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9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox

Emails are one of the most important communication platforms we use daily. From conducting our business deals to our personal affairs, we use emails for leading communications and conversations. With that, your inboxes must remain clean and clutter-free.

However, there’s always a swarm of unwanted emails in your inboxes. You may not even be able to understand the source of some of these emails, and others may be from a service you subscribed to or a website you visited and unknowingly got subscribed to their newsletter, etc. Whatever the case, it shall be very hectic to clear these emails from your inboxes.

Moreover, unsubscribing to them so that you do not receive any more emails like that shall be a big task in your hands too. So, you need a solution that could help you manage all these unwanted emails at once.

Luckily enough, you can use Unroll.me alternatives. Let’s dig into more details about this application for email management.

What is Unroll.me?🧐

Unroll.me is an email management service that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted and spam emails while also consolidating all these kinds of emails into one single email.

This service gives you complete control over your email inboxes to ensure that they are clutter-free and you never miss out on the emails that matter.

You can easily unsubscribe to the emails and newsletters you don’t wish to receive. Additionally, you can selectively unsubscribe to those emails so that you may receive the emails that you want to receive and shut out the ones that you don’t want to receive.

Moreover, since these subscribed emails and newsletters are consolidated into one single mail, you need not go through a lot to delete them. Just one single click, and you’re done.

With all of that, you can have a well-managed inbox that will never let you miss out on important emails.

However, as good and popular as this service is, and even with the fact that it is free, you may not want to use it, considering that it has some serious issues regarding user privacy.

It is buried in the fine print of Unroll.me Privacy Policy that it takes access to the user’s private information and sells the same to third-party applications.

This is neither compliant with the GDPR rules, which makes this application unusable for people in the EU, nor is it a viable option for anyone who keeps privacy at the core when using any website, application, product, or service.

Considering these things, it is only fair to look out for some Unroll.me alternatives to help you manage your emails. Well, there are many options available.

Let us acquaint you with some of the best Unroll.me alternatives.

Best Unroll.me Alternatives 2022 – Our Pick👌👌

Because your inbox is always full of unwanted emails and newsletters, which causes you to miss out on important emails, you need a service that will help you clear the clutter and make things more manageable.

Now, Unroll.me is an excellent and free email management service for this purpose; however, it hardly cares for user security and privacy.

So, you would want to look for an option that could provide you with similar services but also ensure that your personal information and data remain private.

Fortunately enough, there are many options that you can try. Here, in this article, we are presenting you with some of the best Unroll.me alternatives that will do the work for you just fine, if not better.

1. Clean Email

If privacy is at the core of your requirements for an email management service, then Clean Email will be one of the best Unroll.me alternatives you can try.

With very similar functionalities and features like Unroll.me, Clean Email makes it a point never even to read your emails in their entirety.

Best Unroll.me Alternatives

The application’s algorithm is so designed only to read the necessary information that is required to categorize the emails and help you better manage them.

Moreover, after 45days, all the data that the application took from your inboxes get deleted automatically from the server. So, as far as your privacy is concerned, Clean Email keeps it intact at its best.

Besides that, the application consolidates all your email and newsletter subscriptions into one single list. You can go through the list and unsubscribe to the ones that are no longer important and useful to you.

Moreover, you need not go through the trouble of categorizing your emails either. Clean Email’s algorithms do it all for you. Additionally, you have features like reading Later, wherein you can put any email to go through at a later point in time.

Also, you need not worry about the email service you are using since Clean Email is compatible with almost all of them.

2. Leave Me Alone

When you have too many emails in your inbox that you have nothing to do with, “Leave Me Alone” is what you wish to say to those messages. Well, this application heard what you felt and came with just the solution you needed.

Leave Me Alone is an excellent email management service that helps you clear out all unsolicited and unwanted emails in your inboxes.

Best Unroll.me Alternatives 1
Three steps to a cleaner inbox

The application shows you all the emails you might not wish to receive and makes it possible for you to unsubscribe to them in just a single click.

It does this by gathering data on the user behavior regarding how different emails by different senders are treated. However, the data gathering algorithm is strictly anonymous, so you need not worry about your privacy getting breached.

Additionally, you can just disable the data-gathering feature if you wish the application not to receive or read any of your information. You can even disable your account at any moment, after which all your data automatically gets deleted from the application’s servers.

So, you can keep your security and privacy intact and have a complete email management solution to keep unwanted emails at bay.

The only issue with this service is that it is paid. Of course, there is a free version; however, it allows you only up to five emails to unsubscribe.

9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox
Leave Me Alone and Unroll.Me Comparison

But the paid plans are not very costly either. They start at $2.5 a month and allow up to 50 emails to unsubscribe. It’s a fair enough price to pay to keep your inboxes managed while also making sure that your privacy is not breached.

3. Unlistr – Unroll.me Alternatives For Outlook on Microsoft 365

With highly secure features and patented technology to help you unsubscribe from unwanted emails and newsletters and manage your inboxes better, Unlistr is a great free tool that you can use as an alternative to Unroll.me.

This tool’s patented technology automatically finds all the unsolicited and junk mail in your inbox and creates a list of them.

Once it presents that list to you, all you need to do is click on the unsubscribe button, and all these emails will be gone for the good.

Best Unroll.me Alternatives 3

Additionally, the application keeps track of blacklisted users and senders and ensures you don’t receive spam emails from such accounts.

The best part is that the tool does everything over a secure connection since everything is automatically managed and configured over TSL/SSL encryption.

So, your privacy remains intact, and you remain in better control of your emails, with your inbox remaining clutter-free.

4. Cleanfox – Mail & Spam Cleaner

Cleanfox is another email unsubscriber solution that you can use to clean up your mailboxes of all the unsolicited and unwanted emails that are nothing more than a piece of spam or junk.

Do the Inbox Clean Dance with Cleanfox

You just need to link your email account with Cleanfox, grant access to the application, and once the application reads your emails, you can simply delete them and unsubscribe to them in a single click.

Now, while this is just like any other email unsubscriber and inbox management solution, there is an environmental motive behind the launch of this application.

The application not only aims to help you get rid of unwanted emails so that your inboxes look cleaner and better managed, but it aims to eliminate the overall environmental impact caused by emails.

9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox

For a fact, every single email leads to up to 10 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. So, if you can control the number of emails you receive, you indirectly control the emission levels to at least some extent.

Considering this factor, you must avoid receiving spam and unwanted emails, and the best way to do that is to unsubscribe from them.

Having a service like Cleanfox shall make the task easier and will also ensure that your privacy remains intact as you clean your inbox of such emails and subscriptions.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

5. Sanebox – Email Management for Any Inbox

If you are looking for an email management service or application that is easy to understand, simple to use and comes with no additional needs or requirements, then Sanebox is a catch.

This tool automatically integrates with your emails once you log in through your email address on its website. You just need to go to the Sanebox website, enter your email address and password, and there you are all set to start using Sanebox to declutter your inbox.

9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox

After Sanebox gets access to your emails, it starts reading and filtering through them. All the unnecessary, unsolicited, spam and junk emails automatically get transferred to a different folder.

You can visit this folder regularly, delete these emails, and unsubscribe to the source they are coming from. It’s that simple and easy to use this email management solution.

Now, if you are worried about the application having access to your entire email account, you need not worry. The application takes the access to do only the needful, and everything is strongly encrypted with a private key.

So, your emails, messages, and all other personal, confidential, and private information remain private.

With that kind of ease of use, simplicity, and privacy protection, we can only say that this would be the safest and easiest alternative to Unroll.me that you would use.

How to Use Sanebox to Tackle your Inbox

Download the App on Apple App Store

6. Polymail Unsubscriber

Another extremely simple and easy-to-use solution on our list to unsubscribe from unwanted and unsolicited emails is Polymail Unsubscriber.

This is not just an email unsubscriber solution, but it’s a complete PC client email software. This software has a built-in Unsubscriber button that you can use to unsubscribe to the emails that you no longer wish to receive.

9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox

Besides helping you unsubscribe to unwanted emails and declutter your inbox, this solution even helps you manage your entire email inboxes right from within the application.

So, you get better control over your email accounts and inboxes, and you can keep better track of all your important messages and business communications.

7. Mailstrom

Another Unroll.me alternative on the list is Mailstrom, and the best thing about this tool is its uniqueness in how it helps you manage your inboxes.

Unlike other email unsubscriber tools that use some algorithms to identify emails that are unwanted and unsolicited, this tool uses human instincts.

The tool reads through your email behavior and checks the emails that you have been opening and the ones that you have been conveniently ignoring.

9 Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox

Once the tool can find such emails, it puts them all in a single list or folder from where you can unsubscribe to them and delete them in just a single click.

This saves you a lot of time that you would rather have had to spend on clearing such emails one after the other. With Mailstrom, everything goes away at once, and you can use the time saved to do something better, more important, and worth your time.

8. Gmail Unsubscriber

This tool is particularly built for decluttering your Gmail inboxes. It is available as a plugin on your Gmail account, and you only need to install it to begin using it. 

Once you install Gmail Unsubscriber into your account, it starts scanning through your emails and automatically tries to unsubscribe to any email that looks like a newsletter or spam.

In addition to sending these unsubscribe requests automatically, the plugin also creates a detailed report in Google Sheets.

The report consists of details of the emails for which the unsubscribe requests were sent and whether the tool was successful in its requests or not. The successful requests are marked green, while the unsuccessful ones are marked yellow.

Since you have details of the emails in the report, you can go to the emails for which the request was unsuccessful and unsubscribe to them manually. 

With all that, your task becomes much easier, and your inbox gets cleaner without you needing to do much of the work. The best part yet is that the plugin is open source and free to use.

So, you neither need to give your time nor your money, and your emails get more managed than ever. What else could you need from an email unsubscriber tool?

9. Built-in Unsubscribe Button in the Emails

This isn’t a tool or application like Unroll.me, and it does not make your job faster or easier. Still, if you don’t want to fall into the hassles of using additional tools, some of which are even paid, this can be the best option to manage your emails and eliminate unwanted messages.

Whenever you receive a promotional message, there is an Unsubscribe button accompanying it. So, all you need to do is click on this button and then confirm your unsubscribe request in the pop-up. Once you do that, you shall be unsubscribed from the email list of that particular sender. 

For some senders, you may be redirected to their official website or another page where you can selectively unsubscribe to their services and emails.

Once you unsubscribe, you can select all such emails and delete them. This method is manual and hectic, but it’s the most straightforward method, coming with no risks and payment needs whatsoever. So, you might as well try it out and see if it works well for you or not.

While exploring the Best Unroll.me Alternatives To Clean Up Your Inbox, I found an informative video on “How to Achieve Inbox Zero – 4 Email Productivity Hacks” that will help you to be more productive.😎😎👍

How to Achieve Inbox Zero - 4 Email Productivity Hacks


Does Unroll.me Work 2022? 

Yes, Unroll.me both perfectly well, even in 2022, and is a reliable platform for many people to unsubscribe from emails, newsletters, and unwanted promotions.

However, many people are also looking for better alternatives, as Unroll.me is not the best solution, especially if you value your data a lot.

There isn’t any instance of virus attacks or hacking of accounts by the platform, but it does pose a lot of risk to various private information.  

Is there a free app to unsubscribe from emails? 

Clean Email, Leave Me Alone, Mailstrom, Gmail Unsubscriber, Polymail Unsubscriber, etc., are some of the best free applications to unsubscribe from emails you don’t want to receive without worrying about your important data and other information. 

Is Unroll.me any good? 

Unroll.me Is one of the most popular and reliable e-mail unsubscribing platforms and has been used by many users. However, it is not the safest option if your data is valuable to you. 

Is there a way to mass unsubscribe from emails? 

Yes, some great applications allow you to mass unsubscribe from emails without much effort and money. You can try apps like Clean Email, Cleanfox, Mailstrom, Gmail Unsubscriber, Polymail Unsubscriber, etc.  

Does it do any good to unsubscribe from emails? 

The best way to unsubscribe from emails is to hit the unsubscribe button simply you have received from a legit company, and there is no downside to it.

However, suppose you get a link for mass unsubscribing. In that case, you should not respond to it and delete it immediately, as it can be another way for bad guys to access your data and affect you with systems compromised through malware. 

How do I clean up my email subscriptions? 

These days, many applications are available to mass unsubscribe from emails. However, you should not use just any application to ensure your important data is not compromised.

The best apps to try are Clean Email, Polymail Unsubscriber, Gmail Unsubscriber, Leave Me Alone, Mailstrom, etc.  

Is it safe to unsubscribe from spam emails? 

The safest way to unsubscribe from spam emails is to simply hit the “unsubscribe” button when you get an e-mail from my legit company without having any downside.

However, if you feel an e-mail is fishy, you should label it spam first and then unsubscribe to ensure your important data is secured. 

How do I remove my email from spam lists? 

If you are using Gmail, open it, click more on the left side, and click Spam. At the top, you will see a “Delete” button to delete all spam messages easily. You can also select specific emails and click “Delete Forever” for better security. 

Can you bulk unsubscribe? 

You can bulk unsubscribe using third-party apps like Cleanfox, Unlistr, and Unroll.me, Mailstorm, Polymail Unsubscriber, Sanebox, etc. 

Final Words

Having unwanted emails and spam messages in your inbox is a pain. Deleting them and unsubscribing to them is another pain.

Moreover, these emails can lead to missing out on the emails that matter. With all that said, it’s only imperative for you to get rid of such subscriptions and emails.

Now, this can be hectic and time-consuming unless you get an application like Unroll.me or some other alternatives, considering Unroll.me doesn’t care much for your privacy.

All the applications mentioned in this article are some of the best Unroll.me alternatives, and they will do your work the best for you without ever hindering your privacy. We hope you found this article helpful and are on your way to picking up an application to declutter your inboxes!