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Make your Chrome history easier to search with Better History


Your web browser stores your browsing history so you can easily check which sites you’ve previously looked at and revisit them.

In Chrome, you can bring up your browsing history by pressing Ctrl+H or visiting chrome://history

Better History is an add-on for Chrome which, as its name suggests, offers a clearer and more efficient way of viewing this information.

Once installed, a Browse History button is added to your browser. Click it and your history is displayed as a list of the web pages you’ve visited.

The add-on replaces Chrome’s default History tool. A bar at the top lets you explore your activity by date and by time.

Make your Chrome history easier to search with Better History

You can see the hours when you were active on the web. Clicking one of the circles that isn’t greyed out will display your history from that point.

Wipe all the pages visited at a specific time by clicking the Delete button next to it.  To reopen a site, click its entry.

Hover over an entry and you’ll see the option to get ‘More from the site’. Click this to view a list of pages you’ve visited from that site.


For speed, only your last 10,000 pages are used. If the page you want isn’t there, click ‘Search deeper’  to go back further, though this may slow down the tool.

If you use Chrome on other devices, such as another computer or mobile device, you can view the history for those, too.

Click the Devices option and select the device name. You’ll need to be logged in with the same Google account.

If you’re looking for a specific page or site, you can simply search for it.  Results will appear in a list in the Search section.

Visits are searched by page title and URL, and downloads by filename and URL. You can also delete everything relating to a search.

Click Statistic to view a graph of your browsing history, showing the percentage of time you’ve spent on each site.

You can see the exact length of time you were viewing those sites. Use the links at the top to change the time period.

Better History Make your Chrome history easier to search

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