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11 Hero Forge Alternatives For Designing 3D Prints Quickly

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of imagination and bring your unique characters to life?💁

Look no further than Hero Forge Alternatives – a world of endless possibilities awaits!

Whether you’re an avid tabletop gamer, a dedicated collector, or a passionate enthusiast, the desire to create customized heroes and miniatures burn bright within you.

While Hero Forge has long been hailed as a pioneering platform for crafting personalized miniatures, we understand that adventurers like yourself crave variety and options to showcase their artistic vision.

That’s why we’re thrilled to present a handpicked selection of the best Hero Forge Alternatives that will empower you to delve into new realms of creativity.

In this exclusive article, we’ll unveil a treasure trove of remarkable alternatives that rival, and in some cases, even surpass Hero Forge in terms of customization, detail, and price.

From cutting-edge design tools to vast libraries of unique components, you’ll discover various alternatives that cater to your every artistic whim.

So, gather your brushes, sharpen your digital pencils, and get ready to unlock a world of boundless creative potential.

Join us as we delve into the realm of Hero Forge Alternatives and equip you with the knowledge you need to sculpt your dreams into reality.

Adventure awaits – let’s begin!

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Best Hero Forge Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

This is a well-researched list, and all 11 tools mentioned here are good hero forge alternatives. However, all of them have their perks, and if you need the best for your needs, go through them.

1. Eldritch Foundry – Hero forge alternatives To Craft your legend

The first one on our list is Eldritch Foundry. It is packed with some of the best characters and provides users various tools to create their models.

One looks for this while choosing a 3-D character maker, which checks the first box comfortably.

Best Hero Forge Alternatives

The price is the next thing. It does somewhat better than hero forge. It is pretty significantly cheaper than that. Yes, it comes with a few compromises, but they are not worth paying extra for general graphic designers.

It has an array of pre-designed characters and has tons of clothes, hairstyles, posses, and many other small details that make it a perfect hero forge alternative.

Suppose we talk about the pricing for it. Eldritch Foundry comes in just $35, which alone can make it an appealing buy for most people looking for Hero Forge alternatives with fewer bells and Wessels.

Go for this, and you will never need to return to hero forge again, as you can create characters and then share them via Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media sites.

Hero Forge vs eldritch foundry:-

both Hero Forge and Eldritch Foundry offer highly customizable 3D-printed miniatures with great customer service and satisfaction guarantees.

However, Hero Forge is more established and offers a wider range of materials and pricing options. At the same time, Eldritch Foundry has a more intuitive interface and offers free shipping within the US.

Here’s a table comparing Hero Forge and Eldritch Foundry:-

Criteria Hero Forge Eldritch Foundry
Customization Extremely customizable with a wide range of options for physical appearance, pose, and equipment Highly customizable with a variety of options for physical appearance, pose, and equipment
Material It can be 3D printed in a variety of materials, including plastic, resin, and metal Can be 3D printed in high-quality resin only
Cost Prices range from $9.99 to $224.99 depending on size, material, and level of detail. Prices range from $34.99 to $99.99 depending on size and level of detail
Shipping Ships worldwide with varying shipping times and costs Ships worldwide with free shipping in the US, with international shipping rates calculated at checkout
User Interface Easy-to-use web interface with a drag-and-drop design feature Intuitive web interface with a variety of customization options
Community Large community with a wide range of user-generated designs available to browse and purchase Smaller community with a limited selection of user-generated designs available to browse and purchase
Customer Service Responsive customer service with a satisfaction guarantee Responsive customer service with a satisfaction guarantee

2. Hero Mini Maker

Next on our list is Hero Mini Maker. It is not as simple as the previous one, but the result is staggering.

It has tons of bells, and Wessels packed into the software, allowing you to create some of the best characteristics.

Best Hero Forge Alternatives 1

However, you do not need to worry about the user interface as it has a clean and intuitive interface. If you need a replacement for Hero Forge, Hero Mini Maker is one of the closest tools in the market.

A Hero Mini Maker user will have an enormous library of body parts, ornaments, clothes, and many other things that allow you to create both male and female characters. You will also get approximately 800 style parts by default.

If you are looking for customization, then Hero Mini Maker is what you need, from nails to eyebrows, and everything in between is customizable.

Hero Mini Maker is one of the best software in the market, and calling it a flagship tool wouldn’t be a joke.

So, if you are a graphic designer or want to create characters, you should add Hero Mini Maker to your list.

HERO Mini-Maker Software Overview

3. Creative Caster

A creative caster is a fun tool, if not anything. It has many tricks up its sleeves that you will enjoy if you try this application.

It is famous and highly praised by many creators, especially those looking to add panache to their designs.

One of the biggest features that Creative Caster has over others is the updates. Their developers are active and are constantly working to make things better. And with a new update, you will see new features and others added to the mix.

Apart from that, there are other things that you will find in other tools, such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, and many other things that allow you to create both simple and complex characters.

So, consider Creative Caster if you are a graphic designer or want to create characters.

4. Desktop Hero – Budget Hero Forge Alternatives

Desktop Hero is an affordable Hero Forge Alternative. It is even more affordable than Eldritch Foudary, which we have seen earlier in the article.

With it, you need to pay 3-5$ per online creature.

Best Hero Forge Alternatives 2

It has tons of customization options that you can use to make the character a perfect replica of your thoughts. It doesn’t have bells and Wessels like Hero Mini Maker; however, the quality of the tools is right.

You can have enough tools to create a 3-D character without paying for the stuff you will never use. Desktop Hero is light software, so you do not need high-speed internet or a high-end processor.

However,  if you are professional, you may want to cross this from your list as it doesn’t have all the features.

But if you are starting your carrier or want to create something for fun, then Desktop Hero should be on your list.

You can create characters, customize them and then upload them on your social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Desktop Hero vs Hero Forge:-

Desktop Hero is ideal for users who want to create highly customized models from scratch, while Hero Forge is a better choice for users who prefer to choose from a wider range of pre-made models and don’t mind paying for the convenience.

Here’s a comparison table between Desktop Hero and Hero Forge:-

Feature Desktop Hero Hero Forge
Customization Highly customizable with options for changing size, shape, and even adding accessories. Limited customization options with predefined models and limited options for customization.
Cost Free, but requires 3D printing capabilities and materials. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the model, but can range from $20 to $200+ for a printed model.
Quality The quality of the final printed model is highly dependent on the quality of the 3D printer and materials used. High-quality models with excellent detail, but some minor flaws may occur due to the printing process.
User Interface User-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality. Easy to use interface with options for changing color and texture.
Model Library Limited model library with community-created models available for download. Large model library with a wide variety of pre-made models to choose from.
Customer Support Limited customer support. Excellent customer support with a responsive team available to answer questions and address concerns.
Shipping N/A, as the user must have access to their own 3D printer and materials. Worldwide shipping available for printed models, with prices varying based on shipping destination.
Compatibility Compatible with any 3D printer. Models are optimized for printing with Hero Forge’s recommended printers.
Community Involvement Active community of creators sharing their custom designs. Limited community involvement beyond purchasing and sharing pre-made models.

5. Thingiverse

Just like Desktop Hero, Thingiverse is a simple and light solution for someone looking for an alternative to hero forge just because of the heaviness of the software.

One of the biggest advantages that it has is speed. This tool is fast, and not only that, you can create some jaw-dropping 3-D characters with its help.

They have tools such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, and many other things to create simple and complex characters.

You can create characters of different sizes and and complexity; all of them can turn out fine without opting for complex software such as Hero Forge or Hero Mini Maker.

It has some effective tools that can be used to create a replica of your thoughts.

So, if you think you need efficient software, then Thingiverse is what you should look at.

6. PCGen – Heroforge alternative free

If you are a minimalist and a fan of costume characters is what you want, then go for PCGen. Its main forte is its flawless interface.

It is an extremely capable tool that allows you to create impeccable characters without finding hidden tools like in other software.

This is a Sun Java-based software that gives efficiency the utmost importance. The software has no ads and is free of bugs. The makers have focused on giving you essential parts and consciously choosing to cut a few corners.

On top of that, the software is free, but you will never feel like you are missing out on something as you would in some other software. This is open-source software without any ads or bugs.

However, there is a caveat here. It is small, light, and free, the opposite of Hero Forge; therefore, there will be some tools that you will miss out on if you go with this.

But since it is open-source software, you should not consider it a hero forge alternative; instead, keep it alongside hero forge or some other software on this list.

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7. Anvl.co

If you cannot find the one 3-D character creation tool, this is worth checking out. It is still minimalist software but not to the PCGen extent. The User Interface is clean, with tons of different tools.

With the help of Anvl.co, one can create some unique-looking tools effortlessly. They are simple, but the range is not small.

Because of this simplicity, we can consider Anvl.co and still the range of tools Anvl.co is a perfect hero forge alternative.

Best Hero Forge Alternatives

You get basic but important tools such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, and many other things that allow you to create your character.

You can have enough tools to create a 3-D character without paying extra for stuff you will never use. Desktop Hero is light software, so you do not need high-speed internet or a high-end processor.

Anvl.co is one of the best in the business, and its capability is not questionable in most scenarios. However, in some niche cases, you may regret not having a particular tool you used in-hero forge as there are some different tools, but most importantly, some are missing.

But if you do not use all the features, then Anvl.co is more than enough for you, and you will regret going for this.

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8. Cults

Cults is one of the most lucrative sites on our list. They combine designers and printing fascias to build something every designer dreams of.

Coming back to the features, Cults has a simple user interface and allows designers to show their creativity with the help of some of the best tools in the market.

Unlike most of the tools on this, Cults doesn’t lack anything in particular. They have all the bells and Wessels you need to create a 3-D miniature.

Some famous creations of cults are Batman Batarang Flexi, Apocalyptic X-men 3-D models, and many more.

In some scenarios, it is even better than Cults, those are pretty niche, but they are. And most people looking for a hero forge alternative are from that niche.

Cults provide you with all the essential tools, such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, hairstyles, and many other things that allow you to create your character. And it has some cult exclusives you will enjoy once you use this tool.

So, if you think that Hero Forge lacks something you need, then Cults should be on top of your list as it is one of the best Hero Forge alternatives for professionals.

However, if you are a beginner or want something for fun or to learn, you should look for something else as it is a strict tool for professionals.

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9. MyMiniFactory – Hero forge alternatives To Discover STL files

Next on our list of “best hero forge alternatives” is MyMiniFactory. And as the name suggests, it is a factory with tons of tools and features that allow you to create jaw-dropping miniature and 3D characters.

MyMiniFactory: The Community for 3D Printing Creators

MyMiniFactory is probably one of the best in the business, not because of its tools but because of the quality of the result. It also comes in printable form.

MyMiniFactory has some of the best tools, such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, hairstyles, and many other things that allow you to create your character. And it also has some extras that you will enjoy once you start using this tool.

They have a very promising past and some renowned figures, such as Blastoise Pokemon, Rick Grimes, etc.

The main advantage it has over others is the quality of the result. The output is detailed and a replica of one’s imagination.

The only caveat here is that although some characters are free, there are some exclusive characters that you can only access by paying for them. So, if you want a free hero forge alternative, you should consider selective payment.

However, as an overall package, MyMiniFactory is a tool to beat. It has all the essential features as well as some exciting ones as well. Therefore, visit the site to find out about them.

10. Gambody

Last, we have Gambody, one of the best Hero Forge alternatives. It is a feature-rich and versatile 3-D character tool that allows you to create exciting characters easily.

One of its biggest perks is versatility. It has various tools ranging from $1 to $45. So, this way, you will not be spending anything extra on a tool you will never use.

It has basic tools such as body parts, ornaments, clothes, hairstyles, and many other things that allow you to create your character. And it has some extras such as dragons, starships, and other animated characters.

These are enough to justify the company’s name to the service, “Gambody.” You can create characters that can be a replica of a real game and be used in a real game. You need to be creative.

The only problem with Gambody is that you may be unable to create simple characters as all the characters here are a bit complex and do not cater to a simple human.

The quality of the result you get is fantastic and detailed. You can even print the output without losing any quality. So, if your forte is games and wants Hero Forge alternatives, Gambody is the way to go.

Hero Forge vs Titan Forge:-

Hero Forge offers various customization options and materials, while Titan Forge focuses more on pre-designed miniatures. Hero Forge also offers more pricing and shipping options but may have longer turnaround times depending on the selected options.

Here’s a comparison table on Hero Forge and Titan Forge:-

Feature Hero Forge Titan Forge
Customization Options Offers a wide variety of customization options for creating unique characters, including different races, classes, equipment, and poses Offers a limited selection of pre-designed miniatures with little to no customization options
Pricing Offers various pricing options based on the size and material of the miniatures, ranging from $9.99 to $99.99 Offers a flat rate of $35.00 per miniature, regardless of the size or material
Shipping Offers worldwide shipping with varying shipping costs based on the destination and selected shipping speed Offers worldwide shipping with a flat rate of $15.00 for standard shipping and $30.00 for express shipping
Material Options Offers a range of material options, including plastic, premium plastic, and various metals Offers a limited selection of materials, including resin and premium resin
Turnaround Time Offers different turnaround times based on the selected shipping speed and material, ranging from 4-12 weeks Offers a standard turnaround time of 2-4 weeks
Community Has a large community of users who share and showcase their custom miniatures on social media and other platforms Has a smaller community of users due to its limited customization options

Hero Forge Review:-

Hero Forge enables users to design personalized 3D-printed miniatures for tabletop gaming and hobbies.

The intuitive interface offers extensive customization options for the pose, facial expression, armor, weapons, and more. Styles, accessories, and materials can be selected to create intricate and unique designs.

Preview mode allows a 360-degree view of the final design before ordering. Hero Forge offers various materials, such as plastic and metal, which impact the detail and durability of the miniature. Custom text or engraving can also be added.

Hero Forge’s pricing is higher than other miniature printing services. However, the quality of the prints and attention to detail is exceptional. Depending on the complexity of the design and materials selected, the cost ranges from $20 to over $100 per miniature.

Hero Forge is a fantastic choice for creating a custom miniature for tabletop gaming or other hobbies. The range of customization options and quality of the final product makes it an excellent investment despite the higher cost.


Is there a free Hero Forge?

There is no free version of Hero Forge. However, a free account option allows users to create and save designs but cannot export or purchase the models without upgrading to a paid account.

How much does Hero Forge files cost?

The cost of Hero Forge files depends on the material and size of the miniature. Prices range from $9.99 for a standard plastic miniature to $64.99 for a premium metal miniature.

What is the average cost of Hero Forge miniatures?

The average cost of a Hero Forge miniature ranges from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the material and size of the miniature.

Is Desktop Hero free?

Desktop Hero is a free, open-source alternative to Hero Forge, allowing users to create custom 3D printable miniatures.

Is there something better than Hero Forge?

While there are alternatives to Hero Forge, such as Desktop Hero and Eldritch Foundry, whether they are “better” is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Is there a cheaper version of Hero Forge?

Eldritch Foundry is a similar service to Hero Forge that offers more affordable pricing options for custom 3D printable miniatures.

How to download Hero Forge models for free?

It is not possible to legally download Hero Forge models for free. The only way to obtain a Hero Forge model is by purchasing it through the Hero Forge website.

How to design 3D models for free printing?

Various free 3D modelings software options, such as Blender, Tinkercad, and SketchUp, can be used to create designs for 3D printing.

Can you resell Hero Forge Minis?

No, it is not legal to resell Hero Forge minis due to copyright laws.

Why are Warhammer models so expensive?

The cost of Warhammer models is due to the high quality of the materials used in production and the complex design and manufacturing processes.

Is premium plastic worth it, Hero Forge?

Whether or not premium plastic is worth it depends on individual preferences. Premium plastic offers greater detail and quality than standard plastic but is more expensive.

Does Hero Forge own your character?

No, Hero Forge does not own the rights to any designs created by users on their platform.

How big are Eldritch Foundry Minis?

Eldritch Foundry minis range from 28mm to 35mm, depending on the design and customization options chosen.

How do I download STL from HeroForge?

Users can download STL files of their Hero Forge designs after purchasing them through the Hero Forge website.

Does hero forge have an app?

Yes, Hero Forge has an app for download on iOS and Android devices.

What is the free character creator for 3D printing?

Desktop Hero is a free character creator for 3D printing that allows users to create custom miniatures.

Why is my Hero Forge so laggy?

Various factors, such as a poor internet connection or an outdated web browser, can cause a laggy Hero Forge experience.

Does dimension 20 use Hero Forge?

Dimension 20 has used Hero Forge miniatures in some of their episodes, but they also use other miniature brands.

Is Hero Forge for D&D?

Hero Forge is not exclusively for D&D but a popular platform for creating custom miniatures for use in tabletop RPGs like D&D.

Can you make monsters in Hero Forge?

Yes, users can create custom monsters and creatures in Hero Forge.

What is the difference between premium Plastic and Plastic Hero Forge?

Premium plastic offers higher quality and detail than standard plastic but is also more expensive.

Can you share Hero Forge Models?

Yes, users can share Hero Forge models with others by exporting the files and sending them to others with the necessary equipment to print them.

Can you print your own Hero Forge minis?

Users can print their Hero Forge minis with access to a 3D printer and the necessary materials.

Can you import models into Hero Forge?

No, it is not possible to import external models into Hero Forge. All designs must be created within the Hero Forge platform.

What is a free website for making 3D models?

Tinkercad is a free website that allows users to create 3D models for printing.

Can you make money by 3D printing?

Yes, some people make money by 3D printing and selling their creations.

What is the best free software for 3D character modeling?

Blender is a popular and highly rated free software for 3D character modeling.

Who owns Hero Forge?

Some individuals, including Joshua Bennett and Adam Hirsch own hero Forge.

Can you layer clothes in Hero Forge?

Users can layer clothes and accessories to create custom designs in Hero Forge.

How long do Hero Forge Minis take?

The time to receive a Hero Forge mini depends on various factors, such as shipping times and the material selected. However, most orders are fulfilled within a few weeks.

Why was Warhammer 40K discontinued?

Warhammer 40K has not been discontinued and is still a popular tabletop game and miniature line.

Why was Warhammer discontinued?

Warhammer has not been discontinued and is still a popular tabletop game and miniature line.

Are old Warhammer models legal?

Old Warhammer models are legal to use in the game if they meet the requirements and rules.

Are there scars in Hero Forge?

Yes, users can add scars and other details to their designs in Hero Forge.

Can you do tattoos in Hero Forge?

Yes, users can add tattoos and other details to their designs in Hero Forge.

Do Hero Forge Minis need to be primed?

It is recommended to prime Hero Forge minis before painting them to ensure better paint adherence and durability.

Can you put multiple heroes in Hero Forge?

Yes, users can create scenes and dioramas with multiple Hero Forge miniatures.

How old is Hero Forge?

Hero Forge was founded in 2014.

When did Hero Forge come out?

Hero Forge was launched in 2015.

What are the largest D&D miniatures?

The largest D&D miniatures are typically in the gargantuan size category, ranging from 4 inches to over 12 inches in height.

How much does Eldritch Foundry cost?

Eldritch Foundry prices vary depending on the material and size of the miniature, but they generally offer more affordable options than Hero Forge.

How big is a gargantuan miniature?

Gargantuan miniatures can range from 4 inches to over 12 inches in height, depending on the design and manufacturer.

Can you download 3D models from Hero Forge?

Users can download STL files of their purchased Hero Forge models for personal 3D printing.

How much do Hero Forge stl files cost?

Hero Forge STL files are included with the purchase of a miniature and cannot be purchased separately.

Does Hero Forge 3D print?

Hero Forge does not offer 3D printing services, but they provide the necessary files for users to print their own designs.

What is Hero Forge 2?

Hero Forge 2 is an updated version of the Hero Forge platform, offering improved customization options and features.

Does Hero Forge have masks?

Hero Forge does not currently offer masks for their miniatures.

How much is Hero app?

The Hero Forge app is free to download, but users will need to purchase miniatures or STL files to use them.

Is Hero Forge 2.0 out? 

Hero Forge 2.0 has many amazing features like full-color custom miniatures, new design tools, cutting-edge 3D-printing technology, and more.  

How much do Hero Forge files cost? 

Digital Minis Begin at $7.99; Physical Minis Start at $19.99. 

Hero Forge® now provides full-color 3D Digital miniatures for use in your preferred virtual tabletop games and Digital STL files for 3D-printing aficionados who like producing their miniatures at home. 

Does Hero Forge own your character? 

Hero Forge users must acknowledge that Hero Forge owns “all intellectual property rights” in any designs and characters they create. It’s a pretty ominous statement because it suggests a copyright transfer. 

A later portion that permits you to download things from the website, but only as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes, doesn’t help. 

How long has Hero Forge been around?  

The Hero Forge website, which was first introduced in 2014, offers an online tool that lets users customize a digital rendition of a miniature that can be 3D printed and mailed to the maker. 

Who runs Hero Forge? 

It is owned and run by Hero Forge, Inc., a business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Ben Komets and Mark Bergin established the business in 2014.

Does Hero Forge work on Mobile? 

It does function on mobile, yes. According to a post on Hero Forge’s official Facebook page, On Mobile, the View Controls have been enhanced, and you can now use the Back button to undo changes.

Similar improvements have been made to Headgear’s compatibility with Octo-folk, Outfits’ placement under the Clothing Menu, the ability to change items without having to restart Advanced Posing, the ability to link Advanced Posed horns for symmetry, Outfit & Race searches, and the 3-Point Landing pose’s hand-to-base connection. 

Does Hero Forge cost money? 

A free online character creation tool is Hero Forge®. With the help of the platform’s sophisticated character-creator tools, you may produce and distribute your ideas.

Additionally, you can get specially made tabletop miniatures of your characters. 

Can I sell Hero Forge minis? 

Hero Forge’s products are exclusively intended for individual usage. Therefore, you are not allowed to resell or sell any of the goods or services you get from the business, whether you buy them or not. 

Do Hero Forge Minis come painted? 

In Hero Forgecharacter ®’s generator, you may create any character you want, and we can print it in our tough but realistic plastic.

Every plastic miniature is pre-primed and finished in a matte gray with a smooth finish. 

How long do Hero Forge minis take? 

Hero Forge claims that while they make every effort to produce and dispatch your models as soon as possible, making bespoke, unique minis requires time.

Usually, it takes two to three weeks from the time of order to ship out, though we always try to fulfill as quickly as we can. By material, production times differ. 

Can you use Hero Forge in TaleSpire? 

With only a few clicks, you can easily import any of your digitally purchased HeroForge minis into TaleSpire. 

Is Eldritch Foundry better than Hero Forge?

I find it challenging to compare Eldritch Foundry with Hero Forge because they are both well-known online tools for creating characters with various features and powers.

The caliber of the accessible 3D models, the degree of customizability, the user interface, and the cost of printing are possible distinctions between the two systems.

When choosing the platform that would best suit your demands, it is important to consider these considerations. Ultimately, the best option will rely on your unique preferences and needs.

Is Hero Forge worth it?

Your demands and preferences will determine whether Hero Forge is worthwhile.

Hero Forge may be advantageous since it allows for highly customizable miniature creation, the ease of designing and ordering your miniature online, and the choice to print your miniature using several materials.

There might, nonetheless, be some drawbacks as well. For instance, the price of printing a customized miniature from Hero Forge can be higher than that of certain alternative solutions, and the 3D model quality might differ.

Hero Forge can be an excellent option if you want to make personalized miniatures and are prepared to spend more for convenience and customization.

However, other solutions might be more suited to your needs if you’re searching for a more affordable choice or aren’t interested in customization.

Does Hero Forge own your copyright?

The copyrights to any custom works produced using the platform belong to the user, per the terms of service on the Hero Forge website.

However, the user’s creations may be used by Hero Forge for promotional purposes and shown on its website and social media pages.

Is there a free Hero Forge?

Users of the premium service Hero Forge can design and 3D print their miniatures. The platform is not available in a free version. On the Hero Forge website, users can create creations for free, save them, and examine them in 3D using the online viewer.

Hero Forge is not free. However, there are alternative ways to design and 3D print bespoke miniatures. Other platforms that provide comparable services might have free or less expensive options.

If you’re seeking a more affordable way to make unique miniatures, it’s important to take these possibilities into account.

How long has Hero Forge been around?

The Hero Forge platform has been accessible to users since Ben Komets, and Mark Bergin started the business in 2014.

Does Hero Forge use Shapeways? 

  • Hero Forge can provide their miniatures and statuettes in full-color thanks to their cooperation with Shapeways. 
  • The level of intricate detail that Hero Forge clients can create when customizing characters. 
  • Mimaki 3D printing technology and High-Definition Full Color provide Hero Forge customers with various design options. 

Shapeways and Hero Forge’s complete cooperation enables them to provide unique personalization and 3D prints in full color and deliver orders for clients worldwide. 

Wrap-up, the hero forge alternatives list.

In conclusion, while Hero Forge may be a popular choice for customizable miniature figures, there are certainly alternatives worth considering.

By exploring other options, you may discover unique features or lower prices that better suit your needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned tabletop gamer or just starting, it’s always a good idea to research and compare different products before purchasing.

So, take the time to explore these Hero Forge alternatives and find the perfect miniature figure for your next adventure.