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11 Of The Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out


In the world of media centers, Kodi is a pacesetter. Being the most flexible and robust, with support for add-ons to steam and the ability to manage in-home media library, it is hard to find a true competitor. Still, it is something worthwhile to know what Kodi alternatives are available.

Critics have often talked about the “not great” interface and the amount of tweaking needed to maximize the service. These might be reasons to consider an alternative. In this article, I will introduce you to Kodi alternatives.

Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

1. MediaPortal

Platform: Windows

11 Of The Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

This is a great option. Its support for recording live TV and for playing media files and for DVDs or Blu-Rays are great selling points. It allows one to listen to radio, music, and stream media inside the home network. A marked upgrade in comparison to Kodi is a pleasant user interface.

It also has add-on support to extend its usability such as streaming content from popular services. The fact that it is based on Kodi’s design makes it an excellent Kodi alternative.

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2. Kokotime

Platform: Android

This android service allows one to browse files on a home network. One could go through a playlist and stream directly to the Android device.

kodi alternatives

Its strength is in the media store organization. It has support for Chromecast and includes a Universal Cast. This is a feature that could stream media from your storage devices to your phone or to any output devices connected to your network.

3. Universal Media Server

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

It simply allows one to stream media between different devices and even software within those devices such as web browsers. It offers DLNA support and provides alternative streaming options for non-DLNA devices.

11 Of The Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

Universal media server has a cross-platform streaming capability. One could expect to stream content between streaming computers, games consoles, and smart TVs.

Setting it up takes some effort and may require one to be a bit technical, but afterward, it’s usually a very nice experience. Universal media service has plugin support. In comparison, the plugin support may not be as extensive as with some other options.

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4. Emby

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Best Plex Alternatives

Definitely one of the great Kodi alternatives. Emby started out just as a Media Browser. At that time, the features were limited. But the newest version of this software has significantly evolved,  having much more features. With Emby, one can now Cloud Sync or Folder Sync as well as the many more features that will most certainly enhance viewing pleasure.

A feature to note is the parental control which can detect DLNA devices. It is currently available in 3 classifications.

  • Emby Server
  • Mobile Apps
  • TV Apps.

5. Terrarium TV

Kodi alternatives

If you are a TV show enthusiast, this app is just for you. One could watch, stream, and download content on devices. The best part is that all these services are for free.

This app adds an additional privacy layer because most content is streamed from Google Drive or Google Video. This should not be taken as an exclusive alternative to using a VPN for privacy.

It does not offer the most elaborate interface in the market, but it is an effective option as far as Kodi alternatives are concerned.


COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, Linux

11 Of The Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out

If you have been using the Kodi app for a long time and you don’t want to stay too far from it, then OSMC is the one for you. By using Kodi you have familiarized yourself with over the years.  Today, you want a change, something that is more versatile and more open then the open source media center or OSMC is a no-brainer.

It is a cross-platformed app and an entire Linux distro that is based on OD. The open source media center brings you a modified version of the Kodi Front end to a number of platforms which would not be possible to have by default.

It has a different interface and features than Kodi and few wonderful Kodi add-ons which you could dream of.


COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Plex is the perfect alternative to Kodi as it runs from a server instead of running from a dedicated PC and an appliance. It can run on all sorts of servers and its media can be accessed as well as streamed from the web and also from several different operating systems via apps.

Plex: Beautiful, simple access to all your media!

This software makes it convenient to have a solution that can manage your media just like Kodi. It not supports Linux, Mac, windows, etc but also FreeBSD server OS.


COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Best Plex Alternatives

Stremio supports lay back off the live TV, Local media and it is a Local Media center for various platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. If you like using a local media center just like Kodi and you need an alternative to it then you must give this software a try.

The app has the ability to broadcast the media by DLNA to Chromecast, Apple TV and other devices.



If you are in need of a good media center alternative and you are a Windows user then this software will not disappoint you.  Do you need a good media management system for Mac OS? Then try usher.

Usher is software that makes media management easy and convenient on the Mac OS for it can handle your iTunes, playlist, library as well as your photos and other media libraries present on the system.


I may not consider making a switch from Kodi just right away, but I like to know that if I have to, there are a few handy and efficient alternatives. This list should give you some perspective. Try them out and the experience might just be worth your while.