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Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Game Review

Welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG. If you don’t already know what PUBG is, it’s a battle royale type multiplayer online game. The player can opt to play in first person or third person mode according to their preference, and either as a team or solo. When you first begin the match you’ll be put on a plane bound for an island where you’ll have to duke it out with up to a hundred players. Whether alone or in a team, the goal is simple, to be the last man or team standing.

You’re given a map while on the plane to pre-plan your drop point with your team. But beware, for nowhere is safe because everyone else might be coming on to your drop point. Make your decisions quickly, and jump out of the plane early so you’ll be able to reach the ground a step ahead of your enemy and reach much-needed resources. Littered around the island are abandoned buildings that used to be towns, villages, and homesteads.

Inside them, you will find resources ranging from food, medical supplies, clothing to weapons and ammunition. Vehicles are found throughout the island as well and are a strong advantage to have one. The only problem is that vehicles are still a bit glitchy at the moment of writing, where we could hit a small rock in the road and suddenly flip in the air like a backflipping.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Game Review

The game is still in its early stages of development, so we hope to see many of the glitches currently in the game fixed. Some of these could easily lose the game for you, and it can be very disappointing to lose a match you have spent so much effort on due to a random occurrence.

Although it’s a deathmatch game, there are plenty of creative ways to win the game, as demonstrated by many online streamers.

In fact, going in guns a blazing isn’t the only way to win this game. The game has a mechanic that keeps players from camping throughout the island – a shrinking safe zone. After the match begins there will be a safe zone marked on the map that will constantly shrink as the game continues, anyone outside the safe zone will slowly perish. On average around should last around 30 minutes, but if you get killed early on you don’t have to stick around; you can just proceed on to your next match.

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The armor and weapons system isn’t exactly deep if you pick up a weapon you need the appropriate ammunition to use it. Additionally, the game allows you to install attachments and mods to your weapons to improve aim, quicken reload times and more.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Game Review

On the island, there are certain areas that yield better weapons and armor, but will be
targeted by a large number of players most of the time. You have to weigh between playing it safe or going into a living war zone.

At the end of each round players will get in-game currency in the form of credits, which can be used to buy loot crates used for unlocking cosmetic items. You gain credits depending on how much damage you deal, how long you survive, and how many kills
you get in the round. The only downside to the game is that there’s just so much
that needs to be fixed and improved in the game, but that’ll come in due time. With no
storyline or plot, replayability comes in the form of competitive spirit or the joy of being
a team in no man’s land.

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Technical ustad Ratings:-

GamePlay:- 4 out of 5 Star

Sound:- 1 out of 5 Star

Replayability:- 3 Out of 5 Star


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