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Top 5 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10


Microsoft thought they were doing us a favor when they decided to force the photos app down our throats but it’s not a Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 PC. Photos is a photo viewing app that allows you to view your pictures and edit them.

The problem with the photos app is that it takes a ridiculously long time to load pictures compared to other photo viewing apps.

If you fall in the category of finding an alternative to the photos app in Windows 10, then find below a list of the best photo viewer apps for windows 10.

I couldn’t pick one because there are so many amazing photo viewers for windows 10. This list happens to be the best five.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Photo viewer for windows 10

1.Apowersoft Photo Viewer

This is definitely one of the best photo viewers for Windows 10 out there. If you are wondering how to take a screenshot in windows 10 then this photo viewer is definitely an option you should consider.

best photo viewers for Windows 10

Not only does this provide you with the option of viewing and editing photos on your Windows 10, it also has embedded a provision that allows you to take a screenshot on your windows 10. Absolutely amazing.

The Apowersoft Photo Viewer has amazing features and supports photo formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HEIC and the PDF format.

Personally, I love the Thumbnail, Slideshow and Favorite option.

Download Apowersoft photo Viewer here

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You might be wondering if IrfanView is a better alternative to the photos app and the truth is, this photo viewing app is better than the photos app.

First of all, you can view your photos without a drag, you can convert your pictures to whatever format you want.

best photo viewers for Windows 10

One of the most thrilling and amazing features of this app is that it lets you scan your images and most importantly, it lets you play music and videos.

best photo viewers for Windows 10

Download IrfanView photo viewer 32 bit here. Download 64 bit here


One disadvantage the photos viewer has is the absence of other amazing features embedded in it. Nomacs, on the other hand, has a plethora of features and is one of the few photo viewer apps that can be used on almost every operating system.

best photo viewers for Windows 10

This photo viewing app supports lost all the image formats that you know.

If you are wondering how to browse zip files or MS office files or wondering how to increase the brightness of your images or how to edit your photos effectively then Nomacs is definitely one of the best options you can go for.

Download Nomacs photo viewer here


If you are looking for a photo viewer that supports a large number of image formats, then Imagine should definitely be among your first choice of preference;

it supports RAR, ALZ, HV3, CBZ, CBR,7Z and ZIP files. Most amazing is the fact that it contains a multilingual support and is available both in the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

It has often been described as lightweight and an easy to use photo viewer.

Download imagine picture viewer here

5. FastStone

This image viewer comes with a lot of amazing features that it can be used as a substitute for a photo editing app. Not only does it support a plethora of graphics formats which includes; JPEG 2000, ICO, TGA, WMF, animated GIF, PCX and a host of others.

best photo viewers for Windows 10

It also gives you an option to import your videos and photos from external devices such as your camera and your phones. This is definitely a better alternative to Photos.

Download FastStone photo viewer here


Without doubt Windows 10 default picture app is not a Best Photo viewer for windows 10, We reviewed Top 5 picture app and we found IrfanView is a most powerful photo viewer app for an advanced user but for normal user Apowersoft Photo Viewer is easy to use solution.


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