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11 Best Doctor Appointment Apps For A Doctor Care

These days, you can do literally anything with your smartphone in hand! From booking a cab to ordering your favorite dishes, doing online shopping, to getting groceries delivered at your doorstep, you can receive a lot of facilities right from the comfort of your home using different types of mobile applications.

And, with the rapid evolution of smartphones, gone are the days, when you had to visit your doctor multiple times for booking a consultation.  

Even today, most of the primary care physicians are pre-booked, and that means, by the time you finally get an appointment, you are either recovered from a condition, or it got much worse.

The only option you are left with is going to an emergency care center, and for that, more often than not, you have to pay heavy emergency charges. However, you can overcome all this by opting for alternatives like telemedicine and online appointment booking. 

In this review post, I am taking you through my best 11 doctor appointment apps easily available to download on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

These apps make booking an appointment easy, simple, and also save a lot of time and money. How about exploring a bit in detail about these useful apps? 

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Best Doctor Appointment Apps – Our Pick👌👌 

1. OpenMed: Doctors Near Me & Online Appointment

One of the largest add most trusted networks for booking doctor appointments, OpenMed connects see you to more than 5 million health care providers from all over the United States.

The app helps you to explore new as well as your existing doctors by various categories including ratings by patients, location, specialties, and payment method.

With the app, you can save precious hours of your day by scheduling an appointment with your doctor. You no longer have to wait on the call to get the timely appointment with medical professionals of your preferences.  

Best Doctor Appointment Apps

Find the physicians you have been under treatment with, schedule an appointment according to your ease, and always stay on top of your health.

Manage all your family doctors, appointments, schedules, and even health insurances in one place! With a very unique appointment blast feature, you can compare from the top 10 medical experts that are more than suitable for your schedule.

Use the innovative find provider tool to connect to your favorite doctors you often visit and instantly book an appointment. Overall, OpenMed is nothing less than a smart personal medical assistant for you. 

Features of OpenMed:-

  • One of the largest appointment platforms with more than 5 million doctors 
  • Search for the best medical providers in your location 
  • Book appointments according to your preferences 
  • Compare multiple health care providers and make the best decision 
  • Find your favorite doctors with the unique “Find Provider” tool  

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7

One of the most reliable yet highly affordable doctor appointment apps, Amwell makes medical care as simple as you can imagine.

In addition to booking an appointment with your favorite doctors, you can even see a doctor right from your home or even when you are on the go!

Best Doctor Appointment Apps 1

The smart telehealth feature of the app connects you directly to high-quality, certified, and highly experienced medical providers. Get access to the top healthcare 24/7, with next-day availability, on-demand service, and scheduling based on your preferences.  

Booking an appointment with the app becomes simpler and hassle-free. All you have to do is to download the app, feed the type of visit you want, and select the best doctors in your location. No more driving to different doctors.

No need to spend hours in waiting rooms. Quick, simple, affordable, and effective appointment booking right from your home, based on your liking!

Highly qualified and experienced clinicians can help you with the best medical advice even without requiring you to visit them.  

Whether you need urgent care, require a session with a psychologist, want to discuss something related to nutrition and diet, or you need a lactation consultation, you can get everything without any problem with Amwell.   

Amwell | Get Care at Home

Features of Amwell:-

  • Book an appointment with medical specialists of your choice 
  • Video visit with a specialist, doctor, or therapist 
  • Almost all medical insurances accepted 
  • Get prescriptions directly to your nearby pharmacy 
  • Choose a doctor based on your condition and preferences

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

3. Lemonaid: telehealth & RX meds

Get excellent medical care instantly with one of the most loved doctor appointment apps – Lemonaid!

In addition to booking an appointment, you can even opt for a video visit, request a certified nurse for services at your home, and even get your prescriptions delivered with instant shipping.

With Lemonaid, health care is delivered right to your doorstep and makes treatment easier than you can imagine. Receive professional as well as affordable medical care with an online doctor without even visiting one.  

Best Doctor Appointment Apps 2

The app works with a humble concept of “healthcare should be accessible and affordable for everyone”, and lets you overcome most medical conditions with ease.

A virtual visit with the doctor of your choice only costs you as little as $25! And, if you are fed up with unaffordable prescription medicines, you can get them at highly affordable rates from Lemonaid!

Whether you have some questions related to your health or need a prescription for common seasonal problems, you can get it all on one of the most reliable virtual treatment platforms. 

Features of Lemonaid:-

  • Visit different types of medical specialists right from your home 
  • Prescription medicines delivered 2 your doorstep 
  • Answer easy health questions and get connected with a doctor 
  • Message the medical team if you are feeling uncomfortable 
  • Get a quick doctor review through video cha

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

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4. Doctor On Demand  

Get connected easily with a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist through video chat using one of the most popular doctor appointment apps – Doctor On Demand!

All the features and facilities available on the app work perfectly with or even without medical insurance and are available at highly affordable rates.

11 Best Doctor Appointment Apps For A Doctor Care

The best part of the app is, you can review your final cost even before booking an appointment, and don’t have to worry about a surprising medical bill. All the doctors and health care providers on the app are fully licensed, US-based, and are board-certified.  

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists have been delivering highly satisfying health care services across the country.

And, you have more than one reason to trust the app. From seasonal flu symptoms to fever to high cholesterol levels, you can get treatment for hundreds of health issues without even physically visiting a doctor.

The video consultation on the app works perfectly similar to an in-person visit, your doctor takes complete history and symptoms, performs a thorough medical exam, and offers you the best possible treatment. 

Features of Doctor On Demand:-

  • Get in touch with a doctor or therapist without visiting one 
  • See a health care provider 24/7, even by an appointment 
  • You can get treatment for hundreds of different conditions 
  • Visit your favorite doctors again in the future 
  • All your medical history is at your fingertips

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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5. Halodoc: Doctor Appointment Apps For Doctors & Medicines

What do you expect from the best doctor appointment apps? Chatting with a certified doctor? Buying high-quality health products? Booking a hospital appointment?

Or get a lab investigation? How have all these facilities with a single app? Here is one for you! Halodoc is your complete medical assistant with some excellent features and makes medical appointments and treatment as simple as it gets.

With the app, you can chat directly with a doctor, and get instant answers to all your questions related to health. You can completely trust the information offered by the app, as it is only provided by certified practitioners and specialists. 

Best Doctor Appointment Apps 4

What more? You can even find and buy a wide range of health care products from the app, including the best skincare, vitamins, serums, creams, and Moore. Select them, check out the basic information, and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Find highly qualified doctors, and book consultations add the partner hospitals using Halodoc! Avoid long queues, get rid of multiple administration charges, and get a guaranteed slot with the doctor of your choice.

You can even request a lab room service including rapid and antigen tests, swab tests, and a lot more! In short, Halodoc brings the entire medical treatment to your palm and makes everything quite easy for you.  

Features of Halodoc:-

  • Chat with a qualified doctor anytime and anywhere 
  • Get all your medical questions answered in a quick time  
  • Book an advanced appointment before visiting a hospital 
  • Get all your lab tests done from home 
  • Most of the major health insurances accepted 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

6. Teladoc | Telehealth & Therapy

Teladoc® is one of the most reputable doctor appointment apps with various amazing features. The app easily connects you with a U.S. board-certified doctor right through your smartphone!

With the app, you can quickly join more than 50 million users, and get convenient, quality medical care and therapy on demand.

11 Best Doctor Appointment Apps For A Doctor Care

The app offers a wide range of high-quality and satisfying health care services, including mental health, dermatology, nutrition, primary care, everyday care, as well as expert medical advice in almost all U.S. states.  

There are over a thousand board-certified doctors, nutritionists, dermatologists, licensed nurses, therapists, and other leading specialists who can quickly diagnose, treat, and provide a prescription.

You can easily get instant help for various non-emergency conditions like flu, sinus infections, and allergies. Skin problems like acne, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, premature aging, etc. are also managed via the app.

And, if you are facing mental troubles like anxiety and depression, or even relationship issues, you can get psychological advice from certified practitioners to successfully overcome these problems.  

Features of Teladoc®:-

  • Get instant consultation or talk to a doctor anytime 
  • Get customized care specially curated for you 
  • No need to worry about health insurance 
  • Simple and very easy to connect with a doctor 
  • Get a prescription for future requirements

Devices – Android and iOS  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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7. Practo – Doctor Appointment Apps To Consult Doctor Online

Say goodbye to all your doubts related to health, and enjoy convenient health care from one of the top doctor appointment apps – Practo!

Take complete care of yourself, your family, else will as friends, right from the comfort of your home with the app. Book doctor appointments, consult different medical experts online, book diagnostic tests, and order medicines to get them delivered to your doorstep.

Practo is one of the rapidly growing online doctor consultation apps with easy access to thousands of doctors, more than 70,000 clinics, and dozens of hospitals. It can be your one-stop destination for all your medical and healthcare requirements. 

PRACTO-Video Consult for any Symptoms

With the app, you can book hassle-free appointments without much fuss. Get in touch with more than 25 specialties through instant video consultation.

Get end-to-end care for multiple surgical procedures. Request for sample collection, and book lab tests. What more? You can even explore and buy various health plans with unlimited medical consultations.

Check out expert-written articles, and useful tips to always stay on top of your health. Video calls and online consultations are 100% secure, and you don’t have to worry about your personal data including health records. 

Features of Practo:-

  • One of the leading doctor appointment and consultation apps 
  • Get end-to-end post-surgical care for smooth and quick recovery 
  • Gives you 24/7 access to more than 25 specialists 
  • Explore hundreds of highly qualified doctors in your area 
  • Get access to exclusive medical content written by experts 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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8. Cerebral – Mental Health

Cerebral is one of the finest doctor appointment apps, especially for those who are struggling with various types of mental illnesses.

With the app, you can easily get effective therapeutic and psychiatric help for mental conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, and more.

The app offers you both options of booking doctor appointments as well as getting online consultations right from the comfort of your home. Get the much-needed support from highly experienced and qualified mental health experts, and overcome your problems with a holistic approach.  

11 Best Doctor Appointment Apps For A Doctor Care

Track your treatment progress and sessions, and never forget your doctor appointments. Master various techniques including mindfulness, focus, meditation, and more to effectively deal with insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and other problems.

Answer very simple questions, and explain in detail your symptoms. Explore multiple membership plans, and select the best one that suits you the most.

Get prescriptions instantly on your phone, and purchase medicines whenever you need them. All in all, meetings and messages on Cerebral can help you to maintain your mental health, and overcome various common conditions.  

Features of Cerebral:-

  • One of the best platforms to deal with various mental illnesses  
  • Get in touch with your counselor whenever you want  
  • Receive prescriptions right after your consultations  
  • Select from various membership plans based on your preferences  
  • Track your treatment progress and always stay on top of your health 

Devices – iOS Devices – iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

9. Zocdoc  

Zocdoc is your gateway to a healthy and sound lifestyle. It can be proved more than handy for you to start positive health is a journey not only for you but your family and friends as well.

Book appointments online with top doctors or video chat with them whenever you want, even when you are at home! Compare multiple healthcare professionals, and instantly book appointments that suit you the most.

11 Best Doctor Appointment Apps For A Doctor Care

Check out the reviews from thousands of patients, and make the best decision for your health. Scan your valid medical insurance, match with the best doctors, and start receiving treatment to overcome various health problems.  

Take all the hassles out of your treatment, filter doctors according to your condition, and symptoms, and find specialists in more than 50 categories.

From pediatricians to allergists, urologists to gynecologists, dentists, and dermatologists, you get guaranteed assistance to overcome all health problems.

Irrespective of the problem you are dealing with, you can get the best possible medical advice from leading experts with an excellent reputation in the healthcare sector for a long time.

Forget about those lengthy and that I’m taking queues, and start managing your health right from your comfort zone. 

Features of Zocdoc:-

  • Browse housings of doctors, compare, and book appointment 
  • Easily find a healthcare provider to get treatment for various conditions 
  • Check out the doctors who accept your health insurance 
  • Evaluate multiple specialists based on patient reviews 
  • Check out the availability of various doctors to avoid complications

Devices – iOS Devices – iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. Antidote – Doctor Appointment Apps For Doctor on demand

Get “antidotes” for a wide range of health-related issues with one of the most trusted doctor appointment apps – Antidote! With the app, you can receive high-quality and satisfactory health care for all members of your family, even without physically visiting a clinic.

And, if you want to visit a doctor to deal with specific health conditions, you can also use the app to book an appointment according to your ease and preferences.

The best part about the antidote app is, it offers you extensive care, even if you don’t have any health insurance. Get the best advice from the top doctors in your neighborhood. 

See an online doctor without health insurance - telehealth app offers quality healthcare - Antidote

Getting started with the app is as easy as ordering your favorite dish. Download the antidote healthcare app, spend only a couple of minutes to create your account, book an appointment depending on your health problem, and there you go!

You don’t have to rely on those challenging text-based doctor consultation apps or symptom checker tools, as the antidote app is designed to make things fairly simple and straightforward for you.

Enjoy the high-quality and professional primary care open an experienced doctor on-demand 24/7, and manage your health like never before. 

Features of Antidote:-

  • 24/7 virtual care directly from your home 
  • Professional medical assistance for multiple acute in primary issues 
  • Get access to a doctor within a couple of minutes 
  • Extensive medical care even for children 
  • Multiple affordable plans for families 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

11. MFine – Doctor Appointment Apps To Consult Doctors Online

MFine is the last about definitely not the least on my list of the top doctor appointment apps. It automatically and quickly connects you to various specialist doctors from multiple trusted clinics and hospitals.

Consult doctors online across more than 30 medical specialties via video, audio call, or even through chat. MFine also enables you to instantly book a health checkup or a lab test without worrying about those lengthy and annoying phone calls.

Online doctor appointment and consultation via the app is undoubtedly the most convenient and affordable way to effectively deal with your health problems. 

MFine - One App for all your health needs. Consult Doctors Online, Book Lab Tests from home.

You don’t need to pay any registration fee – neither while signing up in the app, nor while trying to book an appointment. All the charges are very reasonable, and transparent, and you can save a lot of money.

Once you pay the consultation fee, you get a follow-up for 5 days without any additional charges. The app is instant for all patients, 100% safe and secure. There are some additional perks of using the app as well.

You can instantly book for ultrasound, MRI scan, X-ray, and other investigations right from the comfort of your home. If you want a home health check-up, you can get that with the app as well. 

Features of MFine:-

  • Single app for all your health care needs 
  • Online consultations at very affordable prices 
  • Bring the finest laboratories to your home 
  • Fast and secure medicine delivery to your doorstep 
  • Note than 30 specialties to select from 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

✅FAQ on Doctor appointment apps

What are three examples of medical apps iOS and Android devices?

Doctor On Demand, Epocrates, GlassesOff are three perfect examples of medical apps for iOS and Android devices, and offer a wide range of handy features.

Is there an app for medical appointments?

There isn’t one, but multiple great applications available for medical appointments including, OpenMed, Amwell, Lemonaid, and Doctor On Demand etc.

Which app do doctors use?

Doximity is one of the most commonly used applications, and used by more than 70% physicians. And, is also very highly rated on the App Store and Google Play store.

What is the most popular type of medical app?

VisualDX, Skyscape Medical Library, DynaMed, and Practo are among the most popular type of medical applications used by medical students, doctors, and even lectures.

Which online medicine app is best?

NetMeds, PharmEasy, MFine, 1mg, and Appollo Pharmacy etc. are considered as the best online medicine applications, and enable you to order medicine on prescription right to your doorstep.

Which company makes the best healthcare mobile apps?

Agnito Technologies are known as one of the largest companies to make some of the best healthcare mobile applications, and builds custom software via top healthcare app development remove the overall patient outcomes, serve remote care, and automate medical workflows.

What is a professional healthcare app?

Professional health care apps are any apps that support people properly maintained their mental and physical health, also improve and facilitate patient care for health care professionals. These applications can be used for various purposes, including doctor appointments, information on drugs, online medicine delivery, and much more.

What apps do hospitals use?

ITriage, CareAware Connect, MyChart Mobile, and PatientKeeper are among the most commonly used applications at hospitals and medical care facilities for various purposes, including managing patient vitals, health data, test results, tracking allergies, scheduling appointments, telemedicine, and much more.

What medical apps are available for smartphone use?

Medspace, Visual DX, Medpage Today, and Airstrip Cardiology are some of the most popular medical applications available for smartphone use, and offer a wide range of handy features to streamline the overall concept of treatment and patient care.

What are mobile medical apps?

Mobile medical apps are used by doctors and health care providers to streamline various aspects of treatment procedures, booking and confirming appointments, saving important patient details, tracking test reports, and booking online appointments via telemedicine etc.

What is the top priority in healthcare mobile apps?

Dealing with the sensitive information of consumers and maintaining protected health information is one of the top most priority of various leading healthcare mobile applications.

Is care Me app free?

No, it is not available free of cost. However, you get a 3 day free trial after which you have to go for the premium, paid version to get access to all the available features.

Is there an app to take your blood pressure?

SmartBP is a very simple, easy to use and the smarter way to monitor and manage your blood pressure, and enables you track, record, analyze and share your normal, high, or low blood pressure charts and other information simply by using your smartphone. However, you should never rely on applications to check your blood pressure as there is no report for accuracy. Yes, you can track your blood pressure on your phone, but should always check with the branded former FDA approved BP monitor.

Can iPhone check blood pressure?

No, you should not rely on any smartphone, even iPhone to check your blood pressure. Mobile applications can’t check your blood pressure. And, that’s why the claim from some of the applications can be very harmful, since there is no scientific data or evidence of this technology being accurate blood pressure checking.

How can you check your blood pressure without taking it?

That is not the best way of checking your blood pressure, especially if you have blood pressure related problems. However, if you are perfectly fine from health point of view, you can check your blood pressure by placing your index and middle finger on your wrist of the arm, just below the base of the thumb. You should feel the pulsations against your fingers. Try counting the number of taps in 10 seconds. And, multiply the number by 6 to check your heart rate in one minute.

How do I check my blood pressure on Android?

No, your phone is not smart enough to check your blood pressure! And, if an application claims that, it is only a hypothetical claim. If you want to track your blood pressure properly, always check it out with the branded BP monitor! And, there is no alternate way whatsoever.


Booking a doctor appointment online or visiting one virtually can be the ultimate solution to multiple problems including living in a rural area with limited care options, fighting a hectic schedule, and even worrying about hygienic conditions.

These doctor appointment apps make things really easy for you, allow you to book appointments with the best doctors available, and get instant care for acute problems right from the comfort of your home.

Try these extraordinary apps, and enjoy the magnificent effect of technology in the healthcare sector.