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7 Best Projector For Camping in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you enjoy outdoor camping and movie sessions with family or friends? If so, you might have participated in those outdoor sessions where your favorite movies were being played on those large screens.  

Besides eating snacks, playing games, and chatting about some exciting things that happened in life, you can also enjoy watching a movie with the help of a projector. Did you know that projectors are an excellent way to keep everyone occupied with something? 

It could be a movie, watching a documentary, watching a kid’s program, or something else. They can also be used to play games. If you search for the best projector for camping, you might get overwhelmed by the numerous choices in the market.  

Several brands and models are there for you to choose from. You can use them for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. The projector has a barrage of infused functions to make your experience pleasant.  

You might consider one of these when you want to visit the hill nearby, go to a park, or have some fun on your terrace. They can make your camping experience awesome by offering the fantastic ability to see movies & TV shows on the screen.  

To help you choose, we have made a list of the best projector for camping. They can be used for outdoor purposes as well as inside your house. Through this post, you will understand how to choose the ideal model in the market.  

Take it from us; you do not want to get stuck with a projector that cannot meet your needs.  

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Best Projector For Camping – Our Top Pick👌

Below is a list of the best projector for camping and outdoor activity. They can also include used for watching a movie on your terrace, if you will, with your family. Our team has done all the hard work just for you.  

Without further ado, let us read to find out which model can suit your needs.  

1. AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector 

AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector, is a compact and lightweight projector that comes infused with stupendous specifications. The unit measures only close to 5.7 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches.  

Best Projector For Camping
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The model weighs 0.4 pounds, making it relatively lightweight. You can take it with you anywhere you want, as it can also be placed inside your pocket. This model is suitable for small gatherings, outdoor activities, and gaming.  

It comes with multiple external connectivities and multi-screen sharing abilities. You can now seamlessly connect it to any device of your preference. Some include AV, USB, HDMI, and microSD cards.  

Using it, you can now connect to your TV and play videos. There is also the sharing of photos and watching football games and matches. Additionally, you can connect it to consoles. The unit can run for 2 hours without any issues.  

It also comes with RGB LED lighting capability. You will be delighted to know that it can work outdoors for 30000 hours of usage. You can use copyrighted content from Netflix, Hulu, and other services that are not broadcast through wireless transmission. 

You can make use of the projector under less lighting conditions. It is priced at less than $210. The price point can be slightly expensive for some users. However, based on our research, we found it reasonably priced.  


  • The unit is light, compact, and versatile.  
  • The model has multiple external connectivity and multi-screen sharing. 
  • It has a vibrant display offering you breathtaking images.  
  • It comes with an excellent battery working life outdoors.  
  • The product is priced at affordable.  


  • Some users say that it is flimsy.  

AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector, is compact and lightweight. The model comes embedded with stunning features like multiple external connectivities, a vibrant display, and an excellent battery working life outdoors. 

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2. LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD LED Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector 

LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD LED Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector is another good product we decided to have here. The maker is known for producing some outstanding products, and it is safe to say that one of them would be this projector.   

Best Projector For Camping
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There is DLP technology in the projector & it comes with a brightness of 600 lumens is quite acceptable for outdoor use. You would be delighted to use the model as it has a contrast ratio of 100000:1, providing you with eloquent image quality. 

Users have given highly positive feedback about the product. You can use it to enlarge the sketches, and the battery life is quite admirable. They also liked the fact that you can set it quickly.   

It comes with a built-in speaker, and you may want to use a Bluetooth speaker to enhance maximum quality from it. They were happy with the pricing too. The battery working life is for 2.5 hours, which is ideal for outdoor usage.  

You can now play your favorite game or watch your favorite movie on the screen. It weighs 2.2 pounds making it incredibly lightweight. It is priced at less than $435. Yes, the price point makes it sort of expensive.  

The price range above $500 can be considered expensive in this segment, but this unit is under $450. Though users may be unable to afford it, this unit is a kind in the market meant for outdoor use.   


  • The product is very portable and lightweight for outdoor use.   
  • The remote is quite responsive.  
  • It comes with an auto vertical keystone.  
  • It does not have any fan noise.  
  • The heat is relatively low despite being used for hours. 


  • Unfortunately, it does not come with a zoom feature. 

LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD LED Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector could be the best portable projector for camping.

You would be glad to know it is the only model with 1080p. Thanks to the LED, it can switch on and off immediately. The unit is top-notch, and you can use it for gaming and watching movies.  

3. ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone 

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone is ideal for outdoor purposes because of its embedded features. This model is a LED unit with a resolution of 854 x 480.  

Besides, the unit also comes infused with WVGA, offering you spectacular image quality & pictures. It has a large screen projection capability and a short-throw lens that can project 100” from 10”.  

7 Best Projector For Camping in 2022 - Reviewed
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You can find that the unit comes with stunning audio quality. That is a cause of the powerful and dual Harman Kardon speakers. You can bet on the quality delivered. Then, you can use the streaming quality it comes with.  

Viewers can now watch live shows, programs, and their favorite matches or games that are going on quickly on the screen. You can use a dongle that does not come included with the model.  

Additionally, the setup is easy. You can play and plug the unit by watching the videos and pictures. It also has a smart stand for projector placement in different places and angles if you want.  

It can be used as a lens cover. A colossal built-in battery working life comes with a massive 6 hours, one of the best in the industry. Now, you can watch movies continually without hassle.  

Your smartphone & devices can be charged with USB Type-C if the power adapter is plugged in.  Ample connectivity is provided with the PC, laptop, media player & smartphone. That is possible with HDMI, USB, and more. 

It is priced at less than $300. The price point is quite good and affordable. You could be a student, professional, or just about anybody who wants to enjoy a weekend with friends or family. For the features in it, the price point is justifiable.  


  • The quality of the picture is stunning.  
  • The model comes with decent brightness. 
  • A lot of image adjustments are available. 
  • It weighs 1.5 pounds making it relatively light.  
  • The unit is feature-rich for the price point. 


  • The focus wheel is quite sensitive. 

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone is the best projector for camping. When you search for a projector for outdoor use, it goes without saying that this model is the ultimate unit of today.  

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4. BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

The BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector is another stunning product on the market. This model comes with highly sublime image quality with a resolution of 1080. There is a remarkable color accuracy calibration. 

Best Projector For Camping 2
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Its picture capability is splendid. The model has powerful responsiveness with a low input lag of 16ms. You can use the projection capability of 8 feet on a 100” monitor. It has the capability of projecting for 300”.  

The model is quite flexible, allowing you to connect to many devices. They include your gaming console, laptop, smartphone, PC, and other units. It can be done with the help of USB, HDMI, and more. 

The model has received several awards from magazines and journals. It comes infused with the DLP technology in it. This feature is mainly found in digital IMAX theaters. The image quality design is opulent and crisp in the BenQ product.  

When you use BenQ, you know that the images are tremendous. The unit has a good contrast ratio of 15000:1. This aspect provides you with fantastic picture quality. It comes with a 2200 lumen that offers dazzling brightness.  

You can be sure about the image quality that appears on the screen. It is priced at less than $946. We do not deny it. The price point makes this model one of the most expensive projectors on the list.  


  • The model doesn’t have a rainbow effect.  
  • The unit does not come with input lag.  
  • It has decent image quality.  
  • It has an excellent blend of specifications.  
  • This is a brand for a value product.  


  • Users have complained that it is pretty loud. 

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector may be quite loud. The unit is embedded with sensational features, doesn’t have the rainbow effect, does not come with input lag, and has decent image quality. 

5. DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector – Best movie projector for camping

DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector is a splendid product from the manufacturer. The model comes with a resolution of real native 1080. It has LED light and LCD technology. There is a contrast ratio of 10000:1, offering immense picture quality.  

7 Best Projector For Camping in 2022 - Reviewed
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Its pixel quality is more than 3 times that of the others. You can instantly notice the difference when using a projector with a resolution of 720. Additionally, users would be glad to know that it has Wi-Fi sync technology.   

You can effortlessly connect on your PC, laptop & or smartphone. There is no need for you to make use of the dongle at all here. You can find the 4-point keystone correction. This feature enables you to adjust the direction either vertically or horizontally if you want.  

Using the zoom function, you can reduce the image by 50% with the help of the remote. You will be delighted to find out that the model is the first LCD model to be able to play both Adobe PDF & Microsoft Office files directly from the USB stick.  

You can view them on the screen. On the other models, you can use USB 828 wireless. The product is quite durable, with a guaranteed 100000 hours. The maker has given you a warranty of 3 years.  

It has a brightness of 9500 lumens. This is the highest in the category under the $300 price point. It is priced at less than $290. Overall, it is a stunning product. It has some breathtaking features that are usually not found on other models. Why not make use of it? 


  • The model has Wi-Fi screen sync technology in it.  
  • The unit comes with the 4-point keystone correction & zoom functionality.  
  • It has effortless presentation abilities with USB and a simple upgrade system.  
  • It comes with exceptional battery working life.  
  • The product has a warranty of 3 years. 


  • The user noticed a blotch on the right side of the screen. 

DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector is a fantastic product that comes with Wi-Fi screen sync technology in it. The unit comes with the 4-point keystone correction & zoom functionality, and it has effortless presentation abilities with a USB and a simple upgrade system. 

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6. 4K Projector, WiMiUS P28 Wi-Fi LED Projector Native Outdoor Projector

The 4K Projector, WiMiUS P28 Wi-Fi LED Projector Native Outdoor Projector is a fantastic model with outstanding features. The makers claim to have improved the projector’s brightness by more than 20%. 

It comes with a one-key brightening function. With its help, you can immensely enhance the brightness by 500 lumens. The quality of the picture can be improved even in low-light conditions.  

Best Projector For Camping 4
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It has a true native resolution of 1920 x 1080 that offers you astonishing image quality. You may want to know that most projectors come with only support for 1080p. Additionally, users can support 4K videos if they want to connect a PC & smartphone.  

It also comes with the MEMC feature that adequately supports 60Hz videos without having lag. A contrast ratio of 10000:1 enables it to bring exceptional color options. This feature ensures that the image is vivid.  

The unit has a dual 10W hi-fi speaker with it. You can also notice that it comes with the ±50° keystone correction. There are dual internal 10W hi-fi speakers. It helps you to produce an exceptional sound that comes with sufficient clarity.  

You do not require external speakers. Due to the keystone correction, you can view the images vertically or horizontally. The projection size is around 50-100”. The picture can zoom out around 100% to 75% function.  

You can also connect it to several devices like a PC, smartphone, DVD player, PS4, Fire TV stick, USB & DVD. This non-direct light source can help protect your eyes. The model has a comprehensive cooling system that ensures it can decrease inner heat to give a lengthy lifetime.  

The model can be ideal for watching movies and photos using the extra Wi-Fi dongle. The projector can also be used in your smartphone wirelessly. It has a duration of 100000 hours of work or ten years.  

They offer the customer technical support within 24 hours. It is priced at less than $260. The price point of it is quite reasonable and has decent features. You can consider using it for outdoor purposes.  


  • The unit has a one-key image brightening function. 
  • The model comes with a true native resolution of 1920 x 1080. 
  • It has a MEMC feature that supports 60Hz videos. 
  • It comes with an eloquent contrast ratio of 10000:1. 
  • The maker provides you with technical support. 


  • It is slightly noisy.  

4K Projector, WiMiUS P28 Wi-Fi LED Projector Native Outdoor Projector is the best projector for camping as it comes with a one-key image brightening function. The model comes with a true native resolution of 1920 x 1080 & has MEMC features. 

7. Outdoor Movie 4200 Lumen LCD Projector

Outdoor Movie 4200 Lumen LCD Projector is the final product on our list. It has exciting features like the HD optical glass lens and TFT LCD panel. The unit comes with a resolution of 1280 x 800. 

Best Projector For Camping 5
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There is a contrast ratio of 5000:1 that offers you enhanced picture quality. It comes infused with an LED lamp that can help you save energy. It works for close to 50000 hours or at ten years at least.  

The maker assures that you do not have to replace the bulbs as it is a gentle LED light source. You can watch the screen for prolonged hours without worrying about your eyes. It can be projected on a 200” screen outdoors.  

The ably supports the 16:9 & 4:3 screen aspect. It comes embedded with 4200 Lumen LED luminous light. The model works fantastic with the remote control and it is quite simple to decrease the projection size to fit several projection capabilities.  

It comes infused with a robust bass audio quality. You can also connect an external speaker with the help of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The unit is compatible with several devices & gaming consoles, including PC, laptop, Fire TV stick, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, USB flash drive, hard disk, camera & tablet.  

The unit offers free HDMI/VGA/AV cable and dual HDMI signal pass technology. To help in the cooling, it comes with high-speed fans and a pure copper tube radiator. It is priced at less than $285. 


  • The model is light and portable.  
  • The product comes with spectacular features. 
  • It has an eloquent sound quality in it.   
  • It has a powerful cooling system.  
  • The unit is priced at affordable.  


  • Users have complained about signal loss at the time of connection. 

Outdoor Movie 4200 Lumen LCD Projector is the best projector for camping. It comes with unique features, including light and portable, has an eloquent sound quality in it & also a powerful cooling system. 

Buying guide:-

Below are some pointers you would want to consider when getting the camping projector.


The device should be portable. You do not want to be struggling with it. That is because the projector will primarily be used outside. Try to get something that is less than 5 pounds. Of course, some sublime devices might weigh more; if you are okay with it, go ahead.  


Since this will be an outdoor affair, the projector must be able to take you through a few hours. Hence, you must ensure that it has a 4-5-hour duration. Most projectors are infused with 2 hours at least on a single charging or those LED technology models. 


The brightness of the projector is another important aspect of selecting the projector. When camping outdoors or planning to watch a movie on your terrace, it should be able to adjust to the lighting provided there. So, select a device with 2000 – 3000 lumens or more.  


The resolution of the projector is the next thing to know. You can have a resolution that is around 780p-1080p is ideal. You might not want to choose something that comes with any lower than that because it can drastically affect the quality of your viewing ability.  

Throw ratio:-

The next feature is the throw ratio of the device. It delves into the projector’s image based on the screen’s distance. Typically, the further the screen, the larger the image can appear.  


The speakers are another thing to know about the projectors. The best projector for camping should come infused with built-in speakers. If you do not have sufficient space in the area where you plan to set up the speaker, then this arrangement would be most suitable.  

Connectivity options:- 

The projector’s connectivity options are another crucial feature you want to check out. You should be able to connect with several devices using the projector. That should be possible using Bluetooth, a PC & a smartphone & or USB devices. 

Price range:-

The final aspect to consider is the projector’s price range. The models come priced reasonably. In comparison, most of them are priced under $500 and are affordable. Few models can be expensive due to the abundance of infused features.


Can you use a projector when camping?

Projectors can be taken along while going camping. They will help you stay entertained. However, do not forget that it will need the power to stay on.

Which projector is best for outdoors?

Top projector options for outdoors include Nebula Solar Portable, TMY Projector 7500 Lumens, XGIMI MoGo Pro, Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12, Viewsonic M1 Mini+ Portable, etc.

How many lumens do you need for an outdoor projector during the day?

No matter the screen size, a projector with at least 3000 lumens is a must if you are using the projector outside.

Is there a projector that works outside in daylight?

The True 4K UHD gaming projector or Optoma UHD38 Bright is an excellent pick. It provides accurate resolution for daylight usage.

How can I watch movies while camping?

A portable camping projector is a must if you want to watch a movie while camping. You will get several options compatible with Amazon Firestick, laptops, gaming systems, etc.

Can you run a projector from a power bank?

You can use a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect your power bank and projector. The projector does not support a car charger. You can also recharge the projector simultaneously.

What is the most significant feature of the projector?

The most significant feature of the projector is the brightness. When selecting the projector for outdoor purposes, you will want to use one with 800 lumens or higher. This way, the images are crisp and pristine to view & watch.  

Can the projectors be left outside for an extended period?  

No, you might not want to do that. That is because they do not come infused with features like resistance to water and dust. They can get dirty quickly too. Though they are an ideal option for enjoying the weekend or having an outdoor party, they must not be left outside for a long time.  

Is a mini projector worth it?

The mini projector is definitely worth the money and time. You can place them inside your pockets easily. Besides, they provide you with a decent effect on the screen. Just make sure that they come with a good brightness ability.  

Do you require a screen for a projector? 

Yes, you can use the projector without a screen. However, that will reduce the image quality that you get to view. You can use the clear white wall if you do not have a screen with you now; that is pretty fine.  

What is the ideal price point of the projectors? 

A projector should not cost you more than $1000. Though some units are priced more, most come at less than $500. We see no reason why you have to pay more than $1000 for the best projector for camping & outdoor use.  

Final thoughts

There you go; we have provided you with a list of the best projector for camping. You can use them, and when you want to, you plan on having an outdoor gathering next time. With the help of our buying guide & detailed product review, you can now make your decision.  

We highly recommend using the AKASO Mini Projector, Pocket-Sized DLP Portable Projector, and LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD LED Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector. 

But when you are ready to spend more money, we suggest you go with the BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector. It is priced under $1000 but comes infused with terrific features that can work ideally in any condition.  

The ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone & DBPOWER Native 1080P Wi-Fi Projector is also a splendid choice for a projector. They can be used for camping & in your garden seamlessly.  

Did you like something you read? Perhaps, we may have missed out on a worthy product in hindsight. If that is the case, then please do write to us. We want to hear about your experience using the projector for camping, outdoor treks, or simply on your terrace.  

Don’t wait anymore; why don’t you get the projector for indoor or outdoor needs?