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9 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

Any person who owns an Apple Watch knows just how useful, efficient, helpful, fun, and delightful this device can be. The Apple Watch devices have come a very long way from when they were first released in 2014.

Initially, they were equipped with only a handful of features and services like fitness tracking, health-related information collection, communications, etc, which were extremely beneficial and helpful.

But with the upcoming technological advances, the uses and applications of an Apple Watch have increased and widened considerably.

Today, an Apple Watch is not just confined to the basic functions it has been equipped with within the beginning. Rather, with all the interesting, engaging, and entertaining features that are provided with it, this watch tends to function as a mobile phone itself.

And yes, these extended functions and services also happen to include gaming applications as well.

Since the Apple Watch can be considered as having all the features, tools, and services of an iPhone, it is only natural that all the games that can be played on the iPhone are also compatible with the Apple Watch and the users of this device can also enjoy them in their free time.

There are countless games that the user can choose to play on their Apple Watch. But some are more fun and effective than others. Here are listed some of the very best games that the owner of any Apple Watch can play and enjoy.

Best Apple Watch Games – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Chess

For all the chess fanatics or chess players who own an Apple Watch, Chess will prove itself to be the perfect entertaining, engaging, and time investing game on the Apple Watch.

This intellectually stimulating and strategic planning game has been a favorite of the players for a long time. Making it accessible in the Apple Watch is just a cherry on the top.

Best Apple Watch Games

There are countless chess gaming applications available on the internet. But the particular one mentioned here is definitely one of the best ones. This application is not just a platform to play chess, but it also allows the players to learn chess.

It comes with thousands of chess lessons that range from absolute beginners to more advanced and expert ones. It teaches strategies, moves, tactics, etc to the users and allows them to gain and develop their chess skills.

Chess also offers its players the option of playing with the computer or other players directly. The computerized opponents each have different difficulty levels and the user can adjust them according to their own playing level and skills.

It also comes with daily puzzles as well as over 65,000 total puzzles that the player can solve after signing up with the application. The game is completely free to use but there are some in-app purchases that are completely optional.

As the user will be playing on their Apple Watch, the design and layout are bound to be not as advanced or detailed as one usually has with their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, but they will be able to access the leaderboards and check their standings.

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2. Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is the perfect game to be played on an Apple Watch. In fact, it is primarily counted as one of the best Apple Watch games. This puzzle game is not only lively but also highly fast-paced, incredibly adventurous, and extremely easy to play.

Best Apple Watch Games 1

These are only a handful of the reasons due to which this game has gained numerous accreditations, positive critic reviews, a large number of players, and of course, being counted as one of the top Apple Watch games available on the App Store.

The rules and principles of this game are fairly simple. The players of this game are supposed to act as ‘bandits’ in order to find and recover the treasures of the game. There are a little over 100 treasures to uncover.

The objective of the game is to become the ‘King of the Bandits’.  The users of the Apple Watch are supposed to use the crown to move in the game and manage the vibrations to get the required combination of vibrations.

This game requires payment. But not to worry, it is only a one-time payment and also happens to be extremely affordable. Almost any payment method can be used to subscribe to this game. This game also makes excellent use of the taptic-engine of the Apple Watch and as mentioned above, its Digital Crown as well.

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3. A Tiny Game of Pong

Pong is a classic game that every person is familiar with. There are countless gaming applications that offer a platform to play this game.

A Tiny Game of Pong is one of the most amazing Apple Watch games that allow the owners to play Pong on their watches themselves. This game is a favorite of all the people who love to have a little something to spend their time on through their Apple Watch.

This game offers two playing modes to its players. The first one is the standard arcade mode on which players can directly compete with their friends.

Best Apple Watch Games 2

The other one is the standard classic mode on which the players play to win two of the three main matches. The players have the option of playing with other players including their friends, family members, strangers, etc, or against the AI opponents provided by the game itself.

A Tiny Game of Pong comes with a number of exciting features that enhance the playing experience of the users. It is equipped with an incredibly impressive and highly responsive Digital Crown control that makes playing this game a highly smooth and pleasurable experience.

It also comes with Game Center integration. The platform also offers 10 different theme colors and designs for the players to choose from.

This game is a pretty great remake of the classic Pong game. A Tiny Game of Pong can be exclusively played on an Apple Watch as well as on your iPhone. The players are required to pay an extremely small amount of money to play this game.

But the amount is incredibly affordable. But if the payment requirement is not approved by any individual, they can definitely look for other Pong games that are free and work on Apple Watches.

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4. Lifeline 2

When Lifeline was first launched, it immediately climbed the rankings to become one of the most played and most successful paid Apple Watch games to have ever launched.

It took the world by storm with its compelling and engaging storyline, suspenseful themes, and shocking twists. With its incredible success, the creators of this game were bound to launch a second game sooner or later.

The second installation of this game series came in the form of Lifeline 2. This game is considered by almost all of its players to be the better and improved version of the first installment.

With the length of this game being almost twice as long as the original one, it also comes with an even more interesting storyline, better graphics, and a beautiful original soundtrack that runs over 28 minutes.

Best Apple Watch Games 3

This story follows the journey of a young woman named Arika. She is on a quest to find her long-lost brother and avenge the murders of her parents.

It is up to the player to allow and help her to do that. The player is supposed to help Arika fight deadly and lethal forces, face enemies, find her brother, take revenge and save humanity through a number of dangerous circumstances, by taking difficult decisions and making the final choices for her courses of action.

This game is played in real-time. Therefore, the players should expect to get notifications and messages throughout the day informing and keeping them up-to-date with all that is happening with Arika. The responses can be made on the spot itself or the player can wait till they are free to continue playing the game.

This game requires a small amount of payment to be paid before the player is allowed to download and play it.

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5. Wordie

Wordie is the perfect game for alphabets and word lovers as well as picture lovers. There is a high possibility that most people would have already tried this game or another version of this game sometime in the past.

It is actually a variation of the classic 4 Pics 1 Word game that has been created to be compatible with Apple Watches, along with a handful of extra and fun features that make this game more engaging than its variants.

Best Apple Watch Games 4

For all the people who are unfamiliar with the rules of this game or have forgotten about them, here is an overview. In each level of this game, the player is presented with 4 different images. All of these 4 pictures have one thing in common.

The player is supposed to find this one common thing and type it in the space provided. While it sounds simple enough, and it is at least in the beginning, there will come levels that are almost impossible to solve.

But there is nothing to worry about, there is the option of hints as well. Or if the player does not want to use their hints or does not have any hints at the moment, they can share the level on their social media accounts and ask their friends for the solution.

The leaderboard of this game is also capable of connecting the players to their friends through their social media accounts and helping them check where they stand in comparison with their friends in this game.

It will come as a surprise but this is not all the players can do with this game. If or when the player gets bored of solving one level after the other, they can help in making this game more diverse and unique as well.

This game allows its players to make their own levels and share them with others. This feature not only makes the game more engaging but also helps the player in becoming a part of a larger community.

Wordie is a completely free game. Any individual with an Apple Watch can directly download it and start playing.

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6. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies is another incredibly interesting and fun game to play on one’s Apple Watch. It is the traditional adventurous, thrill-seeking, warring groups, and conquest game.

Tiny Armies is an extremely fast-paced game that will definitely never bore its players and simply will not allow them to get tired of playing this game. This is definitely one of the reasons why this game has been repeatedly reported as being highly addictive.

9 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

In this game, the players are supposed to battle their enemy armies and conquer their areas and lands. This game is a brilliant strategy game and just like chess, requires its players to keep thinking and imagining future possible moves, strategies, and plans.

Not only is the player supposed to lead their armies into victory against their enemy forces, but they are also required to cross, manage and deal with other problems including mountains, lakes, seas, deserts, and forests as well.

This game can be played either solo or in a friendly battle mode. There are quite a lot of levels in it as well. Each of these levels slowly but gradually increases in difficulty and sometimes might even leave its players stumped due to the continuous defeats they would have faced. Every move matters in this game and a single wrong action can lead to the game over.

There are some rather extremely minimal charges that need to be paid before the user is allowed to play this game.

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7. Octopuz

Octopuz is the perfect game for all of the people who love the Ganges that challenge and check their memory retention and remembering capabilities.

This game is a highly appreciated one due to the large number of people who love and enjoy it. There are numerous memory puzzles just waiting to be solved by the players.

9 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

This is the perfect game to carry out one’s mental workouts. This game was mainly created with the objective of allowing the players to sharpen their minds and help them in developing and maintaining their quick thinking and rapid responses.

The rules and objectives of this game are simple enough. A pattern is displayed to the players for a few seconds. The players are then supposed to replicate that particular pattern on the given time limit.

As with every other game out there, this one too starts with easy to solve levels and puzzles, and gradually increases in difficulty as the players successfully pass through the levels.

Octopuz allows its users to improve and enhance their memory skills, visual perception skills, spatial reasoning skills as well as dexterity skills.

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8. Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games

Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games comes with classic arcade games that everyone knows and loves. This game allows its players to enjoy playing their favorite arcade games directly from their Apple Watches.

With its amazingly classic and familiar graphics, this game not only brings a sense of nostalgia but also allows many people to reintroduce themselves to their childhood games.

There are currently a total of 20 arcade games to enjoy in this application. These are Ho Ho Hop!, Yarr!, Bricko, FastRun, Fruity Snake, CandyBall, Indiana GP, Bubble Mania, BadaBoom, Treasure Map, Crazy Balloon, BrickOut, Galaxy Invaders, Replay, PongPong, Bounce, Sewer Rat, The Claw, Slimenator and Tap-A-Mole.

9 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

Almost every person who likes to play games would have played a handful of the above-mentioned games if not all of them. There are no advertisements, no in-app purchases, no user tracking, and no glitches in the game.

Once the person has bought the game, they can start enjoying it and every single one of its wonderful and exciting features.

Arcadia is also counted amongst the most played, highly reviewed, and incredibly ranked games for the iOS platforms, and not just, in fact, Apple Watch games. Its versatility and diversity make it a highly beloved, addictive, and attractive game for all of its players.

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9. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas! is a highly addictive, fun, and engaging game to play on one’s Apple Watch. It is one of the best Apple Watch Games for people who love to play platformer games or running games.

This lively, fast-paced, interesting and adventurous game will surely bring out the inner adventurer and runner in the players.

9 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

In this game, the players have to help Dare the monkey in getting across the levels and landscapes and reach the end successfully.

The monkey has to go through a number of different obstacles, traps, objects, and tricky situations to reach its end goal. The player is supposed to help the monkey cross the level by jumping, rolling, twisting, turning, and hopping.

While the rules and objectives of the game sound easy enough, and they do happen to be very simple and straightforward, and maybe similar to many other games that the person might have played, it is definitely a difficult game to play as the levels get increasingly harder and tougher to pass.

With every consequent level, the difficulty level of the game is increased. Players may find themselves stuck on some levels for several days continuously.

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas! is a completely free game and without a doubt one of the best games that one can hope to play on their Apple Watch.

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Some Final Thoughts

There is a multitude of games to choose from for everyone who loves to utilize their Apple Watch for playing games. With all these Apple Watch Games available to the users, they would have a lot of different options to play, enjoy and spend their time on.

With Apple Watch now allowing its users to play their favorite games anytime and anywhere, people can now rest assured that if they have their Apple Watch with them, they will never be bored while waiting for something or someone and always have something handy to occupy themselves with.