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15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief

It might sound a bit counterintuitive, but yes, those same devices that make you crazy can also help you to regain calmness. These stress relief apps are designed to help you overcome stress! 

First of all, take a deep breath, take it easy! Things get messed up, but they are not destined to remain the same forever.  

The world is, of course, going through chaos like never before. But your mental state needs to be stable.

Seems illogical, right?🧐 But fortunately, the very devices you are using throughout the day and putting so much stress on your body and mind, the same devices that are delivering disturbing news to your home could be a source of calmness and mental stability.  

Yes, dear readers, those tiny gadgets we use for almost everything in life can help you to overcome anxiety and stress. Meditation apps are slowly but steadily becoming a welcome window for those who always feel anxious.

A completely different world full of encouraging words, gentle bells, peaceful imagery, and chirping birds is waiting for you to get immersed and burst all the anxiety. 

Meditation with the ceasing of the mind can have great health benefits including easing depression, anxiety, and pain, and can induce a feel-good factor.  

Dear readers, dear anxious creatures, we are here to support you! We are here to help you with some extraordinary stress relief apps that can go a long way to improve your mental health.  

What Will I Learn?💁

Best Stress Relief Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Medito: Free Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness

Medito is designed beautifully and purposefully for those people who never tasted the surprising benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

You can use the Medito app without a second thought even if you want to improve your already going meditation practice. And guess what? You don’t have to pay for using this app, there are no ads, and no spam – Just meditation and calmness!  

The app elegantly teaches you, how to relax, sleep better, de-stress, practice gratitude, wellness, and some very effective breathing exercises.  

Meditation should be free

With the holistic approach of one of the most effective stress relief apps, you can easily enjoy some of the best guided and non-guided meditation sessions from Medito Foundation and some other organizations like ULCA.

The meditation sessions are based on recent as well as some ancient meditation techniques.  

All you have to do is to help a few minutes with the app – come’ on! You can do that! It’s a lot better than spending hours playing games or watching movies!  

With the app, you can successfully discover so much positivity, life-changing benefits, and transformative effects in your life full of stress and anxiety.  

Some Great Features that Make Medito The Number One Stress Relief App:- 

  • Beginner and intermediate courses for all types of people  
  • Daily meditation through some engaging sessions  
  • Sleep stories, sleep sounds, and sleep meditation  
  • Meditation for managing anxiety and stress  
  • Meditation for managing work-life stress  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 5.0 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

2. Wysa – Stress, Sleep & Mindfulness Therapy Chatbot

Wysa is probably one of the cutest stress relief apps you can download on your Android or Apple device. It is a decent stress buster app that helps you immensely to manage your anxiety and depression.  

The app fits perfectly in your pocket and provides much-needed emotional support with very effective mood tracking. The app also helps you to find optimism and reframe thoughts through its friendly and emotional chat feature.  

You get daily spiritual meditation that surprisingly improves your mental health and thought processing capabilities. The app smartly suggests meditation and mindfulness through audios based on your chat and queries, so that you can feel better and relaxed.  

Wysa designs a personalized toolkit for you to ensure you can effectively cope with anxiety, depression, grief, and sleep issues. It can be your best AI buddy you can chat with for free!  

If you are worried about your personal information or data, you don’t need to be! Because all your chats and queries remain anonymous and are perfectly protected.  

What makes Wysa a Reliable Stress Relief App? 

  • Various ways of getting rid of anxiety and stress, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  
  • As many as 40 very engaging and interesting conversational coaching tools 
  • A lot of different things to chat about  
  • A complete app for visualization, mindfulness for self-esteem, confidence analysis techniques, etc.  
  • Yoga and exercises to make you feel better and energetic

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

3. Dare: Stress Relief Apps For Anxiety & Panic Relief Attacks

The Dare app is designed with evidence-based stress-relieving techniques to help people struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia, worry, and panic attacks.  

You can use the mood journal of the app for tracking your mood daily and adjusting according to the suggestions from the app.

The app is based on the best-selling book, “DARE”, and has been helping so many people trying to overcome anxiety, fear, and panic attacks a lot quicker than some other traditional therapies.  

Best Stress Relief Apps

If you are anxious about anything including flying, driving, health issues, public speaking, eating out, going on holidays, you should try this app out, at least once!  

Through its evidence-based and scientific approach, the app will take you through an extraordinary journey of overcoming your anxiety and stress.  

What makes the Dare App a Very Unique Anxiety Buster? 

  • 100% free calming audios with new ones are added daily  
  • Unlimited audio downloads for listening later  
  • Personal mood journal with unlimited entries  
  • Helps you to build positivity by breaking the harmful chain of negative thoughts.  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

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4. Himalayan Meditation – Stress Relief Apps To Go Beyond All Limitations

Powerful and effective mindfulness, meditations, soulfulness, and heartfulness for those who are struggling with anxiety and stress.  

Learn the powerful and most ancient meditation techniques and see the life-changing transformations.

Best Stress Relief Apps 1

The Himalayan Meditation app is a free gateway to lead an improved, focused, balanced, stress-free, and disease-free life to successfully burst the anxiety, stress, and restlessness.  

An app to properly elevate your soul through very powerful ancient meditations available in both self-mode and guided methods. The app runs without any ad or interruption for a focused, undisturbed meditation experience.  

Features of Himalayan Meditation:-

  • 24 various powerful meditations with more than 500 possibilities of newness  
  • Five minutes meditation series for anxious and busy people  
  • Meditation series that makes you believe that you love yourself  
  • Himalayan melody for a calming, anxiety-free, sound sleep  
  • Personalized addiction programs to successfully get rid of bad habits like drugs and intoxications etc.

Device – Android

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

5. Insight Timer – Meditation, Sleep, Music

One of the world’s most famous stress relief apps for meditation, anxiety relief, mindfulness, and sleep.  

Another excellent meditation and stress relief app with some extraordinary features. You get sleep music, guided meditation, talks led by the top mindfulness and meditation experts, psychologists, neuroscientists, and teachers from some of the world’s top institutes like Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford, etc.  

Best Stress Relief Apps 2

Music tracks from the world’s well-known artists to make you feel better and stress-free. You can join millions of other people who are already learning mindfulness, meditation, stress management, and anger management from the app.  

With more than 100 free sleep tracks and guided meditations, you can effectively improve your mental health from anywhere and anytime. 

Undoubtedly an extraordinary app for both beginners and experienced meditation practitioners.  

Some amazing features of Insight Timer:-

  • 1,00,000+ guided meditations to achieve a calming mental state 
  • Allows you to choose short meditation sessions when you are busy or on the go 
  • Thousands of ambient sounds and calming music tracks to calm your anxious mind  
  • Customizable meditation timer to make things easy for you  
  • Thousands of groups for healthy discussions  
  • Milestones and stats for tracking your progress, and keeping you encouraged 
  • Sleep music, bedtime tales, sleep meditations for a sound, anxious-free sleep.  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

6. Norbu: Antistress Training, Breathe, Meditation

The Norbu app is featured relaxing games and breath for mindfulness, stress management, and sleep meditation.  

Norbu is one of the very few stress-relief apps that train you to manage your anxiety and stress on both emotional and physical levels.

Some extraordinary features like anxiety-relieving games, guided meditation, and breathing exercises help you to overcome stress and anxiety in a very interesting and engaging way.  

15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief

You can use this app, even if you are not struggling with anxiety, even if you only want to take extra care of your mental health with balanced physical health.  

Norbu is powered by two different types of training i.e. Quick Help and Challenge to improve your stress management ability. With very easy instructions and an audio guide, the app suggests you some amazing anti-stress exercises to effectively overcome anxiety and stress.  

The Quick Help usually takes only 2-4 minutes to help you control your anxiousness, while the antistress Challenge takes you on a one-month journey, and helps you regain calmness and confidence slowly but steadily.  

Features of Norbu:-

  • Stress-relieving games  
  • Breathing exercises  
  • Guided meditation  
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Control  
  • Teaches you how to manage stress on both emotional and physical levels

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 5 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

7. Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress

Shine is developed to take care of your health in an easier, more interesting, and engaging way. Using the Shine app, you can create a daily self-care routine, meditate, practice mindfulness, connect, and reflect to get a feeling of calmness and overcome anxiety and stress.  

15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief

You can listen to Daily Shine meditation audios for inducing a feel-good factor. What more? Unlike most of the other stress relief apps, you can also opt to discuss your mental health with Shine Community – there are thousands of other real people who are struggling with anxiety and trying to overcome it.    

If you want to get the maximum benefit of the Shine app, you have the Prime Membership app which is packed with some amazing benefits.

Some Extraordinary Benefits of Prime Membership include:-

  • Exclusive meditation library designed by diverse experts  
  • 1,000+ meditations 
  • A brand-new Daily Shine meditation every day, with revisiting of past episodes  
  • Sleep meditations for peaceful, undisturbed sleep  
  • Meditation playlists based on your preferences  
  • The option of logging and tracking your mood  
  • Journaling prompts based on your feelings and interests  
  • Support from mental health experts and an exclusive Shine community  
  • Monthly community care events exclusively available for prime members  
  • Inclusive, a private digital platform for one on one support 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

8. My Oasis: Calming, Relaxing & Anxiety Relief Game

One of the best, and most satisfying stress relief apps that helps you to overcome stress and anxiety by playing some very engaging and soothing games.  

My Oasis is a calming, relaxing, anxiety relief game that is designed very smartly for improving your mood. Without wasting your time on stressful content and gameplay, the app provides you with a calming atmosphere and Zen environment so that you can feel better in a very quick time.  

My Oasis Play Movie (Renewal)

My Oasis is a very gentle, idle clicker and tapping game, and doesn’t require any type of intense attention or control as a lot of other games being developed these days. Just easy and sophisticated gameplay in a very relaxing environment.  

In the gameplay, you will have to collect some very attractive hearts of various animals including elephants, deer, giraffes, foxes, penguins, and whales, and complete the satisfying oasis.  

Calming music combined with peaceful background sounds works magically and brings you a state of Zen, calm, and splendor.  

You also get an island builder in the game that helps your Oasis expand gradually when you try to interact with the beautiful surroundings.  

Some Beautiful Features of My Oasis:-

  • Realistic brain exercises designed to help you overcome the stress  
  • A wide range of anxiety-satisfying activities  
  • High-quality calming sounds to help you get rid of stress and boredom  
  • A very quick effect on the mind thanks to a realistic experience  
  • Smooth gameplay without stressful controls  
  • Peaceful music with a smooth, calming background sounds  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

9. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is one of the most preferred stress relief apps for stress relief, meditation, and sleep due to some of its unmatchable features.

You can download the app from Apple Store and Google Play Store, and join millions of users successfully trying to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and fear, practice meditation, and improve their sleep. 

15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress ReliefFeatures like guided meditations, breathing programs, bd-time stories, relaxing music, masterclasses, etc. make Calm a reliable app to finally get rid of that fearful, anxious feeling.  

Calm is one of the most suitable mindfulness apps for beginners but is also packed with some very effective programs for both intermediate and advanced users.  

Guided meditations are available in a wide range of lengths including 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes, and you can choose according to your mental health, preferences, and daily routine.  

Great Features of Calm:-

  • Calm original “Daily Calm” program with new features added daily  
  • 100+ sleep stories for interrupted, sound sleep  
  • Different types of programs for both beginners and advanced users  
  • Timed, guided, as well as unguided meditations  
  • 30+ soothing nature sounds and scenes during yoga, meditations  
  • Breathing exercises to make you feel better and relaxed.  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

10. 7 Cups – Anxiety & Stress Chat

Free anxiety relief, emotional support, therapy, counseling, & depression help. 7 Cups is decent anxiety and stress relief app that helps you deal with stress through its kind chat support.

Whether you are dealing with relationship issues, or you are going through a financial crisis, or you are feeling anxious due to any reason whatsoever, you can choose the chat feature of the app to help yourself getting over the negative thoughts and the feeling of loneliness.  

Play Store Video for Android App

The app allows you to get emotional support anytime and from anywhere. If you want to discuss your problems in detail, you can use its one-on-one listener feature whenever you want.

The app also provides you with online massage therapy with licensed and practicing therapists from around the world.  

What more? You also have the option of personalized care with a wellness test at absolutely no cost. All your details and information remain 100% confidential, and you can be completely sure about your privacy with the app.  

7 Cups of Tea – the developers of the app work with thousands of trained listeners and licensed therapists who are always ready to help people who are struggling with stress and anxiety.

The app is available in as many as 140 languages, and is already in use across 189 countries! There is no reason, why you can’t overcome your emotional stress through this app.  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

11. Rootd – Anxiety & Panic Attack Relief

Overcome anxiety, stress, and panic attacks with Rootd’s exercises, tools, and lessons.

Rootd is among the very few stress-relief apps designed especially by some very dedicated females who want to help those girls and women who are struggling with emotional trauma, anxiety, and panic attacks.

The app is designed with an aim of helping you overcome emotional weakness & regain your confidence.  

Rootd | Mobile App for Anxiety & Panic Attack Relief

You will start feeling the amazing effects of the app straightaway when you use some of the great features of the app including the panic button, proven lessons, and some excellent and easy-to-perform mental exercises.  

It’s an app for effectively and successfully conquering panic attacks and anxiousness with a blend of guided processes and self-help tools. Whether you want quick emotional support, or you want long-term help, the app is more than suitable thanks to its engaging and clean user interface.  

You don’t have to rely on time-taking, expensive, and ineffective ways of dealing with emotional trauma or panic attacks.

Now, you have a tiny app right in your pocket to help you overcome your long-term fear of not getting rid of your emotional weaknesses.  

Some Exciting Features of Rootd:-

  • A wide range of lessons to help you understand and overcome anxiety and panic attacks  
  • A breather is the perfect tool for practicing deep breathing  
  • Guided visualizations and body scans for proper analysis  
  • Emergency contact with the experts whenever you need  
  • Personal stats page for tracking your progress the right way

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

12. My Safe Zone – Anxiety Attack Assistance

Calm yourself down quicker and like never before during stress or an anxiety attack through some very simple methods. 

My Safe Zone app helps users to overcome anxiety, stress, and panic attacks and regain control of their mental state, thoughts, and breath, especially in situations that lead to stress.

Positive affirmations assisted breathing, soothing sounds, and calming animations are all there to make you feel better, calm, and confident.  

The “Panic Pattern” section of the app is specially designed to help you regain much-needed control of your breath during anxious moments.

All you are required to do is to follow very simple, yet effective patterns on the screen, and the app will gently take you through some common, easily practicable breathing sequences that are exclusively designed by the experts to calm and regulate your breathing.  

Features of My Safe Zone – Anxiety Attack Assistance 

  • Positive affirmations  
  • Soothing sounds 
  • Calming animations  
  • Panic buddy for getting immediate help from your family or friends 

Device – Android

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 5,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

13. Mindfulness.com – Guided Sleep &  Mindful Meditation

Practice mindfulness only by spending less than ten minutes a day! Mindfulness.com app helps you to reduce anxiety, stress less, sleep better, and how improve your work focus with the help of micro-practices, guided meditation, and daily video coaching.

15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief

All the content on the app is backed scientifically and can help you to overcome anxiety and anxiousness within a few weeks.  

You will receive daily video-guided meditation through a Mindfulness coach who won’t only teach you the importance of mindfulness but will also share some practical ways of overcoming stress and living a happy and calm life. All you have to do is to open the app daily and practice mindfulness with a teacher.  

You can easily explore hundreds of courses, talk sessions, and micro-practices on the possible causes of anxiety and stress, and how to get out of it.

The app gives you the option of choosing the length of mindfulness sessions from 5 to 20 minutes. You can choose the duration according to your anxiety level, your preferences, and your daily schedule.  

Some Unique Features of Mindfulness.com:-

  • Some amazing mindfulness coaches for daily calm  
  • Guided meditation  
  • Sleep meditation  
  • Mindful meditation via video sessions  
  • Adjustable durations of mindfulness sessions 

Device – Android

 Ratings – Google Play Store 4.5 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download the App on Google Play Store

14. Unwinding Anxiety® 

Unwind your mind and learn how to overcome anxiety with this spectacular app. The app innovatively and smartly teaches you how to break the chain of thoughts that make you anxious and stressed.  

The app offers a 30-day program that featured some very easy and highly effective, result-oriented short daily exercises.

15 Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief

It slowly but steadily helps you to learn, how your mind works, how it reacts to different situations and incidents, and how can you control it to avoid negative impacts.  

You’ll progressively learn how to switch gears the right way the moment unwanted and unhealthy sensations and anxiety arise, and ultimately overcome the physical and mental patterns that usually lead you to anxiety and stress.  

The program is designed by none other than a renowned thought leader, Judson Brewer, MD, Ph.D. is the science of self-mastery.  

Key Features of Unwinding Anxiety:-

  • Free, but limited access to health and emotional experts including Dr. Judson Brewer.  
  • Allows you to share your experience and feelings with a lot of other users.  
  • Scientifically backed and proven training sessions with recorded lessons and videos.  
  • An online journal for helping you collect, analyze, and manage your progress 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings:- Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5, Ratings on Apple Store – 4.9 / 5

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store 

The Final Words  

There are so many stress relief apps available for both Android and Apple users, and many of them work the way they are designed to work. With as many as 14 options available, you can choose the best one according to your preferences.  

You should also notice that some of these apps may not be suitable for you at all.

And, if that’s the case with you, there is no problem whatsoever trying a different one! All of them are free, after all! Don’t forget to hit the comment section if you liked this post, or if you have some questions to ask. 

While exploring Best Stress Relief Apps For Quick Stress Relief to our readers, I found an awesome video on “A JAPANESE METHOD TO RELAX IN 5 MINUTES” which is worth watching.



What is the best stress relieving app?

Medito, Wysa, Dare, and Himalayan Meditation etc. are some of the best stress relieving applications, and offer a wide range of features like beginner and intermediate courses, daily meditation, sleep stories, sleep meditation, sleep sounds, anxiety and stress management, and much more.

What's the most relaxing app in the world?

Mindfulness.com, Unwinding Anxiety, 7 Cups, and Calm etc. are some of the most relaxing apps in the world, and support you with a complete range of calming audios, personal mood journal, complete meditation series, Himalayan melody, and sound sleep, and much more.

Is there a free anxiety app?

Shine is a very powerful, free anxiety application with a very simple and sophisticated user interface and a wide range of stress busting techniques. However, there are various in app purchases you can explore.

Which calm apps are free?

Inside Timer, Smiling Mind, Healthy Minds Program, MyLife Meditation, are among some of the most popular free calm apps you can try.

Is headspace or Calm better?

Headspace can be an excellent option for beginners and individuals who are looking for an application that offers various quick meditation techniques, or for those who are always short on time. Although, it is have been costly, Calm may be a better option for those who have some experience of meditation or are already advanced meditators, as it has less structure.

Is headspace still free?

You only get a trial version for free, after that you will have to go for the premium version, and the application doesn’t offer any free content.

What is the number 1 meditation app?

Headspace is one of the most popular and best meditation applications with a wide range of stress busting features along with meditation techniques. Calm is also a very decent application, and is right up there with headspace. And, if you are looking for a budget friendly option, healthy minds program can also be a very satisfying option.

Is the Calm app worth it?

If you have a bit of experience about meditation, it is a wonderful application, and definitely worth it. However, if you are completely new to the world of meditation, you should go for some other options like headspace.

Is Calm free on iPhone?

No, it is not free for iPhone. You get a free trial version with limited features, and to get the full access of premium content, you will have to go for the paid, premium version.

Is headspace app any good?

Yes, headspace is an excellent application for both beginners as well as experienced meditators. Whether you want to get rid of your anxiety, or you are unable to sleep properly, or you are interested in learning meditation from the scratch, it is definitely a very good option.

Is Smiling Mind app free?

Yes, all the content of smiling mind application are available free of cost, and is undeniably the best option for beginners to check out what mindfulness is all about.

Does headspace cost money?

Yes, it definitely costs money, and you have to pay for various in app purchases available at $4.99 to $119.99 per item.

Is Headspace good for anxiety?

Yes, it is a well-designed, highly effective application for anxiety, and can help you to reduce stress with guided meditations, sleep stories, and a wide range of relaxed music. However, if you are suffering from serious anxiety symptoms, you must see a certified doctor, and should not rely on headspace or any kind of application only.

Is Headspace free with Spotify?

It is not available free with Spotify in the United States. However, students with a valid NUS Card or Unidays registration can apply to get full access to the headspace application for free with the Spotify premium (£4.99 per month)

How much is calm Worth?

It definitely worth investing in the Calm application, especially if you suffer from anxiety, all this stress very frequently. The app offers a wide variety of guided meditations, calm music, sleepy stories, and much more. However, you don’t have to go for the premium version if you are out of budget.

A piece of gentle advice from the Technical Ustad team  

Anxiety or stress is not something uncommon for us, humans. It’s a part and parcel of life which never remains the same. We all have to go through different phases of life, and sometimes, it’s hard to overcome the anxiety, stress, or fear of loneliness.  

Yes, these apps are quite effective to give you a feel-good factor. But nothing can replace emotional support from your family or friends. Yes, you can try these apps, but we advise you to talk it out with your loved ones.

Sometimes, only a friendly talk is enough to regain calmness and mental stability. And, if you are going through very hard times, a few sessions with a licensed psychologist can be immensely helpful.