their medication review or any other query. 

The power of retrieving all from anyplace around the world in real-time is what mobile technology proposes. The recent innovation in the mobile technology industry has completely changed the healthcare sector pattern.

With the help of healthcare apps, people can easily connect with their medical advisers and health physicians. Not only these healthcare apps also provide all the right information at the fingertip of the user. 

As we all know, mobile devices have created new communication channels between all the service providers, which is the same with healthcare services.

With the help of recent development in healthcare apps, there is a new communication channel between healthcare providers and patients. This is not it; there are several other benefits of having healthcare apps. 

As we know, technology has changed the way of working in most sectors, and healthcare is one of the sectors that get benefits from mobile application development in day-to-day practice.

In recent years, there has been a significant development regarding mobile applications. Now, these mobile applications are widely available for everyone with additional benefits and offers. Certain healthcare applications are specific to a certain type of disease and information. 

There are many advantages of using healthcare apps that are provided to patients. And these applications are transforming the healthcare sector as well. Here we have some of the top advantages of healthcare apps that you should know. 

Innovative Healthcare Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

There is a new launch of healthcare apps every week because, in recent few years, the healthcare application developers have got millions in funding. That is why there are thousands of applications on healthcare available on the Play Store and app store.

Some users know what to download and use. But new users who do not know which application is good for them to get confused.

That is why to save your time, and we have gathered a list of top healthcare apps for patients and doctors you should know. All the applications that we listed here are available on both IOS and Android platforms; therefore, it can be easily downloaded. 

1. Doximity Healthcare Mobile App

Doximity is a healthcare application that is used to access a professional medical network. This health care application has more than 70% of physicians and doctors as a member.

Innovative Healthcare Apps

It is a marvelous medical application for mobile. The Doximity app can directly book an appointment with doctors. And the patient can search for a doctor with a wide range of filters like hospital affiliation, experience, clinical interest, language, and location.

With the help of this healthcare, application uses can easily send their complaint access security from anywhere. Also, can have information about news and various articles. 

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2. Visual DX Healthcare Mobile App

It is very difficult for people to diagnose anything by just going on Google with symptoms. It is because, on Google, there will be primarily two answers whether it will be cancer or tumor, which is very disturbing for a person with no disease.

Innovative Healthcare Apps 1

And there is nothing that person can do when there is no doctor around. The user can go for image verification on the most extensive medical image database with various diseases in this situation. 

The visual DX healthcare application is one of the largest healthcare applications databases, collecting more than 30,000 images of patients of various ages and skin types.

Virtual DX has a long category image for every body part, and it is useful for medical usages. In this application, the user can easily get to know about the problem.

But still, it is important to see a doctor because searching for any health problem is not a solution for anyone. 

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3. Diabetes Manager By Welldoc

As the name indicates, the purpose of this health care application. This mobile application captures the blood glucose information and transmits it in real-time with a well doc analysis system.

15 Most Innovative Healthcare Apps Currently Available 

This application helps the patient to manage their diabetes by providing them the right medication and treatment information. It also promotes the interaction between the physician and patient with voice and video when the patient needs help most.

It is all one application for people who have diabetes. This application also has different articles so that patients could understand their issues better. 

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4. Doctor-On-Demand

Doctor-on-demand is known to be the fastest-growing digital healthcare application which is developed by Rock health. This application use model of pay-per-visit.

What is a video visit?

A doctor on demand in this model offers patients telemedicine on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. And images and reports here will provide medical support and information.

Doctor on demand also provides 25 to 50 minutes of psychology session where the doctor can have a one-to-one conversation on video or audio call. This application is very beneficial for people staying in remote areas. 

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5. Health Tap Healthcare Mobile App

Health tab is a top-rated health care application that offers more than a million physicians and health care experts. With this healthcare application, patients can connect with a physician telling their issue.

Healthcare Apps

This application offers video or text consultation for patients by using pay as you go model. In this application, the physicians will connect with patients from anywhere around the world by a smartphone computer or tablet.

This application’s additional features include more than thousands of customers’ checklists for healthcare lifestyle and plan management and allow users to securely share all the information or reports with their physicians without any worry. 

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6. ACT MD Healthcare Mobile App

ACT MD is one of the most incomparable healthcare applications which offers several tools and services by different health care service providers.

15 Most Innovative Healthcare Apps Currently Available 

This is a complete self-care application that has complete information on patient requirements and manages them accordingly. The Act MD has several medical professionals that are available for any query or help 24/7.

And each patient deals with different parameters according to their individual needs. One of the interesting features of the act MD application is that it has a personalized health care plan with digital storage for all the medical files and records. All the information in medical reports shared via this application will be completely secure. 

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7. Medici for Patients

In case a person is willing to talk to a physician without making any prior appointment or needs help by texting, then Medici is the mobile health care application that a user needs. 

It is a beneficial healthcare application that allows the patient to text, call, or even have a video chat with a physician, therapist, or another healthcare specialist. Medici users can easily get in touch with physicians or health care specialists right from their smartphones from anywhere around the world. 

This healthcare application’s primary aim is to reduce all the additional costs and discomfort that a patient has to face while going to the hospital for a regular check-up.

By providing online consultation with doctors, also increases the productivity of the doctors and patients. One of the key features of a medical healthcare application is that the user can ask any question and get health advice directly from the smartphone.

And can also get a lab result directly on the application as it collaborates with doctors and various labs. And users do not need to worry about security because all the communication and reports are completely secured and encrypted. 

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8. ClotMD Healthcare Mobile App

The name of the application gives an idea of this healthcare application. It focuses on a specific audience.

This application is connected with patients that require an anticoagulation medication and allows them to communicate in real-time with this medical app.

ClotMd health care applications can also create communication between the patient and the medical provider. And some of the other features that this healthcare application provides are dosing calculation, testing schedule, built diet, and offer real-time alerts regarding the appointments or any schedule. 

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9. Mobile MIM Healthcare App

The mobile MIM healthcare application was the first healthcare application that was included in the app store.

This application is specially designed to show radiation, oncology radiology, nuclear medicine, and cardiac imaging. It is a very beneficial health care application for physicians to access images that can help patients by having the image and their reports. 

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10. Gauss Pixel Healthcare Mobile App

This application is for physicians and medical experts. Gauss pixel provides doctors to calculate the amount of blood loss during any surgery in an accurate manner. After taking an image of the surgical sponge, which is used during the surgery.

The procedure requires a smartphone or tablet. The application computes the amount of blood loss in real-time. It is a very useful application for all surgeons and nurses.

As there is no other accurate way of retrieving or getting this type of information, this application can provide this information. 

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11. Resolution MD Healthcare Mobile App

The resolution MD is another excellent health care application for physicians and medical experts. Resolution MD application provides instant access to the radiology diagnostic image on a mobile device.

This application has system analysis capability, which rapidly visualizes the image and project on your smartphone or tablet. The developers of resolution MD also take care of the security procedures so that no patient’s sensitive information seems to be spread. 

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12. Care Zone

Care Zone is a healthcare application that helps physicians and patients avoid all the hassle of storing and organizing medical notes or documents.

15 Most Innovative Healthcare Apps Currently Available 

This application is very useful for patients and the visiting physician because it collects all the data and information and manages it in this healthcare application. It will create all the information of a person as well as of other family members automatically.

Not only this, but the application also has relevant health news journals and other physician notes so that a patient can access the information which is required. 

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13. You Plus Healthcare Mobile App

You plus healthcare application is specially developed by a team of doctors, psychologists, and MIT computer scientists.

This application provides patients daily lifestyle coaching to make their healthy living more manageable and has exercise programs recommended for home and outdoor. This is a complete health care application for the user.

Not only this, it will record data from healthcare devices and fitness bands to provide a user with more personalized health guidance. 

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14. Airstrip And Airstrip OB Healthcare Mobile App

The Airstrip and Airstrip OB is a practical mobile platform that allows care coordination between multiple devices with multiple care settings.

This application collects data from electronic health records and other medical devices and monitors for the solution from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Further information could be checked and verified by the hospitals and post-care centers.

This app will have all the information and day-to-day vitals of a patient on one platform. Further, all the data can be accessed by telemedicine and another system with complete security. 

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These are some of the best healthcare innovative apps for both patients and medical specialists. All these applications are available for the user on both IOS and Android platforms.

Users do not have to worry about any security issues because all these healthcare applications are approved and verified by the respective authority. That is why all the data which is shared between the physician and patient will be completely secure.

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Benefits Of Healthcare Apps:-

Uninterrupted Data Flow:-

 As you know that the healthcare system is a very intricate network, and there is a nonstop data flow among providers and patients.

For this aim, the healthcare apps are very convenient to keep all the data records uninterruptedly. And this provides more control over the information and data as there will be no issue of misplaced paper, files, or folders. 

Direct Patient Care:-

According to the traditional way of keeping records and managing patients, things get difficult for doctors and staff to keep all the patient’s vitals up-to-date.

But with the help of mobile devices, things are completely changed. Now phones, tablets, and other wearable devices can easily record all the regular vitals and keep the patient’s log on their phones.

This technology helps doctors and other medical advisors check up on the patient directly using mobile devices as they have all the required information data essential for any diagnosis.  

Real-Time Communication:-

One of the major benefits of having healthcare apps is that these applications can provide real-time communication. The one issue which users see in this time of pandemic is that there were restrictions in moving out, especially for the patients.

Healthcare apps helped patients and doctors to have easy and quick real-time communication regarding any health issues. These healthcare apps also provide benefits to the people who are staying in remote areas because these applications can connect the patient and doctor from anywhere around the world. 

Feed Customisation:-

 Doctors and general physicians deal with many patients regularly. And it is very difficult for them to keep all the track records of every patient and provide separate care to each patient.

However, doctors can now custom-design the remedies with mobile devices and healthcare apps without doing a huge investigation. The profile management in these applications can help both doctors and patients. 

Give Convenience:-

These healthcare apps provide convenience for doctors and general physicians because there are millions of textboxes and medical education journals. No doctor can go through all those textbooks if the doctor requires any quick information.

But with the help of these healthcare apps, doctors and physicians do not have to carry any medical book around because they can easily search for any details they want on these healthcare apps. It also provides convenience to doctors and patients as it saves much time. 

Immediate Access To Care:-

 We all know that few health issues are not the emergency medical situations. If a person is staying in a remote area, and there is a non-emergency medical situation, users can have immediate access to care with these healthcare apps.

In a recent study, it is seen that healthcare applications also save much money from patients and help in booking an appointment with the doctor with just a few clicks.

Nowadays, these healthcare applications also provide communication with doctors via audio or video chat. 

These are some of the significant benefits of using healthcare apps in this modern era. Healthcare applications are convenient for physicians and health advisors and very beneficial for the patients as well. 

Advantages Of Healthcare Apps In the Medical Industry:-

In the recent pandemic scenario, we have seen a drastic change due to technological innovation over the years. And significant credit goes to the mobile development industry.

The mobile development industry also created a boom in the healthcare sector. Now there are more than thousands of health-related applications available on the Play Store and app store. Some applications will provide information about medicines and booking them.

And some applications are providing online booking and appointments with the physician and doctors around the world. That is why there are some advantages to healthcare apps in the medical industry. 

Mobile healthcare applications have created a new business model and opportunities in the medical field, focusing on the relation and communication between doctors and patients. This model is creating ease in work for both doctors and patients. 

These health care applications are beneficial for all the doctors and medical staff as it provides all the health information about their patient.

According to Stat, more than 90% of medical experts are certain that these healthcare applications bring upgrading in patients’ health. And about 80% of medical doctors are using mobile applications to bring patient care.  

Healthcare applications are a blessing for all the people staying in remote areas. With the help of the internet and their smartphone, they can now reach their doctors from anywhere. Even you can take online consultation without traveling to the hospital or clinic.

An advantage of healthcare applications in the medical industry is that it has also reduced medical bills and expenses. These are some of the advantages of healthcare applications in the medical industry. 

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Healthcare Application Trends That Will Change Medical Industry In Future

The healthcare industry is growing at a reckless speed. The traditional way of working in the healthcare industry will not work in recent times.

There is so much change in the healthcare industry from the past few years, and there is more to come that will completely redefine the healthcare industry. Here are some of the trends that will go to create a major change in healthcare apps in the future: 

Artificial intelligence in mobile healthcare application:=

 In recent years, technology has changed. And we have seen artificial intelligence emerging in many sectors. Artificial intelligence will also change the outlook of healthcare apps in the coming days.

The application can easily recognize the user and problem by the previous data and record and quickly connect to the doctor without any instructions if noticed any issue.  

Internet of things in mobile healthcare application:-

 In the future, IoT devices will be used in the healthcare industry because it will provide more facilities to users, including activity tracking, connected inhalers, lenses, and much more. 

Telemedicine in the healthcare industry:-

 Telemedicine has already been recognized in the healthcare industry, and it has already created huge change. It filled the communication gap between patients and doctors, which will increase in the future than its current level. 

Predictive analysis of mobile healthcare application:-

 In the coming few years, there will be a predicted analysis in the healthcare application. This feature will provide real-time analysis in personalized healthcare by analyzing all the data and records from mobile healthcare applications and wearable fitness devices. 

Chatbot in mobile healthcare application:-

We all have seen chatbots in most E-commerce and other websites. In the coming years, chatbots will be in the healthcare industry, where it will be useful in several cases by providing instant and personalized suggestions. And it will also help with patient’s queries. 

These are some of the healthcare trends that will redefine the medical industry in the coming future. We have seen various changes in the healthcare industry because of technological innovation.

And this cycle will grow in the coming few years as innovation and new technology create and fill the gaps between the healthcare system and patient ease.

In the future, there will be more benefits for patients and doctors as technology is creating innovations for every issue related to the healthcare industry.  


During the 90s, we did not have any technological reform that could change any industry. But from that ear, things started changing slowly. In the year 2020, we have seen a huge and drastic change in most industries due to the technology industry’s innovation.

The IT sector development also impacted the healthcare industry in a very good manner. It is straightforward for a patient to stay in a remote area to get connected to the doctor and get advice immediately. 

That is why these healthcare apps have significantly impacted our daily lives by giving us ease and providing information and connecting us with consultants. The healthcare apps that we have listed here are currently available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

And users can easily download them. All these applications will serve different purposes and provide all the information and quick services in any non-critical case for any place.