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11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

The ultimate excitement of going on a trip to places you have always wanted to explore is such a joyous and overwhelming experience! From luxurious hotels to delicious food, from long rides to amazing adventures, from new clothes to a lot of selfies everything gets on a to-do list as you plan for a trip to some dream place.

But, one basic thing trips require is money to travel! Being short on it, you sometimes have to cancel your well-planned tours or your most desirable adventures and that is something extremely disappointing.

What if I tell you that you can travel places and have a real-life experience and the best adventures in no time and absolutely free? Well, I know that might drive you crazy, but the answer is YES!

The fabulous VR travel apps have come up with a variety of different features to make you feel the adventure and fun you have been looking for, even while relaxing on your bed or lying on your couch! The apps have a set of extremely exciting exposures for you to enjoy.

You can visit beautiful beaches, hot deserts, magnificent mountains, or pleasing plains in no time and effortlessly by using the best VR travel apps! You can have adventures that will leave you with a hangover for days!

So, here’s a list of the best VR Travel apps for you to explore!

Best VR Travel Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Ascape VR – Your Escape to Virtuality

When reality seems boring and you want to traverse over time and distance, you can always use the Ascape VR app.

You can travel from Cuba to Botswana to Miami to Europe all on one app! The app has 360° virtual video production which makes your trip even more realistic and lively. Ascape is a free app for its users with plenty of scenic and beautiful VR tours mainly designed for wanderlust.

One moment you can be viewing high-rise buildings in New York and the other moment you will be having reindeers racing in Norway.

On the app, you can get free and full out-of-reality experiences easily, with virtual tours and exquisite visual content. With one click, the user can become a world traveler connecting him/her to thousands of different dreamy destinations with no need for a passport at all!

Ascape VR lets you experience the planet’s most splendid locations from anywhere around the globe. All that users need to do is simply rotate their phones, tie up their seatbelts and explore some of the most phenomenal locations around the world.

San Francisco, CA - Virtual Reality Tour (360 video)

The user can watch a parade in Disneyland or enjoy the sunrise in Sydney just so easily! One can always escape reality with Ascape VR and become a world traveler in no time! With this, you can simply spend your time relaxing and enjoying.

The users on Ascape VR can also have their own personal travel list ready and then they can explore places in no time!

2. Sites in VR – The Anywhere Door

Travel anywhere without even having to move! On Sites in VR, you can live the moment as if you were present physically over there!

With Sites in VR, the user gets 360° panoramic images of some of the major landmarks on your virtual tour. This app has almost every place to visit in VR.

Sites in VR have realistic graphics in VR which becomes even more exciting for the user. Also, the app has different VR modes. The user gets real 3D experience and works with 100% accuracy! 

Best VR Travel Apps

The screen can easily be rotated, thereby making the user even more comfortable. You can move from one photo to the other and the next and have some of the really good experiences on the app.

All the images on the app are crystal clear and very beautiful. The app also provides easy-to-use tweaking of the VR setting for more lively encounters!

Another extraordinary feature of the app is that the user can connect any VR headset and the app would still work efficiently. The user can always visit the same place over and over again.

The app works perfectly with most of the androids and iOS phones which reduces the trouble of the user having the latest and most expensive phones.

Even when you are stuck homesick, you can still travel from France, Holland, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Morocco, Greece, Yemen, Syria Macedonia, Belgium, Italy, Kuwait, and even Space! The app is easy simple to use and user-friendly too!

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3. Qantas – For All Your Virtual Trips

Qantas will transport you from your bed to unique Qantas destinations. Even before you arrive at your destination you can already explore it.

The most unique feature of the app is the first virtual fly-over of Uluru. The app has some really distinguishing places in Australia to visit! You also get to experience the most noticeable natural rock formations across the world in the app.

Best VR Travel Apps 1

Travel to all the breathtaking destinations, be it Kakadu or Sydney. Also, the user can easily switch between 2D and VR views. For those who have a compatible VR headset, there is a split-screen mode and also a 2D landscape mode for viewing directly on a smartphone.

The User also has an option of booking their flights to the desired destinations from within the app itself. After working in partnership with Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the app has launched 13 new videos, focusing majorly on aerospace screening.

Qantas is available for both Android and iOS. For the users dreaming to visit Australia, a passport is no longer a requirement! They just need to connect their VR headset and easily travel across Australia painlessly.

The VR features of the app are very magnificent and lively. With the app, the user gets accessibility to real-time traveling and exploring new places, which is both fun and adventure for the user.

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4. VeeR VR

Apart from places, for those who want to relish watching movies in VR mode, VeeR is the perfect app! VeeR VR has a wide range of movies varying from science fiction to travel documentaries and even animation movies.

The app has a variety of movies from award-winning studios and also a lot of videos that can easily be watched and enjoyed on the app. VeeR VR app has hours of content to watch.

11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

The users can also get connected to channels on the basis of their preferences or choices for the same kind of content/videos. VeeR also recommends top-quality videos for its users to explore.

Real-time experiences can be made by easily tilting your phone sideways. One favorable feature of the app is that it provides the user with a variety of wide-ranging videos, so boredom is never going to strike if the user chooses VeeR VR app. 

Another astonishing aspect of the app is that even if the user falls short of the VR glasses, he/she still has access to operate the app. So, this cuts the cost for the user and helps him/her to relax and explore easily.

With exclusive premium, the users can also explore VR 360, VR photos, videos, and other interesting features. Also, they can discover new dimensions beyond HD on the app. Overall, the app is great exposure to virtual reality!

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5. Within VR

Within VR is an app that would dive you deep into the world and craze virtual reality. You can leave your hectic work behind and explore the extravagant features that the app has to offer.

With the distinctive mindset of not only providing entertainment but also captivating people’s minds and hearts, Within VR has extremely exclusive movies of different genres to be fond of.

The app has a flagship product called Supernatural that lets its users have a halt from their haphazardous schedule and get face-time with experts that take you on a virtual tour to different and the most beautiful places across the world.

11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

The experts also have your workouts choreographed to the best music that will surely calm your mind and provide you with immense peace.

For kids, there’s an app “Wonderscope” (only available on iOS) that changes simple and ordinary stories to enhanced and extraordinary ones! Kids can also have a conversation with the animated characters and can have a full-on adventure ready for them!

Primarily the app focuses on cinematic VR. Of all the places you’ve had daydreams of, they are easy to access and travel using the app.

The app works efficiently on the majority of smartphones and headsets, which attracts the user to it. The user’s experience is truly incredible after using the Within VR app.

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6. Egypt 360 VR

Egypt 360 VR lets its users travel virtually anywhere all over Egypt! You can take a Virtual reality tour of Egyptian pyramids, the River Nile, the Red Sea, and whatnot!

The users can zoom in to explore Egypt via 360° panoramas. It has 100+ different tourist locations to have a tour to, all over Egypt.

The app has super-efficient VR modes, which creates all the much-needed adventures you have been searching for! The app allows you access to various temples, tombs, spiritual sites, hotels, etc.

Best VR Travel Apps 4

Not only this but with Egypt 360 VR you are also provided with the detailed description and information about each and every place you visit on your device in different languages, so you can opt for the language you like and get to know more about those landmarks.

The app promises to provide you with a lot of many varieties of beyond reality experiences easily, along with virtual tours and very realistic visual content.

The picture quality bestowed by the app is up to users’ satisfaction. You can visit The Dendera Temple, Temple of Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel Temple, Saints Sergius, Bacchus Church, and Sultan Hassan Mosque, all on one app and in one sitting, without even having to worry about leaving the place you are at. 

So, apart from Egyptian Mummies, there’s a lot more to explore in Egypt. With Egypt 360 VR on your device, you get more reasons to visit Egypt in real life someday.

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7. Nepal VR

Nepal, a country with diverse ethnicities and cultures can now be taken a tour of by using the Nepal VR app. This VR is focused on presenting to you, the most renowned landmarks of Nepal and one of the best VR travel apps you can find on the play store.

The natural beauty and art of Nepal can be easily lived through the app. You can go through various different temples and museums on the app and simply click on the ones you wish to take a virtual tour of!

The “homepage” menu of the app introduces you to some mesmerizing hand-picked destinations. The place is extremely rich in heritage and depicts the true culture of Nepal.

11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

Periodically, more and more locations are added to the app to fascinate the user and drive their attention towards the app. Adding on to this, the app can be used in two different modes- the normal mode, and obviously the virtual reality mode.

You are offered a 360° virtual tour of all the jaw-dropping places of Nepal. If a user gazes at a button for more than 2 seconds, it gets selected easily!

Not only this, with every place a user explores, he too gets a background and history about the place, which is really appreciated by the inquisitive ones! 

The best thing about Nepal VR is that once a picture is saved, it gets stored in the phone’s memory, saving the data cost for the next time.

Lastly, the app makes a visit to Nepal the easiest, and also lets the users know more about the traditional values of Nepal, thereby bringing the societies closer!

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8. Tour it Virtually App- Your VR Trip

Travel to the most magnificent landmarks and places virtually using the tour it virtually app. The app is an already created guide for those who want to explore the adventures of life and wish to go on a world tour someday!

For every travel location, you get a detailed description so that you can plan your trip according to your preferences. By using prominent and professional VR technologies, the app aims to create the most effective and appreciable virtual reality experience for you.

11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

All the locations present on the app are systematically divided as historical, pilgrimages, getaways, adventure, unexplored exotics, and most importantly, places of worship. This works as a time-saving option for you so you can explore more and better with the tour guide.

You can also travel to some eminent monuments such as The Taj Mahal, The Agra Fort, and The Ajantha Valley with just one click on the app. The app aims at preserving the cultural and natural heritage of a place. The virtual reality experiences shared by the users on the app are truly amazing!

You can get some live traveling like fun on the app. With so many places explored, the user gets an idea of where to actually visit in-person, again saving a lot of time of theirs.

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9. Relax River VR – Calm Yourself

Soothe your soul and calm your mind while experiencing the serenity of the surroundings by using the Relax River VR app. Create a landscape-like scene for you.

Get covered with huge mountains, vast forests, blue rivers, and fabulous views, and nurture the nature around you a little more with the Relax River VR app.

The tour on the app is simple, easy, and automatic so just hold your seat and enjoy the vast lands of utmost perfection!

To add a cherry to the cake, the users get background music as well, so just relax and enjoy the best ever virtual tour on the app in the middle of the water and with calming music in your ears! 

The picture-perfect effect and the lively visualization make the app more enhanced and modified. The graphics of the app are lovely, and they get better when used in VR mode.

The app creates a poetic-like portrait with dim moonlight, little creatures, rivers, and soothing music, so this app becomes an add-on for those living a bit in the world of fantasies.

With such calming effects, the app is also beneficial to cure some really annoying anxiety issues, the app is more or less like a platform to meditate for its users. 

This app is an addiction to get completely immersed into! Like, you can go into VR traveling for as many hours as you want and still not get enough of the place and the phenomenal features of the app. 

Hence, the app is highly recommended for all nature lovers. Also, you can try to go boating around the river on the app, with all the little creatures around!

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10. YouTube VR

All your favorite videos, songs, content, and YouTube channels can now be viewed in a Virtual Reality mode on YouTube VR. All kinds of movies can be watched in virtual reality, which is really a boon for the users. 

11 Best VR Travel Apps For All Your Virtual Trips

Not only this, the news channels, the social media updates, or even standup comedians can also be experienced in a completely new way, that is, VR.

Users can also have a live stream on the app. The virtual video experience is stunning. YouTube VR helps its users with the tips and tricks to formulate a perfect VR. 

The VR content availability is a great opportunity for content creators to try their hand at! By subscribing to YouTube VR, you can also get regular updates on upcoming events and VRs. With cardboards, you will get a better and enhanced experience here.

The traditional video on the YouTube VR app can be watched in the four-cornered square area and for the multi-directional video, your head moves accordingly. The 360° VR view provides a more realistic aspect even to the simplest of videos or contents.

With the modifications made in the app, the users can even control the sound quality depending upon where they are looking! All these features and real-time experiences get the app its much-needed value, but honestly, that’s worth it!

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Relish your pastimes with Virtual Reality!

As virtual reality is being brought up in almost every aspect of modern society, it has also entered the entertainment industry. Dynamic changes and effects are used to create virtual reality apps which makes them even more demanding. 

Being short on time and still able to travel across all the vibrant places is actually like the craving of the moment. Even without passports, clothes, and most importantly money, a sudden trip can be made to a place that is thousands of kilometers away, all thanks to the intelligence team!

A tour over a place using the prominent VR apps has become a favorite pastime of most people nowadays. Not bound by time, place, or distance, people can very easily reach New York while being in their bedroom!

The versatility does not end here! Not only fun and travel, some apps even provide the history of the place you recently visited and moreover a short description about it. Those willing to learn new things about landmarks are quite satisfied with this feature.

Therefore, for any place you wish to travel to, just grab your phone, get an app and enjoy your journey. Believe me, it is as simple as that!

Tools Needed To Operate VR Travel Apps

Before your journey on the VR travel apps, you need to get certain tools to get going smoothly. These include-: a smartphone that supports VR features and has a gyroscope sensor, an efficient mobile headset, software like Google cardboard(or any other similar ones).

With the availability of all these, VR is going to be a fun-loving experience for you all! So, tighten up your seat belts and get ready to explore and experience all the adventures!