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Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

In this article, I will be explaining what you should know about the werfault.exe process and this will include what it does, how issues or errors can occur, and what to do when issues or errors occur.

If you’re here because your system is already experiencing errors due to this process, then go straight to the fixes below to help you get rid of the errors. 

But I’ll be starting with background info about the process first.

What Is The werfault.exe Process And What Does It Do?

The process is a legit process that is in your system mainly for the purpose of reporting errors that occur in your system.

The process tracks the errors, then reports them back to Microsoft. This helps in a number of ways, especially in developing updates that will be able to solve current issues.

The process also does not just report errors, it also gets solutions back if there’s one available for the error. 

So it is a really important tool/process that a system can’t do without.

What Triggers The werfault.exe Process Error?

Isn’t it ironic that the process that tracks errors is now the process we’re trying to fix? Well, I guess we have to find the humor in everything.

Many folks have reported that the error usually happens just as they booted their system. Some others reported that it just showed up out of the blue.

Other people have told me the error pops up when they access apps like Calendar or Settings. Basically Microsoft apps.

There is a pattern that can be seen in the way the error occurs and it is fairly obvious that the error affects other Microsoft processes like it a lot.

We can also agree that error can sometimes be random so trying to prevent it from happening is really hard, if not impossible. 

Common Causes Of The Error

Who you might not be able to exactly pinpoint the cause, there are a few suspected common causes that I will discuss below. 

These causes are a good place to start whenever you’re trying to fix the werfault.exe process error.

1. Issues In The Windows Error Reporting Service Process

Of course, this is the first place to look since this is sort of like an overlord. 

When bugs infiltrate a process, they often disrupt that process but bugs can almost always be cleared by rebooting a system or the process. 

2. Outdated Windows

This can quite often be the cause of the error. When Windows is outdated and there are updates available no being installed, it is more vulnerable to errors.

Tips To Use When Trying To Fix The werfault.exe Process

The tips below are loosely based on where the error is likely originating from. They are easy to follow processes. 

I will suggest you try out the easier tips first before trying out some of the more complicated ones.

1. Rebooting The WERS (Windows Error Reporting Service)

Remember when I was explaining about the major causes of the error? 

Well, the WERS was the first I mentioned so it is only fair that the first tip I explain is the one that fixes the first major cause of the error.

The idea here is to reboot the WERS process. Bugs may cause processes to get conflicted and a reboot of that process usually gets rid of the disturbing bugs.

How To Reboot WERS

You’ll need to open Services first. 

You can do that by using a Run box (Windows + R) then typing in services.msc in the box and press OK.

In the Services menu, look for the Windows Error Reporting Service option. 


When you find it, right-click on it to bring up a list of options. In the list of options, choose the Properties option.

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

In the General Tab under the Properties menu, go down a bit and click on Stop. 


Make sure the service status says Stopped before continuing the process.

Go up a bit to the Startup Type option and choose the startup type to Automatic. Just Automatic. 

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

If it’s already at Automatic, then leave it as it is and continue the process.

Go back down to the service status area and click on Start. When the process starts, then close the window. 

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

You’ve just basically rebooted the WERS, the error should be gone now.

Dealing With The Fallout From The Tip Above

There’s an issue though that could arise from using the tip below. Another error could occur. Don’t worry, this error is easily fixed. 

If you use the tip above and you see this error message below, then just follow the tip to solve it.

Error Message

Windows could not start the Windows Error Reporting Service on Local Computer.

Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.”

Follow the navigation below. You can use the same tips I already explained above to get to the Properties menu.

Services > Windows Error Reporting Service > Properties

In the Properties menu, choose the Log On tab. In the tab, search for and click on Browse.

Type in your account’s name in the Enter The Object Name To Select box.

Afterward, click on Check Names and wait until your name shows. 

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

Then search for the OK button below and click on it. You might be asked to input a password (if your account uses one).

That should clear the fallout from the first fix.

2. Using PowerShell Admin To Run The SFC Scan

This is also a fix that is mainly used to fix system files that are missing or corrupted so it has a very good chance of fixing the werfault.exe error on your system.

Use the shortcut keys (Windows + X) and then make sure the PowerShell option you choose is the Admin option to be able to make system changes.

Input this command below into the prompt and press Enter.


Wait patiently while the scan takes place and your system files are repaired if there are any deficiencies. This fix does not require much from users so it is a highly recommended one.

When the scan is done, restart your system and the error should be gone. 

3. Using Windows Updates To Get Rid Of The Error

Updates are specifically made to tackle issues that previous versions have and many users have reported that the latest updates have helped with this particular error.

A reason this fix might not work is if the cause of the error is a third-party app or process on your system.

But if it’s an internal issue, then the Windows updates should clear it right up.

Updating Windows

Use the shortcut keys (Windows + I) to access Settings. In the Settings menu, click on Update & Security.

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

In the Update & Security menu, search for and click on the Windows Update tab close to the left of your screen.

In the Windows Update menu, select the Check For Updates option. Or simply click on “Download and Install“.

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

Windows should install the updates and afterward, all you have to do is restart your system and it should be up to date in preventing errors like the one we’re discussing.

4. Using The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

This tool is simply going to check if you have memory problems on your system and then address the problem.

This is because systems usually misbehave especially when there’s a faulty memory involved.

How To Use The Tool

Using the shortcut keys (Windows + R) to open a Run box, type in mdsched.exe, and then click on Enter.

The first option should be the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, click on it to open the tool.

In the tool, select the Restart Now And Check For Problems (Recommended) option.


All that’s left to do is to wait until the scan is over and you can choose to restart your system. 

The werfault.exe process error especially if caused by memory issues should be solved now.

5. Resetting Your PC

Remember when I mentioned that most bugs can be cleared by resets? Well, this tip is a bigger reset than most.

What you’ll be essentially doing is resetting all the preferred settings you made back to the default setting.

While this is highly effective in clearing bugs and untangling processes in conflict, it also leads to a loss on your part (usually some apps).

How To Reset Your PC

Use the shortcut keys (Windows + I) to access Settings. In the Settings menu, click on Update & Security.

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

In the Update & Security menu, search for and click on the Recovery tab close to the left of your screen.

Werfault.exe: All You Need To Know About This Process

The Recovery menu contains three options but we will only be concerned with the “Reset This PC” option so that’s what we will be concentrating on.

Click on Reset This PC (get started) and you’ll be asked whether you want to Keep My Files or Remove Everything.


I strongly recommend you choose the Keep My Files option first (especially because those files rarely have anything to do with the error).

You can always come back and choose the other option if the first one didn’t work out.

Continue the process by clicking on Next when warning prompts appear. 

Then click on Reset when the option appears. 

Wait patiently for the process to be completed. You’ll be prompted to select Continue and then restart your system.

After that, the error should be gone and all your preferred settings will have been returned to its default state (plus the loss of apps).


The werfault.exe process is a really important process that systems shouldn’t be without. This is why when it displays errors, it must be fixed as soon as possible.

Use any of the easier fixes first before using the fixes that could cause loss of data. 

Users have said that recent updates are totally reducing the chances of this error occurring and I have gotten a fair bit of reports that the updates are working okay.

Have you ever fixed the error above using a different tip? 

Please share your tip in the comments section below, It could help a lot of folks in solving the issue.