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17 Best Apple TV Games To Play on Your Apple TV

Your Apple TV is not only for enjoying your best TV shows and movies on Netflix or using iTunes anymore! There is so much to do, and if you are interested in gaming, this post is sincerely curated for you.

There are dozens of incredibly interesting games you can easily play with your family and friends on your Apple TV. The brand has done excellent work when it comes to covering all the different niches, and fortunately, they didn’t ignore the expectations from gamers.  

You can download a lot of different types of games from the App Store and play directly on your Apple TV. Most of these games are also available for iPhone and iPad but are designed a bit differently to suit the larger screen of the Apple TV.

Thanks to the in-built, voice-powered Siri remote, you can get the best experience of some of the best Apple TV games. Let’s find out more in detail about them.  

Best Apple TV Games – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Rayman Adventures  

One of the most played and at the same time, most loved Apple TV games with an extraordinary storyline.

There is an enchanted forest on the game under so much trouble – the ancient eggs that are known for sustaining the popular Sacred Tree are mysteriously stolen and scattered all over the place.

Best Apple TV Games

As a gamer and explorer, you have to take the charge and explore an incredible adventure and try to help Rayman and his loyal friends find and rescue the ancient eggs. You have to ensure all of them can successfully give a new life to the Sacred Tree.  

The game is about a perfect blend of timeless adventures and awe-inspiring visuals. There are as many as 55 playable characters in the game!

Whether you love the character of Rayman, or you want to see yourself ad Barbara, or you even want to be Teensie, you have plenty of different options.

Swim, hover, run, and take the big flying leaps to cross the beautifully-sprayed 200+ levels. Collect the extraordinary INCREDIBALLS with three unique abilities – inhaler, protector, and seeker! Complete 50 amazing INCREDIBALL families with your understanding and sense. 

Rayman Adventures – Promo Trailer

Features of Rayman Adventures:-

  • More than 55 different interesting characters  
  • A perfect mixture of breath-taking visuals and timeless adventures  
  • More than 320 unique INCREDIBALLS with special abilities  
  • Go through the gameplay and find hidden treasures  
  • 7 different, action-packed extraordinary worlds to explore  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

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2. Shadowmatic  

Shadowmatic is the next on my list of the best Apple TV games. The game is designed entirely around an imagination-stirring puzzle where you are challenged to rotate interesting abstract objects in a confusing spotlight.

By solving the puzzles, you have to unearth various recognizable silhouettes innovatively hidden in projected shadows. All the hidden objects are however relevant to the environment in which you play the game.

Best Apple TV Games 1

The exciting “Other Worlds” chapter in the game contains more than 30 levels featured in 3 unique thematic environments – music, space, and ancient worlds. The chapter is obviously available with a premium subscription, but worth giving a try for sure.  

The thing that has fascinated me the most is the stunning graphical visuals combined with captivating and relaxing gameplay. You will surely face a lot of infinitely varied and unexpected silhouettes throughout your journey to discover the perfect solution.

There are 15 different rooms in the game, and each one is decorated with a very unique atmosphere, concept, and music. There are some very logical hints across the gameplay, and you don’t only have to notice them but to follow them correctly to move ahead in the right direction. 

Shadowmatic Gameplay Video

Features of Shadowmatic:-

  • Essayed across 130 interesting levels in 15 beautiful environments  
  • Gorgeous graphics with a captivating gameplay  
  • Nonlinear level progression to try a completely different set of challenges  
  • Arcade mode with achievements and rewards  
  • Easily synchronized with Apple TV  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

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3. Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Enjoy an epic story based on competitive and cooperative multiplayer, and a fascinating social hub in one of the best games for Apple TV.

In the interesting and futuristic world of the Shadowgun Legends, you have to be the protector and save humanity under severe attack from a dangerous, deadly alien invader! Shadowguns – the legendary heroes and warriors are the last line of defense, and the alien invaders are ready to try everything to breach the defense.

Best Apple TV Games 2

You are one among those brave-hearted soldiers and you have all the potential to completely turn the tide in favor of the innocent people. Are you ready to take on the challenge? 

Save humanity from the unknown invader in the city across an epic story staged over 200+ missions and designed across very diverse plants. You are challenged to join hands with your brave soldier friends and defeat the giant alien bosses for the legendary loot and a lot of glories.

The game offers you the option of playing in real-time player mode as well as in the player team battles. Fight the powerful rivals in both fascinating modes in a completely diverse arena.

Collect a wide range of armors and pieces and build your own, unique, and powerful armor sets. Take on the alien invaders and become the latest hero of the city!  

Features of Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS:-

  • A fascinating real-time multiplayer game designed across a wonderful atmosphere  
  • Allows you to select from 600+ unique weapons and build your own armor sets  
  • 250+ cosmetic items to make your shadowgun standout even from your friends’  
  • Enables you to pick your playstyle and skills  
  • Innovative social features including interaction with real-life players  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

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4. Oddmar  

The Oddmar game is designed around the most important character of the game – Oddmar, and it is plotted beautifully in the place called “Valhalla”. Oddmar is a powerful Viking and is trying his best to maintain his potential.

Best Apple TV Games 3

He’s struggling with life in the village and is unfortunately shunned by his fellow Vikings. Oddmar has no option but to redeem himself and reach his ultimate squandered potential.

What do you have to do in the game? You have to accept the challenge and play up to 24 levels of well-designed puzzles and challenges.  

Keep running, jumping, and attacking to progress! Each level in the game is featured with 3 hidden talismans, and you have to protect yourself from the attack using powerful magical weapons.

Immerse yourself in a very unique Viking story, discover magically imbued shields and weapons, find the difference between friends and foes, and go through a journey of snowy mountains, magical forests, and treacherous mines.

And you don’t even need an internet connection to play one of the best Apple TV games! Simply download it once from the Apple Store, and there you go!  

Oddmar - Release Trailer

Features of Oddmar:-

  • Takes you through a beautiful journey of challenges and puzzles  
  • Discover powerful and interesting shields and weapons to improve your potential  
  • 3 interesting hidden talismans to explore  
  • Enjoy the challenging game beautifully essayed across 24 levels  
  • The game enables you to differentiate between friends and foes  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

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5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the most popular mobile games is now available for your Apple TV as well! I don’t think you are completely unaware about one of the all-time great racing games to date! I recommend you to try Asphalt 8 even if you are not interested in racing games!

The game replicates all the details and the beautiful environments you see in real-life races. You have complete control on the game on the game to decide the outcome.

The game offers you hours of never-ending gameplay with multiple languages support. There are more than 300, yes 300 official racing cars in the game!  

Best Apple TV Games 4

Thanks to the stunningly designed graphics, you can enjoy the ultimate 60-FPS experience while interacting between the environment, tracks, and vehicles – all are based on the concept of modern physics.

And the intense arcade gameplay is there to give you a thrill of gravity-defying racing. Enjoy racing in the high-octane multiplayer experience in the real-time multiplayer action.

Add up to 12 opponents, compete and win the races in style! You also get a massive content depth in the game! There are as many as 400+ career events with 6 unique care collections and 1,500 car mastery challenges!  


Features of Asphalt 8: Airborne:-

  • High-octane multiplayer experience  
  • Stunning graphics based on a real-life racing environment  
  • As many as 400+ career events with 1,500+ car mastery challenges  
  • Allows you to customize as well as upgrade all your rides  
  • Intense and high-octane multiplayer experience with dozens of racer avatars  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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6. Crossy Road  

One of the best Apple TV games available on the app store! The game is easily available for iPhone and iPad but can be so much fun when you play on the big screen of your Apple TV.

The gorgeous and simplistic graphics make the Crossy Road game a treat for seasoned gamers. The gameplay is simply beyond amazing covering an exciting and engaging story.

You have to find the answers to several interesting questions throughout the course of the game. Why does the Chicken try to cross the road? After all, why the Pigeon leave something suspicious there? Why Unihorse eats candies all the time? And so on!  

You have a lot of different fun characters as well as items to unlock and explore. From barnyard animals to robots and other exciting characters, the game is packed with so much fun.

Crossy Road Official Trailer (GP)

All of them in the game are in pursuit of moving as far and as fast as possible to avoid getting nailed and crushed by the tractor-trailer.

You will also love different backgrounds in the game while playing different characters. And all the characters produce a bit of unique sound when you play the game!  

Features of Crossy Road:-

  • An exciting and engaging storyline with a wonderful gameplay  
  • Packed with multiple different characters in different roles  
  • Allows you to change the background according to different characters  
  • Simple and clean user interface  
  • Compatible with Siri and Apple TV remote  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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7. Dungeon Hunter 5  

Join the hands of millions of powerful Bounty Hunters and experience the most intense and exhilarating slash-and-hack adventure on your Apple TV!

The Dungeon Hunter 5 is among the top Apple TV games known for its extraordinary storyline and very interesting gameplay. It’s you who have to decide whether you will fifth for the good or you will instead go for the gold.

The land in the countryside is in chaos due to some unknown and mysterious reasons. And the chaos has caused a sudden rise in darkness all around. People in the countryside have no other option but to fend against monsters, bandits, and other types of terrors.  

You have the chance to become the savior for them and become the real hero! You have to hunt down the villains and monsters and clear all the 94 missions of the extraordinary story.

Best Apple TV Games 5

Discover a wide range of environments from the barbarous and cold Valen Outpost to the shattered realm of Valenthia. Explore as many as 900 pieces of armor and weaponry, unleash them all to create hundreds of devastating spells of skills and determination!

Protect your arena from 50 plus trap rooms and hundreds of minions. Become the real hero and protect the people from fear, devastation, and terror!  

Features of Dungeon Hunter 5:-

  • Based on a thrilling and captivating storyline  
  • Packed with so many different fighting styles, armors, and weapons  
  • Be a part of the raid and grab sanctum assault gear  
  • Select from one-player and multiplayer modes  
  • Hundreds of exciting customization options  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

8. Hidden Folks  

If you are still a fan of that epic black and white era, you are certainly going to fall in love with one of the best Apple TV games – Hidden Folks.

The game is based on a completely different and unique black and white concept and serves a massive challenge of playing with a strange animation and a lot of movement.

You have to play the game with a bunch of different moving parts and people. There are different strips of targets you have to look for! Click on each target to know what you have to do. Follow the hint or your instincts and do the best judgment!   

Keep searching for the hidden folks on an interactive, hand-designed landscape full of miniatures and interesting characters. Cut and go through the bushes, unfurl dozens of tent flaps, and slam the doors! Hey, beware of the hidden crocodiles!

They are going to roar all of a sudden if you touch them accidentally! The app is packed with as many as 32 hand-designed areas, more than 300 targets, 500+ unique interactions, 2000+ mouth-originated, creepy sound effects! In short, so much excitement is packed in a single game!  

Hidden Folks - Official Trailer

Features of Hidden Folks:-

  • 300+ exciting targets to explore  
  • 500+ unique interactions packed with 2000+ sound effects  
  • Multiple color modes including sepia, normal, and night  
  • Very simple and glitch-free user interface  
  • Packed with so much fun, quirk, and humor  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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9. Lumino City  

Lumino City is a very exciting puzzle adventure game created sophisticatedly only by the hand with the card, paper, motors, and miniature lights. You have to go through a gorgeous environment filled with puzzling and charming adventures.

The story is about Lumi’s grandfather, the savior, and caretaker of Lumino City. Unfortunately, he has been kidnapped. You have to explore the city thoroughly to find the whereabouts of Lumi’s grandfather.

17 Best Apple TV Games To Play on Your Apple TV

On the way, you will surprisingly find out about the power and fascinating mechanisms of the Lumino city. The game is already a winner of multiple international awards and fittingly so.  

The city is entirely designed and developed by hands. You have so much to explore beyond the city – including gardens in the sky, houses dug perfectly into the cliffs, and boats beautifully marooned high on a high and immense waterwheel.

Thanks to a seamless and immersive user interface, you are certainly going to love the game especially if you play it on the Apple TV. The tactile puzzles are handcrafted from real materials, and I am sure you are going to be fascinated with a perfectly-designed miniature world featured with physical playthings. 

Lumino City - Google Play Trailer

Features of Lumino City:-

  • Immersive, highly-interactive gameplay for a fascinating gaming experience  
  • All the items in the game are beautifully handcrafted  
  • So much to explore in a real model city  
  • Offers you dozens of different puzzles to solve  
  • Allows you to sync all your progress on iCloud  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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10. Lichtspeer  

Lichtspeer is a beautifully- created, fast-paced, light spear-throwing simulator game based on an ancient Germanic background. The game offers you a lot of unique things to explore from the beloved 80s arcade rush to a very stylish psychedelic adventure.

The land is full of Wurst Zombies, Penguin Vikings, and Hipster Ice Giants. You have to find different interesting ways of survival and prove that survival is nothing more than art!

You are an ancient fighter with an elegant weapon and you are summoned to try your best and finally restore the balance and peace in the land!  

Best Apple TV Games 7

Are you good enough to accept the challenge? Are you skilled enough to be the savior for the land? The game is just a perfect combination of the nostalgia from the 80s, brutality, style, and psyche.

You can be the ultimate fighter and achieve the unthinkable simply by being the best – but as a real-life scenario, “simply being the best is not simple” in the game too!

You have more than 60 challenging levels to cross with 10 upgradable Lithpowers. Try to fight with the bosses and prove that you can play the game with some success!  

Features of Lichtspeer:-

  • A beautiful combination of 80’s nostalgia and modern technology  
  • Dozens of different enemies to fight against  
  • Allows you to use up to 10 upgradable Litchpowers  
  • More than 60 levels full of challenges, danger, and a lot of other things  
  • 6 unique battles with achievements and leader boards  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5  

Download App on Apple App Store

11. Modern Combat 5  

Modern Combat 5 is also among the best Apple TV games featured with a fascinating atmosphere from an extremely dangerous war zone. You have to jump into the war and become the hero for thousands of people and protect them from your opponents.

17 Best Apple TV Games To Play on Your Apple TV

You are allowed to play alone if you don’t want to play with a team, and even create a squad of up to 11 players! Test your decision-making and fighting skills through a challenging battle against a wide range of online rivals from across the world!

You can also join the thrilling and captivating solo play campaign and go through one dire situation to another, and protect the world from lunatic’s apocalyptic plans!  

You can select from multiple playstyles that suit you the most! From assault to recon, heavy, sniper, bounty, and hunter, you have plenty of different options to choose from!

Activate the skills specific to different classes and earn rewards by spending your skill points! There are dozens of different live online FPS battles to be a part of!

The squad v squad mode is all about blazing guns and the sounds of the bullets all over the place! The game even allows you to talk to the players in your squad and make the most suitable plans to combat the enemy.

All in all, more than a complete war-zone game to get a fascinating experience on your Apple TV.  

Modern Combat 5 Trailer

Features of Modern Combat 5:-

  • Intense solo play campaign as well as a very interesting squad versus squad mode  
  • Highly customizable controls to select from 
  • High-tier guns with multiple other weapons  
  • Stunning graphics, voice performances, and music  
  • Allows you to win free, exciting rewards across the gameplay  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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12. SketchParty TV 

One of the must-haves and among the best Apple TV games especially if you want to have some fun time at parties or with your friends!

The SketchParty TV game is a very interesting Pictionary-style guessing and drawing game specially designed to be played at the parties on your Apple TV! Assemble all your friends, cousins, and siblings and immerse yourself into a completely different world of gameplay, graphics, and characters.

You have a lot to do in the game! From buying an easel, some markers, and a huge pad of paper to writing down the list of words, and guessing under specific rules, the app offers you so much in terms of options.  

Play the fun-drawing game and use different items you have all around. You can play the game with up to 8 players and have some fun especially if you are getting bored at a party or don’t have anything to do.

Find someone to be your teammate, guess right, and earn valuable points! Add and edit different types of words keeping the rules of the game in mind. A wonderful game for those who want to play and learn.

The game enables you to learn new words and phrases every day and take your vocabulary to an altogether different level. Enjoy the game with your family and friends, and rediscover a fun way of learning and improving!  

Features of SketchParty TV:-

  • A very interesting drawing game, suitable for parties  
  • Allows you to play with up to 8 players  
  • Easily synced with various Apple devices  
  • A lot of new words and phrases to discover  
  • Very simple, easy, and intuitive user interface  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

13. Alto’s Adventure  

Alto’s Adventures is another incredible, feature-packed game you can perfectly enjoy on your Apple TV. In the game, you have to play as Alto – an endless runner.

Snowboard down the challenging slopes, keep catching the Llamas, show your interesting tricks, and collect the coins! And the game is simply stunning, jaw-dropping, and pulchritudinous!

Best Apple TV Games 9

It’s not only about the gameplay or character in the game. You can expect a melodious, heart-touching soundtrack across the gameplay as well!  

There are so many running games available. But unlike most of them, you don’t have to take pressure to ensure your survival in the game.

You keep running, time passes, you snowboard through different landscapes, mountains, villages, you keep bunting lanes and rooftops – there is no stopping whatsoever! I am sure you won’t get bored playing this amazingly satisfying running game!

And don’t worry about getting choked in case if you inevitably fall on your head while attempting the backflip!  

Alto's Adventure - Google Play Trailer

Features of Alto’s Adventure:-

  • Cool, graceful, fluid, and thrilling physics-based gameplay  
  • Methodologically designed based on real-world snowboarding  
  • One button trick system, easy and simple to learn, and difficult to master  
  • Allows you to stack together with the combos and earn points  
  • Hundreds of handcrafted goals to test your skills   

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

14. Reptide GP 2  

Here is one of the best Apple TV games for those who are looking for an Asphalt 8 alternative. The best part of the game is, it takes much less space when compared to Asphalt 8’s 2.5 GB+ consumption.

The game is designed around a premier console-quality water-racing environment. It takes you through everything you want from a racing game – including the intense multi-player racing modes, overdrives irrespective of the road types, upgradeable hydro jets, and some of the most interesting bike rides.

Best Apple TV Games 10

The developers have certainly improved the overall graphics of the game with the latest update, and you are certainly going to love this version!  

The all-new career mode is also included. And you should be ready for a completely unique, whole new stunt experience with dozens of different new tricks to try. The game is also featured with rocket-powered hydro jets.

And you have the opportunity to fly them across the futuristic tracks beautified with an interactive and dynamic water surface. Unlock outrageously beautiful stunts and master them throughout the gameplay!

Surprise the crowd, get the accolades instantly with your performance, and become more competitive with each level. Get ready for a visually stunning, fast, and fun racing experience with Reptide GP2!  

Riptide GP®2 Launch Trailer - Google Play

Features of Reptide GP2:-

  • Allows you to show off your driving skills in a 4-way online battle mode  
  • Different types of environments to explore in an all-new career mode  
  • As many as 9 powerful hydro jets to explore  
  • 25 outrageous new stunts to master  
  • Break the records of best timings in the interesting VR challenge mode  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

15. Oceanhorn TM  

You are one of the most important characters in the interesting Oceanhorn game. And you suddenly wake up and get a letter from your father. You get to know that he’s gone!

But where? The old notebook and the mysterious necklace are the only leads you have to rely on! Explore the captivating island of Uncharted Seas, an interesting world full of many puzzles, secrets, and dangers.

Fight the enemies in monsters, learn to use different tricks, and discover the hidden ancient treasures across the storyline! The treasures are so important that they are going to decide your fate! But hey, why would you allow them to do that!? 

Use your willpower, determination, and wits to unravel the stunning mysteries of the ancient kingdom known as “Arcadia” and fight against the sea monster called “Oceanhorn”!

Can you finally become the savior? Can you fight the monster? Are you brave enough to unearth interesting stories and find the whereabouts of your father? There are so many thrilling questions waiting to be answered in the game.

And the fascinating storytelling is perfectly blended with breath-taking 3D visuals and an exciting environment – in short, you have a lot to explore and find in the game. So, take on the challenge and see if you can be the ultimate hero!  

Oceanhorn Trailer, Android / Google Play

Features of Oceanhorn TM:-

  • Hours of captivating storyline with a challenging gameplay  
  • Go on a challenging quest and find ancient items along the way  
  • Perfect touch controls for an excellent Apple TV gaming experience  
  • Interesting music is directly taken from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito  
  • A world full of many secrets, puzzles, and dangers  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

16. Playded’s INSIDE  

If you are always interested in game mysterious puzzles, then you should certainly have a look at one of the best Apple TV games – Playdead’s INSIDE! The game is nothing less than a “masterpiece” when we talk about the gameplay, features throughout, and the stunningly attractive storyline!

It’s a 2D puzzle game in which you have to keep moving forward to complete the interesting stories. But that’s not enough!

You have to keep solving interesting puzzles on your way towards completing the levels and winning. The game is very similar to the popular game “LIMBO”, and surely gives a pretty similar gameplay experience.  

All the puzzles in the game are fun, immersive, and captivating, but are certainly not easy to solve! Do you have the gut to take on the challenge to solve them? And it’s not only about solving the puzzles!

You also have to be ready for sudden, mind-boggling dark humor throughout the gameplay. With the game, you are guaranteed a never-forgetting experience thanks to a fascinating concept of creativity and design.

The game is handcrafted top to bottom with gorgeous animations, graphics, with an interesting pitch-back sense of humor! 

Features of Playdead’s INSIDE:-

  • A captivating and thrilling storyline designed in a wonderful gaming environment  
  • High-quality graphics with immersive design  
  • Stunning artwork with dozens of different puzzles to solve  
  • A lot of hidden surprises across the gameplay  
  • Surprising attention to all the details in the game  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 /5

Download App on Apple App Store

17. Horizon Chase  

Another very exciting game for the lovers of racing games! It’s nothing less than a love letter for those who always find retro racing fascinating.

The addictive game is beautifully inspired by the epic era of the 80’s and ’90s, and each curve in the game will take you through the lap of Horizon chase based on realistic classic arcade racing gameplay.

You can expect a lot of fun with unbound speed limits and enjoy the game at full throttle! The game brings back to you the stunning graphic context of “that” inspiring 16-bit generation and maintains the style of the past without compromising with the modern concept of racing gameplay.  

China Spirit l Horizon Chase New DLC

The game takes you through a competitive, fascinating tour of the world, and you can run through extraordinary races to earn those glittering trophies.

Drive your car through the sun settings, snowy rains, volcanic ashes, green countryside, severe sandstorms, and more! Whether you want to play the game in a day environment or you are more into the night scenery, the game will certainly take you through fascinating postcards from across the world.

Try and win the exclusive “Senna Forever Expansion Pack” and relieve the greatest driving moments of Ayrton Senna! 

Features of Horizon Chase:-

  • Designed perfectly in a fascinating environment handpicked from across the world  
  • Much more than just a simple, competitive racing game 
  • 16-bit graphics reinvented in a completely different way  
  • Takes you through a tour of the world’s most fascinating horizons  
  • Dozens of glittering trophies to win  

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store

To Sum It Up  

That’s all about my review of the best Apple TV games you should try at least once. Rayman Adventure is easily the number one game due to its fascinating gameplay and interesting features.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is my favorite – simply because I am a fan of racing games since my childhood! You should give this game a try even if you don’t like racing games much – I can guarantee a fun-filled, thrilling experience.  

If you are interested more in solving puzzles, Hidden Folks has so many surprises for you. And for those who always look for new fighting games, Modern Combat 5 is definitely a thing of beauty!

In short, I have listed 17 of the best games across niches, and from now on, you should never be short on options while exploring the games to be played on your brand-new Apple TV! Stop searching and start playing now!