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Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone


A launcher is a name given to the piece of the Android UI that gives clients a chance to tweak the home screen (e.g. the telephone’s desktop), dispatch versatile applications, make phone calls, and perform different tasks on Android (gadgets that utilize the Android operating system).

Here is the  Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone:-

1.Hola Launcher

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

Hola is one the best launchers for Android which is accessible for free of cost. It gives you the freedom to tweak your Android device. Its UI style looks like us of the Chinese brands UI; the interface is fundamentally the same as what you get on the phones of Xiaomi, ZTE, Meizu, and so on. It has brilliant symbols and outlines. Extraordinary compared to other highlights is that you can set the motion of your finger to open a specific application. Hola additionally bunches the applications consequently.

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2. Aviate Launcher

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

Yahoo group creates Aviate Launcher. It is one of the best composed Android launchers. It makes your phone more smatter and your work less demanding. It concentrates on straightforwardness as opposed to a brilliant, engaging plan. It auto-arranged the applications as indicated by their class, which spares your chance in finding an application.

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 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

Getting 3rst position in our best launchers for Android list. Google Now launcher is the best one for who is searching for pure android experience. Google dispatches it. It came pre-installed on Nexus cell phones. Advances in Google Now launcher are brisk and clean, and you can undoubtedly and easily browse applications.

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

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 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

Apex launcher is additionally a good launcher for Android. It is much like Nova, It gives you access to tweaking the icon plate size and scrolling over, you can modify screen behaviors, change animations, and customize gesture. There is additionally a module accessible for Apex that enables notice information to be collected from numerous applications and furthermore to Android wear gadgets. You can move up to its pro version for more features.

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

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 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

Apus Launcher is additionally developing popularity nowadays. It additionally offers an assortment of customization. It has a great deal of home screens; the progress is quick. It additionally accompanies an inquiry bar utilizing where you can look for applications and web questions. The launcher additionally underpins outsider subjects to change the entire look. The awful thing about the launcher is that you can get some fly up promotions. The best about this launcher is that it is quick. Its impedance is additionally great, which makes it outstanding amongst other launchers for Android.

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

There are many best launchers for Android accessible in Android play store yet picking the best launcher for your Android cell phone is difficult. So here is a rundown of Top Five best launchers for Android. Launchers help to redo your cell phone as per your necessities. A few launchers offer little customization while some offer numerous customization features.

Android Launchers: How to install, change and customize your phone

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone
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Truly outstanding and regularly referred to, points of interest of having an Android gadget is that you can tweak the way it looks. Be that as it may, in the event that you figured the most you could do with it was change your widgets and wallpapers, you’re in for a treat.

By downloading new launchers onto your phone, you can change the way the whole interface looks. Furthermore, – relying upon which launcher you introduce – you can even change things as minute as individual application icons.

The most effective method to choose an Android launcher

Before choosing a launcher, it merits considering what you need from your Android phone. Assuming you have a device from a Chinese producer like Oppo or Huawei – or a vigorously cleaned gadget like one of LG’s – and you simply need a more stock Android-like experience, the best launcher to download is most likely the Google Now launcher.

 Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone

The Google Now launcher brings a visual ordeal which is considerably more like the stock/standard Android look and feels.

Download an Android Launcher

The initial step to installing a new launcher is precisely the same as downloading an application. Essentially make a beeline for the Google Play Store and look for the launcher by name or basically sort “launcher” After which you download and then install.

Change Default Android Launcher

All things considered, setting the launcher as your default launcher is a procedure which differs a bit depending upon your gadget. With some Android phones you go to Settings>Home, and after that, you select the launcher you need. With others, you go to Settings>Apps and afterward hit the settings icon in the best corner where you’ll then choices to change default applications.

What Next?

As we suggested before, once you really have the launcher active on your phone, the home screen appearance changes. Your applications will no doubt never again be sorted out how you had them sometime recently, so you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes (okay, perhaps something other than a couple) setting your applications, creating folders, making organizers, choosing a wallpaper and so forth.

Hope my article ” Top 5 Best android launcher for Your Smartphone” helps you to find the best launcher for your android phone. If you have any query, feel free to comment.

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