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11 Best History Apps To Carry a Knowledge Box in Your Mobile

Studying history, knowing about various aspects of the ancient world, and understanding the continuous developments and changes in the past is always very interesting.

It’s always very fascinating to know about the world’s most famous civilizations and incredible kingdoms. Sometimes, you get goosebumps when you get to know, that various cities around the world that are not even visible in today’s modern world.

It’s captivating to know that some of the world’s most spectacular structures were not even in their inception a few decades ago.  

In short, studying and exploring various attributes of history is no short of extraordinary. There are millions of history books written by some of the world’s most famous historians and investigators over the centuries.

However, you no longer have to spend a lot of money purchasing costly books. You can get yourself inundated with the history only by using your smartphone.  

Yes readers, in this review post, we are going to have a look at some of the best history apps available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Explore them in detail, and thank us later!  

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Best History Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Ben Franklin’s World  

Ben Franklin’s World is a very unique podcast app for those who are always interested in learning and knowing especially about the historical people and events that have shaped and completely changed today’s modern world.  

Best History Apps

Each episode of the weekly podcast is featured with an expert historian who helps the listeners know in detail about the very important, influential people and events in American history.

Host Liz Covart is a famous historian who holds a Ph.D. in history. She started the podcast with a belief that everyone should have a basic knowledge of history. If you are a history fan, you are going to love this app.  

Features of Ben Franklin’s World:-

  • Stream a wide range of episodes on American history from anywhere and anytime 
  • Stay updated and informed with the latest episodes added regularly  
  • Allows you to download the content and listen when offline  
  • Very interesting and easy playback controls featured with continuous play, car mode, speed 1X, sleep timer, etc.  
  • Start and save your favorite episodes  

Devices – Android and IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings:- Apple Store – 4.9 / 5  and 4.8/5 on Google Play Store

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. History Of World – Best history apps for android

History of World provides a rich, fascinating, and very comprehensive overview of different aspects of history. The app enables you to learn about the unbelievable history of mankind from some of the world’s earliest civilizations to the modern era.  

If you are looking for a knowledge box right in your pocket, this app is designed for you. You can easily and successfully consume the knowledge of history in the most intriguing and captivating way.  

History of World App

The app is undoubtedly the best way to start learning about history. Whether you are a history student, a researcher, or simply want to empower yourself with very important information about the history, this app is going to be helpful for you.  

History of the World is packed with some very interesting History topics including Great Kingdoms, Counties, Battles, Wars, IMP Events, etc. from Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History.  

Features of History of World:- 

  • A very good and reliable source for learning history  
  • Explained various events very beautifully  
  • Some of the milestone events are highlighted to make things easy for the users  
  • Very simple, easy, and beautiful user interface  
  • Allows you to download and share the images 

Device – Android

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 500+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

3. History Quiz – Knowledge

Interesting in world history? Huh? There’s so much, so much that has transpired over many millennia this world has existed for. And, we are not even talking about the era of the dinosaurs (if you are a believer in the Big Bang Theory).

We are only discussing the time since the existence of mankind. We are talking about an era when man started to note different incidents and events happening around them.

From records of the inventions to battles, wars, and crimes, humans thankfully started to note down and preserve the all-important information. 


It doesn’t matter, whether you are interested in history or not, you should be aware of some of the important historical events over the centuries. And if you find book reading a bit boring, you can try this app for sure.  

History Quiz is one of the best apps that teaches you about major events and developments in the world over the years in probably the most engaging and interesting way!

Play games, go through cognitive history quizzes, and analyze your history knowledge. That’s all! Why would you spend so much time with books, if you can learn about history by playing games?  

Features of History Quiz:-

  • A free, engaging, and smart app to test your history knowledge  
  • Very simple, easy, and intelligible user interface  
  • All the topics of history are covered very smartly  
  • Allows you to choose the topics according to your interests  
  • An excellent way of exercising and relaxing your mind 

Device – Android

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 10,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

4. Today in History – Best history apps for iphone to get historical events daily

Today in History is one of the best history apps to know about key facts related to iconic world events across the centuries. The best thing about the app is, that it doesn’t let you go out of the loop thanks to its accurate and gentle reminder.  

Best History Apps 1

The app is designed especially for history, knowledge, and trivia lovers. You can get all the important information of the day including events, births, deaths, developments, wars, battles, holidays, and a lot more. And, the app always allows you to narrow your selections down based on your interests.  

You can use the app to check various historical events on the day to pump your brain upright in the morning! Get interesting historical information, and use them in your social media posts, articles, and blogs!  

Share the milestones and events with your family and friends through the app itself! Challenge your friends and colleagues with fun and engaging historical trivia. 

Features of Today in History:-

  • An excellent and fun way to learn the history  
  • Timeless wisdom quotes from iconic historical figures  
  • Beautiful visual presentations of every event with images, headlines, and quotes  
  • Allows you to share your favorite historic events with family and friends  
  • A free version of the app is also available with exciting features 

Devices – IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

5. Encyclopedia by Farlex  

Encyclopedia by Farlex helps you with instant, free access to more than 77,000 audio pronunciations, 330,00+ articles, and 24,000 images related to history.

Best History Apps 2

And the best part of the app is, that all the content is collected from some of the world’s most reliable knowledge sources like McGraw Hills, Columbia University Press, Harper-Collins, and more.  

Whether you are a college student, a professional, or you are simply interested in history, Encyclopedia by Farlex is one of the best free history apps due to multiple reasons. You can easily get in-depth articles on a wide range of topics right from your IOS device screen.  

Authoritative, comprehensive, and user-friendly – the app is undoubtedly a blessing for those who are always interested in different historical events over the decades and centuries.  

Features of Encyclopedia by Farlex:-

  • A plethora of history content is available in different formats  
  • Allows you to bookmark your favorite topics for later references  
  • Search suggestions based on your interests  
  • Adjustable font size  
  • A wide range of audio pronunciations from both American and British speakers  
  • Allows you to share your favorite content with your family and friends 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5  

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

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6. BBC History Magazine – International Topics

Learn all about the past, from the Romans & Henry VIII to Churchill and the Vikings. 

Enjoy BBC History Magazine right from your smartphone screen! BBC History Magazine is one of the UK’s best-selling history magazines and has only gained popularity across the world due to its extraordinary, engaging content on history. 

11 Best History Apps To Carry a Knowledge Box in Your MobileIf you want to improve your knowledge of history through some very authentic sources, this is one of the best history apps you can give a try.

The app is constantly updated with a wide range of content on the history of America, Britain, and other major countries. From unforgettable world wars to the civilizations that have changed the world upside down, the app is full of some extraordinary information.  

Some of the best history experts from across the world work tirelessly to help you with key international events, great personalities from the past, and some very important but lesser-known facts.

What more? The app also serves you with the latest research and innovations to keep you updated.  

Features of BBC History Magazine:-

  • One of the most authentic sources to learn the history  
  • Content is updated regularly only by the history experts  
  • Simple, intuitive user interface  
  • A review section with inspiring ideas for users  
  • A very useful comparison of the current events with the happenings in past 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 2.4 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

7. World History Trivia Quiz: Questions and Answers Game

Whether you are a fan of history, or you want to learn the subject for educational purposes, the World History Trivia Quiz is an excellent app for you.  

The app is featured with some very interesting and fun history questions and truly fascinating historical facts. We are sure that you don’t know all the answers.

11 Best History Apps To Carry a Knowledge Box in Your Mobile

Or you do? Accept the challenges, test your knowledge of history, and also challenge your family and friends to learn the history with some fun.  

Answering the questions might be very boring, but not if you do so with the app. There are as many as 150+ history questions with answers, backed with hundreds of fun facts you might not have heard before. So, challenge yourself, and learn history like never before.  

Features of World History Quiz:- 

  • Available in as many as 16 languages  
  • Hints available in the questions you find difficult  
  • Allows you to skip the questions as well  
  • You can also get help from your friends  
  • Get an exclusive certificate once you answer all the questions  

Devices – Android and IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings:- Apple Store – 4.5 / 5  and 4.3/5 on Google Play Store

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

8. Historical Calendar – Today in History & Quiz

Want to know different events that happened in India on this day? Here is a free history app for you. 

The historical Calendar app is developed based on the “Today in History” format and helps you to explore different historical events that happened exactly on a particular day over the decades and centuries.  

From events to births, deaths, battles, wars, settlements, etc., the app shows you everything in detail through different timelines.

11 Best History Apps To Carry a Knowledge Box in Your Mobile

The app features illustrated events and links related to the topics and articles. You also get an option of filtering the data for specific time-frame, people, and places. 

Historical Calendar is one of the best apps for students of History, especially those who want to study the subject for various competitive exams.

You can save the events and agendas based on your interests. Also, you can test your knowledge of history through quizzes.  

Features of Historical Calendar:-

  • A very interesting history app with an engaging user interface  
  • Available in more than 50 languages  
  • Calendar and agenda for saving the events for future references 
  • Home screen widget for easy and quick navigation  
  • Content is collected and updated only from the reliable sources 

Device – Android

Ratings: Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 5,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

9. History: Quiz Game & Trivia

With hundreds of unique, engaging, and challenging questions & answers, the app perfectly covers all the important aspects of world history, from the very beginning to the 21st century.  

Whether you are interested in those world war tales, or you want to have a thorough idea about different empires over the centuries, or you find it interesting to know about some of the extraordinary ancient and modern civilizations, you are going to love this app.  

Best History Apps 6

From the time of pre-history to ancient history, middle ages, and modern history, the app takes you through some fascinating facts across different interesting and challenging levels.

For completing each level, you get stars as rewards. Do you have it in you to collect a lot of stars? What about challenging yourself in a completely different way? 

Features of History: Quiz Game & Trivia:-

  • A very interesting learning game for history lovers  
  • A massive database of information on different aspects and stages of the history  
  • More than suitable for all ages  
  • Hundreds of questions divided into various categories  
  • Authentic answers from reliable sources

Devices – IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.5 / 5

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. History Timeline

A detailed, beautifully presented timeline of World History. History Timeline app helps you with a very comprehensive overview of world history with thousands of very, very important entries.  

Best History Apps 7

It’s one of the best history apps for those who want to learn about history in a quick and short-cut manner. The app covers a wide range of history topics from Evolution of Life to Ancient History and the 21st Century.

You can have access to a wide variety of content including events, nations, leaders, and wars, history of science, literature, arts, music, philosophy, and what not?  

All the events can easily be bookmarked, edited, and compiled into lists and shared through social media platforms and other sharing apps.  

Features of History Timeline:-

  • A complete range of topics related to the history  
  • An easy and attractive user interface for a pleasing experience  
  • An excellent way of learning history without spending so much time  
  • Fully scrollable display with as many as 25 zoom steps  
  • Advanced, adjustable filters  

Device – Android

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

11. History Hit  

History Hit TV is one of its kind and among the best history apps due to some exciting features.

The app is highlighted with an extensive library of history programs including hundreds of documentaries, ad-free podcasts, exclusive original films, and popular interviews exclusively made for diehard history fans.  

Best History Apps 8

If you want to explore various aspects of history in a completely different way, you should give this app a try at least once. Each of the app’s content will take you through some groundbreaking events in the past.

What more? For proper and detailed information, you also get very valuable insights from the historians, experts, history teachers, and survivors.  

Features of History Hit:-

  • A massive library of content on history  
  • New programs added regularly  
  • Original documentaries based on true historic events  
  • Advert-free Podcast from Dan Snow  
  • Allows you to download the shows and watch them offline 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

12. Discovery+: TV Shows, Shorts, Fun Learning 

An extraordinary app from one of the most famous TV channels! Discover+ is a unique video stream app with a wide range of programs compiled in both full episodes and short videos.

Best History Apps 9

You can get access to some of the never-seen-before exclusive content, award-winning history documentaries, and thousands of short videos on different genres.  

You can watch some of the most popular history programs from leading channels like Discovery, BBC Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, and Investigation Discovery.  

Users with premium subscriptions can also enjoy exclusive shows like Special Forces, Museum Secrets, Joanna Lumley’s India, and many more programs and documentaries based on civilizations, wars, and other historic events.  

Features of Discovery+:-

  • Stream a complete range of TV shows and documentaries  
  • All videos are available in great quality  
  • More than 4000 hours of infotainment with regular new additions  
  • An excellent source of learning history from the most reliable sources  
  • Not a pure history app. Also, focuses on various genres like lifestyle, science, technology, engineering, food, sports, etc. 

Devices – Android and iOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

13. HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand

One of the best history apps if you want to get immersed in history through some very exciting TV shows, movies, and web series.

You can watch some of the most popular historical TV shows like The Curse of Oak Island, Forged in Fire, Ancient Aliens, Americans Pickers, Alone, Mountain Men, Pawn Stars, Project Blue Book, and Swamp People, The UnXplained & a lot more. 

Best History Apps 10You can also enjoy the live stream of the HISTORY channel right from your Apple device! Yes, that’s an exciting new addition to the app. Discover hundreds of incredible historical stories with some of the record-breaking series.

Create a HISTORY account to watch your favorite programs anytime and anywhere. Pause resume, and start from where you left – irrespective of the device! 

If you want some additional, very exciting features, you can Download History Vault at very reasonable rates. Stream thousands of mind-boggling historical series and documentaries from 25 years of the HISTORY channel for only @$4.99/month or @49.99/year.  

Features of the HISTORY app:-

  • A huge variety of historical documentaries and series  
  • Allows you to stream your favorite HISTORY channel live and exclusive  
  • Easy and interesting user interface  
  • Allows you to create a personal watchlist  
  • Watch the preview of any content you are interested in 

Devices – Android and IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings:- Apple Store – 4.2 / 5 and 4.3/5 on Google Play Store

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

While exploring the Apps for our readers, I found an awesome video on “What Would a Trip Through the Past Be Like“. have a look to get this detailed knowledge.😎😎👍

What Would a Trip Through the Past Be Like


Which is the best app to learn history?

Ben Franklin’s World, History of World, History Quiz, and Today in History etc. are some of the best apps to learn history for history students of different levels.

Are there any history apps?

Yes, there are so many amazing history applications easily available on the App Store and Google Play store. Some of the best names to mention are Today in History, Encyclopedia by Farlex, BBC History Magazine, and History Quiz etc.

Where can I learn history?

You can learn history easily from various sources including, some of the best history apps like History Quiz, Encyclopedia by Farlex, BBC History Magazine, and World History Trivia Quiz etc., United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, history channel, National Geographic, children and youth in history, and a lot of state and national libraries etc.

How do you learn content history?

There are some basic tips to learn history. Always keep the big picture i.e., your long-term goals in mind, always note down important points, be mindful of important chronologies, cancel to different types of primary sources, and no where you can find the accurate information. And, you cannot learn history without being curious even in your sleeps!

What is the easiest way to learn history?

Make different flash cards of key terms, dates, and people. Read as loud as possible to remember important dates and events, prepare your own notes to understand different concepts, memorize facts by using mnemonics. Connect different types of details to a timeline or map, and find relation between different facts. Being familiar with the format of different examination, and taking practice tests are also very important.

How can I improve my history?

Add different colors to highlight important dates, events, and people in your book. Try adding annotations to different chapters, create timelines and charts to connect important events together, and I try adding some visual cues. These are some basic tips you can try to improve your overall history knowledge.

How can I study history without getting bored?

If you are interested in any subject, you should not feel bored at all. And, if you are not interested at all, you should avoid studying it if it’s not important for your career or examination point of view. Constant meditation, strict schedule, soothing music, turning off technology, creating a suitable study spot, getting up for a workout, training your mind to focus longer etc. are some of the most important tricks you can try to study history without getting bored.

How can I learn history in one hour?

Learning any subject, leave alone history is way beyond practical. However, you definitely can revise the lessons you have already learned in one hour or two. Try recalling important dates, events, and person along with places, and find the relevance between them. Focus on understanding the concept rather than memorizing.

How can I learn history in one day?

You cannot learn history in a single day. Yes, you can prepare for your history exam in one day, that too, if you have some preparation already done. Revision of what you have already studied, trying to answer as many questions as possible, and the beating your best time to answer maximum questions are some of the best ways to get prepared for your exam in one day.


History has always been an amazingly interesting subject. It has a lot in it to keep you engaged and guessing about various periods, civilizations, empires, rulers, events, and a lot of other things.

History allows you to understand, how the world has developed and changed throughout the years. And these apps are designed with one purpose – to let Android and Apple users learn about history interestingly and uniquely. Hopefully, you have liked our review.  

Ben Franklin’s World is one of the best history apps, probably the best so far for some reason. But we recommend you try some of these apps if not all. They won’t take much space in your device and will prove more than handy to take a look at the past.