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9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows

Everyone loves watching their favorite programs on TV. However, these days people have comparatively less time to spend in front of TV sets because of busy schedules.

But you still have the option of watching the content you love after completing your work or during free hours. And, having a couple of TV Guide apps can be immensely helpful to track all the TV listings throughout the day across different genres and channels.  

The good news is, that there are dozens of Android and iOS apps available to keep you updated with the timing and duration of your favorite TV programs.

Here is the ultimate list of the top TV Guide applications you can explore and try, and plan effectively to watch whatever interests you the most, at the right time!

Let’s have a look at these apps, and always stay informed about everything happening in the world of television. 

Best TV Guide Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌 

1. Reelgood – Streaming Guide

Reelgood is one of the most reliable TV Guide apps, especially for iOS users. The app is developed to help you find what and where you can watch without missing out on your favorite television programs and shows.

The app makes streaming a lot easier than you would think and offers a massive range of TV programs across various channels and genres.  

With the app, you can stay on top of all the information related to various channels and OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, and hundreds of other TV channels, free streaming services, and other subscriptions.

Best TV Guide Apps

Simply by downloading the app, you can join millions of users already enjoying browsing, searching, watching, and tracking different types of shows, serials, movies, news, sports, comedy programs, and more.  

With Reelgood, all you have to do is to select from as many as 50 available streaming services. If you are confused about what you should watch, you can ask the app to decide on the best recommendations, curated collections, Reelgood, and IMDb scores.

The app also keeps you alerted with new episodes of your favorite serials and web series so that you never miss out on the best actions. 

Features of Reelgood:- 

  • A reliable streaming guide for television enthusiasts 
  • Covers more than 100 channels and services 
  • Best recommendations based on your interest  
  • Allows you to track movies and shows default listening 
  • Powerful search party tool for group watching

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.6/5

2. TV Time: Track Shows & Movies

TV Time is your one-stop destination to easily organize all your favorite movies, TV shows, and programs. As many as 22 million plus people are using the app to get the most reliable and accurate TV Guide right on their smartphones.

With the app, you can stay on top of your favorite programs, and keep track of what you want to watch. Receive timely notifications and alerts whenever new movies and episodes are uploaded.  

9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows

You can even watch your favorite movies and shows across multiple platforms and devices. Create a customizable To Do List of movies and episodes to watch later.

The app also offers a personalized calendar through which you can smartly manage your episodes according to dates. You can even build and manage your own digital library of what you have already watched.  

What else? TV Time even gives you personalized show recommendations based on your interests. And, if you want to get involved deeply with your favorite shows, you can effortlessly vote for the characters you love and rate episodes based on your experiences.

Check out the all-important discussions by the fans like you, stay away from spoilers, and read genuine reviews. 

Features of TV Time:-

  • Easy to track all your favorite content in one place 
  • Timely notifications and alerts of new episodes 
  • Allows you to watch across multiple devices 
  • Personalized calendar to manage everything easily 
  • Enables you to vote for your favorite characters  

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 

3. Hobi Time – TV Shows Tracker

When an application is downloaded more than 1 million times, more often than not, you trust the quality and services! And, that’s what Hobi Time is all about.

Delivering on the promises of its users! It is a very simple, sophisticated, lightweight TV program tracker with lots of goodies, especially for serials and web series lovers.

You can now make the best out of your entertainment time with this powerful application. The app will always keep you informed whenever new season premiers or a new episode of your favorite program airs. 

Best TV Guide Apps 1

The innovative episode tracker in the app helps you track all your favorite programs and episodes in one place, and never miss out on exciting actions. You can rely on the app whenever you need a guide on different types of TV programs and shows.

On this app, you can discover some of the most trending TV shows, the countdown to the next episodes, and even track your progress while watching. The TV Guide also keeps you on track with the latest information on premier dates. 

Features of Hobi:-

  • Most trending TV shows on your fingertips 
  • Accurate countdown to the next episode 
  • Built-in TV tracker to track your progress 
  • Timely reminders and notifications for premiers 
  • Allows you to back up your favorite TV shows 
  • Gives you full control over customizable notifications

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5  

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4. TV Listings Plus

TV Listings Plus is one of the most trusted TV Guide apps, specially designed for iPhone and iPad users. The free yet highly effective tool is your source of tracking all the TV listings for major channels, networks, and service providers throughout the United States, including satellite, antenna, and cable.

The app gives you accurate and detailed information about all the upcoming shows and movies on TV with a beautiful, modern, and smart user interface. Keeping a track of your favorite programs has got easier than ever with this app! 

9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows

You can even set reminders for the programs you love the most, and can also build a custom TV program calendar based on your schedule and preferences.

The smart My Series watch list in the app allows you to add your preferred shows to get automatic put notifications right when the new episodes come out.

With the app, you can even check out the tracking status of episodes for better and personalized notifications. TV Listings Plus also gives you the best suggestions based on your preferences and watching history. 

Features of TV Listings Plus:-

  • A powerful tool to track all your TV listings in one place 
  • Set reminders for any programs of your choice 
  • Custom TV program calendar to help you stay on track 
  • Makes it easier for you to track the status of all episodes 
  • Get the best recommendations on what and where to watch

Devices – Android and iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5/5

5. TV Listings & Guide Plus

Another exciting TV Guide app with various useful features. The incredible app helps you get reliable and quick TV listings for all the major networks, channels, and providers in the United States.

With a very simple user interface of the app, you can have all the detailed information related to shows, movies, and web series without a lot of effort.

If you tend to forget about your favorite programs, you can set reminders on the app to never miss out. The app even enables you to set customizable reminders according to your work routine and preferred TV time. 

In addition, TV listings & Guide Plus also make it easy for you to track the actual status of episodes in real-time and ensure that you always get in touch with your favorite TV serials irrespective of your daily routine.

If you are not too sure what you should want, you can navigate the app for helpful recommendations based on your interests and what’s trending in the world of television.

To make things even more interesting for you, the app supports intelligent catching so that you can watch your preferred content with increased performance and bandwidth. 

Features of TV Listings & Guide Plus:-

  • All the information about broadcast, cable, and satellite 
  • Offers fast, accurate, customizable TV listings 
  • Keeps you updated with seven-day schedules 
  • Best suggestions for movies and TV series 
  • Enables you to quickly review episodes, programs, and cast credits

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

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6. TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV 

Here is one of the most admired TV Guide apps to easily find what and when you can watch on your TV. For any movie, show, live TV, or streaming, the app brings everything to your fingertips and makes it very easy for you to track your favorite programs without any problem.

With the app, you can always keep a track of what you care about the most in the entertainment world. Discovering new movies and shows, checking out what’s airing, and staying up to date with your favorite content has got simpler than ever with the easiest of the user interfaces.  

Best TV Guide Apps 3

The app also gives you recommendations based on smart algorithms and expert curation to ensure you always watch the best of TV!

Guess what? You don’t have to even worry about those endless scrolling while trying to find something relevant to watch!

Instead, you can quickly select from the top picks of the app! Whether you want to stay informed with newly available shows or you are interested in upcoming serials, or you are curious about your desired programs leaving soon, you can rely on the app for literally everything and anything.  

Features of TV Guide:- 

  • Direct access to more than 30 streaming services 
  • Discover new movies and shows across genres 
  • Check out local listings and see what’s airing 
  • Stay up to date with your favorite TV programs 
  • Check out the trailers of upcoming movies

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.0 / 5  

7. Moviebase: Movies & TV Guide

Moviebase is also among the most popular TV Guide apps with 1 million+ downloads across the country.

If you are looking for a reliable movie finding and movie tracking application, or you want to check out movie reviews, movie ratings, movie trailers, recommendations, and more, you can do it all on this light but highly useful TV Guide.

9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows

This is your one-stop destination for managing, tracking, and always staying informed with TV shows and programs you have admired for a long time. The app also supports you with direct access to media content from IMDb, TMDb, as well as Trakt!  

With the powerful TV show tracker, you can always check out upcoming seasons and episodes of some of the most interesting serials and web series.

Having this app on your phone, you can effortlessly make solid decisions on what to watch and when to watch it! Moviebase is all about giving you the much-needed control and flexibility to your TV time and offers excellent customization options for your home screen, with your own preferred categories.

In short, the app is going to give you a completely different perspective of watching television, without even worrying about your strict schedule. 

Features of Moviebase:-

  • All the information related to TV on your fingertips 
  • Instant access to backdrops, posters, and trailers 
  • Enable you to manage your watch list 
  • Explore movies, web series, cereals, and more 
  • An easy way to keep track of your next episodes

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

8. TV Show & Movie Tracker – Trakt client

Here is one of the fastest emerging TV Guide apps designed to manage your movies, TV shows, serials, etc. on your smartphone or tablet.

The app makes your entertainment life easier with all the information related to seasons, cars, details, schedules, and much more. You can get fast access to all your shows and movies, and check out what you can watch.

Discover some of the most popular and trending shows and never run out of options when you want to have a fun time.  

The app also offers a powerful calendar with push notifications to keep you updated with upcoming episodes. Worried about losing your progress while watching your favorite content? You don’t have to, as the app saves your progress for future viewing.

If inconsistent Internet is your concern, the app becomes your savior here as well, as it gives you offline access to all your data.

Features like a series manager, TV tracker, and series guide for more than 80,000 shows make this application your perfect partner on long weekends. 

Features of Trakt Client:-

  • Instant access to all your Trakt TV movies and shows 
  • Helps you discover trending shows and series 
  • Detailed stats about your television consumption 
  • Powerful calendar with push notifications for incoming episodes 
  • Easy online access to all your data

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 100,000+ Downloads 

TV Show Tracker - trakt.tv client Android version demo

9. TV Guide Smart 

I would choose “simplicity” as the most appropriate word to describe this TV Guide application. This is an as simple app for all your TV-related guides as it gets!

TV Guide Smart wears a very clean and sophisticated user interface and gives you direct access to all your preferred programs and shows, their scheduling, and how you can watch them.

9 Best TV Guide Apps To Track and Discover Shows

The easy-to-use application also supports the dark theme and makes it really easy for your eyes. If you want to stay ahead of your entertainment schedule, you can rely on the app without any hesitation. It gives you accurate scheduling for more than 700 TV channels for up to 14 days as well as up to 30 previous days. 

You can check out all the information in both list and grid views based on your comfort. The automatic offline mode enables you and your preferred channels in the favorite list, so that, you can get access to them whenever you want.

For quick access right from your device’s home screen, the app also offers multiple widgets. What else? You can even check out the rating for various movies before deciding whether you should watch them or not.

Lastly, the app allows you to search your favorite titles in both TV programs and in movie archive modes. 

Features of TV Guide Smart:-

  • Instant access to more than 700 TV channels across genres 
  • Allows you to add and manage your favorite channels 
  • Easily accessible even without Internet with offline mode 
  • Multiple widgets to manage the app right from your home screen 
  • Video trailers, ratings, pictures, and more

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

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10. TV Listings by TV24 – U.S. TV Guide

Undoubtedly, one of the most admired guide apps in the entire United States! TV Listings by TV24 is developed to give you accurate and fast TV listings for literally all the major TV channels, providers, and networks.

With the app, you can always check out 7 days of schedules without putting in a lot of effort or time. You don’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows anymore. Bill your customizable watch list, add reminders, follow your favorite shows and actors, and never miss out on upcoming episodes.  

Best TV Guide Apps 7

All you have to do is to set up the app once, and it will support you with everything you expect from a reliable TV Guide application. Search every information you want to get, including, cost, posters, images, and ratings, along with direct access to IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

This app is no less than your personal TV Guide to get informed about upcoming movies, series, sports, documentaries, and programs for your kids. Additionally, the app also enables you to configure your search results based on your preferences and interest. 

Features of TV Listings by TV24:-

  • Fast, easy, and accurate TV listings 
  • An excellent way to create your personal TV calendar 
  • Discover the best of the entertainment world 
  • Easy to filter live sports events across the globe 
  • Gives you detailed information about every airing 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 


Here are the few queries that people also look for.

Is there an app for a TV Guide?

Not one, there are dozens of reliable applications to get all the required guides for your favorite TV programs and shows.

Is there a TV Guide app for iPhone?

Yes, there are quite a few of them! Reelgood is one of the best TV Guide apps for iPhone you can look at. TV Listing Plus and TV Guide are among other reliable options.

Is there an app for local TV channels?

Yes, many local services offer specific compatible applications with paid subscriptions. “TV Listings & Guide Plus” is the most reliable one for local TV channels in the United States.

Can I buy a TV Guide?

You usually won’t have to buy a TV guide application as there are numerous easily available free of cost. However, if you want, you can go for the premium version of Hobi.

Which app is best for all TV channels?

Reelgood is one of the best TV guide apps and covers one of the largest databases of TV channels, programs, and shows/


That’s all about my review of the best TV Guide apps! All of these apps are designed to make your entertainment life a lot easier and support you with every little information you want to get related to your favorite TV programs, shows, serials, and even sports events.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to follow a strict schedule, or you have the habit of forgetting the schedule of your favorite programs, these apps are going to be immensely helpful for you! Try them out once, and find out which one switch you the most.