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7 Best Leetcode Alternatives To Help You Enhance Your Skills

Are you in a search of Leetcode Alternatives for your programming technical interview preparation?🧐 In this article, we’ll cover the top 7 Alternatives that will help you to enhance your skills and prepare for your interviews.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Are you a software engineer with a big technical interview coming up? Are you pursuing software engineering and need help with upgrading your coding skills? Are you someone with just an undying passion for learning coding and programming?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you are possibly looking out for solutions that could help you upgrade and enhance your knowledge about coding and programming.

As interesting as it seems, coding and programming are not easy at all, and learning to write the perfect codes that work and run is a skill that develops with time, hard work, effort, and practice. However, you need to start somewhere to start practicing and developing your coding skills. The question is, where?

Well, you can find multiple platforms and applications for the purpose. One of the best and most popular platforms for this purpose is Leetcode.

Let’s dig into the details about this platform, what it is, and how it helps build your coding knowledge and skills.

What is Leetcode?

Leetcode is a learning, knowledge enhancement, and skill development platform built solely for those having passion and zeal for coding and programming.

The platform is designed with extensive and exclusive courses on coding and programming to help you build your technical skills and prepare better for your upcoming technical interviews.

The platform has courses for almost every coding and programming language, and you can learn a lot in these curricula, right from the basics of coding to the highly advanced levels where you write a complete code or program for software right from scratch.

Be it any basic programming language or a high-level programming language, you can learn it all over Leetcode.

What makes this platform more robust and useful is its amazing questionnaire consisting of more than 1800 questions for practice. With that many attempts at writing code in different languages, you can phenomenally develop your coding skills.

However, that doesn’t quite cover everything about Leetcode. It goes beyond just a learning and skill development solution.

In addition to helping you practice questions and build and develop your coding skills so that you may do well in your exams and interviews, Leetcode is established with a huge network of coders, developers, and engineers who come together to form an amazing community that’s always eager to help fellow community members.

As a community, this platform often organizes competitions for the members to help them develop their skills, showcase them, and have a healthy competition with one another.

Moreover, anyone can raise questions and queries in relation to any topic or subject related to coding and programming, and that begins a thread to which the community members can respond and have a fruitful discussion.

In addition to all the community activities, Leetcode is also equipped with features and functionalities like Live Interviews that can help recruiters find amazing talents, database management to help users keep track of their learnings and the courses that they have enrolled for, raising of questions and queries, and a lot more.

With all of this, Leetcode is a pretty robust education and learning platform for every aspiring software engineer, coder, and developer, and even the ones who are seeking out to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.

However, when it comes to education and learning, it’s never enough. There is always the scope for more. So, you may not want to just stick to Leetcode.

While you use this robust platform for developing your coding skills, you may want to explore some other options as well, considering that there is no limitation to the choices before you.

However, what will be the best options that you have got in store for yourself? Well, you can obviously not explore every single site, application, and platform on the web, but having at least some names can give you a headstart.

Well, let us take the opportunity to do the same for you by presenting this list of some of the best Leetcode alternatives that you can try out to further expand the horizons for your learning, knowledge enhancement, and skill development.

Best Leetcode Alternatives – Our Pick👌👌

When it comes to learning, knowledge gaining, and skill development, you can never reach a dead end. The moment you feel like you are done, there is more to learn.

As such, Leetcode cannot be your only resort and solution when it comes to learning programming and coding languages and developing your skills in the field.

There cannot be just 1800 or so questions to practice coding after all. Moreover, not every member of the developer community might necessarily be using Leetcode.

So, it shall only be wise on your part to look out for more options and platforms that you can use to build, enhance, and develop your coding and programming skills.

It could be because you have exhausted all the resources and practiced every question over it several times. It could be because you want to look for more members of the community.

Or it could be just that you are bored with the layout, infrastructure, and the entire user interface of Leetcode. Whatever be the reason, finding an alternative seems like the only solution and way out.

Moreover, more platforms mean more learning, and that, in turn, means higher skills development and knowledge enhancement.

So, let’s get to know some of the best Leetcode alternatives that you can try to satisfy your needs for more knowledge and educational resources on coding and programming.

1. AlgoExpert

With learning resources and material for up to nine programming languages, AlgoExpert is one of the best Leetcode Alternatives.

It not only has practice questions for coding and programming, but this tool comes with different algorithm challenges that help you learn how different codes work with different program algorithms.

Best Leetcode Alternatives

Moreover, you can choose the challenges you want to take based on your level of understanding of the codes and programs. If you are a beginner, you can start with the basic challenges.

In case you feel that the basic ones are too easy for your level, you can move to higher levels which range from medium difficulty to extremely difficult.

So, there is no lack of options for raising the difficulty levels for the challenges that you are taking.

In addition to taking algorithm challenges, you can learn several other topics related to coding as well. Moreover, you can get explanation videos for every question or challenge you attempt in this application.

One of the major highlights of this tool is its four-pane window feature that you can use for working out the solutions to the challenges you take.

One of the panes can be used as a working pad, the other one as the reading area containing your question, the third one as the solution window, and the fourth one for the explanation video of the solution.

This way, you will not have to keep switching between things, you can have a better focus, and you shall better understand the concepts.  

Moreover, the tool even acknowledges your effort for learning and skill development. Once you pass a challenge or test, the tool awards you a certificate. You can mention these certificates in your resume to add some more value to it and increase your chances for selection.

With all these features and functionalities, you will love exploring and using this tool and feel it as a good change from Leetcode.

2. HackerRank

If you are one of those with a competitive spirit, then you will love using HackerRank as an excellent platform to learn to code. This is a gaming-based, competitive learning and education platform that covers multiple areas and topics in relation to coding.

As such, you can learn about multiple coding and programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, etc., along with covering other disciplines and topics like modular programming, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and a lot more.

The competitive part comes into the picture in the sense that the questions in HackerRank are presented as challenges rather than practice questions.

Every user can participate in these challenges and compete with other participants. Each challenge comes with a question and guidance to reach the solution for the same.

The ranks are decided on the basis of the scorecard attached to each challenge flashing the name and rank of other users along with your position on the card.

The scorecard also consists of a section for debates and opinions where all the participants can discuss the task or challenge in question as they work towards finding the solution.

Another great thing about HackerRank is that in addition to helping you develop your coding and programming skills in a gaming and competitive spirit, it also brings up opportunities for employment. As such, any user who completes business competition challenges in the application can apply for a job at HackerRank.

With all these features and functionalities, you may definitely want to try HackerRank to build your skills as a developer while also creating some opportunities for earning money as you enjoy the competitive gaming spirit and setup of this platform.

3. Coderbyte – Leetcode alternatives for SQL

If you have a big technical interview coming up, then Coderbyte is probably the application that will come as a boon for your preparation.

This application is not just a learning and education platform. Instead, it is complete software for evaluating anyone’s coding skills and talents.

As such, many companies and organizations use Coderbyte to create their questions for the technical interview rounds. So, using it for preparation may come as a plus.

Best Leetcode Alternatives 1

Moving on to its features and functionalities, the application is pretty robust and has excellent capabilities to improve and enhance anyone’s knowledge and skills in coding and programming.

The tool is not only equipped with practice questions and tests, but it comes with new challenges and prompts every day for you to try and solve. As such, there is no limitation to resources and content on this platform.

Moreover, this tool is not limited to questions and challenges for programming and coding, but it expands the horizons and helps you explore and learn topics like algorithms, artificial intelligence, reasoning, logic, etc., as well. So, this platform seeks your overall development as a coder, developer, and engineer.

In addition to all these challenges, the application is equipped with more features and functionalities as well such as an uninterrupted coding environment, solutions manual, and regular progress reports.

With all these features and functionalities, it’s easier for you to focus on your coding questions and tests for practice while also knowing your progress with time. Also, in case you get stuck with the question, you can get help from the manuals.

With all these features and functionalities, this is the perfect platform to prepare you for your examinations and interviews.

In addition to helping you with the preparation for an interview as a candidate, Coderbyte is also known for helping companies with their recruitment processes.

While it has all the features and functionalities to help develop your coding and programming skills, it is also equipped with systems to test your skills. 

As such, recruiters can use Corderbyte to create customized tests and assess their candidates. Additionally, they can set up user accounts to monitor the activity logs and see how the candidates are working along with the time they are taking for task completion, and judge them on all other parameters and criteria for selection.

With all of this, this platform comes as the most comprehensive and feature-rich solution for developing, enhancing, and assessing coding and programming skills and goes much beyond being just as great.

4. Edabit

If you are someone who wants to begin at the basics and eventually make your way to the advanced levels of coding and programming, then Edabit is yet another Leetcode alternatives that you may want to try.

This tool is built with education, learning, growth, and entertainment in mind. With the belief that learning must be fun and enjoyable, Edabit is built like a gaming platform where you eventually pass through the levels of coding. 

Best Leetcode Alternatives 2

The application is great to get hands-on experience with major coding and programming languages such as Java, Python, Swift, etc., and you learn these languages not by reading but by doing the work yourself.

As such, every level in this application is a task wherein you need to write codes based on the instructions. As you are able to work out the code and finish the task, you move to the next task (level) in the application.

With that, you are always filled with a competitive spirit, and learning becomes highly entertaining and fun for you. 

With all of these features and functionalities, Edabit comes as a great alternative to Leetcode. While it’s an educational and learning platform, it incorporates a fun element with its game-like setting. That shall be a good chance you might love.

With that, Edabit is essentially a platform that you must try if you are zealous and passionate about coding and programming and would like to learn it better by just doing it rather than just reading about it over and over again, while not being able to explore and understand how it works in the real and practical world.

5. Checkio – Leetcode alternatives For coding games and programming challenges

Another great coding platform acting as one of the best Leetcode Alternatives, a free and open-source platform for learning, education, and skill development in coding and programming, is Checkio. This tool is perfect for those on their beginner levels of coding.

The tool essentially focuses on helping you learn coding and programming in two of the most popular coding languages that are Python and Transcript.

The application is full of multiple questions, challenges, and tasks for the users to complete in order to build, develop, and enhance their coding skills and knowledge.

Each task comes with a specific set of instructions that the users need to follow. Moreover, the tasks and challenges come with time constraints.

Best Leetcode Alternatives 3

So, while you are developing your skills and enhancing your knowledge, you can also work on your coding and programming speed and significantly improve the same so that you write codes at a much faster pace as time goes by.

With that, you blend skills with the speed that makes you the kind of developer and coder everyone wishes to become.

In addition to helping you learn two of the best coding and programming languages in a smooth, fun, and entertaining way, this application also keeps things comfortable and convenient for you by supporting multilingual capabilities.

At present, the application supports Spanish and English. There may be more languages coming in the future.

Another great feature and functionality of this application is its ability to open up employment opportunities. However, the application does not create the opportunities by itself.

Instead, it provides a medium to its users to create jobs as per their requirements and preferences and distribute the same as the users see fit and convenient.

With all such features and functionalities, Checkio comes as a very robust and comprehensive education and learning tool. It can help you become your own master at coding and programming, and that’s what makes it totally worth a mention.

Intro Video. How to get maximum from CheckiO

6. CodeChef – Leetcode alternatives For Competitive Programming

With excellent features and functionalities that offer learning and education in the form of challenges, competitions, lessons, courses, discussions, etc.,

CodeChef is a very comprehensive alternative to Leetcode, designed for all kinds of developers, coders, and engineers, be it beginners, intermediates, or advanced level professionals and experts.

Getting Started on CodeChef | Bharat Singla

One of the major highlights of this application is the way it unfolds its different learning categories like a gaming level.

You begin with the lessons and tests in the application, eventually move to the daily tests and challenges, and once you are well aware of the different codes and programs, you can move on to the competition.

Moreover, you can even engage in discussions and debates with the other users and even the CodeChef crew as you move further up the levels in the application.

With that kind of setup, this application totally builds you as a coder, developer, and engineer, constantly enhancing your knowledge and improving your skills, walking you through all the coding and programming levels, right from the very basic to the highly advanced.

Moreover, the application has no limitations as to learning in terms of programming languages and topics either. This tool is equipped with lessons, courses, challenges, and competition in more than 40 different programming languages. With that, the scope for learning is endless on this platform.

Additionally, as you participate in the challenges, you can submit your tasks in over 55 different coding and programming languages.

Also, the features such as discussions and debates with other users on the application lead to the formation of a brilliant community of developers, coders, and programmers.

With all these things, learning and skill development on this application is highly fun and entertaining. Moreover, this application is entirely free to use. So you learn a lot, build an earning potential for yourself, and all of that without even having to spend a penny at all.

Considering all these factors, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that CodeChef is perfect and, in fact, even better than most of the tools, something that shall be worth all your time and efforts.

7. Exercism – Leetcode alternative free

If you are a beginner, not a fan of competition and challenges, and want a dedicated learning environment where you can learn coding and programming right from the basics to advanced levels, then Exercism is the last one on our list for the best Leetcode alternatives.

With a much different setup and user interface in comparison with other platforms discussed so far in this article, Exercism can be said to be the most unique Leetcode alternative to exist in the marketplace.

This is a dedicated learning and education platform that promotes single-user learning rather than pitting the users as competitors against each other.

With that said, this is a platform for extremely serious users who are looking for guidance and mentorship as they move forward toward developing and enhancing their skills and knowledge-base in coding and programming.

Best Leetcode Alternatives 4

This platform is basically equipped with different learning activities in up to 52 different programming languages. You can pick up an activity as per your level in coding and programming, work on the code, and submit the same to your mentor for review.

Based on the excellence and accuracy of your code, your personal mentor on the application shall grade you, and you shall move on to the next levels and tasks.

In addition to working on the tasks and activities in the application, you can even submit your self-written codes in the application for review by the experts on the platform. With the reviews from the experts, you can constantly work on improving your codes and making them better.

Besides having a dedicated learning experience with hands-on training and knowledge transfer from an expert professional, you can also get in touch with the developer community on the platform. You can raise your questions and queries, and the entire community shall be happy to help you out.

With all these features and functionalities, Exercism is great for those who look to build their coding and development skills but are shy to work in a crowded environment or need a dedicated guide with them every step of the way.

Considering the dedicated learning it offers, this can be best for those who are preparing for their examinations or big interviews but are in need of confidence, guidance, and support to add to their skills and, more importantly, confidence levels.

The best part yet about this application is that you get everything in it absolutely free. So you have access to almost 4000 activities in 52 different programming languages along with a dedicated personal mentor to guide you with the activities and review your codes, all free of cost.

What more could you ask for in an education and learning platform? Probably nothing more!

With that said, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Exercism is one of the most functional, feature-rich, and unique tools, something worth your time and something you definitely need to create value for yourself as a coder, developer, and engineer.

Final Words

Having access to the right resources and material when you are trying to develop your skills is extremely important.

Be it any field of education, a platform for learning and skill development is a must in today’s time, and when it comes to coding and programming, you need to be more careful and alert in searching and finding your options.

Leetcode is one of the best platforms to help you with all your learning and skill development needs as regards coding and programming. However, the thing with education is that it has no bounds whatsoever, and you can always keep exploring new and better options.

All these options mentioned in this article are some of the best Leetcode alternatives. They shall guide you well, and you will enjoy using them.

We hope that you found the article helpful and are now all set to explore these wonderful options before you for enhancing your coding skills and knowledge.

She is a tech writer, and an avid learner. Apart from being a tech enthusiast she hopes to bring sense to what people read.