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HP vs Dell Laptops – Which Brand to Choose in 2022? 

If you plan to upgrade your laptop, a Windows operating system device, you are reading the right article. Two brands can outshine most of the others in the market. They are Dell and HP. 

They come with strong qualities that make them both good contenders for any consumer. So, which is the best among HP vs Dell laptops? Dell and HP have a reputation for producing machines that last their time. 

You can often hear Dell laptop owners bragging about how their laptops are still up and running after 7 years of use. That is because of their stable design. The same can be said about HP devices as they come with excellent specifications and design. 

Purchasing a new laptop can be a hassle in today’s market with the choices you have. There are too many manufacturers eyeing to get your attention. Besides, you also have the Apple MacBook in contention for you. 

So, what makes Dell and HP stand in front of sublime devices sold in the market. That is precisely what we are trying to learn through the review. We have done our homework and tried to compare some of the main features of both to come to a conclusion. 

If you are choosing a new laptop, then there is a good option for Dell. Having said that, HP, too, is a matchless choice. They can handle all your regular usage, be it browsing, content writing, coding, gaming, or just about attending online classes for your kids. 

You do not want to hurry up your choice when going in for the best laptop. It is the same as choosing a smartphone. There are several choices that you can make. When you think selecting a device can be challenging, then purchasing a laptop is a massive choice. 

In today’s world, we love the world, portability. Consumers easily get swayed by the portability of the devices. You would be surprised to know that the laptop market comes with a barrage of choices, just for you. 

What is the solution, narrow them down to HP vs Dell laptops? 

You would already know that we are going to compare the features of HP vs Dell laptops. Both brands have their own little history and manufacturing story. We will read a bit about that to get some idea about them. 

We have also made some comparisons of the main features like design, battery, customer support, and so on, for easy understanding. We have also chosen the top two makes from both brands.

HP vs Dell Laptops


We have reviewed them both for you to know the kind of devices produced by the brands. Besides, we have given our verdict. It is not necessary that many of you may agree with it. There is a high chance you may not, but overall, you will have a better understanding. 

That is the important thing about knowing how to choose from them, HP and Dell laptops. The hardware, design, build, and features are some of the vital factors to know before you delve in. Now, let us read about the history of both companies. 

History of both Dell and HP:-

Dell came into existence in the year 1984. They produced personal computers and still manufacture them. Their main segment in the market is the PC. You can find Dell PCs all over the world at homes and offices. 

The manufacturer offers sublime packages for businesses. During a period of time, you could find many homes having the Dell PC. They have merged with several organizations now and are a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

It is now a large organization that consists of Dell and EMC. Additionally, they provide you with a different product to select. HP is known as Hewlett Packard, is another popular name in the laptop market. 

Users will want to know that the manufacturer began, like most top firms globally, in the garage. This resulted from two minds William Hewlett and David Packard, who decided to produce the product. 

As of now, they offer you a wide range of devices besides the PC. They provide some beautiful packages useful for both home users and office goers. Like Dell, you can find some extreme product ranges for its products.

As far as the pricing goes, the Dell laptops are slightly cheaper than HP devices. That is because HP laptops come with a ton of features infused in them. HP seems to release devices that come with a new feature every year, be it cooling technology or a top-notch keyboard. 

Few recommendations for HP vs Dell laptops:-

As we said earlier in the review, we would be bringing you the best HP vs Dell laptops that will give us an idea of their features and pricing. We felt that the Dell XPS, Alienware, and the HP Spectre and Pavilion were suitable models from each brand. 

They come with unique features and pricing. Besides, these are the best-sold laptops from them. We wanted to balance our choices on the two brands. We have compared their features and the pros and cons to get a closer look at them. 

Can we take a look at those devices, then?

Dell XPS:-

We begin with the Dell XPS 13,” which is one of the sought laptops in the market. It comes with a borderless display. The XPS was always going to be among the top 3 laptops globally, and this year is getting even better with a massive 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

HP vs Dell Laptops
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Besides, the keyboard typing speed and response is flawless. You would appreciate the fact that the battery can last more than 11 hours. Unlike most Dell machines, the XPS comes after a magnificent sound effect. 

The monitor is 13.3″ that has a resolution of 3840x2160 InfinityEdge touch screen. It comes with a colossal 512GB SSD, a memory of 16GB. It has a backlit keyboard that also is embedded with a fingerprint reader. 

We also liked the fact that it weighs less than 3 pounds. We also liked the fact that it weighs less than 3 pounds. This enables you to carry it with you anywhere you want to. 


  • The laptop has a splendid design. 
  • It is lightweight and you can take it around with you.  
  • The device has opulent image screen technology. 
  • It comes with a phenomenal 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10710U.
  • The audio is simply peerless.


  • The price of the laptop is less than $1600. 

Dell XPS is our choice for any sort of usage. The device comes with amazing features infused within it. Rightly named as the Mac Killer, it truly has the capabilities to do so. However, it is priced like the Mac at $1600. 

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Dell Alienware m15:-

Dell Alienware m15 is another stupendous model from the American manufacturer. This is the latest 2020 model that comes with sublime features that you would adore. Though it is specifically meant for gaming purposes, you can do regular tasks using it.

HP vs Dell Laptops
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The laptop comes with a colossal storage space of 512GB SSD that you can store all your work and games effortlessly. This is a large screen big enough for viewing even from a distance seamlessly. 

We liked the screen that comes with a decent resolution of FHD 1920x1080 anti-glare and narrow border display. It ensures that you do not miss out on any of the actions. This comes in 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H that is quite powerful with the phenomenal 32GB RAM. 

The AlienFX mSeries keyboard has alphanumeric keys. You will be glad to look at the ports embedded in the laptop. This helps you to share data effortlessly. On the whole, it is a powerful device that comes with all the bells and whistles you might look for. 


  • It has a 15.6″ eloquent display. 
  • The built is simply rugged for maximum durability.
  • It comes with an intense memory and processor. 
  • The device has a decent battery working.
  • It has an AlienFX mSeries keyboard for seamless work. 


  • It is exorbitantly priced at less than $1900. 

Dell Alienware m15 is your ultimate gaming device in 2020, period. Even if you search endlessly in the market, you may not find a device that comes close to it in terms of design, build, and performance. Of course, it is going to cost you. 

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HP Spectre x360:-

HP Spectre x360 is the top-end machine from HP. Probably this device has put HP right on the top spot in the segment. The Spectre is really spectacular indeed, coming with some sublime features that you might not find in most laptops priced in the same bracket. 

HP vs Dell Laptops – Which Brand to Choose in 2022? 
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It is an updated model that has some exceptional features like the Intel Core i7-10750H processor for a magnificent performance. This is a 2-in-1 15.6″ 4K UHD touch laptop. If you are in search of one, then you might grab one of these. 

Additionally, you may want to use 16GB RAM memory with splendid GeForce MX330 Graphics for intense gaming. It comes with a massive 512GB SSD that won’t leave you disappointed with storing information on your laptop. 

Few other exciting features infused in the laptop would be the microSD media card reader, Bang & Olufsen speakers, the stunning HD IR camera, and the backlit keyboard. These features truly make the laptop special for users of all kinds. 


  • The screen offers you excellent visuals.   
  • It comes with a powerful GPU for gaming, movies, and work. 
  • The processor and memory are staggering. 
  • Its audio quality is mind-blowing. 
  • The device comes with a barrage of ports. 


  • The battery specifications are good but drain fast. 

HP Spectre x360 comes with even more powerful features that make it second to none. Discrete GPU, processor, storage space, and reasonable price, makes the laptop genuinely magnificent. 

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HP Pavilion:-

If you are alright with a non-flashy laptop, then you might consider the HP Pavilion. This is a budget laptop that comes with just the right kind of specifications that any student would appreciate having on their system. 

HP vs Dell Laptops
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The laptop comes affordably priced at $600. Besides, you can perform most of the activities that you want to do, including browsing, writing, reading, light gaming. This is the latest HP Pavilion x360 that comes with a 14″ touchscreen. 

This is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop that HP is so famous about. These laptops give you immense flexibility of usage. You can carry them around effortlessly as they do not weigh much too. 

This is a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor device that has a decent storage space of 256GB SSD. You also have an 8GB RAM memory that allows you to work on regular tasks seamlessly. 

Notable features include a webcam, HDMI, and fingerprint reader. The monitor comes with a resolution of 1920x1080, having outstanding clarity. Since it is a touchscreen, you can tap, touch, and glide with the screen. 

We found the Windows 10 Home operating system working flawlessly on the system. Another minor but useful feature we liked was the edge web browser, which allows you to mark up your monitor’s web pages. 


  • It is a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor.
  • The device comes with adequate storage space and robust memory. 
  • It has a beautiful screen that provides quick movement. 
  • The image quality is second to none. 
  • The unit is affordably priced at less than $600. 


  • Few users felt that the battery life was slightly disappointing on this one. 

HP Pavilion is your ultimate laptop for freedom. You do not have to be an HP fan to own one. Pavilion comes with the right amount of technology-infused in it. The processor, memory, battery, and price are what ideally a student would be looking for. 

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HP vs Dell laptops Feature Comparison 👌

HP vs Dell laptops: The collection and choice

The first comparison we thought of presenting to you is the collection and the choice of devices in the market. All consumers have something or the other in their minds before buying one. Few of them want performance or usage. 

These two factors decide the ultimate choice for users. Dell offers you top-end devices like the XPS or Alienware that we reviewed. You would find the top class in the segment. Most of the makes cannot come closer to them. 

While the XPS is suitable for coding, gaming, and writing, the Alienware is a professional gamer’s device. Dell also produces some sublime notebooks. Perhaps, you are a student looking for a machine that can last you through 4-6 years of academic years. 

The Dell notebook is a good choice. They come with adequate features, are robust in build, and are priced low. You can find their devices priced in the $300 price range, which is a good option for students and young working professionals. 

The HP devices are designed to meet all your requirements. Both manufacturers have a different business perspective, where Dell wants to develop exceptional products. HP wants to make a barrage of production for all kinds of users. 

We felt that HP had done the right thing. The options in Dell are few in comparison to HP. Modern users always look out for choices. The HP Spectre was probably the top-end laptop. They hit the jackpot with it. 

In this comparison of HP vs Dell laptops, the collection and choice clearly go to HP. Dell produces beguiling products, but you will find yourself with a lack of options. The same is not for HP, which has something to offer in every price range and work area. 

HP vs Dell laptops: The style and built

It has become a common trend for users to check out the laptop’s style and build when they want to purchase it. You want to select a device that comes with exceptional qualities too. Luckily, both brands provide you with good style and build. 

HP vs Dell Laptops – Which Brand to Choose in 2022? 

Dell is a good laptop in terms of style and design. Their devices are robust and tough. You often hear users bragging about their Dell devices falling down a few feet and staying strong. Well, that is Dell for you. 

Some laptops like the one we reviewed, Alienware come with a magnificent design. However, we felt that Dell models come in a few colors. You can find them only in silver, grey or black. On the other hand, the design and style value of HP laptops is way better. 

Right from the beginning, their color variants and the design have been top-notch. This is why HP laptops are found used by students, working professionals, and others. Their current batch of devices also comes with a tremendous influence on design. 

Whether you want to opt for a rugged device or sleek looking one, there is something for users in the HP inventory. The same cannot be said about Dell, which produces robust machines. But as far as colors and design go, HP is the winner

HP vs Dell laptops: The quality of the hardware and software

The quality of the hardware and software between HP vs Dell laptops is a tough one. That is because you might have noticed that they both come with similar specifications. We really had to dig deep into this to find a winner. 

Some users who have owned both Dell and HP laptops said a similar thing. The quality of both the hardware and software was quite reasonable. Of course, you may not be able to compare them to the MacBook, but the quality in both was magnificent for the price tag. 

It is not surprising to note that the laptop’s resale value from Dell and HP are good. You may not face a situation where finding issues in either the hardware or software at the end of the day. But users who may push things further can face problems. 

They both do not mess too much with the software aspect also. Dell and HP ensure that the specifications are the same. In the Alienware device, there are some helpful optimization tools. Similar kinds of tools can be found in HP laptops too. 

It is hard to choose a winner here because HP vs Dell laptops is excellent

HP vs Dell laptops: The pricing trends

This is an exciting category for reviewing between HP vs Dell laptops. The reason for that, they both are generally priced in the higher range compared to other makes. However, you can find laptops that are cheaply priced too, less than $500. 

It is difficult to draw a line when you expect portentous laptops for a low price. That is not going to happen if you want to compromise on quality and reliability. These days thanks to the intense competition, manufacturers are keen on producing exceptional products. 

They take the feedback from the consumers seriously. Both HP vs Dell laptops are equally based when it comes to the price. However, if you look around, Dell products are slightly below the price range of HP devices. 

Dell laptops come with decent features and operational capabilities like the HP products for a lesser price. There are a few reasons for Dell being able to command that kind of price. They always insist on getting your products from their retailers and authorized online stores

This can save your money and a load of hassle if you notice defects or snags on the warranty period’s products. They will replace your product, no questions asked. This is unlike most of the other makers in today’s sector. 

While Dell laptops are affordable and elegantly priced, HP has a laptop for all kinds of users. You could be a gamer, writer, programmer, browser, or anybody. There is something in the market, just for you. 

You can find products at a price of $200 to $1800. There is something that users can find on the list on HP laptops. But you may want to make sure to note the point that the specifications are mostly going to be similar to that of Dell, at a higher price. 

In this comparison, Dell is the winner, hands down

HP vs Dell laptops: The customer care and the after-sale support 

In this regard, Dell is the clear winner, as we said before. Their customer support is something that Amazon is not close to. We were highly impressed with all zones of communities with the company. 

HP vs Dell Laptops – Which Brand to Choose in 2022? 

Their customer support is polite and professional. Importantly, they give you answers or at least alternatives instantly for you to move ahead from the issue. This is something that is clearly lacking in most manufacture. 

Whether you are not in the warranty period, the support from Dell was quite exceptional. However, not to be left behind, HP offers strong technical support for users of all kinds. But the main flaw in HP and most others are that Dell is easier to use. 

The customer support is welcoming, and the interface is good. Clients globally have always been impressed with the quality and pace of the response from Dell. They do not make the clients wait for technical snag for warranty products and instantly replace them. 

Probably, this is what makes them stand out customer support-wise. The manufacturer enables you to recycle electronic components that won’t be used herein with All Green Electronics Recycling globally. 

The winner is Dell on this front, without any question. 

Where are Dell laptops manufactured?

Most of the laptops manufactured by Dell are done in Asian countries. Some of them include Xiamen province in China, and Penang, Malaysia. The Penang factory was built in the year 1995, and the one in Xiamen was founded in 1999. 

Dell has factories in India and Brazil as well. The plants in America were shut down due to high rents and maintenance costs, which reduce significantly in Asian countries. Besides, the workers there ensure the standards are met. 

However, the top-end Alienware products are manufactured in Austin, Texas. The organization has distributed its work in America, Mexico, and Asia. 

What makes Dell laptops stand out?

The main thing about Dell laptops is that they come with a robust build and are durable. Most of the owners of Dell laptops proudly say that their laptop is almost 8 years old. Besides, Apple devices, none last that long. 

Though Dell is comparatively slower in implementing the new technologies in their systems and devices, they compromise through extensive customer support and reliability. Their top-end line productions are in great demand all over America and globally. 

Some of their devices that we will read about the XPS and Alienware make are the most popular of the lot. Based on these factors, they have been recognized for their work in the international scenario. 

The Dell Mag laptop became the 3rd best-selling laptop in the world in the year 2018. 

Where are HP laptops Manufactured?

Let us read a bit about the HP laptops now. They produce their machines in the USA itself. That is a good thing for gaining trust and bonds between the American consumers. Products manufactured in the US tend to have better reliability and durability factors. 

They hold 23% of the market share in America. Like Dell company, HP manufactures its devices in China, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The notebooks, though, are entirely manufactured in America, and most of the components come from Asian countries. 

This enables the company to price its devices competitively. As it is, HP laptops can be notoriously expensive, priced higher than Dell. HP vs Dell laptops’ main problem is that their devices are among the highest-priced, but when you want quality, then it is here. 

What makes HP devices stand out?

The makers’ models are splendid. One look at them, and you will note each of them are a masterpiece. There 2-in1 laptops coming with the touch screen are in great demand in the market. 

Due to the pandemic, 2-in-1 laptops have seen a surge in demand both in America and worldwide. Students and people of all ages love the flexibility that they provide them with. Besides, the keyboard, touchpad, and audio quality are second to none. 

The HP Spectre x360 was the top computing device of the year award in 2018. It managed to secure at the News18 Tech and Auto Awards. The Omen 15, which is a gaming laptop, is also a popular device among gamers and youngsters alike. 

Frequently Asked Questions on HP vs Dell Laptops 

(Q) Are HP or Dell laptops better for gaming?

This is a difficult one to say because both HP and Dell are known for producing excellent makes. HP has launched the Omen gaming machine that is a genuinely top-notch device for gamers. Likewise, Dell has the Alienware model for this purpose. 

The laptops are good and come with a robust design, RGB backlit keyboard, GPU units, and powerful cooling technology for high-end gaming. HP Omen is the winner because it comes with a better processor in terms of speed. 

(Q) Are HP laptops more expensive than Dell machines?

In this category, both the makers excel because, comparatively, they are relatively high priced. However, the HP devices are slightly higher in price when you compare them to the Dell laptops. 

The HP models’ design is astonishing and eloquent when you look at them with other laptop makes. But if you are looking for a budget device, then you might want to stick on to the Dell machines. 

(Q) What is the ideal make from HP vs Dell laptops for buyers looking for budget devices? 

When your budget is tight, you want something within $500; you have HP and Dell options. We found that Alienware laptops are relatively low priced when compared to HP devices. Besides, few laptops from Dell come priced at less than $400. 

(Q) Among HP vs Dell laptops, which is the rugged one?

The HP and Dell laptops are durable and reliable devices on par with Apple. It comes as no surprise that they both are ruling the market, even eating into Apple’s share of the pie. But, when you see the design aspect, Dell models are better. 

HP, on the other hand, is an excellent and elegant make. Most of their devices come with a sleek design. The battery goes beyond expectations and runs well for 5 years at least. Sadly, Dell machines do not last more than 3 years, battery-wise. 

(Q) Which company provides good customer services?

As far as customer service goes, whether it is HP or any other organization, they may want to learn from Dell. You may not be able to find more professional and polite customer support. Moreover, they actually get things done instantly or as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, you cannot say the same about HP. You can often hear about delays in the arrivals, waiting periods, and technical snags in HP service because they outsource their customer service.

Final verdict

The HP laptop raises the bar for us and is easily the winner performance-wise. It is not surprising that students, working professionals from a wide range of industries own HP. They come with the latest features embedded within them. 

HP battery life on their devices is exceptional, too, going for a few years without trouble. It is safe to say that both the brands are the creme de la crème in manufacturing the machines. Deciding which is the best depends entirely on the individual. 

The customer service and ruggedness from Dell are unmatchable. Their products come with matchless precision and running power. Simultaneously, HP ones come with marvelous designs and utilize higher-class components in their products. 

We found our decision quite difficult because both the makes are good. But HP took the slight lead in the fact that their products come updates and innovativeness. Each time you look at a product released from them, you can find plenty of new things in there. 

It is a sign that the manufacturer wants to provide quality service to their consumers. Dell, too, wants to place a splendid device in the hands of the users. The XPS is, no doubt, an exceptional one. But otherwise, innovation wise HP is miles ahead. 

Summing up 

Our HP vs Dell laptops has ended. Both the brands are good and reliable, that is the important thing. Dell produces some of the best products in the segment. They have been in the industry long enough to know what their clients want. 

On the other hand, HP is a seasoned player who has sufficient experience to back up their devices. In the budget category and gaming devices, we found Dell laptops quite functional. However, the HP laptops came with a barrage of features and intuitive designs. 

That makes them appealing to the buyer. If you plan on upgrading your device, we recommend you opt for HP laptops because you have a bunch to choose from. We sincerely hope the HP vs Dell comparison cleared the queries that you had previously. 

Now, you comfortably and confidently go ahead and make your decision without hassle. Did you feel that we missed something? 

Then do let us know?