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11 Best Anime MMORPG To Play On Your SmartPhone

A human’s life becomes dull and less exciting when no one to interact and communicate with. Gamer faces this problem a lot because they play games and get no spare time to interact with others.

However, game developers have started launching games with online chat features to help gamers interact with other gamers. This new feature allows gamers to interact and communicate with like-minded people.

When we talk about such exciting features, Anime MMORPG comes to our mind because they offer many exciting features and a good gaming experience. Anime MMORPG is precisely the game that people were looking for for so long.

MMORPG’s that are developed with anime-like graphics along with a ton of effects for making the gaming experience better is known as Anime MMORPG.

Gamers fond of violent games will fall in love with Anime MMORPG because its highly rated graphics give a real-time experience. These games are fun and exciting. Inside these games, you can interact with other gamers through the online chat feature.  

Today we are going to list some best Anime MMORPG that is selected after proper research and analysis. We are confident that gamers will enjoy their time playing the games we have added to this list. 

Best Anime MMORPG: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. MapleStory M – Open World MMORPG

If you have already played Anime MMORPG games before, you must have heard the name MapleStoryM because it is pretty famous in the MMORPG gaming world

MapleStory M is considered an old MMORPG game developed and designed by a company called Wizet.

If you have come across this game at any point in your life and played it, then you must know how engaging and entertaining this game is. Once you start playing this game, no one can stop you from getting addicted to this game.  

Best Anime MMORPG

With time, the popularity that MapleStoryM held in the MMORPG gaming world degraded. The game started witnessing fewer downloads, causing a downfall of the game.

However, it doesn’t mean that MapleStoryM is down and can’t be played; one can still get a hold of this game by downloading it.  This game is compatible with both PC and mobile. 

MapleStory M is just like other MMORPG games. There’s nothing new in this game; it’s just that they have designed the game efficiently, giving users a smooth gaming experience.

However, there is some new stuff that you can find in this game, such as quests and classes; most of the best Anime MMORPG games do not come with such stuff. You can blindly trust this game and try it once; you will enjoy playing it. 

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2. SoulWorker Anime Legends 

The next game that we would like you to know is SoulWorker Anime Legends. This is another game that was initially launched for PC and is now also available for mobiles.

According to the recent stats, the game developers are starting to launch their PC games for mobiles to grab more users because the mobile user base is the largest globally. The gameplay of SoulWorker Anime Legends is considered to be smooth, which makes the gaming experience better.  

SoulWorker Anime Legends is out now!

The game is considered a sidescroller Anime MMORPG, meaning the characters are thrown into a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters. The gamers have to make sure that their characters survive in this world to win this game.

The survival task in this game is challenging and exciting. In the post-apocalyptic world, gamers play as SoulWorkers chosen by an ancient god named Rosca to save humanity. 

After you get logged in to the game, you select your character from six different options. Each character is entitled to a specific role.

This game’s premise is considered simple, but the story contains some twists and turns to make the plot engaging and exciting. All these fantastic features of SoulWorker Anime Legends make it one of the best Anime MMORPG. 

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3. Dragon Raja – SEA

The next game that can make you go nuts while playing it is Dragon Raja. This game also came in the list of Anime MMORPG games and was developed using Unreal Engine 4.

The game is set in the future, giving gamers a high-quality RPG experience. The game comes with tons of features, such as character customization and great graphics.

Dragon Raja SEA - Clean Version

The graphics of this game make you feel like you are inside the game, thus making the gaming experience better. With all these exciting and productive features, this game is considered one of the best Anime MMORPG games present to date. 

Story-wise, the game developers have done a pretty good job. The story is set in the future at the time when the sealed Dragon Lord has reawakened. You will play this game as hybrids who are humans with superpowers.

Your objective in this game is to seal the Dragon Lord once again using your character’s powers. It sounds like simple stuff, but there is a lot of depth to this story.

On top of that, some good cinematic scenes make the gaming experience better. This game keeps the gamers engaged and far away from getting bored. 

If you want to play a mobile game that gives you a PC-like experience, then Dragon Raja is what you are looking for.

The graphics and cinematic scenes loaded in this game make you feel like you are playing the game on a highly configured PC. This game has witnessed a lot of popularity because of its features and gaming experience. 

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4. Alchemia Story 

Alchemia Story is another famous Anime MMORPG that gamers are fond of playing. Once you get involved in this game, it will become impossible to leave the game in the middle because of its engaging storylines.

The game is set in an AU industrial revolution which makes it more exciting for the gamers. In this game, you have to explore yourself as one of the gaming characters, and your final objective will be to kill or defeat the demon king.

Before reaching your final goal, you will witness many fighting scenes that make you love this game even more. 

The player can go through the world using this gaming platform. The gamer can go through the world as a single-player or multiplayer; it depends on their choice.

Players in this game do not explore the world alone; they will have a companion known as YOME, the companion will also travel with them throughout the game.

In this game, players can customize their characters along with YOME. This feature of Alchemia Story helps the gamers try out their creativity in the game and develop self-designed and unique personalities.

This feature was installed to keep players engaged with the game even when they are not playing. 

The game Alchemia Story comes with tons of productive features such as good gameplay, cute art style, the ability to switch between multiplayer and single-player, and many customization options.

All these features make this game one of the best Anime MMORPG available in the gaming world. 

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5. Hero Academy: 3D Fantasy RPG 

The next game that we thought would fit in this list is Hero Academy: 3D Fantasy RPG. Hero Academy has the potential and features to become one of the best Anime MMORPGavailable in the gaming world.

Best Anime MMORPG 1

Once you start playing this game, you will realize how fun and exciting this game is. The game has the potential to emphasize fun for the gamers playing it.

If you love to play games that need to strategize your movements, this game is made for you. To win this game and fulfill the final objective, you need to possess good strategical skills. 

The game is considered to be a little bit chaotic, but it is fun. Playing simple games with a direct objective is no fun; gamers prefer games that will test their skills.

A gamer always wants a challenge or adventure when they start a game, and we are sure that Hero Academy has all the potential to offer the challenge the gamers crave.  

The game was launched with many features except character customization. This is one drawback that stops many gamers from installing this game.

However, despite this drawback, every other thing works fine in this game. There are no annoying errors or glitches in the game. 

All in all, if you want to play a casual game that is simple and interesting, then Hero Academy is the right choice for you. This game doesn’t take a lot of space on your mobile. 

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6. Flyff Legacy – Anime MMORPG – Free MMO Action RPG

Another game that fits into this list is Flyff Legacy. This is an old game and must be familiar to gamers who used to play Anime MMORPG on their PC. The game gained popularity when it was only available for PCs.

The game’s popularity is its unique design and exciting missions that forced the gamers to remain engaged with it for long durations.

It gave competition to many popular games and survived in the gaming world. Surviving in the world is not easy because it is full of game developers who design mind-blowing games. 

Best Anime MMORPG

Flyff stands for Fly For Fun; the name of this game fits perfectly, considering the gameplay. The mobile version of this game is set in the same world as in the PC version of this game.

A gamer playing this game from mobile gets access to all the features and missions that were there in the PC version of this game. One will experience no difference between the PC version and the mobile version.  This game came up with tons of features that kept the gamers engaged with them.

One of the best features of this game is character customization which allows the players to design their characters with their creative idea; this way, every player has a unique personality.

In this game, players can make their characters fly with the help of brooms, and we mentioned this feature because it seems interesting and exciting. 

If you are fond of old games and want to experience the feeling of nostalgia, then you can go with this game. This game has all the potential to take you back in time which is why it is considered one of the best Anime MMORPG.

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7. Blade&Soul Revolution 

Blade&Soul Revolution is one of those games initially launched for PC, but now it is also available for mobile devices. There is no difference between the two versions; it is all the same.

A gamer playing this game on mobile will come across the same missions and characters as the gamer playing it on PC. The powers of all the characters are also the same in the mobile version of this game.

The mobile version of this game was launched to capture a large base of users because, as of now, mobile users are more compared to PC users. 

In this game, players have the potential to increase their level, or in simple words, they can increase their growth in the game. To accelerate their growth, they have to use the Tower of spirits and take part in events like Treasure Hunt Festivals.

[Blade & Soul Revolution] New Class (Assassin) Teaser Video Reveal!

Treasure Hunt Festivals will help the gamers to gain EXP and win different items that will help them throughout the game. Some of these items also help to fulfill some of the objectives in the game.

Gamers fond of action and fighting must consider playing this game because this game is full of combat scenes. The combat scenes are so well optimized that it feels like real-life fighting.  

Considering all the factors, we can undoubtedly say that this game is one of the best Anime MMORPG available in the gaming world.

If you are fond of games, then you must try this game once for a lifetime experience. Once you get involved with this game, it becomes difficult to leave it. 

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8. Tales of Wind 

If you are a pretty intense gamer, you must be thinking that this is one of the Tales of series, but it is not; tales of Wind doesn’t have any connection with Tales of series, so keep that thought out of your mind.

Tales of Wind has a beautifully designed interface that attracts many gamers, so it is considered one of the best Anime MMORPG games available in the gaming world. People get addicted to this game once they start playing it.  

Tales of Wind CV- Final Version

The game will start in a place known as La Place, which used to be a divinely blessed city, but now evil has taken over the city. Your character in the game aims to restore the city to its original form and save it from evil.

Your character is also responsible for finding out the reasons that caused this devastation in a peaceful town to participate in Treasure Hunt Festivals events like La Place. Once you have completed all your objectives, you will win the game. 

The interface of the game is designed to represent a colorful world that is bright and beautiful. It was designed to symbolize peace, harmony, and comfort.

In case some quests are hard to complete, players can form teams that can help them achieve success in the task.

On top of that, this game comes with customization features that allow you to design your character with creative ideas. The visuals of your character solely depend on your preferences.  

Considering all the features that this game offers, we can assure you that this game has the potential to give you the best gaming experience.

We guarantee you that once you start playing this game, the missions and quests of the game will engage you in such a way that you will find it difficult to leave the game. 

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9. Sword Fantasy Online – Anime RPG Action MMO

Sword Fantasy online is considered a side-scrolling Anime MMORPG game which is why gamers can play this game with one hand only. Gamers are only required to slide and tap to achieve victory in this game.

This is considered to be an easy game that is best for killing waiting time. When you are bored or waiting for someone, you can try this game to get entertained during the waiting period. Such games keep a person away from frustration while waiting. 

Sword Fantasy Online - Anime Action MMORPG

If you cannot clear some levels in the game, you don’t need to worry at all, you just need to ask for someone’s help, and you will get a solution for your problem within minutes.

Such a first communication feature of this game makes it more appropriate for gamers. Players can use different elements to customize their characters according to their preferences when it comes to customization.  

All in all, if you are looking for a clean and straightforward, fun game, then Sword Fantasy Online is the right choice for you. You will enjoy playing this game.

As this game is playable on the one hand and has many features, we decided to include this game in the list of best Anime MMORPG.

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The next game that we thought would be the right choice for this list is RPG IRUNA Online MMORPG.

This game is one in a million because it offers unlimited character customization; players can change their character’s appearance whenever they feel like it; there are no restrictions or limits to this.

11 Best Anime MMORPG To Play On Your SmartPhone

Many games claim complete customization, but they fail to offer it, but IRUNA offers what it had promised to the gamers.

There are a lot of customization elements that you can use to change the appearance of your character. The game is also considered pretty rewarding as it offers rewards to its gamers in regular intervals. 

If you cannot defeat the enemies in this game, you can form a party of 4 members who can assist you win over the enemy, and gamers usually use this feature when the opponent is way too strong to handle.

Players can also form guilds that could take on 100 enemies at once; you can use this technique only when you have reached higher levels. The game also gives you a pet companion in this game who will assist you throughout the game. 

The game offers the players the access to edit and customize different islands. This is a unique feature and is not found in every game.

This feature attracts a lot of gamers and can keep existing gamers engaged with the game for a longer time. All these features make this game one of the best Anime MMORPG.

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11. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has managed to gain some popularity in the gaming world. People started acknowledging this game because of its features and interface design, so we decided to include this game in the list of best Anime MMORPG games. 

The mobile version of this game has witnessed a good amount of growth since its launch. 

RO 2.0 Trailer | Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

The game characters are sent to a city called Asgard, which they have to explore. While exploring the city, the character might contact some monsters whom they have to defeat and win the quest for the mission to continue. 

Keeping in mind the features of this game, we can assure you with confidence that this game has all the potential to make you like it and remain engaged with it. 

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Conclusion on best anime mmorpg

The takeaway from this best anime mmorpg list is that there are many games on the Anime MMORPG platform, but every game is not exciting and entertaining, so we came up with this list of best Anime MMORPG games that will help you to select the suitable game.