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11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

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SSH is also known as a secure shell. It uses data to access computers that you want to connect remotely. Since it is designed using a secure tunnel, third-party users cannot access it. The authentication of data occurs through 2 main processes. 

The first one uses keys that are generated automatically for encryption. The second method makes use of the manual generation of keys. 

What can you do with SSH? 

Like we read, you can manage your servers successfully and securely. It is mainly helpful to perform other tasks like maintaining manage home servers, network admin, and remote clients. The SSH client app uses the command-line interface to provide you with an encrypted channel.

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Not to mention, you can process a GUI application on the server. Apart from that, you also manage, edit, and arrange your flies through the SFTP and SCP programs. You can also check the status of IoT devices and servers. 

Why should you use SSH on your android smartphones? 

So, why use SSH client apps on your android smartphone, when it makes more sense to use them on your computer system. These days, smartphones are being used popularly, when compared to PC. 

Not to mention, tablets also are commonly used frequently. They are the perfect alternative to computer systems. This brings us to PuTTY. This is a form of SSH client, communication software, and terminal client, through which connections are made remotely. 

With the help of PuTTY, much iteration is supported by a remote terminal safely. Though it is one of the oldest terminal clients, it is still commonly used. However, it does not support features like a tabbed interface. 

Not to mention, it does not work on android smartphones, which happens to be the most commonly used device in today’s market. 

Best Android SSH Client Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

There are tons of SSH client apps in the market. Our list of the top 10 best SSH client apps for android devices can fit most of the requirements. We have covered both paid and free apps. 

1. JuiceSSH – SSH Client

This is one of the best SSH client apps in the market today that is available for free. The app is also known as an all-in-one terminal client app because it supports Mosh, Local Shell, and Telnet. Some users have complimented it only its powerful performance. 

Android SSH Client

Most of the features come unlocked. Few features remain locked, and to open it; you need to make in-app purchases. Few of them include team collaboration, dynamic port forwarding, synchronization, and post-login script. 

Yes, it does not come with those annoying advertisements that can ruin the peace of mind. As a user, you can assign the identities depending on your convenience. There is a popup keyboard that comes with shell characters. 

You can also get connected through a keyboard externally. Features like volume key to altering the size of the font and connection can be done. There are also some exciting inbuilt themes that you can choose from. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

There is support for the android terminal, key forwarding, third-party plugins, you can perform copy and paste when you are in the middle of a session, and RSA key generator. The connection can be secured through the Google authenticator or even other authenticators.


  • This is the most modern app. 
  • There is a colorful terminal.
  • External keyboard support for the app is there. 
  • There is ample support for third-party plugins. 
  • Most of the settings can be configured. 
  • This comes with the all-in-one terminal.


  • Some features can be unlocked only if you make in-app purchases.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Termius – SSH/SFTP and Telnet client

This is a very sophisticated command-line terminal through which you can make access through remote hassle-free. You can access and operate devices through the terminus. Few of the devices include IoT and Linux with Termius. 

Telnet, Mosh, and SSH, can be accessed through Terminus. Not to mention, you can easily download the application from the Play Store, free of cost. Using the user interface is quite easy and straightforward. 

Android SSH Client

New users can easily control and manage SSH. Once you log in, with the SSH command, then you can perform operations using the android smartphone with the local terminal. Apart from remote access, one can also transfer files quickly. 

It does that with the help of a file transfer protocol that is built-in. It is also called the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), with which you can manage files and access them on the server. Several visual themes are also supported, which has been noticed by many users. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

You will also like the smooth management of connections through the interface that helps you work effortlessly. You can benefit from the tab support as well as organize your connections with labels.

Apart from that, auto operating system recognition for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OSes is supported. The app also supports forwarding for remote, local, and dynamic clients. Users can also work on cryptographic algorithms, including ed25519, ECDSA, and chahca20-poly1305.

The app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version does not contain any advertisements, thankfully. However, exciting features like terminal tabs, fingerprint protection, SFTP support, and AWS EC2 integration comes in the paid version.


  • The app comes with a friendly user interface.
  • You can outline themes with the help of a group. 
  • Users will love to use the dark mode option.
  • The themes and fonts are colorful and built-in. 
  • You have the option to tag to ensure that you receive better connections.
  • The app is free from advertisements.
  • The paid version comes with two-factor authentication.


  • It is not an open-source app. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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3. Royal TSD

It is a popular option for a secure shell client. You are provided with safe and easy access to documents. The main highlight of the multi-platform app is that you can switch from operating systems with ease. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

You can work on documents from OneDrive, Google Drive, or any other provider. Not to mention, you can data transfer through email or USB. However, there is no need to connect to a remote desktop. 

The best part about the SSH client app is that it is updated frequently. A third-party application makes SSH connections with remote machines. This is beneficial because third-party apps are transferred through login automatically with the help of a remote host. 

It is ideal for those who require to access the remote system using different protocols. Commonly software developers and system engineers do the task. There is a lite and full edition. 

Using the full edition, you can access all the features. You can run the scripts on several remote machines simultaneously. On the other hand, the lite version comes with only a remote connection. 

As it supports several terminal connections, you save time and effort. You can also work on simultaneous commands using many systems. With the app, you can support different terminal connections.


  • The app comes with a tabbed UI.
  • It is updated frequently. 
  • The app has secure management of credentials.
  • With the full edition, you can use in-depth customization options.
  • This is a multi-platform app.


  • For new users, working on the app can be quite stressful. 

Download on Google Play Store

4. GSW ConnectBot

The GSW ConnectBot is the most robust and powerful SSH client app when compared to the others. The UI is easy and straightforward to use because it comes designed based on ConnectBot, which is a secure shell client application. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

They provide users with professional customer support 24/7, which answers queries and solve problems within a short period. Research has also shown that it offers the best security feature in the market. 

You can use the app to work on several hosts. The administrator can configure the shortcuts to the hosts. You can then initiate the work based on the required environment. The best part about it is that you do not require the internet to work on the features. 

For example, your details are not shared or even communicated with other devices through third-party applications. Since they update the app frequently, the chances of and viruses and leaks are reduced.

The app is suitable for administrative and industrial work needs. 


  • It can work on multiple sessions at a single time.
  • You can alter and configure the size of the screen. 
  • The configuration options are in-depth. 
  • Suitable for administrative and industrial work requirements. 
  • It is one of the safest secure shell client apps in the market. 
  • The app comes with a free 30-day trial.
  • The login feature enables you to log in automatically. 
  • They offer users a professional customer care support team 24/7.


  • Unfortunately, it is quite expensive for individual use. Hence, it is ideal for firms or organizations. 

Download on Google Play Store

5. ConnectBot

This is an open-source SSH client app that is free to use. Interested users can find the source code on GitHub. There are no hidden programs in the app. You get what you want. In a sense, there are no advertisements and in-app purchases.

Android SSH C

The features are customizable and transform your work into a simple process to connect the server. It is ideal for working professionals and new users.

The good news is that there is a new edition of the app that comes with several exciting features. 

The bugs and IPv6 support have been drastically worked on. You can now create the SSH host with flexibility. You can now customize the keyboard button, font size, SSH auth agent.

Apart from that, you can also access arrow keys, control keys, function keys using the individual keys. It is used to manage public keys. However, the SSH client app has not been updated for quite some time.

There is a new revised version that comes with several new additions. Though it may not be powerful enough, it is entirely free to use. 


  • It is completely free to use as it is open-source. 
  • Despite being free, it comes with few bugs. 
  • The in-depth customization present in it provides you with plenty of applications.
  • The true program is updated often. 


  • However, it is a young app that does not come with powerful features. 

Download on Google Play Store

6. Far Commander

Far Commander is one of the best PuTTY alternatives for your android smartphone. It comes free of advertisements even though it is free to use. That is because you can design your commands and then group them. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

The app can be used for remote connection and relies on donations to work. It does come with in-app purchases and is updated often. You need an internet connection to be able to access the server. 

This is a one-click application, which helps you to do your work easily. Not to mention, you can also use commands that are pre-configured with a single tap. You can also label the servers according to the categories you want. 

You can access Linux Server, Raspberry Pie, and other devices using a home automation system. The main benefit of using the app is that you can back up all custom commands, the categories of SSH servers, configurations, and details of the server. 

However, you, at times, feel that the features could have been improved drastically. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Far Commander app that earned it a spot in our list of ssh android client To Download.


  • New users would find it easy to operate and work on. 
  • It comes with a backup feature that allows you to store data. 
  • With one touch, you can access machines remotely. 
  • You can personalize the commands by assigning labels, depending on your convenience. 
  • For connections that are used frequently, instant access is provided. 
  • The text size of the terminal can be altered. 
  • It is updated regularly and comes free of bugs.


  • Unfortunately, the app does not come with the latest features that can be slightly frustrating for users. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Mobile SSH (Secure Shell)

It is simple to use an SSH client, which comes with an active UI. Though it may not offer you with excellent user experience, it is derived from PuTTY. Not to mention, it supports several SSH sessions at the same time, which is a blessing for users. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

To connect to the remote server, you need to enter the secure shell contacts and then tap the connect button. The first public-key cryptosystem is also supported actively. This is known as the Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) key authentication. 

There are two editions, free and paid. Both come with their own benefits. The free version comes with advertisements.

However, few features like multiple SSH sessions, are locked. You will also be glad to know that the interface of the paid version is a lot friendlier and comes with many configuration options. 

The app is updated frequently. A wide range of terminal emulators including IBM 3270, VT100, and 5250 are supported.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Mobile SSH (Secure Shell) app that earned it a spot in our list of best ssh client for android To Download.


  • This is a very straightforward app. 
  • It is the best alternative to PuTTY.
  • New users will find it easy to use. 
  • It can support several SSH sessions simultaneously.


  • However, it comes with fewer features.
  • No configuration options are present. 

Download on Google Play Store

8. Termux

The SSH client app comes with a wide range of options to connect. You can work on it with the root, as it is a Linux environment application and android terminal emulator. The Termux has to be installed and then ‘apt install inetutils’, command typed. 

11 Of The Best Android SSH Client To Download Today

This allows for the working of Telnet, Rlogin, and SSH. It is free of advertisements and comes for free. Users would be glad to know that it comes with no in-app purchases.

However, when you need some features, then you can do so with the help of the APT package manager. 

The Linux package is completely supported through this app. You feel as if you are operating with a PC. The commands in Linux can be easily executed to the android shell. Files can be edited with the help of Vim and Nano.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Termux app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Android SSH Client Apps To Download.


  • This is one of the most advanced featured apps. 
  • If you are experienced with Linux, then you will find it very easy to use. 
  • The configuration options are immense. 
  • It is safe as you can access the remote servers.
  • The latest versions of programming languages, including Perl, Ruby, and Python, come with it.
  • Keyboard and mouse function shortcuts can be used. 


  • Few users can find the command-line interface slightly on the difficult side. 
  • Basic knowledge of Linux is a must to operate this app. 

Download on Google Play Store

9. SerialBot

This is a very easy and straightforward terminal application that can be worked on an android smartphone. It facilitates the connecting for RLogin, SSH, Serial & Bluetooth terminal sessions, Telnet, and Serial Connections. 

Android SSH Client

It offers integrated support for RS232 serial connections and actively supports VT100 terminal emulation. It is mainly used to work on router console ports as well as industrial equipment. The cloud store has designed and developed this SSH client app. 

They are a global communications company specializing in cloud-based solutions. They came up with a serial port application, Console, for the iOS platform. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The SerialBot app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Android SSH Client Apps To Download.


  • It comes optimized to work on the Airconsole adaptor.
  • The switches can be consoled wirelessly, which is convenient. 
  • The app can be connected through Bluetooth. 
  • The routers can be consoled without the need for a wire. 


  • The app contains bugs that can slow down the work. 
  • Unfortunately, it is not updated often. 

Download on Google Play Store

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10. SSHDroid unlocker

The SSHDroid is ranked 10th on our list. However, do not get fooled by that. It is a fantastic app and a PuTTY alternative. You can work on a wide range of terminal connections, like Cyberduck, WinSCP, and Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Android SSH Client

The app comes with both free and paid editions. If you plan on using the free version, then you may not be able to use essential features such as home screen, Wi-Fi autostarts whitelist, ad removal, shared key authentication, and lock screen widgets. 

However, it comes with a secure SSH connection. Since it supports SFTP, you can perform file transfers. You do not have to root the phone when using it. A significant drawback of the app is that the application is not actively updated.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The SSHDroid app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Android SSH Client Apps To Download.


  • It works on Android 5 and not the root, which is a good thing. 
  • The UI is updated and simple to work on. 
  • New users will find it convenient to use. 
  • The authentication is shared. 
  • It also comes with a Wi-Fi auto-start whitelist.


  • The advanced features come using the pro version.
  • The app does not get updated often. 

Download on Google Play Store

FAQs on Best Android SSH Client Apps To Download

How to install the SSH into your android device? 

Installing the SSH in your android device is a natural process. You need to open the Google Play Store and then search for the telnet SSH client. Then you must locate and tap on the install on the SSH simple client. 

You can do that by Advanced Planning Corp. However, you will want to read about the permission status. If the permission status is excellent and good for you, then you can use the accept button. 

The installation begins. 

What is the primary use of SSH?

The SSH enables the data that is encrypted to be transferred from two devices, through software. Using it, you can perform a wide range of applications like log in securely, transfer files safely, and be able to connect.

However, you must know that the ITS servers need mandatory SSH-based connections. 

Is SSH a UDP or TCP?

Since it is based on the OSI model, TCP/IP protocols are utilized. You can find that out when you are making use of the SSH client to the SSH server. It is done with the help of the fixed port 22, which is a TCP Port.

Are there any differences between SSL and SSH?

The main noticeable difference between the SSL and SSH is that it makes use of the X.509 digital certificates. This is mainly used for client authentication and server access. This is not seen in the SSH.

That is because, you can execute commands once you have logged into the server, remotely. 

Is SSH secure to install in the smartphone.

It is absolutely safe to install it on your smartphone. Of course, you need to make sure that your device is safe from unwanted malware and virus. Most of the time, users tend to install the SSH client apps, and then complain about viruses. 

Apart from that, without the private key, nobody can access or log into the server. As you can see, it is safer than the traditional password authentication method. This is a state of an art procedure, and so far, there have been no break-ins. 

Final thoughts on best android SSH client apps

Apart from the said above apps, you could find other note-worthy apps like AndFTP, OrangeSSH Client, and others. They come with an easy-to-work UI. Some of the SSH client apps are free and paid. 

If you search for the best android SSH client apps, the number of results that you can find will stun you. It is imperative you choose the SSH client app that meets your requirements. It may be paid or free. 

You will want to know that not all of them are free and comes with optimum features. Not to mention, the solutions through which you can access the SSH on your smartphone, provide you with paid options. 

They work and operate through a premium model. Using this kind of configuration, you can access the secure shell client. This enables you to remove limitations and add updates, with a one-time payment. 

 The free android SSH clients avail you with decent apps free. But, you can decide on using features like ad removal, group collaboration, and SFTP, through a paid medium. 

Your search for advanced server management tools is most likely over since you have gone through our list of best android SSH client apps. Most of the apps are reliable, durable, and efficient; more importantly, they work just fine.