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13 Of The Best iTunes Alternatives To Try in 2022

If you are a fan of music, videos then there is a high possibility of you knowing the name of one of the oldest music apps, iTunes. Well, one of the oldest music-related apps is said to no more be suitable for Mac users. 

iTunes is in the industry for almost 2 decades but time by time its performance started deteriorating, therefore, Apple decided to launch something in place so they slowly get rid of it by MacOS Catalina. 

If you are confused or didn’t know about iTunes potential then let’s put some light on it.

What was the hype about iTune for 2 decades?

iTunes is the app that is in the market for the last 2 decades and was known for catering all the newly released songs and videos to its listeners before any app can. 

It was a wild card at its time because it provided you with the best media player, a library full of newly launched videos and songs, an internet radio broadcaster, a mobile device management utility as well as act as an immediate as it is the client for the iTunes store.

It had everything for its customers, from their favorite recent songs and videos in the market to the availability of their favorite singers. It was used to manage different departments such as contacts, SMS, audio files along with videos, and many more tasks.

Why the need for iTunes Alternatives?

The alternative need for one of the popular Apple’s music player turned outmoded heirloom is because of the media software’s bizarre, arbitrary design choices. One of the main reason people thinks of its failure is too many distinct features jammed in a single software. 

At a time, iTunes was considered a piece of popular music and video streaming app ‘ from Apple that every iOS music lover once experienced but with time its relation with customers turned hate-love relation. 

It is believed that when you expect too much from something then that it is guaranteed that you will be disappointed in the end and that’s what happened with iTunes. It has some pretty messed up interface that most of the time leaves their customers confused.

There is a large crowd of Android users who have also heard about one of the most hated Apple app iTunes but are still curious and have this question in mind, Is it possible to find iTunes alternatives for Android? So we also have an answer for it so stay tuned to find it.

In the end, is iTunes still the official app from Apple?

To clear the doubt or any confusion, Apple replaced its most hated app till now with a new update called macOS Catalina. The app iTunes is converted into 3 different apps that have totally different allotted functions. 

These apps are Apple Music, podcasts, and Apple TV so if you were looking for iTunes alternatives and could not find it or did find out but not pleased with it so do not look any further than here. 

Here we have summed up some iTunes alternatives for music lovers along with a simple interface loving crowd. 

Best iTunes Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Hold your breath as here comes a whole new level of apps that will most likely leave you with a pleasant experience than iTunes left.

1. Vox Media Player

If you are one of the iTunes users who got fed up with it and wants simple yet effective music streaming player with a long list of features then Vox Media Player (Download Here) may be what you were looking for.

Vox Media Player just like iTunes allows you to access a large number of audio formats as it not only supports the most common MP3 and MP4 but also lets you use other than these two such as FLAC, M4A, CUE, and APE.

Best iTunes Alternatives

One of the most loved functions of Vox is the streaming availability of both Tunes as well as own songs from the library. When we said a long list of features we meant the availability of streaming any tunes from YouTube, SoundCloud and has more than 30,000 + internet radio stations.

Not only it supports different audio format but the list of features also contain some other names such as gapless playback, cloud storage where you can save your music and videos, bass audio engine, as well as enhanced stereo.

All in all Vox Media player is a streaming player that seems like a wild card that any person looking for iTunes alternatives must check out.

2. PhoneRescue

The name itself suggests that it is there for your rescue. It will rescue you from iTunes and will provide aid for you so just once check it out.

PhoneRescue is there for your rescue when one of the most heartbreaking things happens to any technical user, data loss.

It is the best solution because no matter what kind of data you lost it will help you to recover it without sweating much it enables you to rescue more than 31 types of files.

The file type includes photos, docs, songs, videos, and any kind, the software doesn’t ask how your data is deleted, and rather than asking what kind of data gets deleted, it helps you to smoothly recover your data without wanting to plug your hair out.

PhoneRescue - Your iOS Data Recovery Solution

It has one of the easiest UI that lets you get the knack of it in no time therefore it is a less time-consuming iTunes alternative. Restoring the data in the app is as easy as clicking some of the keys and then boom, your data are restored.

Summing up I can give you 100% assurance that PhoneRescue is like finding the Ace card when it comes to iTunes alternatives hunt so go through its list of features.

3. Swinsain

The next iTunes alternative is Swinsain that is a music player. It has some eye-popping features like folder watching, duplicate finder, wider format support, smart playlist support along with advanced tag editing.

Best iTunes Alternatives

In the speed quota, our iTunes alternative can leave bullet train behind, and there is a minimum to no jinx even if your library contains more than any sane libraries can.

If you are a person who likes things according to their choice then Swimsain has an awesome customization interface that will amend the way you want them to be. One of the most loved features of the iTunes alternative is its easy access to music playback.

The easy access is done by its mini window or by the widget. In the time of getting rid of iTunes and want to transfer your whole music library from there then it is as simple as deleting iTunes from your device as you just have to clonk and once and abracadabra it imported.

I have used this software and from personal experience, it is one of the finest iTunes alternatives that you should check out.

4. Musicbee

iTunes was a multifunctional app and one of its known functions was its music platform so if you want a streaming platform just like it, then Musicbee is the best choice for music lovers. It has one of the friendly interfaces that can let you easily manage, play, and find the music in your system. 

13 Of The Best iTunes Alternatives To Try in 2022

It is the best source for you to sync your data between Windows PC and iOS devices without having a headache. It not only lets you do that but it also lets you work your way with music by connecting you with podcasts, web radio stations along with some SoundCloud tunes.

If you are a hardcore music fan, then it is a charming app that has everything a daily listener would require in the app. It has an easy intuitive UI along with a long list of features for its music-loving customers.

The customers went gaga over its 15-band equalizer that let them customize the settings according to their needs.

The wide list of features includes logarithmic volume scaling, support for WinAmp plugins, gapless playback, theme support along many more to add on so if you are interested then go have a look at it.

5. CopyTrans

When you are looking best iTunes alternatives for just managing music then CopyTrans will pass the exam of managing music with flying colors so if you want just an iTunes alternative for managing music then you have a solution here.

It also offers what iTunes couldn’t, as it has full-on customization so that the iTunes alternative’s music library will be up to your own taste rather than be according to default.

It has the features such as editing track titles, music genre, album titles, artwork with not much along with allowing you to fine-tune meta tags, rating and not only this but also lyrics of songs so that your library will look perfect to any other person.

One of the things that will catch your eye is the duplicate tracks that make their way into the library even under watchful eyes. 

In brief, I can say is the best platform that will for sure give other companies a hard competition for being the iTunes alternative that can manage music better than iTunes itself.

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6. Fidelia

Want the best apps that can perform as iTunes alternatives for uttermost quality then do not look any further than Fidelia. Just like its sterling name, its features and functionality are also echt.

It is one of the best mac audio players that can guarantee you a premium music experience. Fidelia supports all types of contemporary audio files and offers an excellent working interface that claims to give full attention to providing only the best quality music.

It provides its customers with the entity to customize, organize and savor their own made digital music collection without worrying about its safety. Apart from this, you can also find an armory of audio tools such as equalizers, CanOpener headphone modeler, compressors, etc.

It also lets you access 64-bit audio unit plug-ins. When comparing the functionality and services provided by iTunes and Fidelia then Fidelia is the best that not only does the job but provides the best you can find.

All in all, we can say it has the booshi feeling when it comes to music quality, let you access contemporary audio file formats, and support 64-bit audio unit plug-ins that add more charm to the app, Fidelia.

7. Gihosoft iManager

When you are looking through iPhone file manager apps, then Gihosoft iManager name will be there along with other leading apps.

It fulfills all the quota that is required to be claimed as the best iTunes alternatives that work pretty awesome on both macOS and Windows.

13 Of The Best iTunes Alternatives To Try in 2022

It can make other apps run for their money when questioning about friendly nature of the app. It let you manage your library with ease and allow you to transfer any file from your desktop whether it’s music, videos, images, or docs to iPhone or iPad or vice versa.

It has a tendency to back up your file without any hassle and then retrieve it without wanting to bang your head or phone against the wall. It has an extra layer of safeguard to let the customer have a full feeling of safety and security. 

If you want what iTunes provides in terms of encrypting the data then Gihosoft is the iTunes alternatives that do the same. Not only backing up is easy, but archiving old backups is also available for Gihosoft’s users.

By doing this, it ensures more space on your device so after seeing the details we can surely give the title of iTunes alternatives to Gihosoft iManager.

8. Tunesgo

In the list of iTunes app that can transfer and let its customers back up their confidential files such as photos, contacts, and not forget, music then Tunesgo is one such name in the list. It is its own head so there is no interaction between iTunes and  Tunesgo.

It easily let its customer transfer songs from any desktop to iOS devices and vice versa. It has some pretty awesome functions such as designing iPhone ringtones, eradicating duplicate tracks to manage your library as well as fixing music tags.

The feature that caught every one of its users is the ability to make a backup of the whole image gallery along with the ability to sort it by customers’ filters. If you are a person who always has a large collection of images in their library then the photo management tool of Tunesgo is the ideal deal for you.

TunesGo: User Interface Introduction & Discover Music on TunesGo

It also surprises its customers with the entertaining feature of creating a GIF, it is possible to do so as you can convert static images to GIFs as well as convert any video to gifs straightforwardly.

When counting the features, You can consider Tunesgo as one of the best iTunes alternatives.

9. Clementine

iTunes substitute that can allow you to organize your music library pretty well with simplicity then Clementine is all-new iTunes alternatives that you are looking for.

It has a pretty intuitive interface that lets this Amarok 1.4 inspired multiplatform music players to catch every passing customer to it. 

This function of Clementine let its users keep their library customize according to their taste and besides this, the open-source software also lets you listen to songs from several streaming sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Icecast, Grooveshark, SomaFM, Magnatune and many more known named are there in the list along with streaming music from the Internet Radio.

10. Dr.Fone

iTunes is not only used for streaming music but it also functions for a different tasks so if you used it for some more complex tasks such as backup, or permanently reading data from your iPhone and such task then Dr.Fone is the best deal for you to look through.

It let you create backups, retrieve the data, recovers the deleted data from your iPhone, transfer the files, messages, and even contacts from your computer to your iPhone and vise versa, and many more functions.

It has some advanced features that no other software provides such as the ability to run repair scripts. It easily repairs normal day bugs and iOS problems that include normal problems such as being stuck at bootup, recovery mode looping, and many more.

These iTunes alternatives are for those iPhone users who are on the adventure ride to find a new aspect of their iPhone at a valuable price but in the end, it’s worth it.

11. Amarok

If you are a person who wants software with lots of features for you to use then Amarok is considered to be one such iTunes alternative that will provide you lot of tasks.

For instance, Amarok has a wide range of tools that can enhance your music experience by letting you expertly manage and play music. 

It offers better control over your listening activity because of the web services integration as well as last.fm integration allows you to listen to last.fin.radio. Keeping this aside, it also lets you remotely connect to the Ampache music server along with playback media files.

It let you keep an open eye on uploading MP3 tunes locker as well as lets you download it. It leaves you with a hassle-free experience due to hassle-free management along with a feature of creating your own playlist that automatically gets updated.

12. Musique

You all will agree that every mac music player sucks but Musique is one such music player that won’t suck.

It is not only the app that has a straightforward and simple UI but it also packs tons of features and at the same time does not lose its agility. It has its own built-in lyrics finder feature that extracts the lyrics out of any streaming song.

Best iTunes Alternatives 1

It is one of the best management apps that pretty much catch the attention of every neat, music lover as it organizes the music by artists and album names in an eye-attracting mosaic view.

The most amusing feature that can be seen in Musique is the retaining of the folder structure of the collection displaying the music in exactly the way its customers would have wanted to customize.

In the end, I can say that if you are looking for a neat and effective mac music player that does not suck then Musique is the best iTunes alternatives that will fill in your quota so don’t waste your time and go have a look.

13. Dearmob iPhone Manager

Searching for all in one app that does not ask you to find a different app for different functions then Dearmob iPhone Manager is the best solution for you that will let you swiftly manage your media and music. 

Best iTunes Alternatives 2

It also lets you transfer your files between desktops and iOS devices along with creating automatic backups as well as encrypts data for full security measurement. It does not let you feel that you are using any iTunes alternative but iTune itself.

Even after full of features the software is still letting users feel normal but intuitive. It is a straightforward app so it will not create any hassle for you and would easily get the knack of it.

If you are a fan of managing apps then it is also helpful as it lets you manage your images. You can also transfer your images between devices as fast as a bullet train but also you can manage and delete photos, albums accordingly as well as preview and convert HEIC images. 

Besides this, it also places in front of you a feature-rich audio management offer that makes the whole process of organizing songs easier, and last but not least you can access the software on both Windows and macOS so it does not matter which operating system you are using.

Wrapping up I can say that in the end if you seriously want software that can function almost everything then there is no better option than Dearmob iPhone Manager is the best deal for you guys. It is also the best deal for a neat person.


In this list, we have seen some of the best iTunes alternatives in the market. iTunes has been there for ages but it is not the only solution in the world. Hopefully, this article has helped you in making the right decision.