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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

If we are talking about Nintendo then, an old gaming company comes in our mind, this company actually earn a huge fan following for 90’s kid, as they launch their first Gameboy Classic in 1989 under 50$.

For 90’s kids, it was like an iPod and everyone wants to own this device, as this was the first multi games supported console on their time.

So on Today’s date if we find the best handheld console then Nintendo handheld products come in the top 10 gaming devices such as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3Ds, Gameboy, etc., But in this article, we will take a deeper look at the Nintendo switch.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Nintendo switches literally give you an awesome gaming experience, although indoor or even outdoor, yes you read it right we can play this device as a portable gaming console and it can also produce 1080P based on the HDMI Screens.

This Nintendo console comes in under 300$, and this is the best gaming console in terms of its exclusive, top-tier games. And if we look at its design then it’s a surprisingly unique, stylish, premium look and feel as well.

There is another great thing about the Nintendo switch which is its third-party support, which helps to take the Nintendo Switch to an even higher level, and any age of gamer can purchase this device.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Nintendo the japan based company took a really bold step in order to produce a futuristic console, with its latest game system, known as Nintendo switch, 300$ Nintendo switch fully functional handheld and home base gaming console like Nintendo wii U, But this console also can use a Nintendo 3ds with its 6inch tablet screen.

also, it’s really cool to have the joy-con controllers, these joy-con controllers are detachable and they can be also connected as a wireless controller like the PS4 controllers.

Nintendo company is inventing a really cool feature in the gaming world instead of directly facing off against the PS4 and the Xbox one, the Nintendo Switch comes with a whole new path in the gaming industry.

Nintendo Switch and its Accessories:-

Nintendo Switch comes with a different type of multiple accessories; here are the following components that come with this Nintendo switch.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

  • The Tablet and Display
  • Joycon
  • Dock
  • Grip and strap

The Actual price of Nintendo Switch is basically 299.99 from the GameStop, in this package from the GameStop you will get the tablet like the system, left, and right Joy-Con Controllers.

The Joy-Con grip in order to hold the controller like a Nintendo wii remote, also there is two Joy-con wrist Strap in order to hold this controller on the wrist, An HDMI cable, and USB Type C Adapter. And No Games comes with this Nintendo Switch Bundle.

Although Nintendo offers Highly Price games and accessories than the standard switch price.

Tablet and Display

If we take a closer look at the Nintendo switch then, it feels really solid handheld console, Although Switch itself is a plain, Straight, Cool looking slightly chunky black plastic tablet.

Its dimension if we measure we will get 4.0 by 6.8 by 0.5inches and weighs 10.6 ounces. Weight and the thickness of the Nintendo switch get the best advantage, as this console feels the tablet-like strong and solid feeling. And Once the joycon attached to it then, it’s getting heavier but really solid.

The tablet switch comes with a 6inch, larger display, with 720p resolution and capacitive touch, this touch feels exactly the same as an iPhone. This is very Advance and a big screen that Nintendo ever put on a Nintendo-based device.

However, if we are talking about the Nintendo 3ds, it will only show us the 400-240 pictures. This means if we compare this Nintendo 3ds console to Nintendo switch then we get to know that the switch has nine times as many pixels.

Nintendo switch display is really sharp, Bright and it comes with outstanding colors As if you take a look from the viewing it off-angle. Although switch display is not so much crisp as the other console, like Quad HD Screens. But for the Nintendo gaming, it’s really an impressive display.

Nintendo Switch Dock

As we know Nintendo switch tablet comes with Nintendo Switch Dock as well. With this Dock, we can easily charge the Nintendo switch by just plugging the USB-C Wall adapter directly into the Dock.

Not only that, but this dock also comes with many different types of features like we can connect the switch to the Display and at the same time Nintendo switch Dock will start charging the Switch.

Also, we can play the games directly on the HDMI Screen, which means we can plug the switch into the dock when we want to either charge the switch or we want to play with it on the HDMI TV.

The switch Dock comes with block Shaped of a piece, its build quality is really good with hard plastic. The Nintendo Switch can be dropped into the dock directly and the Nintendo switch swapped the screen display to the TV screen.


Nintendo Switch comes with two Joycon, These joycon are basically a wireless small controller that can be used for controlling the game, these joycon can be used as one player mode, or we can use these pair of joycon as a two-player joycon.

Both Joy-Cons Feature Standard Game control that comes with an analog stick, four face buttons, and these buttons can be double as a digital direction pad, and two shoulder buttons, as each have two shoulder button that can be used.

if we detach the joycon from the switch. In order to detach the joycons we have to press the button, and the joycon can be release or sits with the Nintendo switch, so these pair of joycons stay solidly attached once they click into their place, and we can only remove them by pressing the release button before sliding the joy-Con.

Grip and Strap

Grip and Strap also come with a Nintendo switch. These strips are basically are simple rails that can be slide into each joy-con. The reason why Nintendo provides us grip and straps because there are so many motion-based games that can be played with Joycons.

So in order to protect those joycons we have to use these, as this is providing a wrist holding to keep it secure and moreover it’s also helpful to press the mechanical shoulder buttons, Which is really good for two-player or group games.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

As we discussed above in this article the Nintendo switch can use a home-based console and also can use a handheld console but how is this possible you may ask, And how easy to connect the Nintendo Switch to an HDMI screen? 🤔

Nintendo Switch can be played in any number of ways, first one is handheld this is for single player users, a tabletop mode in this mode you can use the switch tablet as a small portable screen on its kickstand. In this mode, you can play in solo mode or also in Group mode.

And there is Third One which is docked mode in this mode we can play the games by connecting the Nintendo Switch to the HDMI Screen, This Mode allows us to send video feed from Nintendo switch to the Larger HD Hdmi Screen, this feature is basically used only if you want to play your Nintendo games on a big screen.

In this section of this article, you will see how can we can Nintendo switch to the HDMI Screen, So the following are Steps in order to Connect Nintendo Switch To TV.

First of all, open up the Nintendo switch dock that comes with the Nintendo switch, open the lid by just pressing the back cover down.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

After the above step, Connect the AC Adapter USB Type Adapter that comes with the Nintendo switch and similarly connect the HDMI screen with HDMI cable which is also included in the Nintendo switches Accessories.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

After Setting up the Dock section, swipe up the Joycons from the Nintendo switch. 

Just hit the button from the backside of the Nintendo switch. And slide up both joycons from the Nintendo switch. 

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Once it’s done, grab the Tablet and insert it into the Nintendo Switch dock, after this setup, just connect the Power Adapter to the AC Wall socket and the Nintendo switch will start displaying the screen on your HDMI screen.

Just Turn on the TV and Select the Correct HDMI Port from the Menu of your TV screen.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

that’s it.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Now it’s time to explore our How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV video tutorial.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

Why do we need to buy this Console?

Nintendo Switch comes with these features:

  • It has a very innovative design
  • Price of this device really Attractive like you can get this in under only 300$
  • Very Good Support of first-party titles like Mario, sonic old games, etc
  • Stylus and its Premium look and feel
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Why we need to avoid this console

Avoid this console if you want these features in this console. 

  • This console is Not so much powerful as PS4 or Xbox One etc
  • Not Every Third-Party Game developers not willing to develop games for this console which mean third party support isn’t great