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21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

In the Pokemon world, Pokemon are categorized based on various types. Their type also determines their strengths and weaknesses. The grass is one of the types that contains tons of exciting Pokemon.

Although Grass Type pokemon are considered the weakest, some are capable of defeating any opponent with ease. Typically Grass-type is considered more robust against Rock, water, and ground type pokemon.

Do you not know enough powerful grass type pokemon. Well, worry no more we have compiled this comprehensive list of some of the best Grass type pokemon from all generations.  

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations 👌

1. Tapu Bulu

We must start our list with legendary Pokemon since they are called so due to their sheer power. Tapu Bulu is a legend among legends. It’s a Fairy/Grass Type pokemon often referred to as the land spirit pokemon.

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

Tapu was introduced in Generation VII, and no one knows which Pokemon it evolves from or evolves into. This Pokemon is among the guardian deities of islands, and his responsibility is Ula’ula island. It is distinguished due to its bulky bull-like body with thick arms and no legs. 

Tapu is famous for its powers to manipulate vegetation and make it grow of its will. Even though it is so powerful, it likes to laze off and remain inactive most of the time. Violence is not one of his strong suits and wants to leave peacefully.

It lets its presence known to others by ringing the bells on his tail. However, do not tread lightly; if angered, it shows no mercy to its enemies. Tapu Bulu well deserves the number one spot on our list of best Grass Type pokemon.     

Best Grass Type Pokemon

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2. Celebi

Celebi is a cute little legendary Grass/Psychic pokemon. With its introduction in Generation II, it has gained quite some popularity among fans. There is no data as of now on its evolution. 

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations 1

The main responsibility of Celebi is to guard the Ilex Forest. Its large baby blue eyes and small green body makes it one of the most attractive Pokemon of all generations.

It is often known as the “Voice of the forest”. Celebi’s powers seem limitless. It can travel through time and can exist simultaneously in time. Plantlife flourishes wherever it passes through. 

Anime also depicts Celebi’s healing prowess. It can restore plants to health and even nurse other Celebi back to life. Celebi can heal wounds quickly and save the life of a dying pokemon or plant.

Other of its powers include the ability to purify shadow pokemon quickly. Celebi can be summoned via the Time flute in the relic forest. It is a peaceful pokemon, and only appears where peace prevails.

More often than not, it is mentioned that as long as Celebi exists, the world would be in good health and have a bright future.

21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

3. Kartana

Kartana being a legendary pokemon, is undoubtedly one of the best Grass Type pokemon of all generations. Unlike other legendary Pokemon, there is no data on the evolution of Kartana. It is an ultra beast with its codename UB-04 BLADE.

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations 2

At first glance, it looks like an origami human. Its body appears to be folder paper and a star as its head. Kartana is relatively smaller than other ultra beasts, but its body is incredibly sharp, making it one of the most lethal Pokemon around. 

Kartana can cut down boulders and steel towers with a single cut from its arm blades. Any opponent trying to attack doesn’t stand a chance against its extremely sharp blades. With a paper-like body, it is very lightweight and flexible.

It is capable of dodging attacks quickly by only floating out of the way. Although its body structure gives him some lethal attacks, specific vulnerabilities such as moisture and fire are also provided.

Kartana is even capable of opening ultra wormholes. It surely deserves its rightful place in the best Grass Type pokemon list.    

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4. Shaymin

Shaymin is a cute little pokemon adored by tons of fans. It is mythical grass type pokemon introduced in the fourth generation. Like other legendary Pokemon, there is no data on its evolution.

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations 3

However, it has two different forms: Land Forme and Sky Forme. Shaymin can switch between these forms if certain conditions are met. Land Forme is its original form, and once in the presence of Gracidea flower in the daytime, it changes form to Sky Forme.

In its Sky Forme it becomes a Grass/Flying-type pokemon. During the night it remains in its original form. It looks like a hedgehog at first glance and is a tiny pokemon. 

The main ability of Shaymin is to purify all the impurities and pollution in an area transforming it into a lush field of flowers. It takes all the pollution in its body then breaks it into water and light, releasing the purified substance with explosive pressure.

Its powers depend upon the type of pollution it absorbs. Shaymin can also use telepathy to communicate with others and can even sense gratitude.

Both of its forms exhibit different personalities such as in Land Forme it’s timid and shy, whereas in Sky Forme it’s playful and brave.    

21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

5. Virizion

Virizion is also a legendary pokemon on this list, making it one of the best grass type pokemon of all generations. It is a dual-type Fighting and grass. Virizion was introduced in Generation V, gaining a ton of popularity among fans ever since.

Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations 4

There is no data on its evolution as of now similar to most of the other legendary Pokemon. Virizion is an esteemed member of the group swords of justice, including other Pokemon like Keldeo, Cobalion, and Terrakion. It is a mighty pokemon. 

In addition to that, being a member of Swords of Justice, it fought against humanity to protect all Pokemon. It can move at great speeds by throwing off its opponents and then attacking the horns on its head.

Its horns are as sharp as blades and can quickly knock out an opponent with a single hit. With the quartet group of Pokemon, it works to protect other Pokemon from humans.   

21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations6. Sceptile

Sceptile is one of those Pokemon that you can tell is a grass type pokemon with a single glance. It is one the best grass type pokemon ever since its introduction in Generation III.

21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

In its basic form it is Trecko then evolves into Grovyle and finally evolves into Sceptile. It can further evolve as well into Mega Sceptile. Reptiles inspire Sceptile’s character design. It is jungle pokemon and mainly lives in forests.

Moreover, it has seeds all over his body to its tail. Its seeds have nutrients that can revitalize trees in the forest. Sceptile can hop from branch to branch freely and also disguises its location from its enemies. 

Furthermore, Sceptile possesses the ability to cut down even thick trees. But in contrast, it loves trees and forests. Once under the sunlight, it can regulate its body temperature on will. After mega evolution, it becomes the Mega Sceptile.

Mega Sceptile has a slightly longer tail with a pointed red tip on its tail. It can further cut a portion of its tail to fire off a missile destroying its opponents.

The good news is that it can grow back its tail provided it has some energy left for mega evolution. We first get to witness this awesome Pokemon in Shocks and Bonds. Decidueye

21 Best Grass Type Pokemon of All Generations

7. Serperior

Serperior is a beautiful pokemon introduced in Generation V. Snivy evolves into Service and finally evolves into Serperior. Its pale green color and intricate body design make it one of the most popular Pokemon among fans.

It is a noble pokemon possessing powerful attack and defensive capabilities. Glare is one of its main abilities that can stop any opponent in its tracks.

Serperior takes in the sunlight and amplifies it to release its glare ability. His will shows Serperior’s noble status to only powerful attack opponents that are not affected by its glare ability.

Moreover, It raises its head to strike fear in its opponents’ hearts but does not go all out against weak foes. It has pretty good overall stats making it one of the best grass type pokemon out there. Serperior first appeared with Mako in the Zekrom and Reshiram.

Ash’s Pikachu also fought against Serperior in the battle tournament of the harvest festival. You can see this Pokemon in games, side games, events as well as animated series. Being a grass type pokemon Serperior is resistant to ground, water, grass, and electric type pokemon.    

8. Leafeon

Leafeon is another cute little grass type pokemon. We as fans got to witness its first appearance in Generation IV. It is one of the final forms of Eevee that evolves under the influence of a leaf stone or when near a moss rock.

Eevee has several other final forms such as Espeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. It is a mammal type pokemon with a tan body. Its internal cells are structured similarly to plants that allow it to perform photosynthesis.

Leafeon stays under sunlight to purify the air around itself. Photosynthesis becomes the source of its energy instead of eating. 

Leafeon is a peace-loving and quiet pokemon that tries to avoid fighting whenever possible. However, it has a very sharp leafy tail that it uses to fight off opponents that try to attack it.

Furthermore, it gives a similar aroma to that of plants, and as it ages, its aroma changes to that of fallen leaves. Leafeon seems to be the embodiment of plants.

It chooses to live in forests with clean river water. Its aroma is often used to create widely popular perfumes. Our list of best grass type pokemon wouldn’t be complete without Leafeon.     

9. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn is a weird-looking pokemon due to it being a dual-type ( Grass/Steel Type) pokemon. It was first introduced in Generation V, gaining a lot of popularity among fans.

Ferrothorn evolves from Ferroseed. Its entire body is covered with thorns having a steel structure. Vine-like long appendages extend from its head that also contains metallic spikes on them. It has fierce eyes with dark pupils. All of its spikes are even stronger than steel and can quickly defeat any opponent with a hit. 

More often than not, it uses its spiky tentacles to attach to the ceiling of the caves or even move around. As it attaches itself to the ceiling, it also absorbs the rocks’ nutrients to keep its energy levels high.

It also attacks its opponents from the ceiling, and they do not know when the attack is coming. We first witnessed this amazing Pokemon with officer Jenny in Iris and Rogue Dragonite. Ferrothorn is one of the best grass type pokemon.   

10. Zarude

Zarude is one of the best Grass type pokemon first introduced in Generation VIII. It is a dual-type pokemon being both grass and dark type. In the Pokemon universe, Zarude is considered as one of the mythical Pokemon.

We have no information on its evolution cycle. We got to witness this one of the best grass type pokemon on Pokemon Day 2020.

Unlike their appearance, Zarude likes to live in packs and is one of the most social Pokemon around. Most of the time, they are aggressive and scare the other Pokemon away from their area.  

It can rapidly release vines from several of its body parts such as the neck, soles of feet, and wrists. These vines come in handy to collect food, swing and even attack their opponents. Zarude’s vines can also collect energy and also heal wounds.

They have very sharp claws that are useful in defeating even the toughest of opponents with minimal effort. Throughout the show, we also get to know that they are capable of bonding and showing emotions.

Once a Zarude took in an orphan human child and raised it successfully. Zarude is truly one-of-a-kind grass type pokemon on this list. 

11. Torterra

Torterra makes the cut as it is both Ground/Grass Type pokemon when it comes to dual type pokemon. We first witnessed this Pokemon in Generation IV and looks like a tortoise at first glance.

At level 32, Grotle evolves to become Torterra, and it can further evolve to become Turtwig which is its final form. It is a bulky and tall Pokemon with a large covering of shell on its back similar to a tortoise. Other of its physical features include fierce red eyes and a small black nose. Also, it has two spikes on its cheeks. 

Its large shell makes for a good covering place, and many Pokemon gather around it to make their nests. They are known to support various Pokemon’s lives even to the extent where some are born under its shell and spend their life there as well.

Its shell contains trees and plants making it look like a forest. Its sheer size even gives the illusion of a moving forest.

Torterra usually migrates from one place to another mainly in search of water. But it spends most of its life stationary in one place. Torterra is one of the largest grass type pokemon around.  

12. Venasaur

If there’s one Pokemon on this list that may already know about is Venasaur. But still, if it doesn’t come to your mind, then you must remember Bulbasaur. It is the first form of Venasaur which evolves into Ivysaur and then into Venasaur.

Venasaur can further go through mega evolution and become mega Venasaur. It is one of the most likable grass type pokemon and has also been the mascot for games such as Pokemon Green and LeafGreen.

This Pokemon has vines popping out from its back as well as a flower. Both of which are used in a number of powerful attacks. The flower can store energy from sunlight and then use it as a powerful beam to attack its opponents. 

Its flower can grow vibrant with the help of sunlight. The flower on its back releases a scent calming other Pokemon’s emotions around and attracts them. It usually lives in the wild and grasslands. The anime series also reveals the Vensaur’s ability to manipulate nature and perform evolution ceremonies. 

13. Calyrex

Calyrex is a legendary grass type pokemon with no data on its evolution. It is also the mascot of the game The crown tundra. It can divide into two forms named Shadow Raider Clayrex and Ice Raider Calyrex.

It is known as the merciful king who ruled Galar in ancient times. This Pokemon is also able to communicate telepathically and possesses high intelligence. Its movement is filled with dignity and grace.

Calyrex is one of the most powerful Pokemon, and hence it is one of the best grass type pokemon as well. Its powers include seeing the present, past and future at will. Legends say it saved the Pokemon in the forest from meteors. It also can take control of a human’s body. 

14. Roserade

Roserade first appeared in Generation IV as both Poison and Grass Type Pokemon. Roselia evolves into Roserade which can further evolve into Budew. It is a cute pokemon with a wide range of attacking and defensive abilities.

Roserade gives off an aroma that lures its prey. She can throw jabs with her hands, and each hand contains a unique toxin that can quickly render her enemies helpless. The right arm can launch poison at fast speeds, whereas the left arm is a bit slow. Its poison can be deadly.  

15. Grookey

Grookey is a small pokemon from Generation VIII that can further evolve into Thwackey and Rillaboom. In pokemon sword and shield, Grookey is one of the starter pokemon. Its body structure is similar to that of a monkey.

It has two leaf-shaped hair on its head that also contains a stick between them. Grookey uses the stick to attack its opponents.

It can pat this stick with different rhythms on various objects that help the grass grow and flowers to bloom. Grookey can perform photosynthesis using its leaves and absorb sunlight to convert it into energy. 

16. Lurantis

Lurantis is a Generation VII Grass Type pokemon that can further evolve into Fomantis upon leveling up. It looks like a flower and also gives off a flowery aroma. Its aroma helps in performing a surprise attack by luring them nearby.

It is a glamorous pokemon that often moves with elegance and swiftness. To defend itself against foes, it can disguise its body like a bug. Its trainer needs to take a lot of care and perform grooming regularly to maintains its shape.

Lurantis can have a hard time bonding with a lazy trainer as it requires extra care. Some of its favorite attack moves are the solar blade and laser beams. 

17. Trevenant

Among the many dual-type Pokemon on this list, Trevenant is one of the Ghost and Grass Type pokemon. Its appearance has an uncanny resemblance to a brown tree.

A tree-like body helps it disguise itself against enemies and lay traps for the people who try to harm the forest. Although it is a peace-loving pokemon and rarely attacks others. It makes for a great shelter where other Pokemon can live. It is capable of learning a rare move called Forest’s curse.   

18. Rillaboom

Rillaboom is undoubtedly one of the best Grass Type pokemon on this list. It also has a Gigantamax form that was revealed in The Isle of Armor.

Upon a glance, you can notice its body structure resembles that of a gorilla. Rillaboom always carries a drum on its back and uses it during a battle. It helps to tap into its special powers.

If one hones its drumming technique then it can become the leader of the pack. It is very sensitive towards the pack’s harmony and always attacks those who try to harm it. The drum sounds it makes can even reach across oceans.    

19. Meganium

Meganium has been around for quite a while now. It is a widely popular pokemon that further evolves into Chikorita. Meganium looks like a green-colored dinosaur.

It has flower petals on its attack that can release aroma cable of soothing feelings of aggression and calmness.

Also, its breath can help revive flowers and plants. It is a very peaceful pokemon and doesn’t enjoy fighting at all. You will almost never find this Pokemon in the grasslands.

20. Gloom 

Gloom is a tiny little Grass Type pokemon. It has honey dripping from its mouth all the time. The smell can be curled from several miles. It has several great moves such as Bullet seed, Petal Blizzard, Seed Bomb, Solar Beam, Energy Ball, etc.     


The list contains some of the best Grass Type pokemon as we know of till now. It has Pokemon from almost every generation with various capabilities and stats. Some of them are fierce and unmatched in battle. We hope that you may have learned about some new and interesting grass type pokemon.