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11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

We analyzed approx 35 launchers available in the google play store and come with 11 Of The Best Android Launcher For Your Smartphone to use in 2022.

Without any further delay, let’s get started. 😎

A launcher is a name given to the piece of the Android UI that gives clients a chance to tweak the home screen (e.g. the telephone’s desktop), dispatch versatile applications, make phone calls, and perform different tasks on Android (gadgets that utilize the Android operating system).

When you want to experience another dimension using your Android smartphone, you must consider upgrading your launcher.

It comes as no surprise that android smartphones have the upper hand over iOS smartphones. Besides android devices being user-friendly, the ability to provide a vast mode of customization options to the users makes it admirable. 

The Android launchers have been around for quite a while now. They come with a wide range of functionalities that help you customize the interface on your smartphone. You can directly easily change your home screen’s look and edit the theme colors and font size. 

You can do anything you want to depend on your mood and preference. Isn’t it exciting to know that? That does not mean manufacturers do not provide you with launchers. Yes, they do provide you with them in-built. 

But the features and capabilities are minimal, leaving you in the lurch wanting more. Google Pixel has ensured that all its smartphones come with its own launcher. The same is done on most of the smartphones available in the market. 

The Android launcher is of the most customizable elements of android phones. You can communicate, arrange, and interact with your apps as the launcher. The android launcher comes having home screens, using which you can set the shortcuts for the apps. 

We can vouch for the fact that smartphones might not work or function the same without these launchers. The built-in launchers offered by the maker are good, but when you have launchers that are unrivaled, then why not opt for them.

To help you make your choice, we have compiled a list of some of the best android launcher. These android launchers are in demand and come with thousands of downloads per month. We have based our rankings on those criteria. 

Best Android Launcher: Our Top Picks 👌👌

When you want your android smartphone to perform better and come with top-notch themes, then third-party apps are the best way to go ahead. The launcher helps you to improvise your device and make it look elegant. 

You can find some exceptional apps on the internet but trust us on this. We have provided you with excellent options here.  When you are in search of the best android launcher, then you will want to select the appropriate one for yourself. 

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is ranked first in our review. You will be surprised to see how well the android launcher has done in the market. Users have given it first-rate, and everybody is happy. Let us find out why. 

The tool offers you a combination of customization, usability, and convenience. Using a powerful app, you can now make your android device better, looking than a Pixel or Galaxy. Besides, you can also have a home screen that is as good as it can get. 

Best Android Launcher

If you are new to third-party launchers, then you do not have to worry about using the import from other launchers.

It is quite consistent and ideal for use. When you want to learn how to operate on the basic launcher to the premium app, then this is a good option. 

The app is efficient and lightweight. It comes with a barrage of notification badges, dock customizations, options for showing you the apps commonly used, gestures ability, and others. The app also comes with shortcuts. 

You can also customize the icons as well as edit them. The dark theme is also excellent using the tool. Does it have any flaws? It does have few drawbacks like the options can be slightly overwhelming for newbies at times. 

Best Android Launcher

Knowing how to use themes can take some time. We cannot deny the fact that many users prefer using this sublime app on their devices. Nova Launcher provides users with an abundance of customization options. 

Your home screen is given a new appearance, and widgets can be added likewise. You can customize the icons by adding widgets based on your preference. When you want to get the best from the app, you might want to make use of the premium version. 

1 Power Tool to Customize Android Smartphones - Nova Launcher

You can do what you want with it, designing complicated themes and laying out powerful gesture controls. The paid version is priced at less than $5. Overall, it is the best android launcher you want to try out today itself. 

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2. Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher is ranked second on our list, and we were highly impressed with this excellent app. Users would have felt that Microsoft might bring out something on par for the PC. Well, they are not right. 

The app is extraordinarily sublime and a good fit for your android devices. It is heartening to note that the manufacturer is updating the tool often. This one is close to the Nova Launcher in terms of features. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

You will love the user interface because it is light. That is thanks to the tremendous work undertaken by Microsoft to ensure that the tool comes out reliable. There is a smart page for your usage, and you can add the widgets as you want. 

Those of you who are not used to operating on the Microsoft system can make use of the scrolling page of the widgets on the pages. We felt that the settings are slightly on the low side of the design. 

They could have made it easy to operate. It makes up for that by giving you all the features that you need. We accept that the app may not be on par with Smart Launcher 5, but it is decent. 

We liked the scrolling widget page that is exceptional for use on your android system. The enterprise integration was fabulous to use. A notable thing about using the app is that the development team is very active.

Does it have any drawbacks? Yes, it does. The settings on the android smartphone do require some refinement, and the 2-level dock is poorly designed. When you want your smartphone customized like a Windows device, then this is your best option. 

Spice Up Your Android Phone with Microsoft Launcher

The design change capabilities and appearance of the android device are flawless, to say the least. You can change the design of the icon and widgets adjusted likewise. The flexibility of the tool is noteworthy and adaptable. 

Download on Google Play Store

3. Smart Launcher 5 

Smart Launcher 5 is one of our favorites. The Android launcher is popular among pundits all over the world. Let us read why that is so. It comes with a widget placement that has no grid. The modular page system is sound too.

However, the distinct feature of the tool is the app drawer. You can sort the app into many categories, and when you want, you can use the paid version. It comes with exceptional features that you can consider using. 

Introducing Smart Launcher 5

Like the ability to add custom categories and sorting various drawer tabs in many methods, precise placement on your smartphone is found in the tool. The app is also responsive, and users have complimented it for that. 

The app comes with home screen themes that are often used on most devices. They are elegant and unique. We liked the ability to sort applications into segments. It is now even found on the iOS devices. 

The smart user interface can quickly adapt to the surrounding colors. Some of the features of it include ultra-immersive mode, ambient theme, and others. Using the method, you can now get rid of the navigation bar and increase the size of the screen. 

Besides, it also comes with a built-in clock widget, hiding apps, wallpaper selection, and customization of fonts using the icon. When you are setting it up, you will be asked to choose the apps so that you do not get frustrated with the pop-up. 

However, gesture navigation is one area that they will need to work on. It has quite limited capabilities in the free mode. Like most of the app’s accessible mode, there are tons of pop-ups that ruin your experience. 

The paid mode is only at $4.49/month. Having considered all that, when you want to use the best android launcher, then the Smart Launcher 5 should be a good find. The best part about the launcher is that you can make use of several kinds of shortcuts. 

The appearance and work are seamless. You will appreciate the fact that the app is lightweight and works exceptionally on android versions. It is easy to say that the launcher has won the hearts of many who are using it as a home screen. 

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4. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

When you want to use a superb tool, then Action Launcher is the best option. Some of the notable features are Quicktheme, Quick page, and Quickbar.

The makers probably wanted to develop something that is quick, and they have done an exceptional product. 

Action Launcher in 59 seconds

We can vouch for the fact that it is one of the best android launchers in the market for 2022. Some of the features on it include making it simple for accessing your home screen. You can also make use of gesture controls to hide folders and widgets. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

The colors are flawless and give you exactly what you want. You can set the custom hex code colors according to your preference. Those of you who are particular about their live wallpaper has a reason to be happy. 

We also noted that the app can support your in-built launcher on your android smartphone. That is an exceptional feature, to say the least. Of course, it won’t be ideal to compare it with the characteristics of the Nova app. 

The app can customize anything that you give it, comes with some flawless gesture support, and the support is incredible. Sadly, the premium version of the app is slightly confusing. You need to be somewhat apt in using technology to get the feel of it. 

As the name implies, the actions are swift and instant. You can easily tap a cover load of the app, swipe the apps, and icons get proportioned depending on the recommended design.

Action Launcher is the best choice when you want a product known for quickness and intense setup. 

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5. Poco Launcher

Poco Launcher is fifth on our list of the best android launcher. The app is popular thanks to its features and design capability. It is a sublime product that is able to offer you an incredible working experience using it. 

POCO Launcher - Make your Home screen unique.

The app was designed by Xiaomi. They have done a decent job with the application, as told by users globally. It gives you ample flexibility for use on your android smartphone. A notable feature of the tool is that you can instantly find the features on your device. 

The apps are kept in the app drawer that ensures your home screen is a beautiful place to be in. We also liked the amount of customization you can do using your wallpaper, themes, and animation. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

The search capabilities of the app are exceptional. You can find your way through the tool. Managing apps is also easy using the app. You can automatically design groups to place your sensitive data. 

Besides, you can easily go there using a tap. The app is fast, robust, and enables customization. It makes use of a simple design for users to find color, apps, and files. You can also uninstall the app that you do not want to work on or hide apps if you wish. 

So, do you want to download the app? You should download Poco Launcher because it comes with a barrage of sublime features. You can manage and handle your work effortlessly. The support offered is tremendous for use on a different smartphone maker. 

Download on Google Play Store

6. Lawnchair Launcher 

If you like to use the Pixel mode, then the Lawnchair Launcher would be the ideal solution for your requirement. Thanks to the fact that it is an open-source app, you can expect it to come with smashing features. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

You can also find updates continually happening on the app. The support team deserves a round of applause. The best android launcher is similar to the Pixel app. You will find plenty of features that are found on the Pixel smartphone. 

So, if you own the Pixel smartphone or have already used one, then you might consider using another app mentioned on the list. We mentioned it here because it is free and has no in-app purchase needed. 

Few notable functions include integration with Google Now, shortcuts for android Oreo, and notification dots. It also comes with icon pack support for you to change your icons as you prefer to do so. 

There is also a variable icon size, grid size, and dock customization. The app is easy to use and comes with an excellent community for support. It is an open-source app that comes with a barrage of similar features found on the Pixel default launcher. 

Sadly, you cannot import from other android launchers, and the category settings could have worked better. There is no doubt that the Lawnchair Launcher is a good app. But it comes and behaves a lot like Google Pixel. 

Hence, users who have already worked or used it may not find anything different here. Does it deserve the hype in the market? 

Yes, we do feel that it is worth using provided that you haven’t worked or tried it before. Pixel owners might want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a transcendent app to download and use on your android smartphone. 

Download on Google Play Store

7. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a new app that is still waiting for some components to make it on par with the Nova app. But that does not mean it is not capable of performing. The launcher has smashing features and a simple-to-use interface. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

You can work on the widgets that are based at the top. There is a quick list of the apps that are given there. In a sense, you can access them, just like on your PC, in alphabetical order. The setup is quick and does not take much of your time. 

We also felt that the app is quite fast when compared to most other apps on this list. The user interface is easy to work with, and you can find your way without much hassle.

Unfortunately, the layout options are less, and the gesture mode does not operate efficiently. 

The app might still be in the early stages of development. It does not mean you cannot work on a flexible application. The Niagara Launcher enables you to work on the widgets present on the various screens, and the vertical scrolling launcher is fast. 

Download on Google Play Store

8. ADW Launcher 2 

The ADW Launcher 2 was launched after the ADW Launcher. The first version was admirable and an exceptional tool. Users from all over the world preferred using it. There is no doubt that this app would be smashing. 

The latest version comes with an updated user interface that fits easily into any android version. It comes with an abundance of features like shortcuts, extensions, etc. Using the launcher app, you can make use of the feature that comes along with it. 

Some distinct features of this app support the android ten launcher shortcuts. Using these shortcuts, you can now perform your tasks smoothly. We loved to use the icon’s effects section on the tool. 

With the help of the dynamic user interface, you can now change or alter the wallpaper colors. We found this feature quite exciting. The fast scroll app comes in a drawer-style that is an exciting feature. 

It comes with user gesture support that enables you to swipe around your smartphone. Gesture support is a standard feature found in most of the apps mentioned on the list. But we found the support here, very convincing. 

ADW Launcher 2 could be the best android launcher that you are on the lookout for. It comes with all the features you require from a launcher and the fast scroll app with the drawer style is one of the most flawless designs we have ever seen. 

Download on Google Play Store

9. Q Launcher for Android™ 10.0 launcher

Q Launcher for Android™ 10.0 launcher is next on our list for the best android launcher. We found this sublime tool consisting of most of the features that a good launcher must-have. You can just about find anything that you are looking for. 

11 Best Android Launcher To Overhaul Your Home Screen

The features can be used for android 5.0 smartphones. So, if you own one, then you have a winner here. This pixel-style launcher offers you flawless customization capabilities. You will be astounded by your abilities. 

Some of the features like icon support, theme support, and others are one of the best you can find in the list. Using the drawer of the launcher, you can now find apps that you are looking for. 

It also hides private apps that you do not want to use often. For example, if your on-screen is crowded with too many apps, then it suggests hiding apps that you do not use frequently. The app also comes with several amazing wallpapers.

If you like to edit your wallpapers often, then this app might help your cause. We wanted to use gesture support because it was of top-notch quality. You can quickly move where you want to be using the support feature. 

You can also make use of the grid size edit feature. This is another useful feature. The dock background customization feature and the hide status bar feature are worth mentioning. Lastly, it has the Android™ 10.0 widgets drawer, which is another exciting feature on it.

Q Launcher for Android™ 10.0 launcher is undoubtedly the best android launcher on our list. The features are cool and awesome. We thought that it is lightweight and easy to operate on. If you like to use a feature-rich app, then download it today. 

Download on Google Play Store

10. Pixel 4 Style Launcher

If you are searching for a simple to use android launcher, this app might be your choice. The Pixel 4 Style Launcher was inspired by the Pixel 4. You can now easily customize your smartphone using this launcher. 

Best Android Launcher

We felt that this launcher is quick and comes with most of the latest features embedded inside it. You can now edit the appearance of your on-screen and impress your friends or family members

The notable feature of the launcher is the support it gives to the file manager. Using the built-in support for the file manager, you can search for your files.

You can also perform several actions on them, including creating folders, copy, unzip, paste, delete, share, and so on. 

Users have commended the launcher on the start menu, as it is effortless to use. The navigation on the apps is also quite simple and easy. You can find your way around the app without help. 

It is suitable for those of you who are not familiar with the technology. When you are not confident using the tools that we have mentioned in the above review, then you can use this app. You do not have to be a fan of Pixel to use the Pixel 4 Style Launcher. 

It is one of the best android launchers in the market. There is also built-in support for the file manager. You can now explore your file system using this efficient file manager with the help of computer design. 

Download on Google Play Store

Why do you want to use third-party Android launchers? 

The manufacturer provides you with a default launcher. But you do have third-party launchers for your smartphone that allow you to customize options. You can set up your android smartphone according to your needs. 

Today, these apps have the ability to enhance your smartphone. It makes your device worth using and improvises your functionalities. Based on our research, it is quite clear that the number of users downloading these third apps increases each passing day. 

That is an excellent sign that the android launchers are doing their job. Apart from providing you with a better appearance on your smartphone, you can do a plethora of functions. The best part being, they are compatible with each other. 

Why does gesture navigation not work?

Those of you stuck with your android ten smartphones might want to know that using gesture navigation will not work. That is because you may have to stick on with the default version offered by your manufacturer. 

It was a significant problem during the launch of the android 10 smartphone, and several third-party apps had to suffer as a result of that. It won’t be fair to point fingers at Google, but sadly that is how it is. 

The good news is that it has been rectified now. First, the OnePlus, Pixel, and now Samsung. They all work just fine with the One UI 2.5 update. Supposing you still cannot use the gesture navigation on your new android smartphone, then will want to get the update quickly.

What are some of the best android launcher that failed to make it?

That is quite hard to point out. The reason for that being most of the android launchers are good enough. But, few of them are incomparable. Some of them include Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and Smart Launcher 5.

We felt that they offer you a plethora of customization options, making it exceptional for the android launcher. Hence, you might want to try some of the best Android launchers discussed in the above review before moving ahead. 

This way, you know what works best for your requirement and preference. 

Which app do you like? 

That is quite hard to point out. The reason for that being most of the android launchers are good enough. But, few of them are incomparable. Some of them include Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and Smart Launcher 5.

We felt that they offer you a plethora of customization options, which make it exceptional for an android launcher. Hence, you might want to try some of the best Android launchers discussed in the above review before moving ahead. 

This way, you know what works best for your requirement and preference.

Change Default Android Launcher

All things considered, setting the launcher as your default launcher is a procedure that differs a bit depending upon your gadget.

With some Android phones, you go to Settings > Home, and after that, you select the launcher you need. With others, you go to Settings > Apps and afterward hit the settings icon in the best corner where you’ll then choices to change default applications.

What Next?

As we suggested before, once you really have the launcher active on your phone, the home screen appearance changes.

Your applications will no doubt never again be sorted out how you had them sometime recently, so you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes (okay, perhaps something other than a couple) setting your applications, creating folders, making organizers, choosing wallpaper, and so forth.


The Nova Launcher and Microsoft Launcher have always been our first options. We also found the Smart Launcher 5 comes with sublime functions. The app drawer lets you set categories the way you want. 

It also comes with double-tap app shortcuts that offer you excellent gesture navigation. To do that, you just need to swipe your smartphone. For those of you who prefer using the manufacturer’s kind of android launcher, then you can use the Nova Launcher. 

The best android launcher should have the ability to give high performance and is easy to use. We found that you can work on the setup that you like.

Additionally, exceptional features like customized appearance, shortcut gestures, and modifying the look of folder and icon can be seamlessly done. 

You can choose the best android launcher that you want as they come with a free tier. This gives you an idea about the capability of the app before you decide to choose the paid version. When you have something that is already on your mind, then you might want to go for it. 

Keep trying until you find the best one!