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11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

We all want those things which are shiny, the ones that attract lots of eyes towards them. The same goes for the Pokemon. No matter how much power the Pokemon is, its not worth the catch if it aint shine.

Thats what many people have in mind when they are thinking about finding a pokemon that can meet their expectations. The trend of shiny Pokemon started from the second generation, and since then, it has never stopped, not even for a single series.

If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to catch one in the game and have him in your Pokeball forever.

The recent version of the game has made it easier for people to catch the best shiny Pokemon. It might take you some time to remember the first time you saw a shiny pokemon cause they are quite old now and have been coming up in the series for many years. Yes, they are rare, and its a sight to find them in a game or even in a TV show.

Also, theres no staple of how much a pokemon shines. Or if the Pokemon is big, he will shine more, and the smaller ones will shine less. The thing with shiny Pokemon is that their shine depends on their nature and not on their physical self.

But now that we are in so much profound lore of the pokemon world, now we have thousands of Pokemon which shine, so how will you find the best one out? Well, dont worry, we got your back.

With our expert panel and with the expert panel, we mean expert panel. We have taken out some of the best shiny Pokemon, which will make you play the game once again if you have completed it.

Or it will make you want to watch the series once again to see them all in the series with their full action. So have your breakfast, and lets go on a shiny adventure in the world of Pokemon.

The Origin Of Best Shiny Pokemon

The first shiny Pokemon, which was introduced in the second generation, was Red Gyarados. Even though they are considered quite rare, they are present across different generations and series after their first appearance.

The chances of meeting a shiny pokemon during your quest in different pokemon games that are released with second-generation Pokemon is 1 to every 8192. Or if you want to see the probability get ready to be blown by the stats. It will be 0.01220703125% for each encounter of yours with Pokemon.

After that, we have the third generation in which shiny Pokemon is determined by the number of factors like the trainer ID number along with the personality value of the Pokemon.

Despite all the changes that we see in the third generation, the random encounter probability remains the same, which is 0.01220703125%

From Pokemon black 2 and white 2 the chances of obtaining a shiny pokemon can be increased significantly by using a shining charm.

Likewise, in Pokemon sword and shield, we get to see the two variants of shiny Pokemon. The first one is the one that sparkles stars, and the last one sparks and puts out squares during the process.

How Can You Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Shiny Pokemon?

There are different methods to quickly up your chances of getting a shiny pokemon in your game. Given below, we have pointed out some of these methods for making things easier for you.

Breeding (Only possible in Gen II)

With the help of breeding a normal pokemon with a shiny pokemon, you up to your chances of getting a shiny pokemon by 1/64. This happens only in generation II because IVs determine the Pokemons shininess, and when you are doing the breeding, these IVs are passed down to the new Pokemon.

You need to understand that it can only happen if the offspring is the opposite gender to their shiny parent. But here, we have an exception, such as in the case of Shiny Ditto, which can be used to breed with almost any Pokemon.

Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

So we have told you what the Pokemons are, why they are famous, and how you can increase your chances of having a shiny Pokemon.

To get more shiny Pokemon, you need to have a shiny pokemon in the first place; this is one of the criteria in most of the methods of getting more shiny Pokemon.

So lets find out which of the shiny Pokemon are best to have and what are their special powers one by one. Ready Pokemon trainers?

1. Greninja

Starting our best shiny Pokemon list, we have one of the most powerful Pokemon, which you can find in pokemon generation six. Greninja is present in its final form in the sixth generation, and you could say hes the poster boy of the sixth generation of pokemon games.

Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

The first appearance of Greninja can be seen in Pokemon X and Y, and he was the water starter of that generation. Theres no doubt that you havent heard about this Pokemon as its` quite a famous one.

Being one of the dual type pokemon, Greninja packs several advantages, making him an excellent in-game pokemon.

This Pokemon is both water and dark type; thus, it provides a greater level of coverage, and it can resist up to six kinds of Pokemon, which include Ghost, Steel, and Fire.

Due to its popularity, this Pokemon has also been featured in Super Smash Bros. We dont want to be biased. Still, this Pokemon has got the looks when it turns into a shiny pokemon, and when it becomes its shiny variant, it becomes more menacing.

This Pokemon was Pokemon of the year in 2020 and had many appearances in both Pokemon anime. You can find it in Detective Pickachus live-action movies also.

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2. Tapu Koko

When it comes to being the face of generation seven, we cant agree more to put Tapu Kokos name, which is a legendary pokemon. According to the story of Pokemon Sun and Moon, four deities guard Melemele Island, and guess which Pokemon is one of them?

Well, its Tapu Koko. Not only does this Pokemon have a unique role in the video game storyline. But it has a special place in the storyline of Pokemon anime as well. You can see this Pokemon making constant appearances in the Pokemon series Sun and Moon.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

As we have already said, this Pokemon from our list of best shiny Pokemon is legendary. You already know its quite hard to catch him in the game. Heres a tip for you, so you dont lose your master ball, save the game before you attempt on catching him.

On the other hand, Tapu Koko is mighty, and it can produce an electric surge that can easily set up an electric terrain when the other Pokemon enters the battle.

This electric terrain has several impacts in the battle, and having the most powerful electric Pokemon can increase its moves by 30%.

It has a base speed of 130, which is fair enough to say that it is one of the fastest Pokemon of all generation, and there are only a few Pokemon that can beat it in terms of speed. With a special attack of 95, we can say it is pretty decent.

Along with its electric terrain, you can be sure of one thing: its thunderbolt attacks will hit hard to the opponent. As a result, this Pokemon is one of the deities protecting the magical island as it strikes fear in its opponents minds.

With an all-black base of shiny Tapu Koko, one cannot forget its image once they see it. Lastly, it does have some small orange color accents, which suit him very well.

3. Dragonair

We are sure this one is a fan favorite in all its forms. Thats why we put it in our list of best shiny Pokemon. Dragonair is one of the first pseudo-legendary Pokemon, which after evolving turns out to be a cute but quite a ferocious dragon.

Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time 2

This Pokemon has found its popularity because it is being used by the champion Lance. Thus, many pokemon trainers catch Dragonair hoping to see it turn into a mighty Dragonite, which can help them win any fight without too much of a hassle.

Dragonair is one of the best shiny Pokemon which you are going to see in the gaming series. One of the reasons why dragon type pokemon are powerful in fights is their resistance to electric-type pokemon and the most common type of Pokemon.

On the other hand, we were afraid to find out quite negligible when speaking about their weaknesses. But since the introduction of fairy type pokemon in generation six dragon type pokemon have met their foe.

Before fairy type pokemon, they were only weak to ice and other dragon type pokemon, but now theres one more pokemon type with the advantage.

Having a Dragonair comes with its disadvantages, which is it cannot evolve until it reaches level 55. The people who play these games know how hard it is to get to level 55 as it requires a lot of training and in-game hours.

Secondly, the catch rate of the Dragonair is 45, which is considered to be relatively low. As a result, it is quite hard to tame this Pokemon and then use it for your matches.

4. Charizard

Yes, we know this is another dragon-type pokemon, but we cant hold ourselves to put this one on the list of best shiny Pokemon.

If we take out Pickachu from the pokemon world, we have Charizard as one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the world. This Pokemon is as old as the franchise itself, and undoubtedly it stands for the test of time.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

This dragon type is optimizes into three types from its standard color, which is orange. When the Charizard changes itself to shiny Pokemon, we see the change of color to burgundy and its orange color to black.

But if you look at the cream color on the underside, it still remains the same. The color scheme which uses the dark palette isnt frequent. As a result, when the character makers use it for a pokemon, it makes the Pokemon more so unique.

With two pokemon types combined in one, it can resist the attacks of a total of 6 different types of Pokemon. But if you bring Charizard in front of rock type, you are surely going to be in trouble.

Its 4x weakness to rock type pokemon drowns all the potential that we seek in this massive Pokemon. Lastly, it has two GigantaMax evolutions due to its high popularity that you can find in new generation games.

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5. Ponyta

Being the first 150 pokemon from the first generation of pokemon games, this fire horse is one of the fan favorites, which makes both fans and other people go wow!!

In Pokemon games, you can capture Ponyta in Pokemon mansion, but heres a catch, its weak against special attacks, and thus it is ineffective for a fire type.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

Having just one evolution, Ponyta takes a lot of time to reach its evolution level, which is 44. Theres only one generation in which you can be sure to win most of the fights when you use Ponyta, and that is generation four.

When the Ponyta turns into a shiny pokemon, it turns its blue flames into red flames. The design which used to be there in the base pokemon still remains in the shiny Pokemon.

The red flames are entirely predictable, but when the blue flames come in, you can be sure to be awestruck. Blue flames represent full combustion. Thus, it makes sense when it levels up and becomes a shiny pokemon.

6. Gyarados

At 6th place in our list of best shiny Pokemon, we have one of the most recognizable Pokemon of all time. You might have known him from the early days of Lake Of Rage.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

Gyarados is a serpent pokemon which is famous for his long body covered in overlapping scales. Gyarados can be rarely seen in the wild, and when they evolve, they become much bulkier. The fins which you see on the cheeks become longer. In addition to this, when Gyarados changes into a shiny pokemon, its color changes from blue to red.

7. Metagross

In some cases, Pokemon, which has a shining counterpart, looks better than the basic Pokemon. But when it comes to Metagross, this is not the case as its base color is already fine. With its shiny counterpart, you get a combination of silver and gold.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

Even though you might not like its shiny look, you have to admit one thing and which is that Metagross is one of the most powerful Pokemon which you can easily capture with the use of your Pokeball. It comes in the pseudo-legendary for generation three.

You might also remember Metagross to be the favorite Pokemon of champion Steven. During the gameplay, you will find out that Steven is supposed to provide you with one of the toughest challenges and that he does by using Metagross only.

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8. Umbreon

Well, theres no doubt about one thing: any compilation which includes a number of Pokemon is incomplete without the mention of Eevee evolution. If you want to have one of the best looking shiny Pokemon and Umbreon has to be your go-to Pokemon.

Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time 6

There is no drastic color change that you are going to see with this one. The light blue is going to match the black color of its fur perfectly. Umbreon is famous for being a moonlight Pokemon.

In Pokemon lore, we know that the moon is famous for providing a faint blush, which helps pokemon glow, giving conceptual accuracy to Umbreons design.

9. Guzzlord

With the seventh generation, we were introduced to the Ultra Beasts type of Pokemon, and these Pokemon were not from earth. These extraterrestrial beings offer immense power, which you cant compare to any basic pokemon from the franchise.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

On the other hand, no matter how powerful these types of Pokemon are, you can still capture most of them using a Pokeball. The same goes for Guzzlord, whose stats precisely mirror its large body size.

It has a base HP of 223 due to its bulkiness, which is one of the highest for base pokemon that havent gone into transformation. Guzzlord is second to one more Pokemon when it comes to sharing the Dragon/ Dark-type features.

Lastly, its best ability is the beast boost ability, which makes the opponent Pokemon lose its consciousness after the attack is made.

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10. Pumpkaboo

When you first see Pumokaboo, only one thing will come to your mind, and that is why on earth have developers not made shiny Pokemons color scheme a standard color scheme.

Pumpkaboo is also a dual-type pokemon, which is said to have features of both ghost and grass type pokemon. You can find this Pokemon in four different sizes, and Trainers can easily capture a small, medium size, large, and supersize Pumpkaboo.

11 Top Best Shiny Pokemon Of All Time

Pumpkaboo, along with its evolved Gourgeist form, is the only two Pokemon in the series till now which can perform trick-o-treat move sets.

If you think you are getting a special pokemon that has massive stats, then you need to look for other Pokemon which are present in our list as Pumpkaboo stats are not that impressive to make you go wow!!

In Conclusion

So there you go. These are some of the rare types of best shiny Pokemon, which you are going to love when you have them. Not only do they look cool when you use them, but they bring in lots of power on the battlefield.

There are plenty of Pokemon which you can find during your playthrough of different games, but nothing can come close to the happiness of getting a shiny pokemon, not even in a legendary pokemon.