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17 Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart To Join 

There are multiple side hustle jobs. Mystery shopper, delivery guy, and such other job titles are now taking over the minds of part-timers as well as full-timers.

From a student trying to find an opportunity for college fee payment to a person who is making a living through these jobs- it has become important to know various options available in the market.  

Making extra cash is not tough in today’s world. Instacart is a name widely known. But knowing a famous name does not mean that it provides you what you need. There are apps like Instacartthat give you options and flexibility in work timings.  

Working as a delivery guy is a good source of income. There is not one but tens of options available for you out there.  

What is Instacart? 

Instacart is a shopper app currently running in 5,000 cities in North America. Millions of gig workers are using this application to make extra cash. The hiring requirements and hourly pay make it one of the best choices for people.

But recently, it has started to extract the scheduling feature available to the shoppers making it a little difficult in terms of competition.  

There are two roles available on this platform:-

Full-service shopper:- A person who would be required to perform whatsoever tasks there are available. The tasks include assembling groceries, ordering items, delivery, checkout, and more.

This role pays $15 to $25 and more per hour as this is an independent contractor role. The base rate per delivery and tips are also added to the total payout.   

In-store shopper:- A person who is a W2 employee working inside the Instacart partner stores. He/she is only required to assemble the grocery items needed by a customer.

There is no need for delivery. This role pays a minimum wage due to minimal tasks and is needed to be performed for 29 hours at maximum.  

The basic requirements to be enrolled as a full-time shopper on Instacart are:-

  • Eligibility to work in USA or Canada 
  • 18 and above in age 
  • An Android 5.0 or iPhone 6 for the app to run 
  • Access to vehicle 
  • Ability to lift 50lbs with no assistance 

Even though you are already a shopper on the Instacart platform or looking for one as a beginner, it is best to look for other apps like Instacart 

Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart: Our Pick 👌

1. Shipt 

It is an on-demand grocery delivery platform where customers can order the grocery items they need and they will be delivered at their doorsteps.

It is providing its service in more than 5,000 cities across the United States of America with a good market. As a shopper here, your work will be circling all the aspects of shopping- picking up items, checking out, and doing the delivery.  

Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart

The difference here is that a shopper needs to schedule his delivery shifts rather than working whenever they want.

The requirements are fairly similar to that of Instacart, including:-

  • Must be 18 years above 
  • Have a driver’s license and appropriate insurances 
  • Android 5.0 + or an iPhone 10 
  • Able to lift 40lbs with zero assistance 
  • A 1997 or newer vehicle 

Although it offers approximately $22 per hour as income, the ask for vehicle requirement seems like a disadvantage as many choose bicycles for delivery.

It limits them from registering themselves as a shopper on Shipt. The plus side is, you will be able to keep the entire tip to yourself. There is no slashing down of your income in terms of tips.  


  • Widespread in the USA 
  • Lucrative tips 
  • High average pay 
  • Average $22 pay hourly 
  • Payments are made every week via the direct deposit method 


  • Vehicle requirements 
  • Mobile phone requirements 
  • Gas expenses have to be born by oneself 

Register yourself as a shopper on Shipt here. 

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2. Amazon Flex: Deliver with Amazon

Amazon is a highly renowned company globally. There are multiple ways one can earn through Amazon, one of which is becoming a driver.

Amazon Flex is not limited to the USA, it serves Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and some parts of Europe too. As a driver, you are mainly responsible to perform jobs relating to pickup and delivery of packages including- 

  • Amazon.com orders 
  • Same-day store orders 
  • Amazon Prime orders 
  • Amazon Fresh orders 
  • Instant offers in your area 

You will be required to pick up an order from an Amazon warehouse or pickup point for delivering them to the customers. This job covers nearly all aspects of delivery.

What It's Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

A driver can earn $18 to $25 per hour. If on scheduled hours, Amazon guarantees up to $19 pay. This is a guarantee that everyone boasts about. There are no tipping options on this platform but if customers do tip you, 100% of it is yours.  

The requirements to become a driver on Amazon Flex are:-

  • A driver’s license  
  • Required insurance 
  • 21 years or older 
  • Vehicle must be mid-sized or large 
  • The device above Android 6.0 or iPhone 6s 

In contrast to being one of the apps like Instacart, Amazon Flex does not hire regularly. You have to wait for spot openings and keep an eye.  


  • Guaranteed hourly pay  
  • Payment is made on Tuesdays and Fridays via direct deposits 
  • Available in many countries 
  • A renowned brand value 


  • The ask of a big vehicle 
  • Gas expenses 
  • No regular hirings 

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3. Amazon Fresh 

This segment of Amazon is available in most cities. Amazon’s delivery exists. It is a boon for Prime members especially, as they can buy groceries free of charge. From household goods to frozen foods, Amazon Fresh is the one platform to use as a customer.  

The requirements are similar to Amazon Flex. The driver must be 21 years or above, have a driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle.

In New York, commercial vehicle insurance coverage is not valid for the residents under its state law. The earnings are more than enough. A driver makes $18 to $25 hourly and gets payout weekly twice through direct deposits.  

The point where Amazon Fresh lacks is its availability. Instacart is running in more places than Amazon Fresh, making itself more attainable. But, as Amazon has a big brand value, the cities where both the platforms are available, most customers lean towards Amazon.  

The quality of whole foods is very nice. So, the drivers get a good flow of orders to deliver on Amazon Fresh. If you need a cycle of continuous work, it is the right place for you. Plus, the occasional bonuses and customer tips are an added benefit to the total income.  

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4. Doordash – Food Delivery

It is a huge food delivery platform in entire North America operating in over 5,000 cities. You can become a driver at Doordash to deliver meals from restaurants and fast fast joints in your city.

Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart 1

It is an easier way to earn money amongst all apps like Instacart. You don’t have to stand in line nor lift heavy packages. You are only required to deliver food that is lightweight and travel-friendly.  

You can deliver food on a vehicle of your choice. People who love bicycles can join Doordash easily.

The requirements are very simple:-

  • Be 18 years or older 
  • A driver’s license and insurance in case of motor vehicles 
  • A background check 
  • Orientation completion and activation kit 

The earnings are calculated similarly to Instacart’s.  

Base pay- time, delivery distance, and desirability of orders. 

Tips- 100% is kept by the driver 

Promotions- bonus amounts for busy hours and upon completion of delivery challenges 

The total amount could come up to nearly $20 per hour on average. But, there are some Doordash tips and tricks that drivers can learn to achieve their desired goal of earnings.  


  • No, ask of vehicle or device specifications 
  • Travel-friendly food deliveries 
  • Earnings of $10 to $20 per hour on average 
  • Weekly payment through direct deposits 
  • Easy registration 
  • Bonus pay 


  • Somewhat lower-earning than grocery and other delivery applications 

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5. Uber Eats 

Another food delivery application like Doordash; operating in more than 6,000 cities across 45 countries worldwide. Uber has a brand value to it, making it a more trustable application than Doordash. But, do not get blown away because its requirements are not as friendly.  

If you are already an Uber driver, you pass for Uber Eats. You already know the sign-up process.

But if you are not, the requirements are as follows:-

  • 18 or 21 and above in age (according to a respective country’s rules) 
  • A vehicle is a must (can be a bike too) 
  • Insurance and driver’s license 
  • Background check  

The process is quite simple. You get an order, accept it, and do the needful. A driver earns between $15 to $20 per hour.

If you learn about peak Uber times, your earnings will get a boost up. The advantage is that you are not limited to using only UberEats. You can use other apps like Instacart too.  

5 EASY Ways To Make More Money Driving For Uber Eats (IN 24 HOURS)


  • Surge pay 
  • Promotions 
  • Available worldwide 
  • Weekly payments 


  • A little lower pay than Instacart 
  • Vehicle depreciation 

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6. Postmates 

It is a delivery application where you can become a driver for delivery essentials to food. Customers needing regular groceries or making occasion orders come here.

Postmates application is somewhat like DoorDash. Available in 3,000 cities in the United States, it has become a courier service that people find comfort with.  

There are three basic requirements on Postmates:-

  • 18 years in age or older 
  • Any vehicle access 
  • Insurance and driver’s license 

In comparison to Shipt, Uber Eats, and some more apps like Instacart, Postmates is lenient. Here, the earnings are quite transparent.

It includes the rate of order pickup and drop-off, per-minute rate for waiting time, and per-mile rate for the driving duration. With this, a driver can earn approximately $18 per hour.  


  • Transparency 
  • Leniency 
  • No special vehicle requirements 
  • No special device requirements 
  • Decent hourly pay calculations 
  • Sign up bonuses 
  • Driver promotions 


  • Slightly lower pay than Instacart 
Postmates Driver App (Full Walkthrough + Tips To Make More Money)

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7. GrubHub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout

GrubHub is a very popular on-demand food delivery application. It has achieved brand value to itself. It is available in over 4,000 cities in the USA and is one of the easiest money-making options within all the apps like Instacart. It partners with restaurants and fast food joints.  

Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart 2

The requirements for becoming a driver at GrubHub are- 

  • 19 years or older 
  • Minimum of two years of experience in driving 
  • Valid driver’s license 
  • Insurance 
  • Background check 

You can also choose to make the deliveries with a bike. For which, you won’t fall under the driving requirements. GrubHub’s basic pay rate calculation is a result of certain factors like delivery time, tips, mileage per order, and offers and bonuses. 

One earns $11.72 per hour here. Yes, it is fairly lower than all the other apps. But still, people choose it for job opportunities due to the brand value. But it is wiser to go for other apps if you are looking for good earnings.  


  • Flexibility 
  • Brand value 
  • Widely available 
  • Weekly payments 


  • Very low pay 

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8. GoPuff 

Gopuff platform offers delivery of groceries, everyday essentials, alcohol, and food. A driver picks up an order from the required Gopuff fulfillment center and makes deliveries. This job is fairly similar to that at Amazon Flex.

A driver must be- 

  • 21 years or older 
  • Have his driver’s license and insurance 
  • Have Android 4.4 and above or iPhone 5 and above 
  • Ready for background check 

The requirements might look intimidating but working here is a decent opportunity. One can earn $14 to $16 per hour.

GoPuff is not as famous as other apps like Instacart but is good for side hustles. You will love working here if you want extra pocket money as a student or someone with a desire to do some more work as a choice.  


  • Weekly payment via direct deposits 
  • Somewhat similar to Amazon Flex’s business model 
  • Good for side hustles 


  • Not widely available 
  • Low pay rate 

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9. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit is a platform with a broad concept and is available in United Kingdom, France, United States, and Canada. Here customers hire local help for any help they need.

The help may include- 

  • Errands 
  • Yardwork 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Cleaning a space 
  • Handyman  
  • Wall painting, and so on. 

The procedure is quite simple- a customer uploads a task on TaskRabbit, you go through the listings, select the one you like, confirm the details, complete work, and finally, submit an invoice of the task.

Best Alternative Apps Like Instacart 3

As a tasker, you will find that most gigs are easy to perform. There are tons of options providing you the flexibility of choice. Moreover, you can charge an hourly rate.  

The requirements to become a tasker on TaskRabbit are:-

  • 18 years and above 
  • A valid credit card and checking account 
  • Background check 
  • Have either Android 5.0 or higher or iPhone 9.0 or higher 

The best advantage here is that you can set your hourly price which is opposite to the business model of apps like Instacart. If you are someone who has a technical or creative mind, you should be here.

There are no limitations of staying active on TaskRabbit only. You can work on other apps as well alongside. So you get the benefit to show your skills and get paid for the same while helping your community. 


  • Hourly rates can be set by the tasker 
  • Choice of task selection 
  • Variety of tasks and gigs 
  • Gives flexibility 
  • Ability to choose tasks according to personal skills 


  • The workflow is not as regulative as other applications 

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10. 7Now 

It is one of those apps which focuses on the group of customers who have different requirements than the mainstream shopping demands. For example, there are not many applications where one can find alcohol delivery.

This delivery is kind of new; limiting its existence to only one or two platforms. One of them is 7Now. As a customer, you will get a personal shopper for yourself who will pick out the choice of alcohol you need and also, food.  

Apart from food, frozen foods, snacks, and alcohol, shoppers also deliver stationeries and mobile gadgets. It might seem strange to trust someone with the delivery of a mobile phone but it is completely safe.

Hence, the students can order stationery items whenever they need them. Whether it is a pre-demand or an emergency, shoppers will fulfill the delivery.  

Per delivery can pay a driver $8 to $650 per delivery! No matter what distance, you can take upon the task and complete it. The delivery distance becomes the main factor for earnings.

It is a very friendly application and must be tried for side earnings. Additionally, you never know when you get a big delivery. But, it is only available for Android devices. 

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11. Wolt: Food delivery 

Wolt is the cheapest delivery platform for groceries amongst all apps like Instacart. It is currently providing its services in European countries. There are more than 40,000 active customers on this app.

It is also one of the best money-making platforms for drivers. An average income of a driver on Wolt is $25 per hour, which is pretty higher than most applications!  

There are tips and tricks available to make good money with this app as well. If you want to go ahead and start making money right away- Wolt is your option.  

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12. Deliveroo 

Just like Instacart, this platform has also put its foot down in the market long back. Deliveroo is providing its services in Arabic countries, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, and numerous European countries. The reach is greatly profound worldwide and it has developed a brand value for itself too.  

It is mainly for making deliveries of items like dairy, fruits, vegetables, pantry staples, meal kit brands, and meat. A driver here earns approximately between $4 to $17 per hour. Additionally, the tips that customers pay are also added to the total earnings.

I Worked a Job At Deliveroo for a Week & Made £___

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13. Foodora 

Foodora platform serves Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Foodora is a grocery delivery application that hires personal shoppers for customers. IT is quite similar to other personal shopper experiences.

There are mainly two ways to make money at Foodora- first, becoming an in-store shopper at partner stores, and second, becoming a full-service shopper.  

If you choose to join Foodora for the second option, you will be getting an order, picking up the required items, and delivering them to the customer.

Doing part-time is also easy here. There is no pressure above shoppers. One can choose to become a part-time shopper at Foodora and do a job someplace else. Usually, students opt for the same.  

As a part-timer, you get both fixed regular shifts and flexible hours weekly. It is up to you to decide what will suit you the best. There are no order number limitations or time restraints. One is free to work and earn as per their convenience and choice.  

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14. Menulog 

Menulog is available in New Zealand and Australia. Although, it has many competitors in these zones. Recently, many such apps have been developed in Australia.

As a shopper here, one earns between $15 to $20 per hour. This amount is pretty decent in comparison to some other apps like Instacart 

Uber Eats, Postmates, Shipt Shopper, Amazon Fresh, and Peapod have started to take its customers but the drivers stay due to good hourly pay rates. Menulog is good for a side hustle.  

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15. Favor  

Favor is an application running only in Texas, United States. Favor is not limited to chosen products’ delivery. One can order delivery of any kind of item from local stores. The driver just needs to accept the order, go to the store, purchase the items, and deliver it.  

The requirements to grab a job here are mainstream. You only need to be 18 years or older and have valid identification proof to become a driver here.

An iOS or Android is also mandatory to accept orders. There are options for both part-time and full-time jobs. The pay range is between $10 to $18 per hour.  

Moreover, there are some particular hours where Favor offers a guaranteed minimum pay rate to each driver. Customers also give tips which is an added benefit to the overall income of a driver.  

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16. Walmart Shopping and Grocery 

It is a renowned brand and known worldwide, even in the countries it is not present at. As a competitor of Instacart, Walmart marks itself as a valuable provider for its drivers. The trust it has created in the market across the 1600 stores today is remarkable.  

A driver here can earn $15 a minimum every hour. Plus, the tips that are given by customers are added 100% to the earnings too. The business model of Walmart deliveries is similar to apps like Instacart, Doordash, Point Pickup, and Roadie.  

17. Kroger 

This is the last option in this listing. Kroger is another grocery delivery platform. It does make a customer’s life easier. A delivery driver here makes nearly $16.71 per hour. If tips are added, they keep it all. So, it becomes a bonus to it.  

Some More Options of Apps Like Instacart 

These nine platforms also provide a suitable environment to become a driver or a shopper.  

  • Peapod 
  • Flipp 
  • Flashfood 
  • Waitr 
  • Burpy 
  • Delivery.com 
  • FreshDirect 
  • Safeway 
  • Beelivery 

The Cheapest Options:-

  • Amazon Fresh 
  • Peapod 
  • Shipt 
  • Postmates 

Where Should You Join? 

The question can be answered according to your interests. Your goals are going to tell you where you should be. If you want extra income or side hustle, you can go for GoPuff or Menulog. But, if you want to join somewhere for a proper earning job, the other listings seem appropriate.  

Additionally, your comfort in delivering certain items will matter as well. For example, if you don’t want to do any heavy lifting, Amazon is not for you.

Because you can never know with Flex when a package is light or heavy. Lastly, if you want your skills and abilities to be put to use, TaskRabbit is a brilliant platform for it.  

Which Food Delivery Company is Best to Drive For? (UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates)

Apps like Instacart certainly provide you an array of options. You can either choose to deliver simple pick and drop packages or can become a personal shopper for taking care of the complete shopping experience from picking out items to purchasing and delivering.

Instacart no doubt provides a good platform for drivers. But there are certain areas where it lacks. It is always a good idea to keep your options open. Try these applications as they are worth opting for.