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19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Some of us love Pokemon, whether as an animated series or games. There are several types of Pokemon; some are cute looking, whereas some are beastly. No matter how many types of Pokemon are there, we are always fascinated to learn about them.

Sp Are you fascinated by Water Type pokemon and want to learn more about them? Or Are you just looking for some of the most powerful water type pokemon? Well, worry, not we have you completely covered.

Today we will inform you about some of the best water type pokemon from the entire series. 

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time 👌👌

1. Gyrados 

Gyrados is one of the toughest water type pokemon of all time. With an intimidating dragon body, it can wreak havoc if raged. It first appeared in Pokemon blue and pokemon red video games, and since then it has made several appearances in different merchandise, animated series, etc.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time

Gyrados is one of the rarest Pokemon alongside others like Lapras and Snorlax. You will not believe that Gyarados was once a weak-looking pokemon named Magikarp and it goes through evolution to become a badass beast.

Its attack stats are off the charts and also possess immense resistance against several attacks due to it being a Flying/water type pokemon. Due to its intimidating ability, its opponent’s attack stats get reduced during a fight.

Gyrados goes through evolution to transform from a life-preserving, wimpy Magikarp to a Badass dragon. Without a doubt, it is the strongest, and most liked water type pokemon of all time.  

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2. Marill

Marill is one of the fan favorites in the water type pokemon category. It had a great origin and introduction in the series. At first, only 151 pokemon were there; people saw this cute blue Pokemon that had no name attached to it at that time.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time1


Due to its cuteness and blue color, people started speculating and ended up giving it the name Pika-blue(pika-blu). We first learn the name and other specifications of Marill in the Pokemon movies, namely Pikachu’s Vacation and Pokemon: The First Movie.

It is a water/Fairy type pokemon that evolves into Azumarill upon leveling up. It has a spherical body with round red ears that are capable of detecting various sounds quickly as they are susceptible.

Another key feature of this Pokemon is its flexible tail that has a blue ball towards the end. Its tail glows during attacks. We also see Marill with singing ability in several Pokemon movies that seem similar to Jigglypuff. 

3. Blastoise

Blastoise is one of the few that you might be most familiar with on this list. It is a behemoth when it comes to Attack type water pokemon. You can recognize it with a turtle shell on its body and two huge cannons that it uses for most of its water attacks.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

You may remember that the first Generation Squirtle evolves to become Blastoise. By far it is the Best water type starter pokemon that has been around from the First Generation.

When it comes to battles, Blastoise is a tank with two cannons that can attack with highly pressurized water waves. His cannons are alone enough to intimidate its foe on the battlefield.

Not only it is great with attacks but also has a solid defense with various abilities. One of its key and hidden abilities is healing when it’s under the rain. Some of its crucial attack skills include Earthquake, Hydro Pump, and Skull Bash. It is a highly durable and skilled pokemon to serve in almost every Generation.   

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4. Wailord

Wailord is one of the largest Pokemon in the entire series. If you love giant Pokemon then you will fall for Wailord. Its sheer size is astounding and can be as big as to fill an entire stadium on its own. Wailord exactly looks like a whale and weighs a great 877.4 pounds.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time 3

It indeed is an incredible sight to behold to see Wailord in the sea. We first saw this beast during the third Generation.

When Wailord jumps out of the water, it makes a huge splash due to its size. It can quickly create whose shockwaves due to crashing in the water. These shockwaves are enough to knock out any of its opponents.

Furthermore, Wailord can easily deep dive up to 10,000feet in one breathe. You will rarely find Wailord alone since it travels, hunts, and eats together in a large group called a pod. Without a doubt, it is one of the best water type pokemon. 

5. Dracovish

Dracovish is an odd-looking pokemon due to its being a hybrid fossil. It is a creation of science and mad aspirations of humanity. Dracovish is overpowered and can easily defeat any of its opponents that makes it one of the best water type pokemon.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time 3

At first glance, it looks like a fish type pokemon. It’s a hybrid of fish fossil and dino fossil with back legs. Other of its body features include jaws and an abruptly ending tail.

It is said that Dracovish was the apex predator of its times with its infamous claws and powerful legs. It can run at high speeds that exceed up to 40mph. Dracovish is a combination of two Pokemon that gave him a sheer disadvantage as it could not breathe unless underwater.

This Pokemon went extinct due to overhunting and absurd features from two of its origins. It is a monster of a pokemon that can lay waste on its opponents. His overall stats are off the charts.   

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6. Inteleon

If you are familiar with a chameleon, then you will quickly recognize Inteleon. They are very much alike in their body features. It is the last evolved Pokemon in the Sobble line.

Initially, Sobble is a small lizard type pokemon. Inteleon has pistols at its fingertips. It has several hidden abilities as well that make it the perfect addition to this list of best water type pokemon.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Inteleon can glide in the air with the help of a yellow membrane on its back and can also pinpoint opponents’ weaknesses with its other membrane. It can accurately shoot its targets without fail. Its tail contains a sharp knife that further increases its attack powers.

Inteleon is a very smart and sharp pokemon that analyses its opponents carefully before a fight. Making use of its powerful strategies, it can easily defeat any opponent with minimal effort. It further evolves into Gigantamax form that makes it even more powerful. 

7. Swampert

Swampert has the highest overall stats among all water type starter Pokemon which makes it one of the best water type pokemon. It is both water and ground type, a beast of a pokemon.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

When it comes to competitive Pokemon battles, Swampert can easily win most of them with its outstanding abilities and skills. Its physical strength is so massive that it can easily drag boulders weighing more than one ton.

Swampert can also swim incredibly fast sometimes as fast as a jet ski. It has keen eyesight and sense as well that allows him to predict storms, detect a disturbance in sound waves, and tidal winds.

Swampert gathers boulders to protect his nest and natural habitat. As though if it wasn’t already a beast, once evolved it comes mega Swampart that has a ton of buffs.

It becomes bulky and more muscular, which puts its previous form at shame. Swampart’s natural nesting grounds are beautiful beaches along the coastal regions. 

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8. Primarina

Primarina is a beautiful marine pokemon that resembles partly a mermaid and a sea lion. It is a fully evolved pokemon with a starter pokemon called Popplio. Popplio was not a popular pokemon amongst fans when it first came out.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time 6

However, Primarina shines amongst fans and glows up on the stage. It is one of the best water type pokemon and a fairy type pokemon. Primarina is often referred to as the mermaid princess due to her physical features that include a shiny tiara on her head.

If looks are not enough to get its attention, then you would surely love its immense physical prowess. It possesses high special attack and special defense abilities that are good enough to beat any of its opponents.

Primarina has two primary weapons, one being her powerful voice, and the other is her water balloon attack. It releases powerful water balloons while dancing.

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9. Vaporeon

Vaporean is a cute-looking pokemon that is adored by a ton of fans. Do not be swayed by its good looks; it has close to no weakness when it comes to fighting. It has overall very high stats and shines through with its high durability in competitions.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Vaporean’s traits are quite similar to that of an aquatic or a land animal. You can confirm it with his developed gills. You will rarely find them in the wild living alone as they are mostly found with trainers in urban areas.

Though it’s not from the wild, it likes to drink fresh water. Astoundingly it can melt in the water and blend very easily. It counts for a fantastic camouflage ability that can increase its defenses by several folds.

This skill is also useful while hunting prey as they do not see when the attack is coming. Most of all, it is one of the best water type pokemon.

10. Suicune

Suicune is one of the three legendary dogs and is the most potent of them all. The legendary bird Ho-oh resurrects this beast alongside two others, namely Raikou and Entei. There is also an entire game dedicated to this Pokemon, which is a rare find.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Its creative and polished design makes it worthy of the legendary status since it a legendary and it well deserves the title of one of the best water type pokemon in the whole series. You will be impressed by the incredible character design of this beast.

It has several overpowered abilities that make it a tank. Suicune can walk on water and even purify it with a single punch. You will find this Pokemon searching the grasslands for dirty water to purify it.

The sheer presence of this Pokemon can give a strong whirl of northern winds. It is highly unlikely to find this Pokemon, but it surely is a great water pokemon. 

11. Lapras

You can quickly recognize Lapras from the pokemon animated series. Ash use to travel with Lapras, and we know it was a great addition to his pokemon collection. It has a large appearance and mostly travels in the sea.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Lapras is a blue-colored pokemon with large brown eyes that makes it adorable. This Pokemon has a very gentle and helpful nature as it likes to ferry people across the water bodies. Due to hunters hunting this gentle soul, it came very close to extinction.

However, with protection efforts, their numbers are now flourishing, which is also affecting the number of fish. It is an intelligent pokemon and can also understand human speech with ease. The animated series also shows that Lapras can develop psychic abilities as well.

Lapras usually like to travel in large numbers. They keep in communication with each other using enchanting melodies. It can further evolve into Gigantamax Lapras further increasing its stats. 

12. Greninja

Greninja is a quite lovable and well-known pokemon since it is one of Ash’s Pokemon. Surely Greninja is a great starter pokemon and one of the best additions to the new series. Despite being new, it has become a huge fan favorite.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Alongside the animated series, you can also see him in the Super Smash Bros with Pikachu. Forakie is the basic form of this Pokemon that evolves to become Greninja. It also has a special ability called Battle bond after which it transforms into Ash-Greninja.

His attack and special attack abilities are all of the roofs. However, its dominating and lethal ability is its insane speed. It makes moves like a ninja on the battlefield. His lethal speed can give him quick openings against his opponents and get in a fatal blow first.

Its other ability involves throwing stars of compressed water similar to a ninja. The swift movements and high attack stats make it one of the best water type pokemon around.  

13. Totodile and Feraligatr

Totodile is the basic and starter form of this Pokemon. It first came in the second Generation with a fun-loving attitude. You will surely fall in love with this cute little crocodile pokemon.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time 10

It is the most powerful Pokemon among the three starters in this Generation. Once after its final evolution, it becomes the intimidating Feraligatr. Feraligatr is one of the best water type pokemon that you would want on your side in a pokemon battle.

Its key body feature is its powerful jaws that can give a good scare to even the most powerful Pokemon. Once it grabs an enemy in its jaws, it then shakes its head viciously to clamp down the enemy. It is difficult for Feraligatr to walk on two legs outside of water.

However, it is known to use four legs as well. You can rarely find this Pokemon on the edge of a water body. Feraligatr is surely a tank of a pokemon to be on your side.   

14. Kyogre

When it comes to legendary Pokemon, Kyogre’s name always comes up. This legendary best water type pokemon can even expand oceans at will. It is also known as Sea Basin Pokemon. The people of the Hoenn region worship this Pokemon as the god of the sea.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Its combat prowess is off the charts. In the animated series, we saw the famous encounter between Kyogre and Groudon, a pokemon capable of expanding continents at will. You can say that Kyogre is the king of oceans.

This legendary Pokemon also made its appearance in various games such as Pokemon Saphire. Its combat powers are unheard of and comparing it with other water type pokemon would be foolish.

Kyogre is also a savior from drought as it can control rain and water. Although Kyogre is a peaceful and calm Pokemon, when it meets his destined rival Groudon, they are bound to engage in a battle. Their battles are always explosive and disastrous.     

15. Kingler

Kingler is around from the beginning; however, it didn’t make any appearances after its first introduction with Ash. Ash’s crabby evolved to become Kingler.

After a long wait Pokemon sword and shield gave kingler a chance to make its second appearance in the series, its giant pincers can give any pokemon the run for their money. They are found on the edge of water bodies, normally ocean.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

Their claws are so powerful that they can even break open shells. To give an estimate, they have around 10,000 horsepower.

Its other appearance was in the form of Gigantamax Kingler that can destroy anything with one hit from its pincers. Its other attacks include Bubble Attack that is alkaline bubbles and can melt any opponent it hits.

You will be surprised to know that Kingler is the only Pokemon that can use the ability called G-Max Move G-Max Foam Burst. It can also communicate with others of its kind by moving claws. If you are looking for some of the best water Pokemon, then Kingler must be on your list.    

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16. Samurott

The water type starter of Generation 5 gave us Oshawott that after final evolution becomes the infamous Samurott. As you may get from the name, the inspiration for this Pokemon comes from Japanese Samurais.

19 Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time -Reviewed

It has a sharp horn that it utilizes as a Katana, and it also possesses several layers of strong, durable armor. Samurott uses its howl and glare ability to intimidate every and any foe that stands in its way.

Its sharp horns are enough to defeat an opponent with a single slice. During battles, it can stand on its hind legs and fight with blades like a samurai.

It also possesses a hidden ability called Torrent that gives a buff to its water-type attacks when it’s about to fain in a fight. With extraordinary attack capabilities and physical stature, it also boasts some other amazing abilities such as Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail. 

17. Milotic

Milotic is a pokemon that looks like a sea serpent. It is one of the most beautiful-looking Pokemon in the whole series. The character design is astoundingly pretty and praiseworthy.

Best Water Type Pokemon of All Time

The first introduction of this amazing water type pokemon was in Pokemon Ruby and Saphire, where it first came as Feebas. Feebas was introduced as a rare pokemon that can only be evolved using cryptic methods.

Any kids wanting to evolve Feebas would surely run out of patience as there is no data available related to its evolution. However, once Feebas evolves into Milotic, you will have a beast by your side.

It has amazing defensive capabilities that make it one of the best water type pokemon of this Generation. Milotic is a bulky and big pokemon. Also, it can release waves of energy that can end arguments and calm angered opponents during a battle. 

18. Palkia

It is always fascinating to know about the legendary creatures in the world of Pokemon. Palkia is another water-type legendary pokemon on this list so you can guess it’s immensely powerful.

It is one of the Pokemon that represents the ruling forces of the pokemon universe. Palkia is a spatial pokemon that helped in the creation of the world. Palkia is the ruler of space and matter. It can easily bend or warp space at will and can create several alternate realities. 

Moreover, its special powers allow it to travel through places and dimensions in an instant. Palkia uses its breath to stabilize the space that it creates. It is said that Palkia lives in a spatial dimension.

We have seen Palkia going toe to toe against Dialga its counterpart. As it seems in the Pokemon world, legendary counterparts seem to hate each other for some reason. It is very protective of its home and is undefeatable to imagine. 


We hope that our list of best water type pokemon would have provided you with information about some of the fascinating Pokemon out there.

Our list also includes some legendary pokemon, but you should not compare legendaries with others as it won’t be feasible. Legendary Pokemon have otherworldly powers. Otherwise, we have tried to include all the best of the best water type pokemon on this list.